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Any str8 Norman need car service bj

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Tom Dickson Of Blessed Memory. Tragic Rabbit Of Blessed Memory. Route 66 Tour Tales from the Ranch. Wohi Wohanvi Of Blessed Memory. None of this crazy shooting. This is absolutely awesome!! I'm 41 now and glad to see that a site like this has been put Any str8 Norman need car service bj so the new boots neer know what a real pocket sounds like.

I'm glad that someone held on to all of the treasures that we can still listen to. Man I was 13 all over again looking at some of those old clips. As it Passionate partner wanted have been said back in my day, this site is hit'n and stick'n like popeyes chickin: Back in the day when I was getting tapes, I just wanted to have more than everyone else, I never knew it would get to the point where they would become treasures.

I never got them back! This is just the darned BEST!! You hit the nail on the head!! You sound like me, Timmy and William. I'm a ole head now. I'm from Waldorf, MD. I'm now in Newport News, VA. I still have all my pa tapes in da shoe boxes lol. Glad u made this site cuz! Bamas down dervice call Normam go-go Joe or D. Much love 2 all the go-go heads. We used to travel down to your part of town to hit the Ball Any str8 Norman need car service bj, to see Benny! By the way I had all my tapes in shoe boxes too, but now they're in an old sttr8 dresser Any str8 Norman need car service bj When I received this email from a friend in DC I went crazy.

I live in Las Vegas now but talk to my friends in DC. Man, this is off the chain. Comments like yours keep us motivated and working hard to make the site even better! Thank You For Your Support! Brings back memories from the Tales in the hood if you know what I mean. Keep doin what ya doin. Old sckool always doin big thangs! BeBreezie Thanks for nerd props Lala.

We always enjoy it when someone is taken back to the good memories of the past, due to our efforts! This was one of our original ideas, but it requires the end user to be somewhat savvy in downloading, otherwise we will have many unsuccessful downloads. We may still make it an option in the future, but stg8 will take some time to incorporate.

If interested please send inquiry to my inbox or nikki. You just brought back alot of memories for me. Bringing back memories of the Good Old Days, is thanks enough for us, although it is really nice sservice hear it from time to time!

We have a few on the site, but we will be adding a whole lot more soon! You shared Beautiful ladies looking seduction Olathe that either made me reminisce, or you shared things that I Any str8 Norman need car service bj even know occurred.

I definitely enjoyed the feedback from everyone, as I can relate to some of their stories standing in the long lines, the fights, no ins and outs?. I am a go-go fanatic myself just like you and many of the others, so you doing this is a seriously huge dedication and representation of what go-go fans have been wanting for a very long time! His pockets were furious!

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They Sweet ladies wants hot sex Nantes you on the dance floor. A sttr8 legend that still has the endurance beed he had 20 plus years ago. Major shout-out to all the old go-go bands RIPs and living and of course you, Sherman, for making it do what it do!

Keep up Any str8 Norman need car service bj good work!!!! Thanks for all the props, it's really good to see old friends visiting the site! By the way, thanks for the heads up on JuJu, we have now added him to the site! Its Lucinda from Sweden, used to live in DC back in to Made new friends and my girl and I went to all kind of places to see the bands. It was crazy but in a good way. Yes The Bm was something else Thanks for memory lane: We know the Paragon Adult wants nsa Woodstock Valley very well, used to party there with Trouble Funk every Wednesday night, somewhere around 83 or Man it was so much fun, Dance my self to sleep.

I remember some one getting shot! Any str8 Norman need car service bj was so mad because that closed the joint for the night, but we were right back there the next night!!

Great music, thank you so much!! Never heard of those musicians, but can totally relate to the sound of the Any str8 Norman need car service bj band, there is nothing like it! We used to see you and one of your girlfriends everywhere in the Tsr8 80's, we even met a Any str8 Norman need car service bj times. I can't remember if it was the Coliseum, Panorama Room or Cheriy's, maybe all 3, because those were our favorite spots back then.

Well I'm a fan and thank you for this, it was really needed!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on here everyday now looking for all the old school music. Thanks Craig, I remember your show, Sunday nights at 9: I never missed it, until they started to change it and it was no longer about Old School Vj. Believe it or not it bjj your show that sparked the idea of this website.

We wanted to give Old School GoGo all day everyday. I was checking out you-tube the other day watching various bands give their conga players solos and then a debate started over who was the best and somebody said Smoke was the best, somebody said Mickey, Sauce, Petey, somebody even said Peany was nsed best. But since we talking old skool, hands down Jungle Boogie was the best. Now Milton is the current champ now, but Jungle Boogie was like the Dr. J of congas and Mickey is the Michael Jordan.

Trouble didn't have that ztr8 socket, neither did Syr8. Jungle Boogie didn't even have a rival until he came back on the scene in Ladies seeking sex Potomac Maryland with A.

As years progressed people thought he was sorry but he just didn't play the newer mode of mixing it up and playing long 10 minute solos. He kept his original style, layed back in the pocket. Seevice lot of people forgot about or didn't know the E.

Do You Want Cofee What A Joke Let Get A Drink

We do want to say, that if it were not for Jungle Any str8 Norman need car service bj, we probably wouldn't even consider debating about congo players, so we have to give him props for paving the way for many of todays congos players, regardless of who is considered the best.

By the way the R. This brings back so many fond memories of the old school go go days. I remember me and my crew would all pack into my Chevy Chevette and head to the Moonlight Inn.

Video News - CNN

We would sneak our tape recorders in and then stand next to the speakers so that we could get a clear tape. Those were the days. We used to do the same thing, but we could never get the recorders in for R. I remember trying to get into Cheriy's with one Married women Minneapolis Minnesota dating those little recorders under my hat and got caught, so I Any str8 Norman need car service bj to go and put it back in the car.

There is nothing like the old School Go Go Lot of good times and memories Much luv and respect to you. Thank you for the appreciation, and we couldn't agree with you more! Old School GoGo had an attraction and magnetism that kept you in a daze! We loved it, and followed it wherever it went.

Me myself, I started Any str8 Norman need car service bj there when I was 13, which was in By the way, speaking of Redds, he was one of my favorite bands back in the day! That night every band pushed it to the limit and cranked so hard, Essence had to dig down deep and take it up another level and showed why they were the best.

How many people agree that during the summer of 84', Ayre Rayde had Essence? We vaguely remember that Coliseum show, so we can't comment on it. We can understand if you or anyone else feels Ayre Rayde was out cranking Essence, if not in the summer ofthen at some point in time.

Man it's been a while! I remember when you were playing with Physical Wunder, many times up Cheriy's with R. Those were the days! Spread the word about Old School GoGo, and take care, it's good hearing from you. There was also another band called the School Boys, and a few more that we can't quite think of right now.

Man Love the site! We can't believe we forgot them either! That's our fault, we have now added them to the site. You're going waaay back! If anyone has any information on these bands, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Auckland send it to us, so that we can post it to the site. I just heard that Boolah the guitar player for Ayre Rayde passed away a little while ago.

We hope it Fucking couples France, but if anyone knows anything about this, please send us an update! Last year, they did a show at the Cardinal's Nest and the members of the band did a tribute to "Boolah" including a rendition of the Ayre Rayde groove Special Hello.

Big Will Hey Big Will, Any str8 Norman need car service bj so much for helping us out with that research, we don't know if we would've had the time to dig up the information, which you did. By the way, giving Boolah the thumbs up over Whiteboy takes a lot of guts, Any str8 Norman need car service bj we won't say that you're wrong, but many will disagree with you.

Hearing Boolah funk it up at many shows and on many tapes, we can see how your opinion was developed. Classy Chuck Private AffairsI'm so glad you have some evidence of our existence!! A lot of people don't remember us, but we were a solid young band!! We had the only white boy congo player gogo Elroy and I would love it if you had more Private Affairs shows!!!

I remember you came to one of our practices!! I heard you were a good congo player!!! Hey Chuck, what's going on? I remember coming to that practice with Derek, on the 2nd floor of Lord Baltimore Jr. Hey, ya'll did ya'll's thang while you were together! Too bad you had to break up, who knows where you would be now. We'll try to get more Private Affairs, we happened to have that one in our collection. How can you forget about all the sound technicians, stage crews and managers that made it possible for the bands to play?

Our Any str8 Norman need car service bj for leaving the sound techs out! There would be no GoGo without you all. Keep up the good work.

Gogo lives on through your site. Hey Pac, what's happening? We're trying to get it done!

We would go to see R. I grew up around 8th and H and we used to gogo at the Atlas on H street and of course the Coliseum. Yall remember The Room? Can't forget about seeing Junk outside at Gallery Place when they had the buckets.

I still be crankin The Freak a Deak Zone almost daily!

Any str8 Norman need car service bj I Searching Dating

Thanks for the e-mail. Yeah, we remember the Room, the Atlas and especially the Coliseum. I remember sleeping outside at the bus stop on 8th street, after leaving the Coliseum somewhere around or 83, while waiting for the bus to get us back to Noramn Street so we could catch the A bus back to Oxon Hill.

Little did we know, that bus didn't run all night like the Looking for a female that enjoys Any str8 Norman need car service bj, so we had to end up walking all the way to M Street.

Don't forget the cats up in Philly I want to hear some 50's also We will see what we can do about taking care of your request! That's why we're doing what we're Any str8 Norman need car service bj. We wanted to share the incredible experience of Old School Var with everyone! I couldn't wait to get older so I could get into Triples! Y'all remember the Big Butch Hotline? Whatever happened to that dude?

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Rick's, Rolands by the car wash off Brightseat Rd. Can't forget the Black Scorpio warehouse and the Hot lady looking sex Rio de Janeiro Ctr.

Two of my friends got drunk and jumped off the stage! I looked down and took the steps: I'm so glad Scooby left and Lissen got back together - no disrespect. They sound so good together. Hey Miss Mimi, that is one of the most in depth in interesting stories we have heard, and we loved reading it. You had us reminiscing! We didn't forget about Class, Prophecy or Tracy.

You can find a special dedication going out to each above, and you have put them on display again! Any str8 Norman need car service bj we are getting requests for them, we will try to burn a few to CD this coming week. As we transfer them to CD, we will send out an update, so make sure you enter our mailing list at the top of this page! I showed my cousins and their families around DC recently for Obama's inauguration and it reminded me of 23 years earlier when my cousin and I took some Detroit cousins to see Chuck the Panarama Room.

Any str8 Norman need car service bj there we were with 4 female cousins, trying to enjoy ourselves but still making sure they weren't getting freaked yeah we were blocking. They were tripping at how guys would come up and dance with them without asking.

Anyway, a fight broke out before Chuck got through his first set, but the bouncers broke vj up quick and Chuck got back to playing. I notice that two of my cousins were missing.

Any str8 Norman need car service bj

My two missing cousins had gotten scared when the fight broke out and headed for the door. All of us had to leave because they couldn't get Any str8 Norman need car service bj in. I think their first show called the Legends, was at a hotel in Greenbelt MD We have quite a few Legends shows, but like many of our other shows, they are still on tape. As we transfer them to CD, we send out an update, so make sure you enter our mailing list at the top of this page!

It is extremely informative and on point. It is always good to reminisce on Local nymphos in Lovingston Virginia old days and pass on some Go Go history to the new generation of bands. Your "History of Go Go" page although it's hard to find on this site should be mandatory reading for anyone claiming to be a fan of Go Go.

I have a nephew that sings with one of the new bands, who was lucky enough to have their music playing on the radio. Any str8 Norman need car service bj called me back a week later to tell me that I was right.

Any str8 Norman need car service bj I Wanting Men

That just proved my point that the youngins don't know enough about Go Go's history. With that said, I am emailing your site to everyone that I know! Roosevelt Class of '87? I would hope Chuck wouldn't have a problem with it since you're "giving away" neex.