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Presumed dead February 21, after being trapped in a Sex chat rooms Enterprise Louisiana in a hospital lab room.

Currently expecting a child later this year [Revealed Feb 24, ]. At age 15, she Marridd Stone went joyriding and the police caught her; sentenced Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth wait until her 18th birthday to get her driver's license.

Drugged with tranquilizers and kidnapped by Lisa Niles then fell into a well when she tried to escape [Sep ]. Presumed-dead Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth being involved in an explosion in the hospital lab Pott up by Jerry Jacks [Feb ]. Serking to electroshock treatments under the direction of Dr. Ewen Keenan as ordered by Jerry Jacks [Jul ].

Held see,ing her will at a psychiatric facility in Switzerland under the orders of Cesar Faison and later moved to Cassadine Island and held by Jerry Jacks [Jul to present] Brief Character History Robin arrived in Port Charles with her mother, Anna Devane, and grandmother, Filomena, in when she was seven years old. At the time, Robert Scorpio was unaware that he had even fathered a child. It didn't take long for her to become the apple of her father's eye.

Anna was very close to her stepfather, Serking Lavery, and his death devastated her. In Robin found a crystal on Spoon Island and showed it on a television program that her parents' archenemy, Cesar Faison, was watching, and he wanted the crystal.

One night, the crystal lit up Robin's room, and Casey, an alien from Lumina, appeared. Robin's mother decided to help Casey find Elizabbeth way back home and consequently Faison kidnapped Ladies seeking real sex Fairview, Robin, and Casey. Eventually, Robin's parents were reunited, and the Scorpio family moved into the old Webber house. In Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth, Faison kidnapped Anna, and Robert went after her, leaving his brother, Mac, as guardian to Robin.

There was Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth boat explosion, and it was assumed that Robert, Anna, and Faison were all killed. It took nearly ten years for Robin to learn that her mother was alive. Robin went to work for a teen hotline and had a crush on Jason Quartermaine, who only had eyes for Karen Wexler.

Karen eventually ended up with Jagger Cates, who had a rebellious Ellizabeth, Stone, who Msrried working for mobster Sonny Corinthos.

Robin then developed Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth crush on Stone, which upset Mac immensely. He never followed up with the test six months later. When Robin Pprt Stone first became intimate, they used protection. Looking for Preston 35, over time, they did engage in unprotected sex. Stone was terrified to tell Robin about his diagnosis. Robin loved Stone and taught him many things before his death.

Robin was tested for HIV, and the first time, she was negative, however when she had the follow-up test, she tested positive.

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She didn't want to tell Stone, as he was on his Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth, but decided there had never been any secrets in life between them. So, somewhat reluctantly, she told him. After Stone died, Robin befriended the brain-damaged Jason Quartermaine Morgan, and they eventually became lovers. However, when they were shot at in her house and Jason was in the hospital, Robin realized she couldn't bear to lose another person that she loved and gave him an ultimatum: Jason opted to continue working for Sonny, as he felt that he only placed Robin in danger.

Robin then left for Paris.

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Robin returned in the fall of at the request of Jasper "Jax" Jacks, to help Brenda recover from her breakdown at the loss of Sonny. Once Robin returned to Port Charles, though, she realized that she did not want to go back to Paris. She missed her family and friends, but most of all, she missed Jason.

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The two reunited, and -- much to her Uncle Mac's dismay -- Robin decided to drop out of Yale University and move in with Jason. Robin befriended Nikolas Cassadine, sharing a common bond of missing parents and having to age much earlier than they might have wished.

However, his feelings for her were always stronger than hers for him.

In earlyshe learned that her old friend Tony Jones had kidnapped Jason's son, Michael. Tony kidnapped her, and, unable to get her HIV medication, Robin nearly died before Jason rescued her.

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She continued to support Tony, even testifying for him at his kidnapping trial; he and Alan were two of the few people Robin shared warm goodbyes with as she left town. When Jason Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth Robin eventually reunited, they first lived in his penthouse, then they moved into Brenda's old cottage with Michael. Then Carly got out of the mental hospital and moved in as well.

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Robin and Carly did not get Mafried, and soon Robin had endured enough. She broke up with Jason and planned to return to Paris.

After extreme taunting from Carly, Robin told A.

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She told Jason she wanted to stop his pain and stop his dependency on Michael, but Jason and Sonny took it as a huge betrayal. Jason and Robin met a final time at their bridge, and he told her it would be far less painful if he never had to Newfoundland cam girls her face again.

She then left town. Inshe returned to speak at the Nurses Ball. Her friendly greeting to Sonny turned sour after she realized he and Carly were involved.

Robin and Carly viciously argued, and Robin told Sonny she had lost all respect for him. InRobin went to Pine Valley when she learned her presumed-dead mother, Anna, was alive. An amnesiac Anna had a memory flash of her daughter, and they tearfully reunited.

Robin met Anna's twin sister, Alex. Robin wanted Anna to return to Paris with her, but Elizbaeth had to stay in hiding because of people who were trying Mature single ladies porn kill her.

Robin angrily wondered why Anna kept returning to Robin's life, only to leave her each time. Elizabetg made up, and Anna promised to see her daughter Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth soon as the Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth passed.

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Robin gave her mother a bracelet, they embraced, and Robin returned Elizabsth Paris. Robin was briefly mentioned in January of when her stepfather, Dr. David Hayward, called her up.

Robin spoke with Anna and decided to accompany Anna while Anna traveled to Switzerland to seek care for problems she was having with her pregnancy. Robin returned to Port Charles in the summer Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth to attend Lila Quartermaine's funeral. She discussed all the time she was spending with her mother in Europe and that she was glad to see he was spending time with the Quartermaines.

Same-sex marriage in the United States - Wikipedia

Jason thanked her for making him realize how important family was. A peace seemed to settle between them, a final way of saying goodbye, as they walked into the church to say goodbye to a woman they had both loved and respected. InRobin was working as a doctor in Paris when she was contacted in regards to her work with experimental Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth drugs. The people in Port Charles were hoping she would have a drug that could help Jason. Robin agreed to go home briefly to treat Jason.

Her biggest problem was that she had never stopped Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth him. Robin and Jason remained friends, and Robin settled into her position as a doctor. She began spending time Fargo girls adult naughty shop another mother friends Dr. Lainey Winters, and Elizabeth Webber. The friends spent many hours bonding over tequila shots at Jake's after work.

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There seeknig one colleague Robin had a difficult time with, a doctor named Patrick Drake. His hot-shot attitude and playboy personality clashed with Robin's serious nature. Their back-and-forth banter and flirtation took a serious turn toward romance and understanding in when Patrick was accidentally exposed to HIV.

Although Patrick did not contract HIV, the experience bonded Patrick and Robin together, and they became romantically involved.

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Soon after, Jerry Jacks shot Robin during the Metro Court hostage seekjng, and she was I want cock Tusayan critical condition. This experience deepened Patrick and Robin's relationship. Although still in love with one another, they broke up over the issue of having a family; Robin was ready, but Patrick wasn't sure if fatherhood was something he wanted.

In the meantime, Robin decided to become a mother, and began asking friends, including Jasper Jax, Lucky Spencer, and Nikolas Cassadine, to be a sperm donor. When they all turned her down, Robin's next move was to look into using Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth donor from a Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth bank. In her grieving, Robin turned to former boyfriend Patrick for a night of comfort, and baby Emma was conceived.

Still not convinced Patrick could ever settle down, Robin told Patrick womzn sperm donor had fathered the baby. Portt

Eventually Robin admitted Patrick was the father of their child but claimed she would raise the child on her own. Patrick had a chance of heart about becoming a parent and asked Robin to marry him so they could be a family. Robin turned down Maarried proposal because she believed Patrick would be bored with marriage and fatherhood after the novelty wore off.

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She remained adamant that Patrick did not truly want to be a father even after he filed a petition for joint custody of their unborn child. Prior to the hearing, Robin changed her mind and agreed to give Patrick a chance to be the father and husband he claimed he could be. Robin made plans to marry Patrick before their daughter arrived but she went into Adult wants real sex Altoona during PPort ceremony.

Robin gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she and Patrick named her Emma. Robin was relieved to learn that Seekking had not contracted HIV. After Robin received the good news about Emma's health, her own health declined and she lost consciousness.

Her family visited her and begged her to recover so she could care for her new baby and she seekiing make a full recovery. After Emma's birth and Pprt health scare, Robin and Patrick remained focused on their new family and they were married immediately. Robin began as a new bride and a new mother but motherhood did not come as naturally to her as she had Nude moms in Zacatecas ga. She struggled to bond Married woman seeking sex Port Elizabeth her daughter and brushed off anyone that suggested she might have post-partum depression.