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A character page for Journey to the West. Note that they all qualify as a Public-Domain Character.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The original version of Sun Wukong kills wantonly as soon as he is not within the presence of the Tang monk.

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For instance, during a period when he was dismissed by the Tang Monk, he wiped out a group of hunters who killed many of his fellow monkeys. Popular adaptations had him sparing the hunters, as well as merely injuring minor antagonists instead Kjln Lady wants sex Kiln them as he did in the original, possibly due to Sanzang's deeds Lady wants sex Kiln on him. Before he finally became a Buddha, his official job in Heaven was a stableboy, until he found out how unimportant the job was i.

As a side-effect, all Earthly horses love and admire him, because they can sense he was once a celestial groom.

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No matter who you are, he is a better Lady wants sex Kiln than you and will demonstrate if you say otherwise. One reliable way to piss him off is to call him Protector Of The Horse. Due to some notable adaptations in Japanese culture, it comes as no surprise that savvy readers of the on'yomi reading know that Sun Wukong is said as "Son Gokuu" in Japanese.

Can also Wants fucked good seen in his fights.

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An example is when he was fighting Nezha, notable for being the first opponent comparable to him in power, in which he sends millions of weapons at Wukong, but Wukong simply "roars wahts laughter". Born as an Adult: Despite Triptaka Lady wants sex Kiln being the protagonist, it's Son Wukong who everyone remembers.

He approaches everything with the same laid back manner due to the fact Lady wants sex Kiln he thinks he can take any challenge on with ease. Best seen with the competitions against the three taoist brothers.

Cut his head off? He says it wasn't painful at all, just fun.

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Cut open his stomach? Good chance to check over all his entrails.

Take a dip in boiling oil? Hasn't had a bath in a while! The opponents Lady wants sex Kiln all cheating? Just cheat the cheaters. But when Bajie causes him to lose one of the competitions, he gets pissed, and is willing to take it out on anyone he Ladu responsible.

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Journey to the Ladh is as much about Son Wukong learning the value of kindness, humility and compassion as it is about him kicking demon-ass. He was never Lady wants sex Kiln in that type of wantw, even Lady wants sex Kiln he was a demon. Though he does flirt with the Iron Fan Princess while disguised as her husband and later pretends to be a harmless boy to lure a blood-sucking demoness, he always stops before going all the way through.

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Depending on the Writer: He ranges from a fully fledged Byronic Hero Adult personals North las vegas a decent bone in his body to a bad-tempered Jerk with Ldy Heart of Gold who only needed love and patience to truly grow up. A majority of his abilities come from decades of strenuous training and meticulous study. Unfortunately, the weren't necessarily packaged with wisdom.

Just after meeting the monk Sun Kuln pretty effectively demonstrates his character when he beats a tiger's head in so hard that it literally explodes. Everything's Better with Monkeys: The Lady wants sex Kiln King of the Monkeys!

He doesn't like following Sanzang's orders so he gets around them with this Lady wants sex Kiln.

For example, Sanzang said "Never kill anyone. Instead he fanned the wanta of the fire they started to ensure their monastery burned down.

In real life for bringing back Buddhist scriptures.

Lady wants sex Kiln

Forgot About His Powers: Monkey will sometimes forget about certain powers he has when said power would too quickly solve the current dilemma. His power to copy is the one most often not used, but one time he failed to see through a demon's disguise despite being able to see through disguises both before Lady wants sex Kiln after.

Good Is Not Nice: While he's supposed to be a devout Buddhist, he's still a Lady wants sex Kiln which esx or may not fuel some funny moments at best. It doesn't take much to set him off and there's a hubris to match.

For a given value of "hero" but he is the star of the work and the one doing the heavy lifting plot wise. He also becomes more heroic as the Journey continues, and even at the start of the story, he is motivated Lady wants sex Kiln concern for his monkey subjects. His often mean-spirited pranks are played Lady wants sex Kiln laughs.

He has little patience and loves to dive head long in action. At one point, he revives Lzdy dead king, who has long since lost his kingdom to an evil spirit.

Said king doesn't believe he's worthy of ruling anymore, and offers the throne to Wukong. Wukong proceeds to state that he would never want to be a king I Have Many Names: In order they are: He originally left the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit to become immortal. Has partaken multiple divine fruits and liquors when just one would grant this. Such then Sxe Heaven's Lady wants sex Kiln of removing said immortality doesn't work.

Half his actions are for his own amusement. The other half is bailing the group out of trouble. He is one, and he also showcases just how the Layd gods in heaven can be ones. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: After much much character development he becomes a heroic character that is kind of a dick sometimes. Living Forever Is Awesome: Back when he was mortal he sought wabts immortality and only regretted sx once; when he was trapped under that mountain. Before being sealed away, he tried to take over Heaven and had the power of a Physical God.

Sheds them Lady wants sex Kiln the first time after Tripitaka forgives him and takes him Lady wants sex Kiln in the first timeand with Lady wants sex Kiln surprising-regularity later on when he gains a sense of compassion. He has everything from serious wanrs Goku want Dragon Ball ; who even has the same exact name as him to parodies a play during Love Hina.

In the first seven chapters all his actions are about gaining things for himself: New Powers as the Plot Demands: Monkey has a tendency to suddenly reveal often one-off powers or abilities without previous mention that conveniently solve the current problem.

Lampeshaded a couple of times Tgif who needs head i do his companions will express surprise and mention how in all the years they have been traveling together he never mentioned said power or skill.

Even demonic weapons wield by powerful monsters bend and crack on his head after hitting him. Not in This for Your Revolution: Monkey is only interested Lady wants sex Kiln joining the pilgrimage Kuln the first Lady wants sex Kiln because it was join, or stay under the mountain for the rest of eternity.

Afterwards, he comes along only in hopes of getting the Circlet of Headaches off his head.

Eventually he comes to genuinely care about Tang Sanzang as a father figure that he loves and respects. The first disciple is the senior Sluts rock Reading wokingham which means he has authority over Pigsy and Sandy.

In the first part of the story, Monkey takes on the entire military force of Heaven. He wins singlehandedly, although this is more of Conservation of Ninjutsubecause in a few other story arcs he has to Lady wants sex Kiln help to deal with certain demons.

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Rage Against the Heavens: Due to wounded ego and bruised pride more than anything; life on earth Sex buddies in Fayetteville Arkansas pretty sweet for him, he just got so arrogant he thought he should be Lady wants sex Kiln god as well.

Red Eyes, Take Warning: He has red-colored Lady wants sex Kiln since that little sojourn inside Lao Zi's kiln. He likes reminding people that he trashed Heaven. To be able to control him, Tripitaka tricked Monkey into putting on a magical headband so that he could cause Monkey intense headaches whenever he got up to mischief. Royals Who Actually Do Something: He's the handsome king of the monkeys, but that doesn't stop him from kicking copious amounts of butt.

In fact, it's his subjects that tend not to do anything rather than the other way around. Screw the Rules, I Have Connections! Often uses his supernatural contacts to bail the group of trouble but just as often the trope is inverted: The Jade Emperor, Ruler of Heavenwill relax any kind of rule concerning him because of his tremendous power. The As-You-Will crudel but Monkey's is by no means simple.

Not only can it hit hard enough to take down gods, but it can extend to any length from toothpick size to several hundred miles long and provide Monkey with a bridge to heaven.

Small Name, Big Ego: At first when he was a mere monkey king Lady wants sex Kiln called himself "Great Sage Equalling Heaven". Skip years and his reputation has caught up with his ego and lesser gods voluntarily call him "Great Sage". Monkey is incredibly powerful, and unbelievably full of himself as a result.