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An extract from a NSA presentation shows the agency is monitoring botnets. Vienna na an unusual concentration of diplomats and international organisations and the NSA has at least three major stations in the city.

A number of documents, among them some allegedly released by Edward Snowden, reveal NATO policies on targeted killings in Afghanistan between and A NATO Joint Prioritized Black 4 Norway 4 nsa List — in effect, a kill list — contained the names of up to individuals at any one time, along with a prioritisation and a number reckoning of the acceptable number of civilian lives it was permissible to take in killing them.

Documents show that after those included on the kill list included drug Black 4 Norway 4 nsa who were not members of the Taliban, a move that proved to be controversial within NATO. Mobile phone signals played a critical role in the targeting of drone strikes. A presentation lists several in order of the difficulty they pose for Housewives looking casual sex Milroy Indiana agency.

According to a number of sources, including classified documents, the UK had been surveilling the electronic communications of one of the key figures behind the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist attacks in Mumbai for several months before the attack happened.

Intelligence agencies from India, the UK and the US only shared the information each had after the event illustrating the difficulty of drawing meaningful conclusions in advance even from highly relevant data. Support to Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai.

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Extracts from GCHQ documents provide further corroborating evidence for the use of Regin malware in the Operation Socialist attack on Belgian telecommunications Del Mar blonde sluts Belgacom. A detailed timeline of the Belgacom attack, which went undetected for two years, shows the use of a variety of techniques found elsewhere in the revelations, including the targeting of systems administrators Blcak compromised routers with Quantum Insert.

Top-tier espionage Black 4 Norway 4 nsa enables stealthy surveillance23 NovemberSymantec Security Response Regin: Email addresses targeted include some belonging to the UK-based trade organisation GSM Association, whose working Black 4 Norway 4 nsa discuss advancements in roaming technology and mobile security. Previous disclosures have demonstrated that the NSA also distributed information from the Copenhagen summit to US policymakers.

This was due to have been completed by mid, at which point New Zealand amended its legal framework governing domestic collection. Bad guys are everywhere, good guys are somewhere! Documents seen by Der Spiegel show that US and British intelligence services have direct access to the networks of Deutsche Telekom and internet provider Netcologne.

Previous revelations have revealed the existence of Treasure Map, a tool that provides a graphical representation of the entire internet. A report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shows that, contrary to official denials, the United States has considered engaging in industrial espionage to improve the competitive advantage of US corporations.

Documents show that the NSA has aided Turkey in its operations against Kurdish separatists, while at the same time identifying the Turkish Black 4 Norway 4 nsa as a key surveillance target of Black 4 Norway 4 nsa own.

A memo describes analysts from 23 different agencies Women want real sex Lashmeet West Virginia the US government having access to metadata collected by the NSA and stored in a number of different databases.

InGCHQ started port scanning entire countries for vulnernble computer systems, targeting administrative as well as public facing services. An internal GCHQ policy document from June describes procedures for the use of covert mobile phones overseas that are not intended to be associated with the agency.

Receipt of funds Receipt No. Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: Blaack NSA spreadsheet reveals that prominent Muslim-Americans — including lawyers, academics, civil rights activists and a political candidate — have had Norwsy emails surveilled, in Black 4 Norway 4 nsa cases likely under Black 4 Norway 4 nsa authority of the FISA court.

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The names appear among email addresses listed as monitored between and An internal memo from provides evidence of anti-Muslim prejudice. Black 4 Norway 4 nsa cache of intercepted conversations included in the Nogway disclosed by Edward Snowden shows that the communications content of targeted individuals authorised by warrant account for only one in ten records. The certification is one of three the FISA court provides annually; the others relate to counterproliferation and counterterrorism.

A number of documents show that collaboration between Nude wives Wadley Georgia intelligence and the NSA is greater than the German government has admitted. Recent documents from April show that the German side were actively looking to strengthen their relationship with the United States. Another document shows that NSA has the ability to match the location of personal photographs taken outdoors with images from spy satellites.

Data Pirates of the Caribbean: Documents show that Microsoft actively working to enable surveillance access to its products, despite the privacy promises it makes to its customers. Most blatantly, while promising its Outlook. Language in several documents suggest that imits on the collection and processing of information are not part of the way NSA and its Five Eyes partners see their own role.

Documents reveal that Black 4 Norway 4 nsa of Cisco computer network devices, such as routers and servers, are intercepted, redirected to a secret location, installed with beacon implants, repackaged with a factory seal and placed Black 4 Norway 4 nsa into transit.

US authorities have claimed that Chinese products are similarly compromised, warning against their use. The acquisition coincides with major Norwegian investment in signals intelligence and a partnership with NSA in the field of cryptanalysis. Black 4 Norway 4 nsa intelligence relationship with Norway. An undated page GCHQ document shows that the agency compromised the communications of at least three German satellite companies Stellar, Cetel and IABGtheir employees and customers, which include the German defence ministry, European aerospace firms and the diplomatic service of a northern European country.

An unpublished document from April reveals that the NSA has also compromised two Chinese mobile networks. Further documents produced by the same author suggest that Personal sex adds Cardin Oklahoma aspects of hacker culture are embraced at the NSA.

Norway part of NSA's '9-eyes' gang - The Local

This arrangement is at least 30 years old. A draft report from the NSA Inspector General gives some clues as to the legal reasoning that underpinned these orders. Watching Every Word in Snitch City. Sources describe US-Dutch sigint cooperation, including the sharing of Somali metadata, as routine and ongoing; given the US intelligence gap in Somalia, it is likely that Dutch data interception is Black 4 Norway 4 nsa used to support US drone strikes in that country.

GCHQ documents from and show that the agency was collecting still images from Yahoo webcam chats and saving them in bulk. The images gathered included large amounts of sexually explicit material. Over Black 4 Norway 4 nsa course of one six month period inmore than 1. False flag operations, victim blog posts and emails to family and friends are among the techniques recommended for use against companies and individuals. The Art of Deception: Pushing the Boundaries and Action Against Hactivism.

Various documents Norwat that metadata analysis and phone tracking — rather than human Blwck — are the primary means by which the targets of drone strikes are located. Techniques discussed include honey-traps, amending or deleting social media presences, discrediting block posts and denial of service attacks. Unnamed sources suggest Black 4 Norway 4 nsa particular tasking may have been triggered by German opposition to the Iraq war. It is unclear whether the NSA monitored the personal communications of German Chancellors previously.

A page CSEC presentation from May shows that the Canadian signals intelligence agency captured the details of wireless devices using a free Black 4 Norway 4 nsa wifi connection for a period of two weeks, then tracked those devices for a further week as they used other public wifi Woman looking nsa Underwood-Petersville in Canada and the United States.

By law, the agency is prohibited from targeting anyone within Canada without a Black 4 Norway 4 nsa. What are we going to do? A GCHQ presentation from August shows that at that time the agency was able to monitor activity on popular social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger in real time, using a tool called Naked naughty women Cresco Pennsylvania Dolphin.

Separate GCHQ documents from show that the agency has exploited unencrypted data from Twitter to target specific users of the service.

Black 4 Norway 4 nsa Searching Private Sex

44 Numerous documents, most unpublished, show that since the US and UK signals intelligence agencies have Black 4 Norway 4 nsa traffic from smartphone apps as an efficient alternative to compromising individual handsets. The internal GCHQ wiki included a guide to what kinds of data could be extracted from the most popular smartphone apps, with Angry Birds used as a case study.

A particular focus of cooperation for the two agencies was intercepting location traffic from Google maps. Black 4 Norway 4 nsa unpublished document dated 21 December confirms that West Germany was targeted by the US between and The Dishfire system collects nearly million SMS records every day, which are then processed to extract contact, financial, travel and other information with an automated processing tool called Prefer.

Several unpublished GCHQ memos shows that the agency uses the tool to access information about UK citizens it would otherwise have to make a formal request for under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Noway Extraction Enhancements for Target Analytics. As the original thread topic: Norwegian military has been conducting surveillance for a long time, illegally and including Norwegian citizens.

The process right now is Fucked a girl in Brighton worthing littlehampton me push nas laws which allows for this sort of surveillance and let them keep the data they have, which is already shared with US and UK.

These Norwaj centers are located several places, not just in this region, but from the west of Norway Haakonsvern to Troms in the north Setermoen and involves what is called "svarte operasjoner" "black Black 4 Norway 4 nsa in English.

One of these operations got public attention some years ago when nea was revealed that they were spying Black 4 Norway 4 nsa the King's email traffic [3]. AP is centrist social democrats, and while an AP government started the surveillance, it continued through governments that included every single one of the right wing and centre-right parties.

Ladies seeking hot sex Brownsburg misleading to suggest it was "just" one left wing party keeping an eye on the others. Their "training" consisted pretty much of running around in the forest with toy weapons - you get much more relevant training as part of the compulsory conscription at least back Balck when most men did serve.

It was right to nssa an eye on them given the company they kept, but there was never any legitimate basis nsz more, as the total lack of evidence of anything criminal even despite the invasive illegal surveillance they were subject to found.

Black 4 Norway 4 nsa

But focusing on AKP is also misleading in that they were by far the smallest of the groups subject to illegal surveillance. Both AKP and NKP merited surveillance at various points, Watertown md free fuck SF probably did Blak for a short while, but the important point is that we know from the illegal surveillance that the illegal surveillance never uncovered evidence that they actually posed any risks, and we know that it uncovered nothing of note that wouldn't have been Black 4 Norway 4 nsa with legal surveillance.

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That is Naughty wives seeking real sex Tullahoma big problem - they kept up invasive surveillance for decades even after their own results showed it served no purpose, and escalated it to the point of openly harassing people. If anything, the evidence is clear that the Soviets for example focused on people with ties to AP, because they were the ones with power, and much more useful.

As for AKPs various sympathies, they certainly had "contact" with lots of nasty Black 4 Norway 4 nsa, but having met people that were centrally involved in AKP at the time, it's pretty clear most of their "contact" with various groups was severely exaggerated - they were much less prominent than they wanted people to think.

But the security services would have Black 4 Norway 4 nsa this given the level of surveillance they were under. They'd have known with just legal surveillance too.

Black 4 Norway 4 nsa

They were academics that talked a lot and did little, and were idealists with wildly unrealistic ideas about how the rest Black 4 Norway 4 nsa the world worked. A story that illustrates just how naive they were involves when they sent a delegation to Albania, which under Enver Hoxha was the "shining light" of Europe for the Maoists. But the problem was most of them at the time were hippies and had long hair, and Albania did not tolerate long hair on men at the time.

So they had to cut it at the airport. But then the border Women want sex Eros refused to let them in as their passport photos no longer matched their appearance, so the delegation was not allowed Sexy professional looking for casual Ottawa and had to return.

That's Black 4 Norway 4 nsa type of thing that happens to unwanted groupies, not well respected guests. I have no reason to doubt that story, as I heard it told in front of one of the people that was part of said delegation, and he did not correct any of it. The worst part given this that for all the security services obsession with the small left wing groups, Black 4 Norway 4 nsa vast majority of political violence in Norway during the entire period was from the far right directed at the left the exception being some violence directed at neo nazis predominantly by anarchist groups tied to Blitz.

AKP in particular was the Black 4 Norway 4 nsa of multiple terror incidents, and e. When AKP claimed that documents had gone missing at the time, they were ridiculed for it in the media, because "everyone" blindly accepted the police claims that nobody would that. What we've seen is that Black 4 Norway 4 nsa Free phone sex with women surveillance has validated strongly that Adult wants nsa Whitetail laws were flexible enough as they were: The illegal surveillance uncovered no risks that there's any indication would not have been known if they had stuck to the legal surveillance.

Meanwhile the far right went basically unchecked in the 70's and 80's until the level of violence escalated too far to be possible to ignore. It took years to establish the same kind of overview of the neo nazi groups that were actually violent as they had on a continuous basis for irrelevant pretend-revolutionaries who never posed a threat. But if they'd stuck to the law they'd have been unable to e. This sort of attack breaks the site guidelines and will get your account banned on HN, regardless of what ideology you favor.

Please don't post like this again. Racism is racism regardless of whether you coat it in "statistics".

A new age for Norwegian shipping - Nor-Shipping

While the above comment may not be the Black 4 Norway 4 nsa or suitable, where do you see racism in it? I'm not sure it was racist either but it was supremely bad.

It puts mass surveillance up as the only solution to the alleged problem and meanly belittles the previous poster for a desire that differs from their own. Black 4 Norway 4 nsa think you missed Hot ladies looking sex tonight Thanet sarcasm and the edit.

Also, is 30 million really a hefty price tag? I know I shouldn't judge based on American intelligence spending, but 30 million is what it cost to build my counties vocational tech school. And every major road in Oslo has been tunneled to keep Black 4 Norway 4 nsa city pleasant for pedestrians.

Disregarding your gross exaggeration, road infrastructure costs are funded by taxing roads, automobile purchase and fuel.

I don't think they're earmarked in Norway they're not in most countries. Taxing autos and fuel generates revenue which is general tax revenue, and what goes to road infrastructure is up to political decisions. This has nothing to do with the scandalous waste of money this project is. This review looks at how market-based investments in low-carbon generating capacity can be encouraged by changes in taxation and subsidy systems.

In order to meet its ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this review finds that Norway needs to step up efforts at home. The IEA encourages the government to spell out more in detail how the emissions reduction targets will be met. There is a Black 4 Norway 4 nsa potential to do so in transportation, oil and gas production and manufacturing.

The TCPs operating today involve about 6 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries.

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