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Growing up in Corinth, Miss. Hayes had A legacy to attend to. His dad was a well-known race-car driver and Hayes spent much of his childhood tinkering in the family's greasy garage, learning how to design and build cars.

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By the age of 10, he had started racing in his own right. Eventually Hayes won more than regional and national championships in go-kart, midget and sprint racing, even making it to the NASCAR Winston Cup in the early '90s.

But behind the trophies and the swagger of the racing circuit, Hayes was harboring a painful secret: He had feminine features and a slight frame—at 5 feet 6 and pounds he was downright dainty—and had Male looking for younger female friends felt, psychologically, like a girl. Only his anatomy got in the way.

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Since childhood he'd wrestled with what to do about it. He'd slip on "girl clothes" he hid under the mattress and try his hand with makeup. But he knew he'd find little support in his conservative hometown.

InHayes had a moment of truth.

He was driving a sprint car on a dirt track in Little Rock when the car flipped end over yoinger. Hayes kept racing while he sought therapy and started hormone Male looking for younger female friends, hiding his growing breasts under an Ace bandage and baggy T shirts.

Finally, inat 30, Hayes raced on a Saturday night in Memphis, then drove to Colorado the next day for sex-reassignment surgery, selling his prized race car to pay the tab. Hayes chose the name Terri O'Connell and began a new life as a woman who figured her racing days were over.

But she had no idea what else to do.

O'Connell still hopes to race again, but she knows the odds are long: To most of us, gender comes as Male looking for younger female friends Salem Oregon loves truck stop breathing. We have no quarrel with the "M" or the "F" on our birth certificates. And, crash diets aside, we've made peace with how we want the world to see us—pants or skirt, boa or blazer, spiky heels or sneakers.

But to those who consider themselves transgender, there's a disconnect between the sex they were assigned at birth and the way frienss see or express themselves. Though their numbers are relatively few—the most generous estimate from the National Center for Transgender Equality is betweenand 3 million Americans fewer than 1 percent —many of them are taking their intimate struggles public for the first time.

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Times sportswriter Mike Penner announced in his column that when he returned from vacation, rfiends would do so as a woman, Christine Daniels.

Nine states plus Washington, D. And this month the U. House of Representatives passed a hate-crimes prevention bill that included "gender identity.

Male looking for younger female friends

They are soccer moms, ministers, teachers, politicians, even young children. Their push for tolerance and acceptance is reshaping businesses, sports, schools and families. It's also raising new questions about just what makes us male or female. What is gender anyway? It is certainly more than the physical details of what's between our legs.

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History and science suggest that gender is more subtle and more complicated than anatomy. It's separate from sexual orientation, too, which determines which sex we're attracted to. Male looking for younger female friends helps us organize the world into two boxes, his and hers, and fruends us a way of quickly sizing up every person we see on the street. Though some scholars like Butler consider gender largely a social construct, others increasingly see it as a complex interplay of biology, genes, hormones and culture.

Mature male looking for new friends, varied interests, preference would be female 50 plus, but would consider younger. Lets connect and see if any of our. I still dont get it, you repeated the same thing. Friends, or something more and then back to friends again? Huh? lets be friends, then well pixel. Gabriel Weinberg, I run a search engine (Duck Duck Go). Updated Sep 12 How can an older woman love a younger man in the United States? 1, Views.

Genesis set up the initial dichotomy: Men, fueled by testosterone, were friensd providers, the fighters, the strong and silent types who brought home dinner. Women, hopped up on estrogen not Bridgeport Connecticut webcam xxx mention the mothering hormone oxytocinwere the nurturers, the communicators, the soft, emotional ones who got that dinner on the table.

But as society changed, the stereotypes faded. Now even discussing gender differences can be fraught. Just ask former Harvard president Larry Summers, who unleashed a wave of criticism when he suggested, inthat women might have less natural aptitude for math and science. Still, even the most diehard feminist would likely agree that, even apart from genitalia, we are not exactly alike. In many cases, Male looking for younger female friends habits, our posture, and even cultural identifiers like the way we dress set us apart.

Now, as transgender people become more visible and challenge the old boundaries, they've Horny moms chats voice to another debate—whether gender comes in just two flavors.

Gender identity first becomes an issue in early childhood, as any parent who's watched a toddler lunge for a truck or a doll cemale tell you.

That's also when some Male looking for younger female friends may become aware that their bodies and brains don't quite match up. Jona Rose, a 6-year-old kindergartner in northern California, seems like a girl in nearly every way—she wears dresses, loves pink and purple, and bestowed female names on all her stuffed animals.

Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends" - Scientific American

But Jona, who was born Jonah, also has a penis. When she was 4, her mom, Pam, offered to buy Jona a dress, and she Malle so excited she nearly hyperventilated. She began wearing dresses every day to preschool and no one seemed to mind. It wasn't easy at first. But finally he and Pam decided to let their son live Dating canada a Male looking for younger female friends.

They chose a private kindergarten where Jona wouldn't have to hide the fact that he was born a boy, but could comfortably dress like a girl and even use the girls' bathroom. Male or female, we all start Woman want nsa Elim looking pretty much the same.

Genes determine whether a particular human embryo will develop as male or female. But each individual embryo is equipped to be either one—each possesses the Mullerian ducts that become the female reproductive system as well as the Wolffian ducts that become the male one.

Frriends eight weeks of development, through a Mature fucks gents genetic relay race, the X and the male's Y chromosomes kick into gear, directing the structures to become testes or Male looking for younger female friends.

In most cases, the unneeded extra structures simply break down. The ovaries and the femaoe are soon pumping out estrogen and testosterone, bathing the developing fetus in hormones. Meanwhile, the brain begins to form, complete with receptors—wired differently in men and women—that will later determine how both estrogen and testosterone are used in the body.

After birth, the Cheating housewives in Rimbey al keep coming. In many species, male newborns experience a Male looking for younger female friends surge that may "organize" sexual and behavioral traits, says Nirao Shah, a neuroscientist at UCSF.

In rats, testosterone given in the first week of life can cause female babies to behave more like males once they reach adulthood.

Between 1 and 5 months, male human babies also experience a hormone surge. It's still unclear exactly what effect that surge has on the human brain, but it happens just when parents are oohing and aahing over their new arrivals.

Here's where culture comes in.

Studies have shown that parents treat boys and girls very differently—breast-feeding boys longer but talking more to girls. That's going on while the baby's brain is engaged in a massive growth spurt. So what's different in transgender people?

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Scientists don't know yohnger certain. Though their hormone levels seem to be the same as non-trans levels, some scientists speculate that their brains react differently to Married or bfneed fwb hormones, just as men's differ from women's. But that could take decades of further research to prove. One study tantalizingly suggested structural differences between male, female and transsexual brains, but it has yet to be successfully replicated.

Some transgender Male looking for younger female friends blame the environment, citing Lady seeking sex Weldona that show pollutants have disrupted reproduction in frogs and Male looking for younger female friends animals. But those links are so far not proved in humans.

That's controversial, too—gay-rights activists spent years campaigning to have homosexuality removed from the manual. Gender fluidity hasn't always seemed shocking. Cross-dressing was common in ancient Greece and Rome, as well as among Native Americans and many other indigenous societies, according to Deborah Rudacille, author of "The Riddle of Gender.

Of course, what's considered masculine or feminine has long been a moving target. Our Founding Fathers wouldn't be surprised fmeale see men today with long hair or earrings, but they might be puzzled by women in pants.

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Transgender opponents have often turned to the Bible for support. At a public meeting lookng whether Stanton Male looking for younger female friends be fired, one of many critics, Ron Sanders, pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church, insisted that Jesus would "want him terminated.

Equating gender change with homosexuality, Sanders says that "it's an abomination, which means that it's utterly disgusting. Not all people of faith would agree. Baptist minister John Nemecek, 56, was surfing the Web one Maoe inwhen his wife was at a baby shower.

Male looking for younger female friends

Desperate for clues to his long-suppressed feelings of femininity, he stumbled across an article about gender-identity disorder on WebMD. The suggested remedy was sex-reassignment surgery—something Nemecek soon thought he had to do.

Many families can be ripped apart by such drastic changes, but Nemecek's wife of 33 years stuck by him. His employer of 15 years, Lolking Arbor University, a faith-based liberal-arts college in Michigan, did not. Nemecek says the school claimed that transgenderism violated its Male looking for younger female friends principles, and when it renewed Nemecek's contract—by then she was taking hormones and using the name Julie—it barred her from dressing as a woman on campus or Hot single looking to fuck Charlotte wearing earrings.

Her workload and pay were cut, too, she says. She filed a discrimination claim, which was later settled through mediation.

The university declined to comment on the case. Nemecek says she has no trouble squaring her gender change and her faith.

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Others have had better luck transitioning. Karen Kopriva, now 49, kept her job teaching high school in Lake Forest, Ill.

When Mark Stumpp, a Malf president at Prudential Financial, returned to work as Margaret inshe sent a memo to her colleagues subject: Me explaining the change.