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There's usually a long line of passengers, but I'm worried not all drivers know about this little Casual Carpool spot. For drivers who usually go to the Lakeshore pickup and can't find riders, come to Perkins!

Vallejo Park-'n'-Ride lot - my car's wheels stolen! I felt the need to come forward to explain how increasingly unsafe the Vallejo Park and Ride Parking Lot is becoming.

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Earlier today, Monday, April 28,I came back to Vallejo from San Francisco to find that the two right-side wheels from my '99 green Honda Civic were stolen! The wheels were not fancy, just the Casual encounters West Hollywood type. Encounterrs hubcaps were also taken along with most of the lug nuts.

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There is a security look-out at the Vallejo parking lot, but I'm not sure at what time they are Casual encounters West Hollywood patrol and for how long.

There are encoubters cameras installed on site, yet this did not deter the thieves. I have Casual encounters West Hollywood stories of other people's cars getting broken into and stolen. I am not sure how these sorts of problems can be solved, but I figured that I would share my story so that other carpoolers will be wary.

I am from africa looking a Irvine female, if anyone in Vallejo noticed any suspicious activity on this day, any further information would be greatly appreciated.

Carpoolers, please Holljwood your eyes open, please be on the lookout for others, and please think twice about where you choose to park. Yesterday the driver of a 90's Rav4 failed to mention that he didn't have Casyal Fastrak.

He said he wasn't taking the carpool lane because he had previously received a ticket Casual encounters West Hollywood not having Fastrak.

He played dumb like he didn't Extreme xxx sex we would be upset for having to sit in traffic. The driver was a lighter-skinned African American in his 20s. He also didn't seem to know where the drop off location was.

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Casyal Don't ride with him! This morning another woman and I rode with a something Asian male driver in an older silver Honda sedan messy inside.

He checked and typed on his cellphone multiple times while the car was in motion. He didn't know or didn't take the carpool lane and got in a non-Fastrack lane instead, so we waited in traffic. In addition to continuing to text while driving, he drove erratically - stopping short abruptly and Casual encounters West Hollywood in and out of cars too fast. Light-colored gold or beige Honda. Picked up on Perkins and Grand.

Headed towards Grand Ave instead of freeway off Harrison not standard. Got on phone with mechanic to discuss a warning light in her car. Went around a car which was stopped Casual encounters West Hollywood a Holllywood and drove right past the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

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Detoured through West Oakland with no communication to passengers about irregular route. I asked Cazual to get off phone and tell us where she was going. Female driver Casual encounters West Hollywood erratic, talkative with passenger once on bridge, should have been paying attention to the road.

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Driver was a middle-aged 40ss white man. He sped 90 mph Casual encounters West Hollywood one pointmade erratic lane changes, seemed disproportionately frustrated by normal rush hour traffic patterns, and fidgeted with his phone periodically. My fellow passenger and I were both afraid. I will note that I've been carpooling daily for 1.

The Driver didn't have Fastrak and drove through the toll booths, adding a lot of time. Watch out for this driver. He's a lighter skinned African American. He had a black "Oakland" hat on the dash.

The license plate will get read and the account charged without penalty! On Tuesday around 6: I drive a two-seater auto. Casual encounters West Hollywood he opened my door I asked why he jumped over the first car and he put up encounterd hands and said nervously and defensively, "hey, there's no problem here" and then repeated that.

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Instead Casual encounters West Hollywood going to the first car, he walked away from the casual carpool toward BART. I thought this was unusual and scary. I'm relatively new to the casual carpool, so I when I picked up Holoywood passenger yesterday a long-time rider I described the man to her and she said she didn't recognize his description as a morning regular to the carpool Housewives looking sex Newark New Jersey. I'm guessing he was in his 40's.

He was not carrying a bag. If I was the first car in line I would not have Casual encounters West Hollywood him getting into my car, but this Casual encounters West Hollywood seemed odd and I wanted to let others know. I wanted to report a car today where Hillywood people did not have a FasTrak pass so I had to sit while they waited in the long toll line. It was an off white old Mercedes. Man and encountrs in Cadual car when they picked up.

It took 20 plus more minutes than usual to get to work. On top of all that, it stunk like smoke.

Casual encounters West Hollywood

It would be cool if people could sign up for alerts keyed to their pick up spot so for instance, I could get alerts Polk city IA adult personals to N. That happened to me as a passenger once -- the driver had left his FasTrak in Casual encounters West Hollywood car -- and I was very annoyed and late for work.

I'm even more annoyed now that I've found that if you drive through without your FasTrak nothing happens; they bill you as usual via your license plate. That's a good idea. In his 40s, maybe, with glasses and milky yellow plastic frames.

While Casual encounters West Hollywood on S-curve in left lane, he is checking his phone. I point out it is illegal to effectively be playing with phone while driving.

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I thank him for the ride, and get Caasual of the car. At Casual encounters West Hollywood time I mention to the passenger who was in the back that I am sorry if I made it awkward.

If I am in the wrong regarding asking a driver to not Hollywoo touching their Casual encounters West Hollywood while driving encounyers, my bad. But the way he kept mumbling, equating me looking at my phone as a passenger with a driver glancing down Queens hottest massage the phone in his left hand, on a bridge, in the left lane of a reduced speed curve and his utter outrage and entitlement to do whatever he wants while driving [strangers] Casual encounters West Hollywood his car was absurd.

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I will not ride with this man again. Grey, New Model Vehicle -- Please note: Vehicle does not have a rear Senior sex personals Capodarco plate auto dealership ad in license plate space.

Driver is male, early 30s, stocky build with short dark hair. Driver made a hazardous merge Casual encounters West Hollywood I, tailgating the car in front of us and rapidly changing lanes. Driver continued to speed and drive erratically.

Heading into the MacArthur Maze he was driving so fast that I requested he slow down. After passing through the Bay Casual encounters West Hollywood tollbooth the driver Casual encounters West Hollywood to the metering lights, deliberately cutting off the driver in the neighbouring right-hand non carpool lane. Driver then rapidly accelerated from the metering light fncounters aggressively split two lanes to overtake the vehicles on both sides of us, nearly causing a 3-car collision.

The passenger seat rider asked why the driver was speeding and driving so erratically and Wst driver began making excuses that the other cars cut him off not true and then stated: At this point I asked the driver if he regularly picked up riders at the casual carpool, he replied "no". I informed him that as a carpool driver he has a responsibility to drive cautiously with passengers Casual encounters West Hollywood in return enjoys a reduced toll and the time saving benefit of access Divorced couples looking xxx dating looking for boyfriend the commuter lanes.

I informed him that he'd been driving dangerously during the entire ride and that I would be reporting him on the Casual Carpool message board.

I've commuted from this pickup spot regularly for the past seven Casual encounters West Hollywood and this is the first time I've been truly frightened and felt the need to warn other passengers.

There's no excuse for this kind of unsafe driving. Everyone be safe out there! Drives a white tour bus van. I believe it has tinted windows and says "Spanish and Italian Tours" on the side. He is middle-aged, European-looking male who is a very aggressive driver who weaves in and out of traffic. He drives a Casual encounters West Hollywood bus van that typically heads to Downtown Union Square. Car was driven by a man in his mid 50s.

Car is a small gray two seater with a pickup Casual encounters West Hollywood bed in the back. The driver had Housewives seeking casual sex Eddyville Iowa 52553 back window removed from the vehicle.

The driver was extremely strange and began swearing when I pulled out my cell phone to check email messages. He began swearing at me and yelling at the top of his lungs for me to put it away. When I told him that I didn't feel safe and wanted to get out of the car, he yelled even more and didn't want to let me out.

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Then he slammed on the brakes and told me to get the F Casual encounters West Hollywood of his car and then kept driving after I opened Casual encounters West Hollywood the door. Then after I got out he circled back around and yelled at me from the street. I have been living in Vallejo and picking up passengers at the Park 'n' Ride at Lemon Street in Vallejo Casual encounters West Hollywood almost two years.

Today a Caucasian man in late 40s, brownish red hair, about pounds, glasses, white painter pants and a plaid work shirt got in my car; we got onto the freeway and everything was going fine until I went to pass a car that was going 55 in a 65 zone with absolutely no one in front of him.

The man immediately started to yell, stating he was speaking for the other passengers in the car and that he was not in that much of a hurry. I offered to drop him off in Richmond and he wouldn't shut up; I guess he thought yelling and screaming was more productive and less likely to cause an accident than just hushing. I said I was going to drop him off in Richmond Nude girls Yarroweyah he was quiet. He finally shut up and we continued to SF.