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Originally the name of the Gang was just actually a bit of fun Cute, but dark, aluring, but deadly Or at least thats the thought.

There are a few mods here and there being planned but I've yet to get the proper tools and bits and pieces and even models that I noow So most Fems looking for now the work that has been done at the Fems looking for now has been paint jobs. Now Archiblad Loooking and I both haven't picked up a paint brush for more than a decade so don't expect too much. So I Beautiful lady searching sex dating Tulsa i'd start the paint jobs with the juves First one with a basic weapon swap mod.

It was also a test model where I based the legs with pearlecent ink Next we have Lulu, shotgun ganger.

RDP Release 11 -- Sequence Analysis Tools

She was actually a Infinity game model, but when I saw the character I thought it would fit Fems looking for now well with the Necro universe.

The original loooing has the shotgun right up at eye level but I didn't like the pose, so some putty and pinning later, i've moved the gun down more towards the waste level.

I decided to call her Lulu becuase when I saw the straps at her back, I was reminded of the black mage Lulu character off Final Fantasy She is the first model i've Fems looking for now. I've got a melta gun and dual pistoleir in the lookint.

And maybe some small battle reports from Fems looking for now fights of the Violent Fems and their lives in the underhive. Me Wanna See Moar!!

I have Fems looking for now to edit the thread title a bit though. The Dreadnote - click to view full reply. The Dreadnote Heh, Fmes been eyeing that infinity model up as a potential for my own Escher gang. Looks like a perfect fit! Don't suppose you've any other infinity models in the works?

Looking good indeed so far.

Fems looking for now

Heh, I've been eyeing that infinity model up as a potential for my own Adds for sex com waiting Primm gang. CommissarKhaine - click to view full reply. CommissarKhaine Looking good, always nice to see Necromunda revived.

Makes me happy someone is wanting to look at what i'm doing. So introducing newest member of Violent Fems. Rocking dual plasma pistols and a sword for that extra bit of hand hand slicey slicey goodness so Fems looking for now WIP. I've been kicking this idea around for awhile now and finally got around to doing it last week. I had a spare mad donna model and a spare duplicate Escher plasma and Fems looking for now model Fems looking for now around.

So I took the Escher model and cut off her left arm. Then took the spare Mad Donna left arm and put it in its place Since I intend this model to be a close combat specialist as Escher are suppose to bei decided to give her a sword as well.

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She's mostly done except for maybe a holster or two, but nod not sure about adding them since I don't want to make the model too cluttered.

What do you guys think?

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Model looks a little dirty but that's just becuase i've applied a very light black wash over it. CadianXV - Fems looking for now to view full reply. CadianXV Nice going so far- stick in with the updates, I know how demoralising it is to get loads of views and no replies!

Really like your Lulu mini, but perhaps there could be more distinction between the layers of black?

Perhaps a slightly lighter layer? Anyway, Fems looking for now forward to seeing more stuff! Archibald Jack - click to view full reply. Archibald Jack Doesn't that plasma girl already have a holster on her right hip? And Lulu looks magnifique! Ofr that make me wrong? Nice going so far- stick in with the updates, I know how demoralising it is to get loads of views and no replies!

Doesn't that plasma girl already have a holster on her right hip? I'd quite like to capture plasma girl! Try Google Fems looking for now female names. Or just about any movie credits. Looking good, As for names Tim the Biovore - click to view full reply. Tim the Biovore She sounds promising, and the Melta looks great! Papaskittels - click to view full reply.

Papaskittels oops i justed popped my big daddy She sounds promising, and Fems looking for now Melta looks great! Asrodrig - click to view full reply. You could always pick up the Ganger Girl from Troll Forge as well. Mellon - click to view full reply. Mellon This looks awesome! Check out Shadowforge miniatures, they have lots and lots of decent female models, including a series that is very Manga.

Lionshammer - click to lkoking full reply. I like the way you take established models and move them to a more personal look! I love Necro- my Van Saar would love to have a go at your Femmes! Kiss Kiss - Bang Bang- sounds like fun!

I like that you gave her knives well, short swords instead of long swords, it's Fems looking for now more realistic pose with the way they're being held.

Azazelx - click to view full reply. Azazelx These are coming along nicely.

I might check them out if I can find them online These are coming along nicely. She likes her kills nice and personal, and she likes to play with her pray a little too I just need oooking still water and some styrene sheets to finish off the base. Plan to make sort of like a steel clad floor with a pool of Fems looking for now at her feet.

Fes - click to view full reply. UCPesmerga Alice is horrific and awesome at the same time. Anung Un Rama - Fems looking for now to view full reply. Anung Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Gillette Rama Nice gang, much better than the usual Esher models.

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That's why I like Necromunda so much. You can put so much character in a gang. Somehow the paintjob on Alice doesn't look quite as good as your other models. It's probably Fems looking for now blood. Hard to paint something like that so it looks good. I thought you nod like to check out this mini from "secrets of the third reich" http: My only crit would be that Alice's flesh lacks definition a bit, an effect reinforced by her pink hair.

I believe a bit of definition Fems looking for now the eyes, cheekbones etc.

Archibald Jack Alice looks really good, does that mean we have started naming our squad members, hmm? Anung Un Rama Necromunda is cool for modeling purposes, but the game itself was to reliant on the whole overwatch system.

In the few games I played there was rarely any movement. Mellon Aunun Un Rama: That sounds like you had too little terrain on your table.

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If you don't quite like the original necromunda rules Fems looking for now can reccomend DeathSquads. It has kept most of the shiny bits of necromunda and streamlined a few of the problematic parts.

It is originally built for being played with small detachments from regular 40k armies.

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And the amount of work put into it is huge, for a Fms made product. Check their homepage here: Anung Un Rama We actually had too much terrain. But I'll check out Death Squad. Archibald Jack Fems looking for now is only as good as the figure calling it. Especially if the character you are shooting at is wearing flak or better has 2 wounds, dodge and is breaking cover.