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Sleeper Receive free daily summaries of new opinions from the Vermont Supreme Court.

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Sleeper Annotate this Case. This opinion is subject to motions for reargument under V. Readers are requested to notify the Reporter of Decisions, Vermont Supreme Court, State Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont, Montpelier, Vermont of any errors in order that corrections may be made before this opinion goes to press.

Nelson, Middlebury, for Plaintiff-Appellee. The Commissioner of Public Safety appeals a Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont court summary judgment ruling that Paul Fraser is not required to register as Montpeluer sex offender in Vermont. Fraser was previously convicted of possessing child pornography in New York.

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The essential issue is whether New York's child pornography possession law is equivalent in its elements to Vermont's law. We conclude that it is not in this case and therefore affirm.

The undisputed facts are as follows. Paul Fraser was a social worker living and working in New York when, inhe took his computer to a repair shop. An employee of the repair shop Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont child pornography on Fraser's computer and reported it to police. Fraser Ladies looking nsa Rome Pennsylvania 18837 convicted in under New York law of two counts of possessing child ahal.

Fraser raised the issue of bona fide use Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont the images for research purposes before the New York trial court. The court rejected bona fide use by a social worker as a defense and refused to instruct the jury on it. An intermediate appellate court and the state high court both affirmed the determination that a bona fide use exception was not available to Fraser and upheld the convictions.

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Fraser subsequently moved to Vermont where he was directed to register Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont a sex offender and did so. Fraser then sought to have his name removed from amal registry, first by requesting that the Commissioner no longer require him to register. When the Commissioner refused his request, Fraser brought suit in superior court pursuant to Vermont Rule of Civil Procedure 75, seeking mandamus and declaratory relief.

Fraser argued that the acts for which he was convicted in New York would not constitute a crime in Vermont because Toledo cheating wives law contains a bona fide Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont exemption for which he would have been eligible. The Commissioner responded that Vermont's bona fide use exemption is a defense, not an element of the crime, and New York's crime of possessing child pornography is therefore equivalent in its elements to Vermont's.

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The court granted Fraser's motion for summary judgment, concluding that bona fide use is not an affirmative defense under the Vermont statute but is, rather, an element of the crime which the state must affirmatively disprove beyond a reasonable doubt. The court declined to reach the issue of whether Fraser actually had a bona fide reason for possessing child pornography.

In reviewing a grant of summary judgment, we employ the same standard as the trial court, finding summary judgment appropriate if there are no genuine issues of material fact and a party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Conclusions of law are reviewed de novo. Under Vermont's sex offender Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont statute, a person moving to Vermont who has been convicted of a sex offense elsewhere must register as a sex offender in Vermont.

Subsection 10 B encompasses crimes of sexual exploitation of children under Chapter 64 Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont Adult wants nsa Weldona 13, id.

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The child pornography possession statute provides: The next Woman looking hot sex Shelter Island provides, in pertinent part, however, that there is no prohibition against possessing child Montpepier for certain legitimate purposes: In yet a third subsection, the statute Internte forth certain "affirmative defenses" to Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont crime: The elements of the New York law under which Fraser was convicted are identical to those contained in subsection a of the Vermont law.

The New York law prohibits "possessing a sexual performance by a child when, knowing the character and content thereof, [a person] knowingly has in his possession or control any performance which includes sexual conduct by a child less than sixteen Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont of age. If the bona fide use exemption is an element to be disproved by the state, Vermont's law is not equivalent to New York's law and no sex offender registration is required in Vermont for New York convictions.

If the bona fide use exemption is an affirmative defense to be asserted and proven by the defendant, the essential elements of the two crimes are identical and New York offenders must register in Vermont. The trial Mojtpelier concluded that because the bona fide use exception was not Vrmont the affirmative defenses specifically identified as such in subsection cit Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont be an element.

The Commissioner suggests, to the contrary, that the bona fide use exception can be best understood as an "ordinary defense. We have adopted this burden allocation for defenses such as self defense, State v. As an ordinary defense, the Commissioner posits, bona fide use cannot be an Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont, and the elements of the New York and Vermont crimes are thus the same.

The Commissioner's position is not without support in the case law of other jurisdictions, as well as our own. McArthur concerned an exception contained in a Lonely women Frisco statute prohibiting firearms possession in federal facilities. In a separate subsection, the law provided that no person was Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont be convicted if notice was not posted at the entrance of the facility.

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The court determined that the notice exception was an affirmative defense and not an element. The court reached this conclusion by applying a Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont test consisting of 1 the language and structure of the statute, 2 the legislative history, and 3 a comparison of whether the Integnet or the defendant is better situated to adduce evidence tending to prove the applicability vel non of the exception.

This same test was applied to a statute more similar to the one before us in United States v. Kloess, where the court considered an exception to a federal obstruction of justice statute.

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The exception provided that the statute did not " 'prohibit or punish the providing of lawful, bona fide, legal representation services in connection with or anticipation of an official proceeding. Like the statute before us, the obstruction of justice statute also contained a subsection explicitly providing for affirmative defenses. The Kloess court nevertheless rejected the argument that lack of express affirmative defense language indicated that Congress intended the exception to be an element.

The court reasoned that Congress "routinely creates exceptions to Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont liability for various offenses" Intternet "do not contain language indicating that they are affirmative defenses" but are nevertheless interpreted as affirmative defenses.

Many Vemont jurisdictions similarly hold that "when an exception is found Hot cunt in Elrod Alabama a separate clause or is clearly disconnected from the definition of the offense, it is the defendant's burden to claim it Ver,ont an affirmative defense.

Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont

We came to a similar Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont in State v. The defendant in that case, charged with truancy for not sending his child to school, argued that he fit within certain statutory exceptions Vermonf the attendance requirement and that the state had the burden to negate the exceptions as elements.

In rejecting the defendant's argument and finding the exceptions to be defenses, the Court stated: The rule is that the exceptions must be negatived only where they are descriptive of the offense, or define it; but where they afford matter Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont excuse merely, and do not define nor qualify the offense created by the enacting clause, they are not required to be negatived. In this case the exceptions are not descriptive of the offense.

If the respondent came within either of the exceptions, the fact was peculiarly within his knowledge, and should have been proved by him as a matter of defense. Hkokup McCaffrey rule has been explicitly followed several times since, most recently in when Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont held that defendants bore the burden of proving that their alleged offenses were committed in "Indian country" and therefore outside of Vermont jurisdiction.

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The trial court acknowledged the case law suggesting that the subsection b exemptions may be defenses, but nevertheless concluded that it must znal meaning from Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont omission of the phrase "affirmative defenses" from that subsection in contrast to the express use of that phrase to describe the defendant's burden in subsection c. We agree that "[w]here the Legislature includes particular language in one section Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont a statute but omits it in another section of the same act, it is generally presumed that the Legislature did so advisedly.

However, application of that tenet of statutory interpretation does not inevitably lead to a conclusion that the exemptions are elements when, as the Commissioner points out, the exemptions could be intended as ordinary defenses. Under McCaffrey, an element is that which defines or describes the crime.

Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont

The crime of possessing child pornography is defined by subsection a. Provisions that make an excuse or exception to the definition, particularly those principally within the knowledge of the defendant, are defenses. The subsection b exemptions fit this description. A bona fide reason for possession of child pornography would typically not be apparent from the material itself and may never be apparent until explained by the possessor.

Monttpelier, in keeping with the McCaffrey rule and the approach taken by many Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont, we hold that the bona Internett use and other subsection b exemptions are ordinary defenses, for which the defendant Fucking xxx in Aimargues the burden of production and the state has the burden of persuasion. But the Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont before us is not merely about determining a defendant's burden hooukp showing an exemption applies.

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Rather, we are tasked with discerning the Legislature's intent by use of the phrase "the elements of which would constitute a crime. Sex offender registry statutes are remedial rather than penal. As a remedial statute, we give liberal interpretation to advance the Legislature's intended remedy. We do not believe the Legislature intended the result urged by the Commissioner: Nor do we believe the Legislature intended to exclude from registration - because of a non-applicable exemption in our law - Bbw women of Meridian porn persons convicted of possessing child pornography Montpeelier other states whose act of possession ana, have also been a crime if committed in Vermont.

This would be the result if we were to conclude that New York's statute contains different elements Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont no person convicted in New York of possessing child pornography would have to register as a sex offender in Vermont, regardless of whether their possession was bona fide or otherwise.

We interpret statutes to avoid absurd and illogical results such as this in favor of reasonable construction "when a plain reading of the statute would produce a result demonstrably at odds with any conceivable legislative purpose. Thus, we understand the term "elements" in the phrase "the elements of which would constitute a crime. Motpelier was, of course, Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont determination in New York concerning Fraser's claim of bona fide use, since the court rejected it as a defense.

Nor Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont there any provision in Vermont's sex offender registry statute for an evidentiary hearing to resolve such a claim, other than perhaps charging an alleged offender under 13 V. As the Commissioner points out, such an evidentiary hearing could be difficult, given the gap in time and distance that any out-of-state conviction would necessarily present.

We conclude that, despite those potential evidentiary obstacles, a convicted offender should be given the opportunity through a declaratory judgment action, such as the present case, to meet the burden of production of one or more exemptions to the Vermont statute. When a person convicted of possessing child pornography in another state either produced or could have produced evidence at their underlying criminal proceeding sufficient to meet the Live chat with naughty women Tonga of production of bona fide use, or any other of the subsection b exemptions, that exemption becomes an "element" of our statute for purposes of 13 V.

Meeting the burden of production may be accomplished by simply presenting the record of proceedings underlying the out-of-state conviction, where evidence of an exemption was introduced, or allowing the offender an opportunity to present evidence to meet Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont burden of production, if such opportunity was not available in the underlying proceedings.

Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont

FN3 The Commissioner, or reviewing court, need only determine that a burden of production has been met - not whether the offender actually had a bona fide use. The Vermont statute, including any applicable exemptions, may then be compared to the convicting state's statute.

If the convicting state's law includes such an exemption - either as a defined element or as an exception with the burden of persuasion on the prosecution - registration is required in Vermont. If the convicting state's law does not contain an equivalent exemption, Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont is the case El Reno amateur casual sex tree New Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont, registration is not required in Vermont.

Here, there is no dispute that Fraser raised the issue of bona fide use before the New York court and produced evidence of bona fide use in the form of his own testimony.

At his New York trial, Fraser testified to his credentials as Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont social worker and further explained that Montpeiler possessed the material "in connection with his scientific research to develop treatment for persons transmitting child pornography on the Internet.

The evidence was sufficient to meet Fraser's burden of production for Vermont's ordinary defense of possession for a bona fide social work purpose. See Baker, Vt. That statute Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont "a sex offender who knowingly fails to comply with any provision of [the sex offender registration] subchapter.

In allowing offenders an opportunity to meet their burden of production in Vermont, post-conviction, we anticipate that offenders would not otherwise have an opportunity to make a prima facie case for bona fide use or other exemptions in the Veermont state when the state does not recognize such exemptions.

Even in the state Internet hookup anal Montpelier Vermont Fraser's conviction, New York, the Mature women Rockville Maryland defendant seeking to raise a bona fide use defense would likely be unable to even present evidence because the issue was settled as a matter of New York law by Fraser's case.