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Rope swing on the Pottsville

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Ice cold water, snakes, skinny dipping, Tarzan rope swings.

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This poll brought back memories for a lot of Coal Crackers. Many remembered the good times they had swimming during their childhood. Others had more "adult" remembrances. Notice the variety of names.

Anywhere from "Number 8 Reservoir" to "The Suckie". Does anyone know the etymology of some of the more unusual names?

Coal Region Top Ten Lists

Rope swing on the Pottsville places are known by more than one name, so there may be some duplicates shown below. A word of caution: Even though there are many good times represented in this list, please remember that most of these places are abandoned strippings or flooded remains of the mine-scarred landscape. They are very dangerous and usually illegal places to swim. Here's the Top Ten The Mile - Shamokin Located on the west side of Shamokin, going toward Trevorton, the Mile collected the most Woman want real sex Butte North Dakota in our poll.

A very popular swimming spot by day, and party spot by night. It is said that the mile is up to ft deep or more in some areas. At its widest point, it may be about to feet wide. Site of Rope swing on the Pottsville drownings over the years. It's another strippin' pit that hit the water table.

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The A-Hole - Girardville A popular swimming and Rope swing on the Pottsville spot for generations. A cliff called "the big red", a beach, and a diving rock.

On a good day, you can see the junkyard at the bottom. Reichwein's - Lavelle Many fond memories of learning to swim at Reichwein's. According to the Shamokin gals, this was THE place to meet guys. The Greenie - between Shenandoah and Brandonville For generations, Shenandoah's favorite swimming spot.

When she came back to New York, she couldn't wait to Rope swing on the Pottsville me about this incredibly cool place to go swimming called the Greenie. It blew her mind when I told her I used to swim there when I was her age.

The Whimsey - Noto sex dating Wadesville and St. Clair An abandoned strippin' pit on the old Dark Water road.

A great family fun place. A foot tower for diving, a little train and merry-go-round, and great dances. Formerly known as "Moon Lake". Now privately owned land. No longer has the tower or anything except the lake.

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The Caves - Burnside outside Shamokin Complete with diving board, a wooden raft, and the best cliffs for diving. On one side was a sand beach. To get there, you had to walk about a quarter to a half mile Milf in Widewater, Alberta la what looked like the surface of the moon.

The Powder Hole is Wsing Property. The local tale was that area was used to manufacture and store gun powder during the Civil War, hence the name the powder hole. There were a number of old dilapidated stone buildings and foundations that had given way to the woods around the area. The small stream forms a pool about 15 ft deep, the pool is fed by a 50 ft waterfall and on top of the falls is an old trestle. Remember the red, white, and blue "bomb" pops?

No filter; drained every Sunday night and refilled with spring water every Monday morning. Had Rope swing on the Pottsville great chocolate bar called a "cho-cho". Honorable Mention Angela Park - Route A great little amusement park. Bare Ass Beach Crystal? The Bass Dam - Blackwood. With a cable across the water that you could slide down on a bike frame. The Bathtub - on the way to the Joe Zerbe Airport. The Batty - Ashland.

Bear Rope swing on the Pottsville Dam - Coal Township. Beer Bellies - Wilkes-Barre. Big Blue - between Freeland and Upper Lehigh. Black Pottville - Beury.

Sep 25,  · Move over, Tarzan! We have brand new compilation for you! This week's theme is rope swing fails. Sit back, relax, and be glad you're not these people! SUBMIT YOUR. · When a ringer versed in the art of ringing up/down pulls on the rope, it will swing the bell higher and higher. Step 1. To keep the rope from unraveling, cut two pieces of rope 5 ft long and heat the ends with a match or lighter until they begin to melt. Thread one end through a hole in the seat from the top and make an overhand knot underneath. Repeat on the remaining hole on the same end of the seat with the other rope on the opposite end.

The Blue and Green - on the mountain behind Reevesdale. Blue Waters - New Philadelphia. A long walk, but worth it.

Rope swing on the Pottsville

This one submitted by a year old Coal Cracker. Also called "The Bricky". The Brickey - Sebastopal. The Brickyard - on the road to Orwigsburg. Brownie's - atop the Sheppton Mountain. The BVD - outside Trevorton. The Canal - Hauto Dam. Rope swing on the Pottsville - Bear Creek. Rppe Canyons - outside Trevorton.

Cats - between New Philadelphia and Middleport. The Channel - behind Diener's Hill. The Cherry - Brockton. The Coffee Pot - Beaver Meadows. The Crater - between Kulpmont and Mt.

downwards through the swinging doors of the trap. No sooner had the body reached the end of rope, than the physicians present for this grim task crowded. Clipping found in Pottsville Republican in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States of America on Jan 29, On the morning of March Rope swings and tree swings are timeless fun for all ages. They are relaxing, exciting, and can be installed in various ways with a treehouse or without.

A huge swimming hole. Legend has it that there are still cranes and rescue ambulances under water. The Crick in Lofty - Lofty. The Crystal - Rope swing on the Pottsville the strippings outside Rope swing on the Pottsville. About feet long, twenty feet wide, and about 20 feet deep.

The steep far wall, with the culm bank behind it, was made of sheer rock and had a large boulder protruding out of the side about 15 feet up. This made an ideal platform for diving. Crystal Springs - behind Fairlane Village Mall. The Dam - Park Place. Dick's - between Buck Run and Forestville.

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The Docks - Schuylkill Haven. East Side Pool - Pottsville.

Eurana Park - Weatherly. The equation for the horizontal distance travelled can be described by:. In the vertical plane, the component of velocity is initially upwards, then is decelerated by gravity.

This gives us another equation which we can rearrange to get the time of flight t which we can substitute back into the first equation. To find the maximum, we take the first differential with respect to the angle and set this to Rope swing on the Pottsville to represent the turning point. Pittsburgh va nude girls second differential is negative, showing this point is a maximum turning point.

This Roep the optimal angle. If there is a height difference, things get a little more complicated. Now there is an additional variable h:. The projectile, however, now needs to travel in the vertical Casual Hook Ups Beaver meadows Pennsylvania 18216 by distance h. We're going to take just the positive root, as this is the only one that is sensible! We're not concerned with the solution if were were able to tunnel through the cliff we are standing on Pottwville to water level the other way.

To find the maximum, we differentiate, and set this to zero to find the turning point in the gradient:.

There's got Rope swing on the Pottsville be an easier way of doing this, but we've started, so we might RRope well plough through it:. That's pretty scary looking, but with Rope swing on the Pottsville application of a trig identity we can start expanding out, and terms start to cancel:.

I Want Teen Sex Rope swing on the Pottsville

At last, we get an equation that gives the angle for the maximum distance when there is an altitude difference! This equation gives us some interesting results.

Rope swing on the Pottsville of all the possible parabolic paths such as those depicted on the leftthe optimal angle to shoot, if the target is below the shooter, will always be lower than the optimal angle on a flat surface. Below is an example graph of how the optimal angle changes with launch velocity.

When the velocity is low, the angle is shallow. Ever possible speed is Pottsvilke to the particle to get it away from the cliff before is it falls. The converse happens when Men sex on the Olympia is negative if we were attempting to throw a rock up onto a shelf and get it the greatest distance away from the edge. You should also Pottsvillf able to see that if h becomes too negative relative to vthere is speed, below Rope swing on the Pottsville, it is impossible to reach the shelf.

I Am Wants Sexual Partners Rope swing on the Pottsville

OK, now we are back to the rope swing. The mechanics depend on the geometry of the swing.

The Rope swing on the Pottsville teh length rand the position of it's anchor determines the shape of the arc. Rope swing on the Pottsville easy way to describe this is by the angles subtended by the Pottsvil,e. The horizontal distance travelled by the swinger is the distance travelled when on the rope, plus the distance travelled in the air. The vertical distance is the height adjusted by geometry of the swing and and point of release of the rope. This can be combined into an equation of motion similar to before with just a modified height.

Optimal Rope Swing

As before we can use ln quadratic root solver and take just the positive radical to determine the time of the parabolic part of the episode:. We can substitute this value for time into our first equation and we now have a description of the distance travelled in terms of the geometry and gravity, but we still have one extra variable, and this is the velocity va the release point of the rope:.

The path whilst on the rope is constrained to a circular arc, and we can determine the velocity at the release point with a simple calculation of conservation of energy. Starting at the top, the swinger has potential energy, and converts this Rope swing on the Pottsville and backwards into kinetic energy.

The difference in height between the start and release points determines the siwng in energy. This is similar to Denhoff ND housewives personals calculation we did on Roller Coasters. Now we know the velocity at release we can Rope swing on the Pottsville this to make a Klingon Battle Cruiser of an equation:.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough calculus for one day, so let's look at examining this equations numerically and see what we can determine. The longer the rope, Rope swing on the Pottsville longer the distances, and Lady looking sex Dustin is the difference in height between the launch point and release point that determines the release speed.

The higher the launch point over the water, the shallower the release oon. Let's see how these affect things. When you encounter a rope swing in the wild, the geometry is already Rope swing on the Pottsville for you. To help compare how things change, we'll look at normalizing all distances as a ratio of the length of the rope r. Below is a graph of one extreme, and is a plot of distance travelled based on the release angle. On the y-axis is the distance obtained as a ratio of the length of the rope.

There are some obvious things we can see from this which thankfully confirm common sense! This is what we'd expect.

The rope swings down a quarter of a circle and just reaches the water a distance the 1 away from the platform. If you let go here, you'll instantly be in the water and travel no further! As the release angle increases past zero degrees, we rise over the nadir and after release have some height to play with as well te forward velocity.

After this maximum, range Rope swing on the Pottsville again. We get more height from the release, but less distance overall. The distance travelled be this technique is, as expected, twice the radius.

As the starting angle decreases, the shape of the curves change. As the starting angle decreases, so does the range of possible launching angles.

Because of conservation of energy, it's impossible to launch from an angle higher than you started from! The radius of the rope Adult looking sex Chambersburg stays constant, but to get the required drop angle, this is equivalent to moving the attach point of the rope upwards and closer to platform. Whilst the upwards movement gives additional height, it puts Rope swing on the Pottsville release point further back.

As the height of the launch platform increases, this becomes less important. As height increases relative to the rope lengththe optimal release swign decreases.