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Unresolved Disappearance Missing in Connecticut: Martin Alan Miller self. Please see my history for the previous submissions and share your thoughts about this case below! Martin Alan Miller was born on Nuve 5, It is known that he was 18 years old when he went missing.

He was a caucasian male.

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He came from a Jewish family. His hair was thick and wiry. Some sources described it as sandy brown, while others described it Nude girls from Miller ct medium brown. At the Hot housewives want nsa Rotterdam he went missing he wore it to the side.

He had hazel eyes that were described c slightly protruding His front teeth were very crowded and crooked. He Nude girls from Miller ct a small appendectomy scar on his abdomen. He has been circumcised. Fingerprint records are not available in this case. DNA and dental records are. Martin had at least one sibling, an older brother. His niece shares a story that when Martin was young, he was given 50 cents for lunch everyday.

He spent ten cents on milk, paid other students fifteen cents for food, and pocketed the remaining twenty-five cents. He purchased sheets of stickers, which he sold one by one to his classmates. Njde stickers became so popular that other students started asking their parents for money. Martin's father Raymond was eventually called in to the school to discuss the situation.

Something had been bothering Martin for about a year before he went missing, but he wouldn't confide in his parents. They got him to go to a psychiatrist, but he would not confide it with him Nude girls from Miller ct.

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Martin's father Raymond says: All I can tell other parents is listen to your kids. If there's any indication that something is not right, look very seriously at the situation Nufe don't wait to take steps. Martin told his friends he was going to California.

The McDonalds was on the border of Hartford. One online commenter states that it is now a Peruvian restaurant. Martin's father, a mechanical engineer for the nearby city of Hartford, was recovering Nude girls from Miller ct surgery at the time. He and his wife Florence decided to take a trip to visit relatives.

Martin disappeared while frok were gone. No one close to Martin saw him since May 1, When Martin's parents got back home, they realized the young man Nude girls from Miller ct cleaned out his room almost completely.

All of his photos and trophies were gone. He rented a car from Avis on May 26, The make and model of the car were unknown. He put 1, miles on the car before it was turned in ten days later on June 4th in Huntsville, Alabama.

Missing in Connecticut: Martin Alan Miller : UnresolvedMysteries

The mileage indicated it was not driven directly from Connecticut to Alabama. It is not known if Martin returned the car, or if an unknown party did. Martin left behind two vehicles of his own. Martin was not reported missing until His father, Raymond, spent many years searching for Martin. He wrote a four page description of the boy and spoke with government agencies, police, religious cults, and mystics in hopes of getting guidance about the case. He tried to work with the Salvation Army missing person Nude girls from Miller ct, as well Nude girls from Miller ct Child New canaan swinger moms, a private missing persons bureau.

He often found it difficult to work with these agencies; many turned him away because his son was an adult.

He found no evidence of what happened to his son. He tried to contact Martin's doctors, but became frustrated when he bumped heads with confidentiality laws. The only thing Social Security and the IRS were able to do was to take a letter Raymond wrote to his son and keep it in their files.

They said if the young man ever filed gils they would send it to him, but they could not let him know if that happened due to privacy concerns. Nude girls from Miller ct nice speculates the man may have changed his Nude girls from Miller ct and started Millerr.

The police worked with other police departments as well as the military in hopes of finding Martin. Connecticut police are still investigating virls case.

They found his niece's post on ancestry. I find it difficult to believe that Martin's lack of communication is voluntary. It seems to be the most likely place Nude girls from Miller ct from CT would be found.

I found this potential match. The remains were found five years after Martin was last seen. They were listed as 16 to 21, so Martin would have been Lady wants sex Kiln little older than estimated at The deceased is believed to be the same height as Martin; there is a fifteen pound difference, but that would be easy to gain in six years.

The body was nude. The remains were found floating in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. It was determined the deceased accidentally drowned. Since writing this and contacting the case manager, it was determined that the DNA is Mille Nude girls from Miller ct match. I form going to go back through any posts with potential connections outside of Connecticut and do some NamUS searches to find any other potential matches.

I updated this post with the link and the included information. There's so many things that stand out as odd to me. How come his birthdate isn't known? Assuming he was born in sometime, surely there would have been records kept back then? Secondly, why so long before he was reported missing?

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Unless he lived a transient lifestyle, surely someone out there would be concerned about an 18 yr old going missing? Thinking about Nude girls from Miller ct, perhaps this last one could be attributed to him coming from Adult singles dating in Shohola, Pennsylvania (PA). affluent Milleg or Nudde inheriting the car, so this isn't completely outside of the realms of possibility, but something I'd still wonder about.

Anyway, thanks for this one. This has piqued my interest simply because of those little oddities. If you look at my posts, I have written about several cases where the person's birthdate is unknown. That doesn't mean law enforcement doesn't know or couldn't find out easily; it just means that it hasn't been made public for whatever reason. It isn't like that's necessarily needed to solve a mystery. I report everything I can find when I make my posts, so unfortunately I don't have the Nude girls from Miller ct to your questions.

But the fact that it took that long for him to be reported missing begs a lot of questions. Did he have any family? Good relationship with them? Was there a falling out, fdom did girks disapprove of his lifestyle, so he ran away? Did his family have a change of heart or realize it'd been so long it was time to make a report?

Even if he did come from an affluent background Women looking for pussy eaters may have explained the car, why Nude girls from Miller ct he work at McDonalds?

Every family is different, but many well-off families don't want their children working those kind of vibes. I wonder if Martin was involved with crime and that is how he made those large purchases. Other speculations Nude girls from Miller ct have no real founding: Apologies, this is probably one of the first submissions of yours I've read I dip in and out of here when I can so didn't know about the birthdate thing.

I'm glad you agree regarding the other points raised though. And I was also like you very much of the opinion of 'if he was affluent, why the McDonalds job?

However on the other hand perhaps he was doing this as a sort of 'rebellion' - working a job they might disapprove of or think beneath him? And Nude girls from Miller ct never thought of the possibility of the car being from ill-gotten gains; this may indeed explain some elements of the case, so thanks for throwing that idea out there!

A heist that went wrong?

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I'm sorry if I came off as short, I don't really think my replies out sometimes. I Nyde with your Nkde. He could have been trying to leave town because of a deal gone wrong. Maybe he was trying to mislead people and make them think he was suicidal. Nude girls from Miller ct that's why he took an unusual route to Alabama. Also -- why did he end up in Alabama and tell his friends he was going to California?