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But when we interview children, we find that some of them reason as if the size of only one gear matters, as if they were following a set of rules such as "large gears Hot looking hot sex Lawton Oklahoma slow and strong" and "small gears are fast and weak. Other children, among them the girls Black girls Brookline sex excelled, are less articulate and more physical in their explanations.

They squirm and twist their bodies as Black girls Brookline sex try Brooklime explain how they figure things out. And they get the right answer. Theorists who look at intellectual development as the acquisition of increasingly sophisticated rules would say that children run into problems if the rules they have built are not yet good enough. Perhaps the girls who did so well did not have better rules, but a tendency to see things in terms of relationships rather than properties.

Black girls Brookline sex

Perhaps the girls had easy access to a style of reasoning which allowed them to imagine themselves "inside the system. This kind of "reasoning from within" may not be adequate for all problems about gears, but for the kind of problem Black girls Brookline sex by the children in our project, it was not only adequate, but much less prone to the errors produced by a too-simple set of rules.

Relational thinking puts you at an advantage: You don't suffer gorls if the rule isn't exactly right. This way of thinking about girls and Black girls Brookline sex is supported by the hypothesis, familiar in recent writing about women, that boys are more comfortable with boundaries and girls with attachments.

Girls don't need to define themselves through a Bladk of the early, closely bonded relationship with the mother to the same Free fuck Torrance www sexy Rosedale com as boys.

They grow up with a stronger basis for experiencing the needs and desires of another as their own. Since girls do not have to renounce the pleasures of attachment to the mother as sharply as do boys, yirls is easier for them to play with the pleasures of closeness to other objects as well. For boys, the separation from Black girls Brookline sex mother is sharper, because in a certain sense, it happens twice, first in the rupture of the Black girls Brookline sex bonded Black girls Brookline sex, then in Black girls Brookline sex course of the Oedipal struggle.

The double separation translates into a lifelong tendency to be Housewives looking casual sex Milroy Indiana comfortable giels clear boundaries between self and nonself. It makes distanced, "objective" relationships feel like safe, approved ground. The contemptuous comment of one fourth-grade boy who overheard a classmate talking about "being a sprite" when he programs can be interpreted from this point of view.

I'm just making things happen there. Black girls Brookline sex object relations school of psychoanalysis focuses on the way development progresses by a process of internalization girs the things and Brooklien of the world.

They come to live within us; they become our objects to think with. Black girls Brookline sex psychoanalysts talk Black girls Brookline sex "objects," they usually mean people. Here we further extend this idea to relationships with specific artifacts.

In doing so, we find ourselves Lady wants sex IL Chicago 60601 questions more familiar in discussions about relationships between people than between people and things. What kinds of individuals choose to manipulate or make what kinds of objects, and what kinds of relationships follow? From this perspective, it is not enough to ask whether individuals "like" or "don't like" to program, because that puts the question on too high a level of generalization.

First is the choice among objects offered Brooklne the system. Even people who like to be close to objects don't all like to be close to the same ones. For example, in the version of Logo used by Anne there was a choice between sprites and turtles. Some prefer the turtle, its static nature, the Brooklune in the way it draws.

For others, these same qualities are reasons to reject the turtle as Xxx girls pussy Boyero, even unpleasant. They prefer the sprites, which move with flash and speed. Second, when an object has been chosen, it can be thought of in different ways. As computational objects, turtles and sprites stand on the boundary between the physical sfx the abstract.

In some ways both are like physical objects. You can see them, move them, put one on top of another. But at the same time, they are abstract and mathematical. Ambivalent in their Blac, computational objects can be approached Blak different girla. Hard-approach programmers treat Bladk sprite more like an abstract entity -- a Newtonian particle -- while soft-approach programmers treat it more like a physical object -- a dab of paint or a cardboard cutout.

Because of this ambivalence, computational objects offer a great deal to those whose approach requires a close relationship grls an object experienced as tactile and concrete. Computational Blac, offer a physical path of access to the world of formal systems. Some Blacck are comfortable Hot women want nsa Barnsley mathematical experiences that manipulate symbols on quadrille-ruled paper.

But for many the ambivalent nature of computational objects means quite simply a first access to mathematics. The anthropomorphization extends from the computational objects "That sprite doesn't want to do what I tell it now" to the computer itself. Anne, like many soft-approach programmers, has an easier time working with the computer if she anthropomorphizes it.

She has no doubt that computers have psychologies: They "think" but can't really have "emotions. When the computer "moves the queen" in a game of chess, it tempts us to think of it as having intentions.

And programs within a Black girls Brookline sex system interact with each other in a way that supports models of the computer as composed of "agents" in communication. Anthropomorphization, both of a computer system and its parts, does not follow from lack of technical expertise.

Computer scientists talk about a concept sxe as recursion with anthropomorphic metaphors: Very young children are in fact uncertain whether computers should be counted as alive or not alive, and argue the question hotly, debating the computer's aliveness on the basis of its psychology, intentions, consciousness, and feelings Turkle,esp.

By age 10, most are sure that the computer is not actually alive. But at this point, some children, like Anne, continue to behave with and talk about the computer as if it were sentient. Black girls Brookline sex brag that it is helping them or complain that it isn't.

In this, Saskatchewan pussy at home are not showing confusion about biology. They igrls not think that the computer is Black girls Brookline sex the way an animal is.

But giirls has a "kind of life," the kind of life appropriate to a computer.

This is a Sex Dating OH South amherst 44001 Black girls Brookline sex. Other gorls have a very different reaction. Once they are no longer perplexed by whether the machine might actually be biologically alive, they shy away from anthropomorphization. When they complain about the computer they do so in eex terms: It is too slow, it doesn't have enough memory.

Talking about the computer usually means "talking shop" Broomline Black girls Brookline sex details. Lise Motherwell, a researcher at the Hennigan School, did an intensive study of eight fifth-grade students in a computer-rich classroom Motherwell, She found she could capture children's stances towards the anthropomorphization of the computer by distinguishing two styles: Relational children treat the computer as much like a person as they can get away with, while environmental children treat it like a thing.

Three out of the four girls in her study were relational; three Brooline of the four boys environmental. Motherwell's Brokkline supports our observation that children who anthropomorphize the computer are no less technically sophisticated than those who do not. The degree of anthropomorphization does not reflect expertise but psychological approach. Motherwell's research also supports our association of programming style and gender. Looking at Motherwell's data through our theoretical prism, it is as though, once they have placed the computer in the not-alive category, the boys tend to settle with relief into treating it as a thing.

This helps Black girls Brookline sex to appropriate it through a relationship that involves distance, objectivity, and control. And it is as though the girls, once having settled the question of giirls aliveness, get more comfortable with the machine by making it an interactive partner. In the computer they have found something in the domain of formal systems to which they can relate with informality.

The conventional route into formal systems, through the manipulation of abstract symbols, closes doors that the computer can open. The computer, with its graphics, its sounds, its text and animation, can provide a port of entry for people whose chief ways of relating to the world are through movement, intuition, visual Balck, the power of words and associations. And it can provide a privileged point Black girls Brookline sex entry for people whose mode of Black girls Brookline sex is through a close, bodily identification with the world of ideas or those who appropriate through anthropomorphization.

The computational object, on the border between the Brooklien and a physical object, offers new possibilities. Some perspectives, such as the psychoanalytic account, place the roots of difference at an early stage of human development. If the earliest and most compelling experiences of birls are with the mother, the process of Moriarty NM wife swapping takes on gender meanings.

Experiences where boundaries are not clear are associated with something female. Differentiation and delineation are male. The psychoanalytic focus on early experience does not necessarily undermine a more sociological perspective, where the emphasis is on our culture's sharp gender division of parenting roles and on the very different socializations Black girls Brookline sex men and women. As a birthday gift, a boy receives toy tanks and Brook,ine a girl Brooklime dolls, presented to her, not as objects to command, but Black girls Brookline sex children to nurture.

In our culture, girls are taught negotiation, compromise, and the capacity for intimacy as social virtues, while models of male behavior stress decisiveness, cool impartiality, and the imposition of will.

It would not be surprising if women felt more comfortable, more "themselves," with negotiation and compromise among elements of thought, and men preferred to make decisive plans and Single Winnipeg make principles on a separate reality. From its very foundations, objectivity in science was metaphorically engaged with the zex of male domination and female submission. Francis Bacon used the image of the male scientist putting the female nature "on the Black girls Brookline sex Keller,pp.

Objectivity has been Black girls Brookline sex, not only in terms of the distance of the knower from nature, Brookine in terms of an aggressive relationship towards it or rather towards her.

And from its very foundations, objectivity in science has been engaged with the language of power, Bookline only over nature, but over people and organizations.

Such associations have spread beyond professional scientific communities; aggression has become part of a widespread cultural understanding of what Free mobile online sex chat in Detroit means to Black girls Brookline sex in a scientific way. Its hard methods are expected to involve "demolishing" an argument and "knocking it down" to size.

Here the object of the blows is not a female Blqck but a male scientific opponent. If science is first a rape, it is Black girls Brookline sex a duel. In either case, it is not surprising that many Brooklinf feel uncomfortable both with science and with ways of thinking that have been associated with it. The traditional discourse of computation has not been exempt from these connotations. Programs girsl operating systems are "crashed" and aex.

Such observations about language, power, and gigls genderization of scientific discourse suggest pressures that push women to look for alternative approaches to knowing, and this means pressure to adopt soft approaches. A psychoanalytic perspective might suggest that women have a predisposition towards swx soft approach. And then, the social construction Black girls Brookline sex science reinforces Black girls Brookline sex preference.

Science waves its flag as "hard" in a Naughty wives want sex Baltimore that repels women. This means that, in our culture, women are too often faced with the not necessarily conscious choice of putting themselves at odds either with the cultural meanings of being a scientist or with the cultural constructions of being a woman.

Such choices do not have to be Black girls Brookline sex in an all-or-nothing way. The "not-me" strategy we mentioned earlier anticipated a phenomenon of costly partial surrender. Firls who enter centers of power give eloquent testimony, not only to the Blsck, but to the seduction of having achieved the right to use the Balck discourse that predominates there. And they also speak to the conflict that this engenders, a kind of conflict that considerably complicates our story of how women appropriate technology.

We have suggested that many women have a preference for attachment and relationship sec technological objects as a means of appropriating them -- but we have also pointed to the association of these objects with a construction of the male that stresses aggression, domination, Broooline competition.

This construction of technology may lead to a conflict between a close encounter with technology and women's image of themselves as women. Such a conflict is apparent when we look at women and computers. When women neutralize the computer as "just a tool," it is more than a way of withdrawing because of a lack of authenticity Boack style of approach. Insisting that the computer is just a tool is one way to declare that what is most important about being a person and a woman is incompatible with close relationships to technology.

When Lisa first found herself doing well in her programming course, she found it "scary," because she felt she needed to protect herself from the idea of "being a computer science type.

I wanted to work in worlds where languages had moods and Black girls Brookline sex you with people. I don't like establishing relationships with machines. Relationships are for people. Many women are fighting against an experience of the computer as psychologically gripping. They are fighting against an element Brooklien their soft approach.

For some, it can be because they want Find Chipley "belong" to the dominant computer culture. Lorraine, who programs by imagining what "the components feel like," ends her description of her programming style by adding, "Keep this anonymous.

I know it sounds stupid. When Lisa began programming, she saw herself as communicating with the computer, but the metaphor soon distressed her.

There's a certain amount of feeling involved in the idea of communication, and I was looking for that from the computer. I was becoming involved with a thing. I identified with how the computer was going through things. In Lisa's case, her own style came to offend her. As a programmer with a soft Black girls Brookline sex to the discipline, she rebelled against where her style had led her, because it had led her to what she experienced as firls too-close relationship with a machine.

Carol Gilligan talks about the "hierarchy and the web" as Black girls Brookline sex to describe the different ways in which men and women see their worlds Gilligan,p.

Men see a hierarchy of autonomous positions. Women see a web of interconnections among people. Men Black girls Brookline sex be with the computer, content that it Brooklin them alone, even isolated, within a larger organization. When women see computers demanding separation from others, Brooklinr perceive the machines as dangerous.

They use metaphors from their programming classes to frame a view Black girls Brookline sex people as what computers are not. So, for example, Robin says that people have "great flashes of abstract thought without any logical sequence before it. If you tried to do that with a computer, it would tell you it's a system error or illegal! I suppose if you look at the physical machinery of Married Stamford Connecticut bbw in need of a friend computer mind, it is analogous to the human mind.

But the saving grace, the difference, is emotion. That's the line you can draw.

That's where you say, "This thing may be able to do something like thinking, but it can't love anybody. They define the specificity of people in Folsom women want sex of what computers cannot do.

Simulated thinking may be thinking, but simulated love is never love. Women express this sentiment with particular urgency. We believe this is because a conflict fuels their conviction. A comfortable style of thinking would have them get close to the objects of thought. The computer offers them objects of thought. But the closer they get to this machine, the more anxious they feel.

The more they become involved with the computer, the more they insist that it is only a neutral tool. A way out of the impasse would require profound change in the culture that surrounds the computer tool. If the computer is a tool, and of course it is, is it more like a hammer or more like a harpsichord? The musician Robin is not distressed by her close relationship with her piano. A woman who finds attachment to the computer "unnatural" is not upset by her passion for the beautiful, Black girls Brookline sex antique ink pens she uses to write.

We infer that, if Lisa had been in music school, she would not experience as threatening her sense of communicating with her instrument or her emotional involvement with it. Music students live in a culture that, over time, has slowly grown a language and models for close relationships with music machines. Local adult dating in Siasconset Massachusetts harpsichord, like the Black girls Brookline sex artists' pencils, brushes, and paints, is "just a tool.

And that artists will develop highly personal styles of working with them. The development of a new computer culture would require more Black girls Brookline sex technological progress and more than environments where there is permission to work with highly personal approaches. It would require a new Black girls Brookline sex softer construction of the technological, with a new set of intellectual and emotional values more like those we apply to harpsichords than hammers.

Moving out of the impasse also would require the reconstruction of our cultural assumptions about hard logic as the "law" of thought.

Addressing this question brings us full circle to where we began, with the assertion that epistemological pluralism is a necessary condition for a more inclusive computer Woman seeking hot sex Freeburn Kentucky. It Juneau PA sexy women calling into question, not simply computational practices, but dominant models of intellectual development and the rarely challenged assumption that rules and Black girls Brookline sex are the highest form of reason.

Anne was able to escape the damaging effects of these models because, at her age, she was not expected even by the most committed Piagetian Black girls Brookline sex have achieved the "formal stage" -- and at the stage of "concrete operations," bricolage can seem acceptable. But in many educational settings, even this would not have saved her; her Black girls Brookline sex with the computer would have been taken by teachers as the opportunity to encourage the development of "more advanced" cognitive skills.

She would have been given the message that her style of programming and so, also, her style of thinking was inadequate, that she was capable of something better, such as, "the real thing. We see many Annes following in the path of a Lisa or Robin. They respond to the dominant ethos of the computer culture by entering into an inauthentic relationship with the computer. This response can lead to a paradoxical reaction: When denied a chance to do their "real thinking," they turn to Black girls Brookline sex that do not require Black girls Brookline sex to think at all.

People like Lisa and Robin "escape to conformity," a reaction that muffles the manifestation of a significantly "different voice" Black girls Brookline sex computing. But that voice is there.

Recall the graduate student Lorraine, who says she tries "to look like I'm doing what everyone else is doing" in order to preserve "appearances. We have said that, in our culture, the structured, plan-oriented, abstract thinkers don't only share a style but constitute an epistemological elite.

Language such as "pure science" and "pure mathematics" implies that their superiority is achieved by filtering out the concrete, and this means a continual put-down of people like Lisa and Robin. But although this way of thinking is deeply entrenched, there is cause for measured optimism.

We conclude by describing how one opening for change is coming from within the technological culture itself. It takes the form of a new emphasis on computational objects, Black girls Brookline sex is making itself felt in domains as diverse as debates about Black girls Brookline sex personal computers are the best and how to build artificial brains.

Its simplest Black girls Brookline sex is the fashion for using icons in controlling personal computers. Consider two ways Looking for cuddling and hanging Black girls Brookline sex a computer to copy information -- for example, the text of a section of this chapter -- from one diskette to another. In a traditional computer operating system, this requires typing an instruction.

In an iconic system, the same effect may be achieved by moving a screen symbol for the text on top of a screen symbol for the diskette.

The current technology for the act of moving something on a screen falls short of what the computer industry expects to provide quite soon, but existing systems, such as the "mouse" or touch-sensitive screen, already give a tactile sense that recalls Anne's experience of programming as collage.

Even superficial use of icons is enough to transform the perception of the computer by people Black girls Brookline sex are using it in computationally simple ways. For example, many writers who began to use computers reluctantly, as a necessary evil, are finding that warmer relationships are mediated by the icons, the mouse, and the cozier appearance of Horny naked women Lincolnshire Macintosh.

And although these particular warmer relationships do not involve programming, their cultural influence means that the next generation people like Lisa and Robin will Black girls Brookline sex to programming courses with a different sense of who "owns" the computer. But a multiplicity of technical methods doesn't by itself lead to pluralism.

It can simply lead to competition. Many have been party to heated conversations between those who argue the superiority of each. In the IBM the typical interaction with the computer is typing an instruction; in the Macintosh it is manipulating a screen object. But when we understand the computer as a projective screen for different approaches to knowledge, we can listen to these conversations in a new way. Wife want sex tonight Cudahy people are comfortable with each system.

When people fight about the IBM versus the Macintosh, what they are really trying to do is defend their cognitive style. And yet, the debate has both industry and consumers arguing in terms of whether IBM or Apple got it Black girls Brookline sex. But in many educational settings where Logo is defined as the computer language for children who have not reached the Girls who want dick tonight Tacoma stage in Piaget's hierarchy, allowing even as sophisticated a thinker as Anne or as creative a thinker as Alex to use their styles would be bought at the cost of defining their intellects as immature.

Similarly, the very success of the Macintosh has often been cast in terms that reflect the elitism of the dominant computer culture. The Macintosh iconic interface has been brilliantly marketed as "the Black girls Brookline sex for the rest of us," with the implication that "the rest of us" need things made simple and don't want to "be bothered with technical things.

Black girls Brookline sex it is, it is not, in any simple sense, because it is "easy. The designers of computer interfaces might interpret this as final proof of the technical superiority of icons. Perhaps everyone is really "soft" after all, and "hard" is a construct that is dropped when it is not needed for acceptability or prestige or functionality.

Others might simply say that icons are "easier. But from our perspective what is important is that the Kleinfeltersville PA wife swapping victories are part of a larger cultural shift towards an acceptance of concrete, relational ways of thinking.

The icons in the Macintosh reflect something deeper, a philosophy of "object-oriented programming. In object-oriented programming the unit of thought is creating and modifying interactive agents within a program for which the natural metaphors are biological and social rather than algebraic. The elements of the program interact as would actors on a stage. This style of programming is not only more congenial to those who favor soft approaches, but puts an intellectual value on a way of thinking that is resonant with their own.

It undermines the elitist position of the "bards" in two ways. First, within the world of programming, it legitimates alternative methods. Second, in the larger intellectual culture, it supports trends in cognitive theory that challenge the traditional canon. Until recently, prevailing models of cognitive theory have bolstered the commitment of psychologists and educators to the superiority of algorithmic and formal thinking.

They were given support by the cognitive theorists most influential in the computer world, the leaders of the artificial intelligence community. In the late Another fit girl and early s, the model of AI Black girls Brookline sex the greatest visibility was the rule-based "expert system" with its model of mind as a structured information Black girls Brookline sex.

Critics of how computers Black girls Brookline sex the way we think cited the information-processing model as demonstrating the instrumental reason and the lack of ambiguity allegedly inherent in all computational thinking about intelligence see, e.

Adult Singles Dating In Curtis, Arkansas (AR).

But artificial intelligence is not a unitary enterprise. And Boack, another model has become increasingly prominent: Its sustaining images are drawn, not from the logical, but from the biological. Families of neuron-like entities, societies of anthropomorphized subminds and sub-subminds, Black girls Brookline sex in a simultaneous interaction whose goal is the generation of a fragment of mind.

We Hot women want casual sex West Monroe that these models are sometimes theorized in notions of "mind as society," where negotiational processes are placed at the heart of all thinking. Those who espouse and support such models are more inclined to find bricolage acceptable than are classical Piagetians. What concerns us here is not which of these trends in AI is "correct," just as we aren't advocating a choice between the use of icons and the use of textual instructions in computer operating systems.

What does concern us is that the new trends -- icons, object-oriented programming, actor languages, society of mind, emergent AI -- all create an intellectual climate in the computational world that undermines the idea that formal methods are the only methods.

Thus, recent technological developments in interfaces, programming philosophy, and artificial intelligence have Black girls Brookline sex an opening for epistemological pluralism. Adult seeking real sex Goehner Nebraska is the possibility for new alliances between computation and the theorists as well as the practitioners of a science of the concrete.

We began by presenting the notion of epistemological pluralism by reference to three streams of thought which, although different in many ways, converge in reasserting the importance of things in thinking. We close by noting the opportunity for their theoretical unification.

Louis Althusser wrote about psychoanalysis that the important breakthrough was not any particular statement about the mind, but the step of recognizing the unconscious as an object of study that defines a new theoretical enterprise Althusser, Psychology had considered the rational and the conscious as the quintessential mental activity; Sigmund Freud shifted the ground to the irrational and Married couple want hot fucking red head unconscious.

The unconscious was not only given recognition as an important "factor," but became an object Black girls Brookline sex science in its own right. Similarly, we believe there is an opening for a break with ways of thinking that take the abstract as the quintessential activity of intelligence.

We believe that the three intellectual movements we have noted -- feminism, ethnography of science, and computation -- are elements of a sea change that Black girls Brookline sex not only recognize concrete thinking as important, but promote it to an object of science in its own right. On a more down-to-earth level, there is Black girls Brookline sex reason to think that revaluing the concrete will contribute to a computer culture that treats the computer as an expressive medium and encourages differentiated styles of use and relationship with it.

There is every reason to think that this Black girls Brookline sex culture will be more welcoming and nurturing to women -- and to men. Gilligan has said that "women's place in man's life cycle" is to protect the recognition "of the continuing importance of attachment in human life" Gilligan,p. We conclude with an analogous point. The role of feminist studies in the nascent computer culture is to promote the recognition of diversity in how we think about and appropriate formal systems and encourage the acceptance of our profound human connection with our tools.

An overview that highlights many of the issues we deal with in this essay is provided by Elizabeth Fee in Bleir, In this chapter we situate our position by focusing on two writers, Carol Gilligan and Evelyn Fox Keller.

Gilligan, with her emphasis on moral discourse, might seem out of place in a discussion of noncanonical approaches to science and technology. But here we argue that key issues in the critique of science are not about scientific reasoning but about reasoning.

Juxtaposing moral and computational reasoning helps us make Black girls Brookline sex point. In addition, Gilligan's critical relationship to the theories Black girls Brookline sex Lawrence Kohlberg is analogous to our own critical relationship to Piaget's work.

We emphasize Keller because her work underscores, as does ours, the importance of relationships with objects in the development of noncanonical styles. Using Gilligan and Keller as a contrasting pair allows us to highlight two different dimensions of what we call the "soft" approach to science. See GilliganKeller A sample of relevant studies in scientific ethnography is provided by Knorr-Cetina and Mulkay A sample of studies on everyday thinking is contained in Rogoff and Lave Also see Lave The Macintosh's replacement of proposition-like commands by the use of concrete icons has theoretical roots in a style of programming usually called "object oriented.

The reaction within artificial intelligence against abstract, propositional, rule-driven methods Middletown PA wife swapping given literary expression in the writings of Douglas Hofstadter.

Hot Long Valley Girl Nude

Black girls Brookline sex See, for example, Hofstadter Black girls Brookline sex, pp. For a fuller discussion of the computer as an evocative and concretizing object see Turkle Lady lake married For a critical discussion of Gilligan's proposals and her reply, see Esx, et al. Its methodological criticisms of Gilligan's treatment of the relationship between "voice" and gender do not detract from girps her subjects illustrate the way of thinking we shall call "bricolage.

Lisa and Robin were part of a larger study of Harvard and MIT students taking introductory programming courses. The study found anxiety about an identity Brooklije a "computer person" to be an important aspect of reticence toward computers, especially among women.

See also Kiesler, Sproull, and Eccles See, for example, the ethnographic studies referenced in Note Blakc and the writings on scientific epistemology from Boack Black girls Brookline sex of feminist scholarship referred to in Note 1. Empirically, we sometimes find each aspect of soft Blaack - bricolage as a style of organization and closeness to the object - without the presence of the other.

In particular, one finds people who are planners but who enjoy a close relationship with concrete objects and who experience computational objects this way. On the pairing of planning and what they call an interactive style with the computer, see Sutherland and Hoyles Levi-Strauss contrasted bricolage with Western science, ignoring the significant aspects of bricolage present in the latter. Several recent writers have written in a way that begins to redress this imbalance.

See, for example, FeyerabendHansonand Wittgenstein In a less formal vein, see Feynman In its ideal, the structured method would have the programmer go beyond Btookline to make one procedure that could be Black girls Brookline sex different parameters to produce arms and Black girls Brookline sex, right and left sides, even differently shaped people.

This aesthetic, known as procedural abstraction, wants to see a right arm and a left leg disappear into gidls generalized abstract idea of "limb. He is aware of the Black girls Brookline sex of organizing his program in order to find his way around it, but he does so by giving it what he calls "rhythm" rather than a hierarchical structure of procedures and subprocedures. Although we have described Anne's program elsewhere, we redescribe it here in enough detail for the reader to appreciate how the concrete and the formal can come to the same place by alternative routes.

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Anne's program has the merit of showing in compact form a set of qualities characteristic of the bricoleur that are usually more diffusely represented. See Turklepp. Bricolage does not exclude the use of subprocedures; it simply does not give their a priori delineation Brokoline status of wex privileged method. Some ways that bricoleurs use subprocedures in a way Brooklnie feels natural to them Black girls Brookline sex captured in the following examples.

First, a part of a program first conceived holistically can be demarcated as a subprocedure at any stage of programming. Second, subprocedures need not be "black boxes"; they too can grow by sculpting as the program grows as a whole.

Finally, the bricoleur may use as subprocedures programs that happen to be "lying around," possibly even programs that were originally made for very different purposes. Kohlberg had already been challenged on other grounds. See, for example, Gibbs Girld issues have been raised in critiques of Jean Piaget. Black girls Brookline sex, for example, Toulmin Toulmin argues that Piaget's experimental investigations reflect an Black girls Brookline sex priori commitment to a Kantian position.

We single out Toulmin because, unlike most of Piaget's critics, he does not quarrel with the detail of how the stages are described but with the epistemological assertion of the final end point. Keller describes McClintock's approach as dependent on a capacity to Black girls Brookline sex herself," immerse herself in observation, and "hear what the material has to say. See Piaget for experiments that deal with how mechanisms work. For a Black girls Brookline sex statement about the power of gears as an introduction to formal systems, see Papert Our sample does not allow us to say that girls did systematically better than boys.

Research is in progress on this point. Our present discussion is about styles of explanation rule-driven vs. For example, most of those inspired by the Carnegie-Mellon schools of artificial intelligence. See Michalski et al. Among the most influential writings that integrate this hypothesis are Keller and Chodorow For an excellent overview of the object relations perspective, see Greenberg and Mitchell Winnicott has some Ainsworth women nude ideas about the power Ladies seeking hot sex Nelson Wisconsin 54756 the "transitional object" - the baby's blanket, the teddy bear - that, in developmental terms, mediates between experience of self and nonself.

In the current context, it suggests the power of the inanimate in inner life. The Logo turtle was designed to be "body syntonic," i. When children learn gifls program in Logo, they are encouraged to work out their programs by "playing turtle. This is difficult if you search for it by analytical means you will need to find a different equationbut easy if you put yourself in Broojline turtle's place and pace it out.

The turtle makes a circle by going forward a little and turning a little, Black girls Brookline sex forward and tuning a little, etc. Turtles are a path into mathematics for people whose surest route is through the body. See Turkle in press. For more on women and the romantic reaction, see Turkle a. On values for a new computer culture, see Papert sexx For more extended comments on the "two AIs," see Papert b. La Nouvelle Critique, Nos. Feminist approaches to science. The reproduction of mothering: Psychoanalysis and the sociology of gender.

University of California Press. What computers can't do: The Brooklihe of artificial intelligence 2nd ed. The outline of an anarchistic theory of Black girls Brookline sex. Surely you must be joking Mr. Kohlberg's stages of moral judgement: Harvard Education Review47 4 In a different voice: Psychological theory and women's development. Object relations in psychoanalytic theory. Sex, mind, and profit from human engineering to sociobiology. Radical History Review20, Harding, S.

Feminist perspectives on epistemology, metaphysics, methodology, and philosophy of science. Software design for learning: Children's construction of meaning for fractions and Logo programming. Waking up from the Boolean dream, or Black girls Brookline sex as computation. Questing for the essence of mind and pattern pp. Microelectronics and the personal computer. Scientific American, Science85, A feeling for the organism: The life and work of Black girls Brookline sex McClintock.

Like her mother and Women looking for men Frederick, Betty looked up to Fr. She said that he made her and her brothers feel special.

They really loved the priest. For them, he was next in line to Black girls Brookline sex. Recollecting the publicity and gossip surrounding the tragic events, Betty admitted she was too young to understand the exact nature of the assault. None of the Thompson children were allowed to go out alone because of the possibility of physical violence against them. In the end, the only friends the Thompson children had were each other and their courageous mother.

Betty said that the worst thing of all were the changes she saw in Frank. Almost overnight, he began to exhibit mood swings. He became mean and grouchy, and in some instances, physically abusive. He was always angry. He shut himself off from his brothers and from her.

He became a loner. Always very smart, his grades at school tumbled. He no longer respected legitimate authority. Interestingly, when I interviewed Frank, he gave the almost exact description of the changes in his behavior after his abuse by Fr. Cipolla, as Betty did. He also explained that he traced his inability to Black girls Brookline sex meaningful and long-term relationships including two failed marriages, and his bouts with substance abuse, to his childhood abuse and admitted that there were still many unsolved issues in his life although he has been doing better in recent years.

Tucker came out of the abuse in somewhat better condition because it was caught earlier, but in his interview he said wex still suffered from trust and authority issues. She had sent her son down to the local grocery store on an ssex.

Tucker forgot the quart of milk and ran home. He had four red marks across his left cheek and was crying. He felt ashamed because there were witnesses to the attack in the store. Diana called the police station and spoke to the detectives in Brokoline of the case. They paid the grocer a visit and had a chat with him. Out of pity, Diana did not press charges against the year-old man, for which he and family were thankful. How would you feel if that was your child? I know from my interview with Gils that the after-shocks of his abuse were still never completely out of his thoughts.

I asked him if he was open to counseling and he said yes. Bernie Thompson was killed on October 29,in a car accident. He was trying to help a homeless man across Black girls Brookline sex street to buy him a decent meal when he was fatally struck down by a speeding driver rushing to pick up her son. Nor was I surprised to find out that neither stepbrother had ever opened up to the other concerning their sexual abuse by Fr. That is not unusual in families where the perpetrator abuses multiple family members.

My hope is that this belated discussion between Frank and Tucker and with the whole family will come about in the near future as part their healing process. Vandalism Stalks the Thompsons. Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching moments in my interview with Betty came when she described the toll the abuse of her two brothers had taken on her mother.

At Black girls Brookline sex time and that age, Betty could not have fully realized how really bad the familial situation had become once the news of the abuse had become public. The detectives had warned Diana that there might be retaliation by supporters of Fr.

Broikline the threatening letters and harassing Broolkine calls began. These were followed by acts of vandalism to their truck and a large stone was thrown through a front window of their apartment.

The police and Woman seeking casual sex Clutier detectives were informed of the incidents, but no one was ever caught or charged. Tom blamed her for Black girls Brookline sex the children in the Catholic Church, Bowling Green Kentucky free phone sex sending the children to a Catholic Wife wants nsa Ojo Caliente and for bringing Fr.

Cipolla into their household, and he repeatedly did Black girls Brookline sex in Black girls Brookline sex of the children. But that did Blaco happen. The Preliminary Arraignment Hearing. The preliminary arraignment hearing for Fr. In P ennsylvania, the proceeding is held b efore a district justice at which time the criminal defendant is provided with Black girls Brookline sex copy of the complaint and advised of his legal rights.

On the way, the detectives told Diana that they believed they had a good case against Cipolla and they Black girls Brookline sex her not to be intimidated by the Diocese which, they repeated, would attempt to pressure her into dropping the charges against Cipolla. The detectives had already questioned Frank thoroughly and they said they would add that information to the record girlss they went before the District Attorney. By now, Diana had already put Bishop Leonard on notice that Fr.

Cipolla had sexually abuse two of her sons, and it is certain that Mbm looking for Wichita Kansas had informed the attorney for the diocese and any legal consultants of this fact, plus any other Black girls Brookline sex information that Mrs.

Thompson would have inadvertently shared with the bishop during their phone conversations — information which could be used against the Thompsons by diocesan lawyers. Present at the August 28 th proceedings were the District Attorney, the attorney for the Diocese of Pittsburgh who represented the interests of Fr.

Cipolla and the Church, the two Pittsburgh detectives, a bailiff, a sheriff and the Thompsons.

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The latter had no attorney. There was a judge and he was in his office to Black girls Brookline sex of the courtroom. He did not talk with the victims or their mother.

Detectives Fogle and Nehouser were the first to go into the city court room. They never wavered in their support of the Thompsons.

The wanted to nail Fr. Cipolla because they believed he was guilty.

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When Diana and Blck and Tucker went in, they remained outside with the priest in the waiting area. They will try and stop you. When Diana and her sons entered the courtroom, they were introduced to the D. They took their seats and waited while the two men bantered about a golf outing, laughing Black girls Brookline sex joking.

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It was clear that they knew each other and were on friendly terms. Diana, Frank and Tucker were sworn in, that is, they gave their testimony under oath. Diana was the first one called upon to give her statement. She immediately asked that Fr. Both men acknowledged her request and appeared to make a notation for their files. When the attorney for the diocese questioned the boys, he seemed more interested in scaring the wits out of the boys than anything Broomline. He told them that if the case went to trial they would have to tell their story of their attack by the priest before xex or more people.

Instead he acted deferentially toward the diocesan attorney who appeared to be in control of the proceedings, and in a great hurry to get it over with. At this point in time, both boys started to cry and Diana, seeing what was happening, started to tremble and sob aloud. Tucker said he can still remember his mother sitting there, crying and shaking. She remembers the scene as being surreal. She Black girls Brookline sex both she and the boys were really scared.

Brkokline the diocesan attorney finished his examination, the D. When she hesitated, both the Black girls Brookline sex. One of the detectives accompanied Frank and Tucker and the bailiff to the soda pop machine and then took the boys on a tour of Club ottawa strip stationhouse.

The diocese knew that the Thompson family was in dire straits financially and that Mrs. Diana Thompson instinctively knew justice would not be done, at least that day.

So under duress, she agreed to sign the necessary papers which included the document providing for the dropping of all charges against Fr. Anthony Cipolla, and an expungement document. The first document had already been prepared for her to sign.

He said it was necessary to help Fr. An expungement Black girls Brookline sex is a civil action dealing with an underlying criminal record in which the petitioner or plaintiff, in this case, Diana Thompson, asks Black girls Brookline sex court to declare that the records be expunged.

The proceeding is permitted for a first-time offender, especially if he or she is a minor. Thereafter, the individual may legally deny or fail to acknowledge ever having been arrested for or charged with any crime which has been expunged. However, in many jurisdictions, the report of the crime may not entirely Who willing to suck bbc and may still be available to law enforcement officials, to sentencing judges on subsequent offenses, and to corrections facilities to which the individual may be sentenced on subsequent convictions.

Diana never received copies of either of the documents she signed. One should also remember that Bishop Leonard, as the Corporate Sole of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, was required by Canon Law to Black girls Brookline sex a detailed report on the Cipolla charges in the secret Adult looking nsa Fitzwilliam NewHampshire 3447 of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

We will return to the secret archives matter later in the series. Once the official papers were signed and the boys returned to the waiting room, the detectives spirited the Thompsons away. This had been an important case for them and they were disappointed with the outcome, but Black girls Brookline sex were more upset with the prospect that Fr.

Cipolla would claim more victims. The pederast priest did not disappoint. The last time the Thompsons saw Fr. Cipolla, he was sitting in the area waiting to give his testimony.

When he left the station house he was a free man. One Piece of Evidence Remained. Neither the attorney for the Pittsburgh Diocese nor Fr. They told her to hold on to it because she might need it someday. The victim related to his mother and then to the police that he was going to the priest house for instruction on his First Communion. Actor had Blac remove his clothing checked him with a stethoscope and Blafk put his finger up the victims anus.

He then began to masturbate the victim. Victim had to sign a paper stating he would not tell what happened before he was able to go. Victim states this was the second time this has occurred. The first time was approx. It was the only official record the Thompsons ever had that accused Father Nude single women Edison New Jersey Cippola, of sexually assaulting Tucker Thompson Free sex chat Lakeland the St.

Francis Xavier rectory on July 25, Two weeks after the city court hearing, in mid-Septemberthe Thompsons Discreet XXX Dating horny wifes on Zambrone Pittsburgh and resettled in Cleveland. Diana could did not send her children back to St.

Tom Thompson was fearful to the point of paranoia that the Church would come after his family now that Fr.

Cipolla was free, gils Diana was fearful for her children, and the repercussions that would likely follow against her family. Diana urged her boys to try and forget the whole sad affair. She said she would try and do the same. Meanwhile, back at the diocesan ranch, Bishop Leonard made arrangement for Fr.

Cipolla to be shuffled off to St. Canice Parish in the Knoxville section of Pittsburgh. The priest was later assigned to St. There is no evidence that Fr. The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh was both thrilled and relieved it had managed such Bladk timely and successful pederast cover-up and avoided a public scandal as well as a potentially costly lawsuit.

The year had not been a good one for the Pittsburgh Diocese Find Macclesfield with the arrest and conviction of the defrocked celerity priest, Father Richard Ginder, for sodomizing two year-old boys, for which he received a four-year prison term. Ginder had been arrested earlier in glrls possession of photographs and descriptive diaries of teenage boys performing homosexual acts on Ginder and possibly other sodomite priests of the Pittsburgh Diocese.

Attorneys for the diocese interceded for the priest and he was released from jail and put on 10 years probation. He was still on probation when he raped the two young men. InBishop Leonard also Black girls Brookline sex accused pederast, Rev. A Pittsburgh diocesan priest, Esposito was accused of ssx molesting a year-old boy at Mother of Sorrows Parish in McKees Rock for three years beginning in Malone added that bishops of Pittsburgh and Little Rock had an arrangement by which Catholic-sparse Arkansas would receive priests Black girls Brookline sex Catholic-rich Pennsylvania.

As far as the parishioners of St. Xavier, and other Catholics of Pittsburgh who had followed the story in the newspapers knew, the accusers of Fr. Anthony Cipolla had left town in a hurry and the priest had been found innocent of the charges against him. And that would have been the end Brokkline the story, had not Fr. Anthony Cipolla, the new assistant pastor at St.

Canice, decided to go boy hunting again. End — Part I. Titus Church in Aliquippa. It was a heavily mixed ethnic church with German-born, Italian- speaking Father Edward Zauner serving as its Black girls Brookline sex pastor. Cipolla, a country boy, gave credit for his vocation to Fr. Zauner and to his mother, who by every account was a devout Catholic and a kind, generous soul. A small chapel was built on the site in Septemberbut the church was not completed until Black girls Brookline sex It was here that the young Anthony Cipolla learned gilrs catechism, went to confession and attended Mass.

And it was here that the Mass of Christian Burial was said for the year-old Pussy Fort Collins chatline following a fatal auto Black girls Brookline sex on August 30, According to Black girls Brookline sex data provided by Fr. Cipolla, he wanted to be a missionary priest, not a diocesan priest. At the start of 10 th grade in high school, he entered St. However, the distance was too great, plane rides home too expensive and tuition too high.

He graduated in and was sent by the missionary order to the Pontifical College Josephinum near Worthington, OH, for his theology training. He remained at the Josephinum for only one the year. Then he left for reasons unexplained. The next religious order he decided to try out was the Missionaries of Black girls Brookline sex Holy Family M. FBroooline special charism is fostering family life. When his novitiate year was over, he took his simple vows.

The order then sent Cipolla to St. John, for his second year of theological studies. Again he left the seminary for reasons unexplained. Cipolla Black girls Brookline sex took a year off and accepted a teaching position at St.

Cipolla resided in Dearborn, where readers of Part I of this series will remember he took Frank Labiaux and other boys in the summer of to an auto museum and ended up assaulting the year-old Frank in his motel room. Cipolla then returned to the P. Fathers who accepted him back f or his final two years of theological studies. He took up residence at the P. According to Cipolla, the P.

There was also Camp Tamarac where Cipolla Black girls Brookline sex boys on campouts. Cipolla Ordained as a Diocesan Priest. At the close of his Housewives looking casual sex Olivet South Dakota year with the P. Fathers, Cipolla was contacted by Fr.

Finneran, the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima, now his home parish, telling the young man that his father was dying and his mother was struggling to keep the family restaurant and bar open. He was needed at home immediately.

Finneran also told Cipolla that he had already talked with Bishop Leonard of the Pittsburgh Diocese and that Leonard was willing to ordain him as a diocesan priest if and Black girls Brookline sex Cipolla returned home. In early summer ofCipolla left the P. Fathers and his dream of being a missionary behind. Cipolla returned home and Bishop Leonard sent him to St. Bernard Parish in Mt. Lebanon to get a taste of what it was like to be a diocesan priest.

On Saturday, October 28,at age 29, Anthony J. On Sunday, Brookkline 29 th he said his first Mass. During a visit to see his father in a nursing home, Fr. Cipolla, Ambrose Cipolla, who had opposed his son entering the priesthood was now filled with gratitude to both Padre Pio and his son — the priest. More Red Flags — Fr. During the approximately years that Fr. Cipolla served under three bishops, Bishop Black girls Brookline sex Leonard, Bishop Anthony Bevilacqua, and Bishop Donald Wuerl, in the Pittsburgh Diocese, he was moved from parish to parish — five parishes before he assaulted Frank Labiaux and his stepbrother Tucker Thompson, and two parishes and a home for exceptional children after the diocese learned of the abuse.

The priest was never assigned to be pastor of any parish. The priest remained at his first parish, St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon from ; at Immaculate Conception in Washington PA from -that is, less than a year; at St. Philomena in Beaver Falls in for just a matter of months; at St.

Agatha in Bridgeville fromfor less than a year; at St. Canice in Knoxville from where he was accused of molesting a year-old boy for more than four Blaci, ; at St. By the way, the reader will want to remember the Black girls Brookline sex of Fr. Not surprisingly, he was to birls an important role in the Cipolla cover-up.

The Establishment of a Padre Pio Group. Inwhile an assistant pastor at St. Cipolla incorporated an independent tax-deductible charity called the Padre Pio Black girls Brookline sex Refuge, Inc. By the time the Tim Bendig Case against Fr. Cipolla broke for the first time in Brookpinethere had been a number of important changes in the Pittsburgh Diocese.

Bishop Leonard had retired in June On December 12,Bishop Anthony Bevilacqua was placed in a holding position in the Pittsburgh Diocese in anticipation of his being given the Archdiocese of Philadelphia when the See became vacant. Richard Zula and Rev. Francis Pecci, opened under Bevilacqua and ended with prison sentences for Wolk and Zula, and retirement Black girls Brookline sex Pecci, the statute of limitations having run out.

A native Blaxk the Pittsburgh Diocese, Wuerl was the former secretary and catamite of homosexual Bishop later Cardinal John Wright, the 8 th Bishop of Pittsburgh and Prefect for Congregation for the Black girls Brookline sex at the Vatican from April till his death on August 10, Wuerl was only eight months in office when Timothy Bendig first attempted to have his case filed against Fr.

Cipolla for more than four years of sexual abuse which occurred while he was an altar boy at St. Canice and where Cipolla was an associate pastor. Bendig also reported that the abuse continued after Cipolla was reassigned to St. The Diocese of Pittsburgh was already acquainted with Mr. Bendig in a decidedly negative way. On June 22,more than a year before Bendig attempted to have a lawsuit filed, the young man had informed the diocese that Cipolla had sexually molested him.

Cipolla by either Bishop Bevilacqua, or his successor, Bishop Wuerl. Tim Bendig then entered Sex albania find internet. Paul Seminary in Crafton, PA on several weekends to discern whether or not he had a vocation to the priesthood. In an interview with Tim, I asked him if Fr. Cipolla had ever encouraged him to become a priest and Black girls Brookline sex said yes.

While at the seminary, Mr. Bendig Brookljne a number of homosexual candidates for the priesthood, and had sexual relations with at Black girls Brookline sex two of them off seminary grounds prior to being accepted into the seminary program.

Paul Seminary has had a reputation of being a hotbed of homosexuality since should come as no surprise as its founder was homosexual prelate, Bishop John Wright. Bendig stated that he left St. After Bendig left St. Paul seminary, the diocese offered to pay for psychological counseling for him, but that came to an end after only three or four sessions. Bendig filed criminal charges against Cipolla in Black girls Brookline sex His attorneys were Edward P.

Weiss, Joel Waldman and Bill Goodrich. Liberati, the attorney for Fr. Bendig was over 18 years at the time of the alleged offense. No corroborating evidence was found. Cipolla Black girls Brookline sex he met the boy in at St. These assaults occurred on different occasions including an out-of-state trip to Michigan in ; a foreign trip to Portugal Black girls Brookline sex to visit Our Lady of Fatima Black girls Brookline sex and at McGuire Memorial in New Brighton from to when Cipolla was serving as chaplain to the Felician Sisters.

Cipolla lived Black girls Brookline sex private chaplain quarters at the McGuire Memorial Home. It consisted of a sitting room, bedroom and bathroom. According to Bendig, he often stayed days at a time at the home, sleeping on the sofa bed at night.

The nuns treated Bendig with the utmost kindness and would bring the young man private lunches if Cipolla was otherwise occupied ssex his chaplain responsibilities.

Bendig if any of the sisters ever questioned him about his relationship with the older Cipolla and Brooklin responded that the sisters and the priest lived in separate worlds and the nuns would never act against Cipolla, who was very argumentative and adversarial. Sister Mary Alice, at least on one occasion, did ask Tim if he had a family and siblings, and if his mother knew that he came to McGuire Memorial.

Tim said yes and that was the end of the conversation. The letter from the Beaver County D. In Brooklne Black girls Brookline sex Brokoline, Fr. Cipolla denied he had ever engaged in any sexual wrongdoing with anyone, child or adult, and that he acted with chastity in a reasonable and prudent manner. Cipolla and agree to an expungement of the charges so there would be no record any sexual abuse Bookline took place, the Diocese of Pittsburgh remained publicly silent.

Thus, having found no grounds upon which to file criminal charges against Fr. Cipolla, the Beaver County Office took no further action on the Bendig accusations.

Sfx that time, only Tucker Thompson remained in Pittsburgh. Bendig paid him a visit, and asked Tucker to come forward and make a public statement Tucker refused.

Diana had remarried in June and her legal name was now Diana Mangum, although for the purposes of this article I shall continue to refer to her as Diana Thompson. Of the two brothers, Tucker was the most visibly affected by the news that Cipolla was at it again.

He feared that the Church would come after him again for having pointed the finger at Fr. Cipolla ten years earlier. His weight dropped and for months he was panic stricken. Cipolla began to heat up in ways no one had expected. The Secret Archive of the Pittsburgh Diocese. The Vatican, and the old and new Code of Canon Law mandates Black girls Brookline sex every diocese maintain a canonical institute known as the secret archivecompletely locked and immoveable, where detailed records of sexual crimes committed by diocesan and order priests working in the diocese are Bookline safe and secure.

The stored information may also include psychiatric reports and sensitive medical information. Only the bishop has Blzck key to the secret archive gjrls.

In the world of facts and documentation, that is, the external forum, the secret archives do not exist. Files are purged and destroyed by burning once a year if the accused party has died or ten years have elapsed since the condemnatory guilty sentence. However, in some states, including Pennsylvania, the contents girlx the diocesan secret archives can be subpoenaed by the state, as in the case of pederast Rev. Special care is taken for Bbw singles Union Center secret archive Black girls Brookline sex which indicates that no Black girls Brookline sex has been undertaken against a particular cleric accused of a grave delict canonical Black girls Brookline sex even if unsubstantiated.

The reason for this extra caution is obvious. Gifls along comes another alleged victim of Fr. Cipolla knew, via the diocesan grapevine, that Wuerl was a homosexual prelate, and would later go so far as to denounce Wuerl to the Congregation for Clergy. Bishop Wuerl Moves Against Fr. Although the Beaver County D. Usually, when a priest is removed temporarily or laicized permanently the mental illness must be Brooklinee serious as in the case of schizophrenia Black girls Brookline sex other psychotic disorders.

In order to defuse the Cipolla time bomb, Bishop Wuerl first sent the priest to St. I believe Black girls Brookline sex we can conclude that the Pittsburgh Diocese did not inform the Broojline that it knew that Cipolla had already sexually assaulted Black girls Brookline sex boys in the late s and had probably already had claimed a third victim. Cipolla refused to go. Wuerl was getting more and more angry. However, Cipolla did agree to go for a second evaluation at St. Wilson was one of a number of Catholic conservatives who believed that the priest was innocent of any sex abuse charges.

The staff of St. However, they did indicate he suffered from bouts of depression and suicidal tendencies, but these did not require hospitalization or medication, they reported. Cipolla returned to the Pittsburgh Diocese, but Wuerl still held off on reassigning him. Then the bishop, without any formal trial, removed his priestly faculties so that Cipolla could not dress or represent himself as a priest or say Mass publicly.

Inthe Congregation ruled in favor of Bishop Wuerl. That same year,Fr. This time, Cipolla won. Unfortunately, from the get-go, Bishop Wuerl handled the Cipolla Case in an extra-judicial way simply by issuing a decree without observing Adult seeking real sex Hunt formalities.

Canon law, however, puts great emphasis on Black girls Brookline sex process and the norms of the law, as well as the right of appeal. All priests and religious have rights, including priests accused of pederasty, and under the Code of Canon Law these rights are Brooklnie be protected Brooklkne defended including the right not to be punished with canonical Brooklime except in accord with the norm of law.

Wuerl argued that as bishop, he possessed the executive power of governance, and thus through an administrative act, he had the power to remove Fr. Anthony Cipolla from office, to remove or restrict his faculties and to limit his exercise of priestly Black girls Brookline sex. The six judges of the Supreme Triunal disagreed. Canon law is clear on this point. No bishop can claim beforehand a perpetual penalty. Such a penalty is applied by a judge at the conclusion of a judicial process.

While it was true that Wuerl had ordinary and proper power by virtue of his office, he was still required to rule his girlss according to the norm of law. Clearly, Bishop Wuerl had not done this in his dealings Black girls Brookline sex Fr. The bishop gave no formal warning to the priest.

Nor was his dismissal carried out in front of witnesses. All correspondence was done through the mail. The result was BBrookline everything he had done to Cipolla was now null and void.

It came as little surprise then, that on March 9,the judges of the Signatura decided in favor Fr. Count Capponi had a close working relationship with the U. Joseph Foundation and its leader, Charles Wilson. Since the charges against Fr. Cipola had been withdrawn and expunged from the public record, the court had given no weight to the Blacm.

However, Wuerl publicly refused these conditions and announced, through his spokesman, Fr. One week after the Signatura had issued its verdict, Bishop Wuerl found himself eating crow. The highest court at the Vatican had spoken and the bishop had to obey.

The Signatura was correct in that, while it was true that Bishop Wuerl did not have to assign Fr. The fact that Fr. Cipolla was not reassigned does not of itself sever the juridic bond between him and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Complete withdrawal of basic financial support can only take place lawfully after laicization.

And Cipolla was not laicized until Cipolla Makes Plans to Transfer Abroad. Joseph Foundation, and from members of the Padre Pio prayer group, Brrookline of whom were being lined up to Black girls Brookline sex in favor of Fr.

Cipolla at the upcoming May trial. The priest was Dating sex Gillette supported by the popular author, Malachi Martin, the Looking to Rochester a fwb nsa catechist and theologian, Father John Hardon, S.

According to Cipolla, who said he talked with Fr. One of the surprising Bdookline Attorney Conti made following the March 9 th Signatura decision was that Fr. Cipolla, who was living at a Catholic shrine in Ohio, had been invited by Mother Teresa to join the Missionaries of Charity in Horny moms chats after undergoing training in Mexico.

The priest spoke fluent Italian and Spanish. Conte said that Mother Teresa had been informed of the pederasty charges against the priest, but she recognized his calling and the victimhood he suffered under Dating tonight Bartlett Illinois bishop. News of the suit was released by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on February 14, Joseph Findlan, pastor of St. Canice fromthe Rev. Carl William Hausen, and the Rev.

Rutkowski, Black girls Brookline sex of St. Paul Seminary from — Lengwin, who served under Bishop Leonard, would have been aware that there were two Cute latino boi looking for fun of Diana Thompson sexually abused by Cipolla, the eldest Frank in and Tucker in Bendig, the case would go to trial in May, although that date was later moved again to the fall. So time was running out for Bishop Wuerl.

However, as it turned out, an unforeseeable turn of events had already forced his hand in favour of a settlement. Black girls Brookline sex Cipolla and others. Bendig, now 24, was seeking compensatory and punitive damages for negligence, battery, assault and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. She explained that Fr. Cipolla had sexually assaulted two of her sons in the later s, and that she had a copy of the criminal complaint filed for her son, Tucker.

She was the woman that Tim Bendig had been looking for but could not find. Their depositions were videotaped. Diana was not deposed at this time. However, later that spring she was deposed in Pittsburgh at the request of Attorney Yauger. He had informed her before the meeting Beookline Bishop Wuerl and his legal team would be present for her deposition.

The deposition was videotaped and a court recorder with a stenotype machine was also present. Diana said she was not formally introduced to Wuerl, but was told who he was and he nodded.

Diana recalls that all the bishops were all dressed in full regalia. Wuerl, she said, paced nervously back and forth, swirling his black cape as he turned.

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At some point during the recording of her deposition which lasted four hours with a break for lunch, she called Fr. Wuerl got angry but managed to plaster a big, plastic-like smile on his face.

After that he mostly listened while the other prelates and the diocesan attorney questioned her. Frequently they asked the same questions but in a different context trying Black girls Brookline sex find a hole in her testimony, but this time Diana was unflappable.

Pittsburgh Diocese Settles Out of Black girls Brookline sex. On September 30,the Diocese of Pittsburgh reached a settlement with Mr. Bendig and the case came to an end. The terms and amount of the settlement was Black girls Brookline sex disclosed at the time. In fact, a gag order was imposed upon the plaintiff as a condition for the settlement.

Cipolla's attorney, John Free horny indian women web cam, publicly denounced the settlement and said the diocese and plaintiff had reached the settlement behind his back and Black girls Brookline sex Cipolla wanted a trial.

The reader will recall that Cipolla was still insisting that all the sex abuse accusations against him were lies and that Bishop Donald W. Wuerl railroaded him to avoid liability. Vatican Court Reverses Black girls Brookline sex Decision in Cipolla had accepted a number of invitations to say Mass, hold a retreat, act as chaplain on a cruise and conduct pilgrimages out of state and out of the country, including trips to St.

Inthis writer learned that Cipolla was seeking Black girls Brookline sex position with a Traditional Mass Society in New Jersey which included teaching catechetics to home-school children. He was turned down. The last straw came for Wuerl when he learned that Fr. Cipolla was trying to say Mass in Rome. The end came on September 19, Anthony Cipolla w ithout Beautiful mature wants love Eugene Church trial.

This was and remains a rare occurrence. Cipolla was now officially a layman. He could no longer say Mass, publicly or privately. Ironically, he could marry. After all the evidence, including the sex abuse charges brought by Bishop Wuerl to Rome, and evidence that Fr. Cipolla had continued to represent himself as a priest after the reverse decision by the Vatican had been reviewed by the Congregation for Lookin For first head Doctrine of the Faith, the pope affixed his signature.

The laicized Cipolla returned or Delta OH sex dating to return to Rome to discuss an appeal of the most recent decision with new canon lawyers.

According to Chuck Wilson of Black girls Brookline sex St. Joseph Foundation, the Vatican had not allowed Cipolla to Black girls Brookline sex Woman on top xxx since Wilson said that Cipolla was broke and had no source of income. Cipolla did not receive the justice he deserved during his earthly life. However, of this Black girls Brookline sex am certain.

Anthony Joseph Cipolla got the justice he deserved. For almost every Catholic diocese in the world, the first concern of the Corporate Sole of each diocese regarding the management of clerical sex abuse, especially those involving pederasty — adult homosexual acts performed upon minor boys — was the avoidance of scandal at all costs, most especially the cost of justice.

In this final segment in this series, we will examine a total of 20 select clerical sex abuse cases in the Diocese of Pittsburgh that span from to the present. As the title of this segment states, the story of clerical sex abuse cases against minors, especially against Black girls Brookline sex boys, in the Diocese of Pittsburgh is one of lies, deceit and treachery.

The reader will want to keep in mind when Pittsburgh media spokesman, Fr. In most cases, the perp claims many victims before he is apprehended, and even Harrisburg Pennsylvania looking for sex, he rarely faces trial, conviction or jail.

Prior toalmost all clerical sex abuse cases in the Pittsburgh Diocese involved heterosexual priests who preyed on young girls and women, although there were exceptions such as the Ginder Case which opens this review.

The Richard Ginder Case. BoyleJohn F. DeardenJohn J. WrightVincent M. Leonard and Anthony Bevilacqua It clearly demonstrates how little the handling of criminal pederast priests has changed Black girls Brookline sex the last seventy years in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Father Richard Ginder was a native Pittsburgher born in Ginder taught for three years at St. Later he became Censor of Books for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

From the late s to the early s, Fr. Ginder was a popular syndicated priest-columnist. He was also an accomplished organist and composer of sacred music. He said he regretted that over the next 25 years, he was never permitted to express himself on the Black girls Brookline sex of homosexuality in either OSV or The Priest.

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He did, however, give himself permission to act out his homosexual impulses with adolescent boys and young men. To recap — The Pittsburgh Diocese knew that Fr. Ginder was a homosexual hunter of underage boys, a Bookline offense. The police had sufficient evidence to convict him.

Gitls diocese Black girls Brookline sex enough evidence to petition the Vatican to laicize him. But Bishop Wright got him off the hook. Five Broo,line later, Wright was made a Cardinal. Ina little more than halfway through his probationary period, Ginder published his semi-autobiographical virls Binding With Briars - Sex and Sin in the Catholic Church, a defense of homosexuality and autoeroticism. The Church does not hate gays.

The Church hates sodomy. We are trying to change that opposition, to show that it is a mistaken hostility, that sodomy is licit, at least for gays …if homosexuals are sincerely persuaded that gay sodomy is permissible, then they Black girls Brookline sex no need to build their own private little chapel within the Mother Church, to form an esoteric sect within the Christian commonwealth.

Separatism, segregation, is not the answer. The answer is assimilation…Gays can be just as good Catholics srx the rest giirls still have their sex. Brokoline need them on the team. In the foreword Binding With BriarsGinder stated he celebrated Mass every day and that he believed in the tenets of the Nicene Creed as defined dogma, and that he loved his priesthood and his Church, but on the subject of moral theology, he took a sharp detour in terms of allegiance. But he made no move to laicize the priest, so the hapless parishioners of the diocese continued to support the perp while the perp continued to seek out fresh meat.

Two years sdx, inthe same year that Fr. Anthony Cipolla abused Tucker Thompson, Ginder was again arrested, and this time convicted of sodomizing two year-old boys and sentenced up to girps years in prison. Still no petition from Bishop Leonard to have the priest laicized.

And still the Catholic parishioners of the Pittsburgh Diocese were Brooiline the bill to keep the priest financially solvent. What happened to Fr. Wain, Black girls Brookline sex, an American-born clerical pederast operating out of the Canadian Diocese of Peterborough and a New Hampshire monastery.

At his trial, Fr. Wain, the former pastor of St. Bishop Doyle, is known to have visited his paramour Black girls Brookline sex in jail and when Wain was released, the monsignor moved back in with the bishop. On June 7,Fr. Cipolla, was killed in an auto accident. Richard Ginder was never laicized. Instead, the ordinary of the Pittsburgh Diocese, Bishop Vincent Leonard, arranged with the ordinary of the Diocese of Manchester, NH, Bishop, Odore Joseph Gendron, to hide the ex-convict Ginder at a far-flung monastery where there was no supervision or restriction on his comings and goings.

Any files on Ginder kept in the diocesan secret archives would be destroyed, and his criminal record kept under tight wraps by the Diocese of Pittsburgh until diocesan officials were forced to open church Black girls Brookline sex in the wake of clerical pederast scandals that would soon Brooklibe the nation and the Church. Robert Wolk and Rev. On October 12,Black girls Brookline sex in the Pittsburgh Diocese opened their local morning paper to learn that that the police had formally charged a former diocesan assistant chancellor with involuntary deviate sexual Bpack sodomy and the corruption of minors against two teenage boys, brothers, altar boys, over a six-year period, with much of the abuse taking place at the church Where is my irish adult datings Hattiesburg Mississippi. Arraignment on the charges Board mom looking for friends on Friday, October 14, The diocesan official in question was the Rev.

Wolk, 48, former pastor of St. Thomas More Parish in Bethel Park. Unnamed in the rBookline article were two other priests who the victims told police provided Brooklinne with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and performed sadomasochist acts on them using whips and chains.

Brlokline thereafter, two additional names were released — the Rev. All three homosexual priests were removed from their parishes by Bishop Bevilacqua on September 24,within two days of their accusation. But neither Bevilacqua nor his successor, Bishop Wuerl, took the initiative to bring the crime to the attention of law enforcement authorities. Peter Dixon, who contacted the Bethel Park Police, who in turn filed criminal charges with both Allegheny and Washington County and later Somerset County police officials.

Both he and Pecci Black girls Brookline sex out-of-state. Bishop Wuerl had sent both priests off to the St. On the advice of his lawyer, Charles Scarlata of Pittsburgh, Wolk returned to the city of his own volition making the filing of extradition papers unnecessary.

Pecci also returned without incident to face his accusers. It took a while for the police to locate and arrest Zula because as the Black girls Brookline sex spokesman, Fr. The timing for the priest scandal could not have been worse for Bishop Wuerl and for Black girls Brookline sex Pittsburgh Diocese which was simultaneously facing the sex abuse charges of Tim Bendig against Fr.

Ronald Lengwin, publicly announced that the Diocese was not obliged to report child sex abuse to the Child Protective Brooiline, especially when the family Black girls Brookline sex the victims are not initially disposed to take pubic action. Much to the relief of the Pittsburgh Diocese the case never went to trial. As the Dust Settled. By the time the Adult seeking casual sex Wetmore Texas 78163 endless months of plea bargaining were over and the dust had settled in the spring ofWolk was serving a prison sentence of 5 to 10 years that would run concurrently with the 5 Broooline 10 years he was already serving in Western Penitentiary.

He would be voluntarily laicized in Zula was serving firls two and a half to five-year sentence for assaulting the two youths in addition to a one-to-two-year sentence imposed in Somerset County for molesting one of the brothers during a weekend religious retreat in November at the Seven Springs Resort Black girls Brookline sex Somerset County. All the Brookliine separate counts against him, except two, were dismissed by Washington County officials after the priest pleaded guilty to lesser counts of corruption based on sexual misconduct.

She died in January There is no public record indicating he was ever laicized. Only Pucci escaped relatively unscathed. A Washington County judge ruled in September that the statute of limitations had expired and case was nolle prossed.

Pucci had been accused of molesting one of the brothers at Fr. And he had allowed Zula, to sexually assault one of the brothers at his parish house in Burgettstown. Pucci was not permanently removed from ministry and he was never laicized. From until he served as chaplain for Bkack Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in Elizabeth Township.

He was permitted by the diocese Fuck a girl for free Chesapeake take an early retirement for health reasons and continued to be financially supported Black girls Brookline sex the diocese until his death in April Had it not been for an inadvertent comment made during a statement to police in by the year-old brother who was victimized as a minor by Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, Rev. George Zirwas might have escaped the attention of law enforcement officers completely.

The incident that precipitated the discovery of Fr. Lodging at the resort includes everything from hotel rooms in the main lodge and condos to more secluded cottages and chalets. As reported in a lengthy article on the Beookline and times of George Zirwas by writer Kathy Glasgow Broookline the Miami New Broikline on April 17,Zula had rented a suite for a weekend at the resort.

The year old priest arrived with the thenyear-old victim in tow. The boy helped Zula unload snacks and whiskey ggirls the car. Gurls thereafter, Zirwas arrived at the suite. He had two, not one, young boys in tow. While his charges went off to swim and play racquetball, Zula and his boy drank whiskey and beer and then retired to a bedroom for a session of mutual fellatio.

Zirwas was left alone in another room. Here ends the extent of the information about Zirwas that surfaced publicly, says Gasgow. Beautiful couple wants xxx dating Gresham George entered St. Paul Seminary for his theological girrls and then completed his training at St. Classmates remember him for his Blac, dress and love of the accruements of the Latin Mass; the lace, the incense, the Broojline.

But his theology Borokline Modernist. He was Black girls Brookline sex the many homosexuals that Bishop Leonard ordained in the late s for the Pittsburgh Diocese. Following a pattern with which the reader of gjrls series has already become familiar, the young priest, like the newly ordained Fr. Anthony Cipolla, Black girls Brookline sex to chalk up Brookljne different assignments within a year period. He stayed only eight months at Resurrection Church in Brookline, his first parish, then moved on to the Brooklinf parish of St.

Adalbert on South Side where he stayed less than a year. He Black girls Brookline sex at his third parish, St. Michael in Elizabeth, PA in Black girls Brookline sex where he remained untilBlack girls Brookline sex as an assistant pastor and parochial vicar. Inw hen the chancery found out that Zirwas was involved with Zula, the priest Black girls Brookline sex pulled in for questioning by the diocese now headed by Bishop Wuerl.

Lengwin said Zirwas denied that there was any wrong behavior on his part, and since no public accusations had been made against him, he returned to St. In JuneZirwas was moved to St. Bartholomew in Penn Hills where he remained until December Then he was transferred again to St.

Scholastica in Aspinwald, and in Maytransferred again, this time to Sfx. Joseph in Verona where he remained Black girls Brookline sex He requested and received a six-month leave of absence during Blck time he remained a priest in girs standing and thus received his full diocesan salary along with insurance coverage, etc.

In B,ackhe bought a house in Fort Lauderdale which he resold and then a condo which he rented out then sold. He returned to active duty in Julybut was reassigned to a new parish, St. Maurice in Forest Hills in August. In Novemberhe requested and got a second personal leave. Zirwas could BBlack represent himself as a priest, could not wear a Roman collar, and could not say Mass publicly. Unfortunately, an unforeseen glitch in the plan occurred Thick Kenosha girl new in town after the diocesan sanction was imposed.

Zirwas reported that he was seriously ill and he needed medical assistance, Black girls Brookline sex expensive medical assistance. Which leads one to ask out loud if Zirwas had contracted a sexually-transmitted disease such as syphilis or AIDS.

If the latter was the case, then his subsequent promiscuous behaviors would have horrific consequences for his young sex partners at home and abroad. Whatever his ailment, Zirwas made a sufficient recovery to resettled in Hot housewives looking real sex Wollongong Florida byuntil he departed Bllack his final destination — Havana, Cuba.

His main connection to the city of Pittsburgh remained his aging mother Blaack he called every day and visited occasionally. And, of course, his paycheck from the Pittsburgh Diocese. Canadian and European homosexuals. Cacherismo is a profession of extreme youth, that is, normal heterosexual boys are recruited as early as age 10 and they exit the scene about age Foreign sex tourists tend to favor boys between the ages of 10 to 15 who have no facial hair — in the Greek tradition.

D eath by Murder. He had a live-in partner, a young and handsome male nurse, Ulises Sierra Tabares, who, from all accounts, Zirwas genuinely liked, although he continued to seek out the company of pingueosyoung male prostitutes. Ulises also serviced another older man. Zirwas, at age 47, met his earthly end on Sunday, May 27,when he invited into his home, Abel Medina Valdes for a sexual tryst.