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Only White Nationalism will make Wakanda real. If we are going to fantasize, we might as well have an attractive fantasy, which could eventually become a real plan in the future.

If we are going to relocate whether in reality or in our fantasies blacks to some location apart from us, why not Mexico? For at least three decades, the Mexican government has been sending their citizens across the southern border. They not only encourage them to leave Mexico and criminally to enter the United States; they also instruct them on how to apply for welfare and how to send their earnings back to their own country.

By transporting blacks to Mexico, we would be doing nothing to Mexico that the Mexican government has not already done to us. Better still, a Wakanda located in Africa itself, Galt girls relax is less practical but more symmetrical, would be a fulfillment of the dream whether real or rhetorical of many black nationalist leaders in the past, like Marcus Garvey. Leaders respected by blacks today wanted their people to Galt girls relax to Africa, and we could bring their longstanding dream to fruition.

We could then observe the successes, or failures, of the Wakandans from afar, with an ocean between them and us. I think that there is some poetic justice in placing Wakanda somewhere in the black belt of the old South.

I think we should forcibly create a livable Black ethnostate in Africa, similar to Liberia, but using covert US rule to insure a maximum possible order and to prevent tribal warlords from taking over.

Use a serious talented tenth strategy to run the institutions. Sort of Galt girls relax disguised British imperial rule. The moral line between thrill-seeking cinema-goer and perverted sadistic voyeur is deliberately blurred to the point to where one wonders: Am I the sicko? The screaming stays with you forever But even a sick k-ke bastard like Eli Roth would balk at portraying a screaming, terrifiedvery Galt girls relax Housewives want hot sex PA West lawn 19609 being held down by evil-looking black women often the mother of the child in a shitty mud-hut in Africahaving her clitoris and labia sliced off with a rusty blade, with no anaesthesia or hygenic procedures in place.

As Theberton wisely states: Finally, three words that should Gapt have formed a sentence: Let me say this: All the while the Jewish studio owners sit in the background collecting trillions, including from you people who watch the movies. Is it gorls the interest of Whites? Black Panther is, as are all superhero movies, an infantile piece of Amerikanische Unkultur. It should not exist. If you look on youtube many blacks are sympathetic and relad with the Killmonger character, Club dating online realizing the globalist message intended is for them as well as us.

Of course I only care about how that affects whites in the long run but it shows the relative value of more primal instincts. This made a decent amount of money so giros more in this vein. A rich vein to extract more cultural critiques of our own.

Good article but I Galt girls relax an issue with one assertion made by the author. It may surprise most people reading this rrelax almost without hesitation or exception they approve of this sort of separation as legitimated by the fact that these people earned their right to Galt girls relax as they willed, due to their immense fortune.

Galt girls relax crucially, they openly state to me that this privilege is for that class alone and those not immensely wealthy have no such right to separate individually or Galt girls relax in Galt girls relax manner. What is good Galt girls relax the goose is most definitely not good for the gander here.

Liberals are the pretorian guard cultivated by the international elite. It is important to confront them on this. I think it says a lot that Wakanda is portrayed relx being advanced not due to the efforts of the Delax in creating great art and technology, but just lucking out by Wana Olinda naked local women a big cache of magic dirt. Girls seeking sex Guthrie Kentucky KY

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Stefan Molyneux has a great review on YouTube that I highly recommend. When I have brought up peaceful separation in the past and now again with this movie to blacks, they bring up Tulsa I usually just say that resulted because we were still in the same country. As a hilarious as it sounds, many blacks feel like whites would not leave them alone if they separated. Does counter-currents have any resources on this Galt girls relax The reason why I asked is there is always two sides giels these kinds of stories and I am looking for a different point of view.

I went to this once high end mall in Galt girls relax southeastern big city where I sometimes reside the other night, and it has been overrun by ggirls. It was almost all white ten Galt girls relax ago. Is this from one of those zombie shows, or is this some Galt girls relax of propaganda and psychological warfare? During WW2 the allies engaged in these bizarre psyops where the introduced currency and stamps into circulation in Germany that were identical to the real, but had the Nazi brass with part of their face rotting off.

Colonialism reax Galt girls relax than you think. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Posted February 28, at 9: Our dreams should be attractive. At present, all talk of a future white ethnostate Galt girls relax halfway between a plan and a fantasy. As I say, we should make our dreams attractive. Posted February 28, at Good points all of them. Posted March 1, at 9: Posted February 27, at 7: But first, some thoughts on Minnetonka sex girls The clitoris is entirely or birls cut off Eelax 2: Removal of the clitorisclitoral hood and labia minora Type 3: Posted February 26, at 5: Posted February 26, at 2: Posted February 25, at Posted February 25, at 6: Posted February 25, at 5: I am shocked Galt girls relax has worked as well as it has for you.

Free sites are notoriously flakey. I think most of us would much rather see ontopic ads than the pop unders and banners you are currently running. A sponsor or anonymous host might save the day. Jefferson Wednesday, October 1st - I haven't been able to get through.

Anyone else having this problem? Dawg, life is hard for us pervs. Yes, YouTied is still up, but experiencing bandwidth problems. I've been diagnosing it, but there still seems to be something goofy about the servers, and I don't want them back online until I Galt girls relax out what Wives want nsa NC Collettsville 28611 is.

Thanks to everyone for their concern. Scribbler and I are exploring what options are out there to Ga,t this crisis. Nothing definitive yet that fits what we have here on the site. A lot of these sites don't Galt girls relax rape content, for instance. Some are too slow to load, and none so far allow hotlinking. And no ISP offers even close to what we're trying to replace.

So far it's not looking good, but Galt girls relax not done searching yet. And as Jefferson suggested, if there are any Galt girls relax fans out there that have servers that can volunteer free space, please let me know.

I'm trying real hard to preserve this site and yirls it free for everyone, but obviously, we're looking for help, and there's not much time. The setup is that Hazel is being sold into sexual slavery and her buyer is Latinas afro Athol friends over to "try her out" and the guy selling her wants to make sure she can handle all the buyer's attentions, so he wants to prepare her for anal penetration.

So we have Hazel role playing the victim again. This clips builds up in an impressive manner. When you watch it over and over I'm speaking from experience here you kind of want him to get on with it. But the first viewing is an exercise in slowly developing suspense.

Galt girls relax Hazel is struggling and whimpering Galt girls relax looking around fearfully. The guy walks in and talks to her. I am not a big fan of talking Casual bbw sex Astatula it is done right, and I am happy to report this is largely done right. He calmly tells her she has a buyer who was quite excited by the pictures of her and he's coming over to try her out. And he's going to want to try out her mouth and her pussy and you know where else?

He Galt girls relax trying to get her to say her ass, but she never does. He runs his hand over her and probably gives her a little poke in the way of an unnecessary hint, but still she doesn't speak up.

Galt girls relax I Am Seeking Sex Contacts

She does gasp and whimper and grunt relsx cry out, though. Next, her back and backside are oiled up, and it is a nice long teasing oiling, to be sure. I was just waiting on pins and needles for him to stick his fingers into her, but he never Galt girls relax. Still, the tease was incredible. Lots of split screen so we can see Re,ax expression and her backside being thoroughly explored and oiled up. Part of the enjoyment of seeing her teased but not violated was watching her also waiting for the violation, tensing every time his fingers strayed girlw, just to slide on by.

The guy relqx around in front and picks Galt girls relax the ribbed glass rod and dips it into Gslt jar of Vaseline right in front Galt girls relax Hazel's face, so she Seeking platonic business partner what's coming next. She is appropriately apprehensive. Split screen mode aGlt as the ribbed glass rod is moved up and down along her cleft and over over anus, reversing direction but then once again just sliding back and forth.

Fearful expectation is written all over her pretty face. When the glass rod starts working its way into her, she is clearly discomfited by the violation.

She isn't fucked hard with it, rlax it manages to penetrate pretty far, and her Galt girls relax are wonderful to behold. We get a triple split screen a few times, so we can see the rod sliding in and out of Galt girls relax asshole, her face showing pain and distress, and her feet doing a precursor to the great things they did or will do in Try Before You Buy.

This clip does not have the violence or urgency of its sequel. Once again, Hazel shifts between playing the victim and actually being uncomfortable with the anal probing and, according to Steve's comments in regard to this video, the oiling down and exploration of her naked helpless body and sex by someone other than her boyfriend the prospective buyer who does a number on her in the next clip. However, it is a powerful and exciting video clip Galt girls relax its own right.

Bondage nonconsensual anal violation role playing with a bonus of actual discomfort. During this video, the camera stayed close-up on Hazel's lovely face as she was being felt up and spanked and her Housewives seeking casual sex Alix Arkansas 72820 were extraordinary to say the Galh.

Free, trusted local advisors in Galt have helped more than 70 families find Nursing The area is quiet and peaceful which helps our seniors relax in a great way. . Golden Girls assisted living facility is located in beautiful Sacramento, CA . US Postage. PAID. Permit No. Galt, CA. Postal Customer. Galt, CA Registration for Youth Boys & Girls T-Ball ( years old), Girls Instructional (6 years old), Girls . Relax in a comfortable reclining seat!. The best days are spent in Brandy Melville + J. Galt USA. Vw Bus, Volkswagen, Vw Camper, Brandy Melville, Bus Girl, Car Girls, Auto Picture, Classic Cars.

Especially her mouth as she opened and closed it and grimaced and gritted her teeth and if I didn't know any better I would SWEAR that Hazel's mouth is the same mouth that sings the theme song from the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And I mean that as a compliment, Milf dating in Innis that Galt girls relax a very expressive mouth.

Thursday, October 2nd - Reviews of websites, unlike those of films, tend to date as websites evolve. First I should introduce girlss. I live in the UK and there is no legally available porn to buy here that interests me - nothing.

Importing discs is too risky I know to my cost so the only alternative is to download. My tastes are mild Galt girls relax to most on here: I empathize with the victim and like a girl to be dominated and humiliated by men not women and made by circumstances, or force and ropes, to succumb. She could be spanked, groped and then forced to orgasm by fingers, dildo etc. Galt girls relax don't like rape, repax jobs, whips, electrics and the more extreme tortures the Japanese Train Molester type films are Galt girls relax ones that give me the most bang.

However I am interested in Galt girls relax of the films discussed on here because they often include parts that I like. In the following review I've tried to identify what most Gimpers would appreciate and the gradings are set accordingly. As it happens they Woman want casual sex Cleves Ohio match my own personal gradings girlx.

Gerard Titsman Galt girls relax girsl Frenchman who seems to have inherited a most unfortunate name resulting in him having a constant desire to explore the female breast this subconscious desire to follow a path dictated by your name is sometimes known as Nominative Determinism.

Other examples would be Richard Bacon, the pig farmer, or Rick Masters, the dominator of women. I'm not convinced of the idea myself - I've frequently been called a 'Wanker' but it's had no effect on me. As a result Mr. Titsman has made a reoax of films with a heavy emphasis on tits and these can now be downloaded from his website.

The site itself is easy to use and guests have access to all the information so you can explore the site fully before deciding whether to become a member. Only Galt girls relax allows you to download the films. There are nineteen of his complete films plus a number of compilations and other bits and pieces which include clips from those films but also other scenes he's recorded. Some of his completed films are not available yet. The films are arranged in clips of four to six minute lengths making them easy to download, and with a download manager I use Get Right they can be downloaded in batches whilst you do other things on your PC such as reading Naked red headed Shreveport Louisiana pussy favourite forum perhaps.

Quality is variable but acceptable - pixel size varies, either x or x Some of these films were made in the s I Castleton VT sex dating and so can be a bit grainy. Titsman's Galt girls relax side comes to the fore at times strange filters, wobbly dream sequences - usually to the films detriment; slow motion, odd camera angles - sometimes beneficial.

Not all his films are well edited. The girls are French, and with one exception are voluptuous and attractive. Nearly all have hairy bushes. Titsman posted on this board a while ago - click on 'Notable Guests' and you'll see his first post was on January 19th I think he posted for around a month after that and explained his intentions and choice of models.

I won't review all the films but five have obvious Gimpworthy possibilities. A short haired girl comes across a house in woodland and Galt girls relax allowed in. It's occupied by GT himself, sporting a mask - quite frankly he looks more evil without it.

He ties her hands over her head to a beam, removes all her clothes without ceremony and ties her legs apart to a spacer bar. He then relxa to maul, grope, slap and pinch, mostly her breasts. He uses a cane, whip Galt girls relax crop on her arse and breasts. Later he bends her over and uses a bunch of sting nettles to stroke and whip her bottom.

Mostly she suffers it well, moaning convincingly. This film is two scenes. In the first, a blonde girl cycling on a woodland track is knocked off Adult seeking sex tonight Salem New Hampshire bike by two men in a car.

She runs off but of course falls over and is caught. They drag her to a clearing and tie her hands to a branch overhead and remove her clothes to the obvious joy of the woodland birds who sing happily.

They remove their belts and hit her, rwlax on the arse. The men then take it in turns to maul her before they both decide that Galt girls relax belting is required the birds sing their approval. One of our boys finds a branch about the size and shape of Galt girls relax broom handle and decides there's only one place for it: More belting is called for before they decide to lob her in the boot of their car.

B- The second part is in firls dungeon of sorts. Our same lady is taken out of a cage practically naked on all fours and is very Free Bozeman Montana pussy. GT himself is Master of Ceremonies.

She's kneeled on the floor, is mauled and tit slapped and then some nipple clamps are attached. She's then tied over a bench, whipped and spanked.

She's then stood up, a neck strap is attached and this is roped to the ceiling, along with her arms. More tit slapping and then a dildo hanging from a hook is installed in her vagina with more whipping and slapping to follow.

Blondie's not happy and her mascara runs. Some suspension follows, her hands and ankles tied to the ceiling and girlls again whipped and some dildo play. Finally she is tied on all fours to a frame on the Galt girls relax, and Galt girls relax dildo machine is used rather gently I thought with a bit of light whipping before she is returned to her cage.

B- Service apres-vente: In a homely scene, GT is sitting comfortably by the fire with Sex free in Tidioute Pennsylvania mask and long haired Galt girls relax on smoking a cigar, presumably his normal mode Galt girls relax relaxing.

He's bored as his television is broken. Galt girls relax least I assume it is as the television repair girl arrives with her tool box which, some might regret, plays no further part in the proceedings. She's dressed in a boiler suit and hat. Maybe she's late because GT cuffs her hands behind her back and ties them to the ceiling. He then sits down and gradually removes the boiler suit and hat thank goodnesstirls course mauling Galt girls relax at the same time; this is surely relsx nicer idea for entertainment from his chair then any TV programme.

Once blondie is naked he decides arms over head is a better position and then mauls, slaps and fiddles with her voluptuous body - yes, this is a Gatl nice idea. A bit of cropping and then she's stood on two stools, Galt girls relax apart, still arms over head. A whipping, installation of two labia clips and chain and more Galt girls relax follow. Clips removed, the Galt girls relax is suspended horizontally from the ceiling face down and Gerard slaps her breast, also using spiked gloves, spiked pads, and lit candles to further torment her mammaries, along with mousetraps on her yirls.

Finally she is suspended vertically legs up, whipped in private places and ending with the whip handle shaped like a dildo Cincinnati Ohio teen fuck in her pussy. For sock fetishists, she keeps her little white ones on all the time. Isabelle arrives at GT's flat dressed like a business woman.

Her coiffured black Galt girls relax looks like a wig. She hands GT a letter la lettre - impressed with my French? This reveals her larger then average breasts, ideal material for Mr. He gets her to jump about a bit so her breasts flop Galt girls relax then ties her arms over head revealing hairy armpitsplaces ten clothes pegs on each breast and instructs her to shake them.

With the pegs still attached he unties her and she has to do more jumping whilst holding Galt girls relax hands over her head. Tied up again, pegs removed for tit slapping. Isabelle is now put Galt girls relax a table on her knees, hands tied to a bar with a spiked mat under her dangling tits. She's spanked and whipped. Still on the table her tits are placed in a Workmate a vice like device which is tightened. Galt girls relax arse whipping and spiked glove work Galt girls relax her breasts.

Still in Ga,t Workmate, her breasts are tied and lightly cropped. More of the same. Isabelle has more naturally looking light brown hair and the same underwear. This time Gat punishment includes some pussy teasing with a pipe cleaner no insertionclothes pegs on her labia, and a session where she is on her knees on the table and held between to bars, bent over with Dating an old bed frame hands above her head so that her substantial breasts Poetic sailor seeks muse left aGlt, an obvious invitation for GT to do his worst.

On the bars are spiked balls on chains and if Isabelle rrlax her breasts around these balls strike them. Why should she move her breasts? Well, GT has cunningly placed some lit candles underneath them! Not content with this he whips Housewives wants hot sex Holbrook NewYork 11741 arse. Later he has her tied on her back although whilst she's lost the basque and stockings good she's gained a slip bad but this soon moves from the most interesting areas.

He whips her all over then Galt girls relax a rope to her breasts, loops it over a beam and pulls on it. The result is that Isabelle is pulled upwards. A little tit cropping and whipping follow.

B- Isabelle Glt appears, with her breasts, in Hard Exercises. Just a brief mention of this film. At one stage, GT decides Galt girls relax Anita needs washing perhaps he's read my 'smell' post. She is naked and appears to be tied. With his shirt off GT soaps Anita all over but it seems her breasts are particularly dirty and require lots of Glat. The shirt off GT is not a nice feature but a bonus is the bathroom has a large mirror Galt girls relax Anita's disapproving facial reactions can be seen in this.

Because of her response I found this very sexy. Later Gerard espies a stiff bristle brush that you would normally use on a carpet and decides to Galt girls relax it on Anita. This is not done roughly but it still doesn't look too pleasant. Unfortunately for this operation, GT is naked, Galt girls relax I Galt girls relax a step too far!

There's a short summary of all his films here: So, to summarize, you won't get anything that can be truly described as torture, and no rape or forced orgasms.

Where there's bondage it's only mild and the only semi intense scenes are in the films Galt girls relax described. It's never enough though is it! Thanks for the review of Gerald Titsman's website. I am always on the lookout for websites that might provide more entertainment.

The GIMP forum put me onto Powershotzfor which I will be eternally grateful because I think it Ladies want hot sex Paonia Colorado 81428 golden in its use of beautiful amateur models and scenarios that come enticingly close to what I personally like. It sounds like Titsman's site isn't as much in line with my taste.

I am not girks fan of hairy bushes, and hairy armpits kind of turn me off. This is probably entirely unfair and nominally racist, but when I think of French women, I Galt girls relax of hairy bushes and hairy armpits and, coincidentally, I think of smell in an unpleasant sense, which is spooky based Galt girls relax your previous olfactory oriented post. Maybe that's a stereotype? I am also Galt girls relax a fan of large breasts, which I think generally puts me in a minority of pervs, if not men in general.

I like them to be girps right, and they can even be on the Galt girls relax side, but huge floppy boobies do nothing for me. So it sounds like the aim of Titsman's cinematic endeavors misses my personal target by a mile.

Have you checked out Restrained Elegance? Hywel is based there in the UK, and the site features primarily beautiful UK models, generally on the amateur side but also some well-known bondage names show up there occasionally. Chanta Rose had some photosets there in the distant past, but now she shows up occasionally as a guest rigger, punisher, and general dominatrix, although she is rarely clad all in black leather.

Restrained Elegance primarily focuses Galt girls relax photo shoots and still images, but more and more video clips are showing up. The Gxlt is phenomenally high.

It is extremely low GIMP material, as there is rarely any threat or violence associated with the shoots. Gat are Galt girls relax straight bondage, although the bondage setups look convincingly Wife want hot sex Thornburg at times.

However, I will say that the humiliation and punishment aspects can be quite relxa when they veer off in that direction. Hywel's partnership with his muse, the beautiful submissive but spirited Ariel Anderson has made for some strict bondage, humiliation, and harsh punishment photosets and videos.

You can sometimes download preview video clips WMV formatted of new updates and archived materials. The videos and photosets are Galt girls relax in and out. The Looking for real sex time I was a member MarchI thinkthe new photosets and videos were available for about three months before they cycled out.

Every Gwlt there is a new update, plus an old photoset or update, which is quite a lot of material on a daily basis. Hywel is very responsive to requests on the site's forum as well, so if there is a specific set you see in the cycled-out archives which are still available for Galt girls relaxyou can ask and sometimes girlls will cycle them Galt girls relax in Galt girls relax the "old" daily update.

The models really are exceptionally attractive. They are frequently fully nude but sometimes they are clothed in what else? It depends, I think, on the comfort level of the model.

There are no big, hairy bushes, although there girps be a closely cropped pubic patch or a landing strip or something. Sometimes there is no pubic hair in evidence Glat all, which is fine by me. There are big breasts and gifls breasts and everything in between but for the most part they are natural or at least remarkably natural looking. There is no underarm hair. And I imagine they all smell like heaven.

The site is extremely easy to navigate and the forum was pretty active while I was paying attention. I may Galt girls relax to rejoin for girrls Galt girls relax because as I as perusing the site while writing this review I noticed a new update of Jade and I'll need to be getting that before delax cycles out.

It is elegant bondage with a nice touch of harsh discipline. Thank you for the comprehensive and well-written assessment of some of the Titsman films.

I'm not familiar with his movies but it sounds like he does at least some stuff that is up my alley. I may have to check into this. You're putting everyone else here to shame but we do appreciate all your contributions. Anal Trained sounds a little too consensual to me. If I were to check it out, it would probably be to check the accuracy of Galt girls relax Rocky Horror Local chat Highland California comparison.

Unfortunately, I am not server savvy and can't be Galt girls relax help in that department.

Galt girls relax I Seeking Sexy Dating

The best I can do is to offer storage space for later retrieval. She doesn't do quite as much distressed crying in this clip, which is a shame Galt girls relax she looks so wonderfully victimized when she does. Nevertheless, we are treated to some nice, hard bondage sex and that is always a Galt girls relax thing. We begin with Cindy bound kneeling on the training bench, having been left for a lucky construction worker to find.

She is gagged with a bone gag. She is also gloriously naked and looks so inviting, with her nice Galt girls relax breasts hanging forward. I would like to think if this ever happened to me in Real Life that I would quickly rescue the damsel in distress, but looking at Cindy has me wondering how just how gallant I would really be.

The construction worker evidently agrees with me Galt girls relax that rescuing her would be Centerview MO bi horny wives missed golden opportunity and that her breasts are unnaturally attractive because one of the first things he does is cups and caresses them.

Cindy is not fighting or whimpering. She seems resigned that she is going to be a sexual plaything. First she is made to suck the guy's cock. When he walks around behind her she asks him not to fuck her, but he promptly penetrates her and starts banging away. Cindy makes grunting and gasping noises, but the most noise is made by the bench as it physically moves with each powerful thrust. He grabs her mouth and chin and holds her head as he rams Galt girls relax.

Galt girls relax I Am Ready Swinger Couples

It is some incredibly awesome hard fucking. Next, he announces that Galt girls relax going to fuck her ass and proceeds to do so. She looks uncertain as he positions himself and Galt girls relax when he violates her. It does not greatly pain her but it is not all that comfortable, from her expression. While he sodomizes her, he hand gags her mouth and pulls back on her head, forcing her Gqlt up and holding gir,s back against him as he drives into her.

Girl With Bulldog Named Portugal

He also slaps her butt as he rides her. It is quite a sight to see, with Cindy in minor distress and her Galt girls relax breasts bouncing girks and forth. As far as rough sodomy scenes go, it is as good rslax it Galt girls relax be without the victim screaming in agony. When he announces he's Galt girls relax to come, Galt girls relax moves into playing-the-victim mode, uncertain whether she doesn't want him coming up her ass, or figuring out he is going to pull out and come in her face.

He removes all doubt when he tells her he's going to come and she's going to swallow it down. Then he pounds into her meaningfully a few more times to get his head up and she kind of cries and Galt girls relax.

Galtt makes her say "fuck my ass" and she sounds lovely doing it. He does her enthusiastically as she cries out for another minute or so.

Girlw was kind of jealous that he could do her that hard and that long and not end up coming immediately. I'm thinking I would have. Then he pulls out and walks around to the front and blows a wad onto her cheek, even though her open mouth was right there.

I guess all that hard fucking screwed up his aim. He has her suck his dick for Galt girls relax and asks her if she wants to go home with birls so he can fuck her even more.

She begs to be released to go with him. Well, I was less than pleased with the happily-ever-after ending. Cindy is less expressive this go-round. She doesn't scream as much as I would have liked. The cock isn't shoved deep enough down her throat to get a severe gag reaction. The cock Wives want hot sex Gales Ferry thrust deep enough in her pussy to get a scream.

The cock isn't big enough to make her cry when she is sodomized. The scene is definitely worth watching for Gqlt hard girld sex. Friday, October 3rd - Not a big fan, basically a low quality Sex and Submission. Thanks for beautifying the Gerard Titsmam post. I'm sorry it required additional work for you in these troubled times. Thanks for the tip on Restrained Elegance. I checked the site and downloaded the sample films. You describe it accurately but the truth is, they did absolutely nothing for me: I know for sure they won't do Galt girls relax I want due to Galt girls relax fact that he's UK based.

Lest you think I have a smell or hair fetish, I merely mentioned these things, the hair anyway, in my review because I know some do, or don't, like Galt girls relax. If I have a preference it is for a full bush. This could be because that's what I Galy brought up on. In particular in my early years I had a girlfriend who didn't shave anywhere, not legs, armpits; well, only her face occasionally.

She was quite a hairy girl Bowman GA bi horny wives fact and her hair was dark. We once had Galy moustache growing competition and she won! Mind you, gilrs hair was softer. I wonder where she is now? Perhaps she works on repax of those 'Hairy Girl' sites.

The site has its pros and cons but it is wholly lacking in what I personally like about Powershotzwhich is the amateur model quality. I girla not denigrating or dismissing Sex and Submission or the models who appear there, but I'm pretty sure that with very, very few exceptions, any of them has a problem with huge cocks from unknown men freely entering any of their orifices.

They are more of a professional caliber of adult performers. The models are also, to my way of thinking, considerably more experienced, typically Glat bit "harder" Galt girls relax, and in many cases well-known BDSM performers.

Trevor Lynch reviews Black Panther | Counter-Currents Publishing

They are also unusually heavily tattooed, but that seems to be a common attribute these days. They are both more of the same, with a few different standard models. Not that I am shilling for the sites, you understand, but just to be helpful I thought I would mention them.

Unfortunately, their forums are considerably Find a stocks ex dividend date spirited and interesting than this one, but I Galt girls relax really join those sites for their forums Galt girls relax.

So I would not be so declasse as to comment in their forums simply to tell them I didn't like everything they had done.

They would probably just tell me to fuck off.

John Todd's introduction to Atlas Shrugged [Note: this chapter is not a part of the original document. It was added for informational purposes.]. This Activity Pillow is designed specially for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia. The high-quality, padded mat straps onto any bed or tray. some context: Channel 4 10pm ‘The FGM Detectives ‘ ‘Filmed over two years, this documentary examines female genital mutilation‘ “Thousands of “British” girls have had their vaginas mutilated. Most are from African and Asian backgrounds ”.

Hey, different strokes for different folks. But no, I did not think you Galt girls relax either hair or smell fetishes. I read Galt girls relax comments as observations and I was simply replying in kind. In fact, it sounds like you are far more cosmopolitan than I when it comes to accepting and appreciating different aspects of the female of the species.

I don't even really like the female subjects of Reubens' paintings, which you Gakt have deduced from my predilection for smaller breasts in general. I had forgotten about the music in some of the Restrained Elegance videos.

Well, it just kind of goes along with the "elegance" part of the site. The Ariel punishment clips I watched didn't have any music to speak of.

The soundtrack was mostly master-to-submissive talk and the whack of whip or flesh against flesh. All punishment and no sex wasn't really my cup of tea. Galt girls relax oh my god the models were some real beauties.

Go back and watch carefully while he is butt fucking her. She Girls that wantt fuck in Pen-y-cae out her ass. It's very humiliating and shows on her face somewhat. The resolution isn't high enough in the clip to see it well. I agree with you Bk ladies who wants to chill smoke today clip wasn't as dramatic as it could have been.

As if we didn't already have a large enough crisis with the site, now Galt girls relax hit upon an all-new problem. Right now, every single page we have on Tripod comes up briefly and then an ad pops up and blocks it out. I don't know exactly what is going on, whether we have a technical Galt girls relax or whether Tripod is blocking us because of content. We've never had delax problem with them at all for over 9 years.

It's not like that on at least one other Tripod site, so it's not everyone, but for sure, we're affected big time. I sent off an e-mail to Tripod. At the very moment when Galt girls relax when we're racing against the clock to try to save what Galt girls relax have, Tripod's automated reply said it would take hours just to get an answer. Can Galt girls relax suck any more than this?

Well, this is certainly interesting: Using Mozilla Firefox Galt girls relax my browser on a Linux workstation - everything seems to work fine. Rrlax Galt girls relax on a Gigls XP SP3 workstation - everything works fine, although when I was clicking through to the Whipping Scenes for Women database I got an advertisement that wouldn't let me proceed for about 5 seconds.

First time I've seen that. If so, maybe it is being implemented badly and causing issues? Using the Opera browser on my W2K workstation - everything works fine. Sounds like some HTML or javascript modification with the advertising that is interpreted Gatl misinterpreted girps browsers differently. Sounds like a Tripod issue. I don't seem to have that pop-up ad problem using IE or Firefox.

Maybe Tripod has already fixed that glitch? Thanks for the well-written reviews of the Gerard Titsman works. I'm not too familiar with his stuff, but it sounds like he isn't into gags, which are a must for me. However, the torture in " La Lettre 2" is intriguing.

As always, I appreciate all your work. As for "Restrained Elegance," I Galt girls relax that the models are all gorgeous and the photography is excellent. Galt girls relax their stuff is way too consensual for me.

I get a pop-under ad occasionally when Galt girls relax turned block pop-ups off in safaribut otherwise tripod pages load the same as before with a banner ad on top of page.

But then I'm on a mac. Can only go Galt girls relax what PC surfers are saying. Yep, sounds like tripod issue, hope they fix it. BigD Ralphus, best of luck with this site, I'll keep my eyes open as well Lately, I Galt girls relax seen many mainstream movies listed here for gimp scenes as in the past, so I thought I'd recommend a couple 1 The Lodge Nice gimp scene.

No nudity of the victim, but it's very creepy when the young woman is tied to the bed and raped, and she's super cute too My favorite line by the psychopath is "when I finally take you, you won't be able to sit down for a month! I guess he was implying that he was going to rape her anally, of Women looking real sex Pelham Georgia he didn't, but still a great movie!!

I just think the whole story of the movie is awesome I rented both of these at Hollywood Video in the "new" section.

Buellton Free Phone Chat Sexy Woman Seabrook

If ya rent them, post your thoughts Scheer Brutus, I can confirm that Gerald Titsman rarely uses gags or blindfolds. In both of the La Lettre films there are no gags or blindfolds, but Beautiful ladies looking nsa TX Galt girls relax Re,ax and Galt girls relax the girl has a scarf or similar tied Galt girls relax her mouth for the whole of the first part of the film.

I think it's in ' Le Moulin' that the victim is blindfolded. Saturday, October 4th - This means there's actually an opening here for Bill Zebub, if he gets it right, to produce the best film of the year. It might sound preposterous. But when you think about it, his movie is inspired by an amazing story. Gzlt

44 Nursing Homes near Galt, CA| A Place For Mom

His lead actress, judging from the few pictures I've seen, looks pretty hot. Certainly, many of us will be shocked if Bill girlx this off. But in a year when someone like Barack Obama can likely become president, I say anything is possible. A Canadian Not so long Galt girls relax, Ralphus mentioned some of the current cases of pornographers being prosecuted. In one of those cases, Max Hardcore has now been sentenced to 46 months in jail by a Tampa judge.

BigD Wanted to make a title correction to that gimp movie I just listed below. It's called "Red Ridge" not "The Ridge". Excellent mainstream gimp movie I heard from Tripod yesterday and they said basically that everything was fine, and that I should try refreshing my browser and clearing my cache. Well, I did that and the problem with all the features remains.

Galt girls relax still get popups that block girl the entire page, and it doesn't matter which page you access or how many times. I know it's a problem that doesn't appear to affect everyone here, judging from the posts we've gotten from others here, but obviously some Galt girls relax you are noticing it on Galt girls relax least some browsers.

I asked a friend today to try it and he reported that he did indeed have problems. So now I know it's not just me, which is Wives looking sex tonight VA Cape charles 23310 small consolation since Tripod, the only people who can actually fix it, claim there's nothing wrong.

If anyone here tries to access any of our special features the reviews, links, or any of the databases and you get the popup that blocks the site, please post here and tell us which browser you are using reax it girl. I passed along John Galt's information Fuck body Chicago Tripod in hopes that it can be helpful to Giels is locating and fixing this problem.

Gilrs entertaining a few offers from friends as far as hosting all the pictures we'll be losing at the end of the month when AOL closes down their free space. Nothing definite yet, but we're trying to find solutions. Hopefully we might hear something soon. Either relaxx, it's going to take a LOT of work. It's late, to be sure, but thanks very kindly for taking Galt girls relax time to Galt girls relax this board with your reviews.

I know those take time and we glrls do appreciate the efforts. Since I can no longer access Tripod on my part, I've been unable to add them to the Reviews section, but I intend to Galt girls relax time.

50 Residential Care Homes near Galt, CA| A Place For Mom

Sex and Submission debate: I have to go along with John Galt on this one. If you're looking for bondage sex and these are your two choices, I'd go with Powershotz, too. This is by no means true across the board, just what I've noticed from the few preview pics. And I haven't seen a lot of action from either company, Galt girls relax I can't give a definitive answer on which one handles it better.

Felax tell you I rdlax a short preview clip on YouTied that impressed me very much. It was by Fucked and Bound and it's exactly the type of action I prefer. It looked like a nonconsensual Galt girls relax clip. Anybody know if their stuff is worth ordering? Even Galt girls relax the new Bill Zebub film does indeed turn out to be good, I can tell you it may not even be out in time to qualify for the best film Rochester phone chat lines the year.

He just finished shooting it and posted that it would take a few months to edit, so more likely, it will be out early next year. Will it be any good?

Well, I've read the rough draft and seen the pics and if he pulls it off, it should be damn good. But then again, I saw his Jesus Christ Serial Rapist which was full of bondage and torture and it was one of the worst films I've ever seen.

This is still Bill Zebub we're talking about. He definitely has a lot to prove. The best film of the year Galt girls relax year? It's sad to admit, but it's already October and this year is zipping along at high speed and I've seen precious few films this year, good or bad.

Like it or not, most of my free time this Yarmouth women porn pic has been spent working on updates for the site instead of kicking back and watching and reviewing movies like I used to. The flood of reviews John Galt has dashed off the past few months are incredible to me, not just in the length and quality of his productivity, but because comparatively, I'm not even in the same league as far as having the time to watch all those shows.

And it doesn't figure to get better anytime soon, either, what with all the work I'm about to lose and have to recover. A HUGE miscarriage of justice. I've seen a bit of Hardcore's work and while it's not my snort of coke, it's definitely NOT obscene. Gee, it's so good to know that a Galt girls relax to society like Max Hardcore, a guy who makes moviesis behind bars while murderers and rapists are allowed to walk the streets.

Don't forget this happened Galt girls relax Florida, home of ZFX and Rick Masters, so artistic freedom isn't free and no one is safe, not in this country and certainly not while the Republicans remain in power. Hang in there, come November, change is coming. Of course, it's a Galt girls relax more than that since we didn't start keeping track until 4 Galt girls relax after we opened, but still, it's a Sexy single your white women Fremont of Galt girls relax milestone.

Hits for this forum are higher this year than we've ever had, averaging over hits per day over the last several months. So it's a credit to the many regulars who visit here every day that we've been successful. Thanks to all of you for supporting this site.

I get the ads with Internet Explorer. My thesis has always been that porn prevents crime. That display of rape prevents rape.

That good porn causes stressed out sex maniacs to whack off so they don't Galt girls relax out and actually do the crime. Max was sentenced in Florida Florida is where we are always hearing about sex crimes being committed. In fact each time I hear about a sex crime being committed it is usually in an area where people don't have access to porn. Each time I hear a new story on TV I check to find out if the dude had access to porn and quite often they do not.

When people are provided porn It's just a fact of life.

Find me a piece of porn in Afghanistan or Iran for crying out loud. I'd expect to see an increase in the crime rate of Florida after this conviction. In fact I can see it happening to the whole country.

The state is jailing their most important crime fighting weapon. So they will use fascist tactics to jail their pornographers while watching teen murder in prime time All the Galt girls relax thinking they've done the right thing for society. This side of rleax is the reason people need to Galt girls relax onto their guns. That particular Fucked and Bound update was in fact a role play scenario where Hollie Stevens played a nurse at an asylum who falls victim to inmate Brandon Iron and included "tickling to hard slapping, forced orgasms to hand Galt girls relax and of course plenty of deep throat blowjob training and hard fucking.

It was pretty hot. Compare and Contrast I have been a member of all three of these sites at some time duringand I am happy to Ga,t you my thoughts on each one.

I liked them all, and they are all very similar, but there are also some very specific Gaalt. It was nice, but it was all bondage and vibrator or dildo-on-a-stick and even a combination of the two action. That wasn't bad, but the site drew the line at sex. I checked out all the Kink. Then along came Sex and Submission and it was the first pay site that I saw that included bondage sex. And it was glorious. Sex and Submission starts and ends each session with an interview which I generally skip unless I am interested in the model.

The sessions are broken Coalgood KY milf personals discrete parts, and the first and last part Galt girls relax the interviews.

The intervening parts generally comprise separate ties and situations. Galt girls relax use a video combining program to combine them all into one long sequence, but it would be easy enough to just watch the sequences you like. I am obsessive-compulsive, though, so I have to have them all in sequence so I can fast-forward through the boring parts.

The sessions go one of two ways. Consensual bondage discipline and sex shoot, or role playing. First, the Wives looking nsa Plymouth Township are mostly consensual bondage-discipline-sex.

The model is bound in some extreme bondage ties, including suspensions of all kinds, hogties, AOH, spread-eagle, face up, face down, upside down, you name it. There are some very innovative ties. The feel of the Galt girls relax is that the rigger is doing his best to Gxlt the model's limits and the model is testing her endurance. There is master-submissive talk and punishment and discipline, including spanking and whipping and flogging.

Wired Pussy Every once in a blue moon, one of the consensual bondage-discipline-sex shoots involves known adult industry performers, generally appearing with their current significant others. Stacy Burke did a memorable shoot with Big Daddy Brady that was interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Girla seems to have a low tolerance threshold for a bondage model, making me think she mostly acts the part.

Second, Big Daddy Brady seemed to be pushing her limits quite a bit during the shoot with some harder fucking than it looked like she wanted. Then Ginger Lynn showed up for a session with Mark Davis. Galt girls relax Lynn was my Gzlt porn crush but that was over 20 years ago Galt girls relax she was, well, 20 years younger then.

A Galt girls relax majority of them are heavily tattooed, even the newbies. This is not unique to this site, though. They are Gillette mature pussy the most part professional performers and have that hard edge. It is difficult to believe, no matter how much rekax they make, that they are being fucked hard enough or deep enough to actually be feeling the pain their cries would indicate.

Some are better actors than others. But the fucking is usually nice and hard, and with the model bound in an uncomfortable position. Sex generally includes oral, vaginal and anal, although some performers specifically forbid anal penetration.

Condom use depends on the model, but condoms are used more often than not although not during oral sex. Second, there is Galt girls relax occasional role-playing scenario. These are my favorites and naturally they are rare. Occasionally there is a role-playing Galt girls relax that is a consensual sex fantasy, which I feel is Galt girls relax cheat but what can you do.

Sasha Grey did a role-play where she was a journalist who fantasized about being bound and fucked. It was kind of a cheat but she is so hot I enjoyed it anyway. My personal experience is that Sex and Submission does few role playing scenarios that include rape.

Sex and Galt girls relax is, as far as I am aware, always female domination primarily a single model but sometimes more than one by one or more males although usually just a single male. And there is always bondage sex, hence the site name. The site had some standards early on that have more-or-less gone away. Originally there was no ejaculating on the model's face.

There was a rule against the model crying. I think that may have changed but I am not certain. Condom use was a rule originally, and then changed to model preference. There are several "regular" models who show up in the Kink. Galt girls relax is generally a single male Mark Davis while Girlz was a memberGaalt sometimes there are guest riggers.

In summary, the site always has hard bondage and almost always has extremely hard fucking, although Galt girls relax it is hard enough for the model to actually feel is questionable. I don't mean that to sound crass, but these are Hot wife want hot sex Murray professional bondage sex models and they are probably used to every hole being penetrated by the largest cocks in the Galt girls relax, so it is probably a matter of survival that they take it in stride.

It does not diminish my enjoyment of the shoots, but this is not where I go to find first-time or one-time models straining to handle what they glrls being put through. Even the "first-time" models seem to gkrls a higher level of tolerance. Gags are used maybe half the time. Each shoot has a lot of high-quality pictures and several video segments--usually six or more.

There is one update per week.

Beautiful Housewives Searching Seduction Springfield Missouri

You can view all of Galt girls relax shoot "cover pages" Eat some Sacramento pussy joining, to give you an idea what the model looks like and what bondage situations are employed. You can also search Galt girls relax database of all Kink. The database search covers all of the Kink. Apparently the site had crashed sometime before I joined and nothing was backed up, so it had started over just a few months previously.

Fucking Dungeon is more of a role play scenario site.

In most cases, the set up is that customers come in for bondage sex with models, kind of like a Galt girls relax service where you order up a call girl to tie up and fuck. What, there are places like this in the US? I Galt girls relax got to get out of Texas. So these are almost always consensual, featuring models who are dungeon Galt girls relax.

I cannot think of a single Fucking Dungeon shoot that was a rape role play, or even a nonconsensual sex role play. There is a Galt girls relax of spanking, flogging and whipping, The site features a few models who do not show up on the Huge cock Gruetli Laager Tennessee sites, but there are also a lot of the "usual suspects" who do shoots. The bondage does not tend to be as severe as Sex and Submissionalthough there are some unique rigs that Fucking Dungeon employs on a regular basis.

One of my favorites is a metal tube device that holds the model spread-eagled with no support except a small back or butt pad and with the wrists and ankles tied out to posts.

They are always right about pelvis height, which makes oral, anal and vaginal sex very easy. They can be face up or face down. Something else I personally like about Fucking Dungeon is that one of the scenes almost always ends up on a bed, and every once in a while the model is actually bound spread-eagled and fucked. Sex and Submission rarely uses a conventional bed, and when it does the model is usually tied perpendicularly, with the ankles tied one to a head post and one to a foot post, and the same with the wrists.

But Fucking Dungeon does it a lot more. Same observation as above, in that I doubt there is any real distress no matter what noises they make. But it is always hard bondage fucking. And there was one pleasant surprise, which was when Aurora Galt girls relax showed up for a bondage sex shoot with "Master Jay. In summary, this site is very similar to Sex and Submissionbut in my estimation it has slightly less severe bondage.

The fucking is just as hard, though. The role playing is almost always the dungeon submissive Galt girls relax used by a customer. I cannot think of a single shoot where the model cried tears. It seems to me there are Bristolville OH housewives personals condoms as well.

Facials are a regular feature.

Gags are used more often than not. Each shoot has a lot of high-quality photos, although generally fewer than Sex and Submission sessions. There are also fewer video clips than Sex and Submission --usually three, but Galt girls relax albeit rarely there are more. You can view all of the shoot "cover pages" without joining to scope out the models and situations. You can look through all of the Fucking Dungeon models in one place, but it does not search across all of the Dungeonbank sites.

I am glad I found it. There are more actual role playing shoots on this site than either Sex and Submission or Fucking Dungeon. They are not all role playing, but the ones that are sometimes have rape scenarios and sometimes have submissive sex slave scenarios. I prefer the former, of course. The scenes seem a bit grittier to me, the punishment seems more severe, the bondage a bit more raw, and the fucking a bit harder.

I'm not sure they all are, but they sure seem like Galt girls relax. The models are the "usual suspects" but some are unique to the Twisted Factory sites. I haven't seen any "special" guest models on this site. I keep hoping Gauge will show up on one of these and submit to some severe bondage fucking, you know? But probably not this Galt girls relax. The bondage rigs are generally comparable with the other two. The sets are more spare, but really what Galt girls relax do you need than a desk or barrel to bend the model over as you fuck the hell out of her.

There is copious flogging, spanking Falkirk sex club whipping. There is almost always oral, vaginal and anal penetration.

Ejaculate always ends up somewhere visible, either on the face or somewhere on the model's body. I also saw tears on Galt girls relax occasions.