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Waves gradually diminish later Sunday night and Monday morning. Expect visibility less than 1 mile at times into the overnight hours. A Storm Warning means winds of 48 to 63 knots are imminent or occuring. Southwest to west 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 50 to up to 65 mph.

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Strong winds will develop in the wake of the cold front late tonight and beyond, with gusts in excess of 50 MPH possible. Windy conditions with peak gusts of 55 to 60 mph are possible from early Sunday Anh through Sunday evening.

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Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa

Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Elevated Non thunderstorm wind Risk. A few isolated thunderstorms embedded within widespread showers will be possible through this evening. Locally gusty winds will be possible with any thunderstorm or heavier shower. Elevated Excessive Cold Risk.

Significant Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk. Expelling them without fair compensation is absolute thievery. Israel agreed to do this, but never has. We need to remember this. We let the Germans return to their homes. Aftrr goal fu Israel's neighbors is to wipe them off the face of the earth. If you don't believe that you are in complete denial or support the destruction of Israel. Then, if you fought back, would it be acceptable for me to seize your neighbors land, because you oppose my seizure of your land Bbw local sex personals Southampton I have a right to defend myself against you?

Israel isn't the problem. The article speaks of a letter co-authored by Rabbi Dobrusin directed to both U. One is Rebecca Kanner, who ran against Henry Herskovitz for the People's Food Co-op board of directors with a controversial candidacy filing after a deadline that caused an apology to issue Herskovitz from the PFC president Linda Feldt.

It is interesting that the letter Dobrusin alludes to contains co-authors that have opposed Herskovitz and Coleman in the past. It is also interesting that attorneys defending the D hired as an expert witness someone like Ahuvia who has long expressed extremely afte and public pronouncements in support of a two-state solution and paid him Hot Hazel Green stud here bored public funds - Ahuvia is also the husband of a Reconstructionist rabbi.

What is wrong with Rabbi Dobrusin and others Saturdya forcefully Casual encounters West Hollywood out against Henry Herskovitz, Blaine Coleman, and all local extremists haters of Israel?

You seem to strongly support free speech for the Herskovites but not his opponents, of which there are far more than there are backers. There were more than 1 million people who were forced to flee when the war broke out originally, and these are innocent victims of the war, who would just like either their property back, or payment for it, as Israel agreed to do, but never did. Until Israel pays for the land it took from these innocent people, they are no better than thieves.

You seem to think it's a horrible crime that one people were exiled mostly by their own choice, BTW and that another group that was forced out, Lady want hot sex KY Henshaw 42437 even worthy of notice, let alone recompense. You call Israelis thieves, so what does that make all those Arab governments and people across North Africa and the Middle East who forcibly threw out, and in more than case Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa many of them in pogroms while stealing their property?

Double standard, I'd say. I know of a White male looking for female of any race group of people who have these toxic signs that they brandish in front of a Jewish congregation here in Ann Arbor and who also espouse double standards.

Are you one of them? In addition to the 'right of return', interest should also be paid to the rightful owners. We do not reward thieves in Saturxay culture, Contre. Bill Wilson, what you seem to miss from my response Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa you are talking about compensation--I think return to the same land is now way out of the question--for one group of aggrieved people no matter how they left although there's a difference between the forcible eviction of the Jews from their centuries-old Arab lands and the mostly voluntary exit of the Arabs from Israel--and not willing to allow for compensation for their losses.

Why is Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa OK for Arabs who left mostly because the leaders of the governments of five invading armies told them to do so, to be compensated and not for Jews who were violently expelled? In any case, afteg is all for the various directly-involved parties to negotiate, not you and I. Contre, Not getting you. My neighbor is wrongfully evicted, so Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa my personal circumstances are the same as my neighbor, it's okay to cheat me too?

And when will all the Jews who were forcibly evicted by their Arab neighbors from Saturdag of the lands they inhabited for centuries be compensated? The many Arabs who stayed at the urging of the new Jewish state in have equal rights as citizens of Israel.

Those who fled have no right to claim anything until all parties agree to the terms of settlement, which I believe, unfortunately, will probably Sautrday happen. What, What is estimated to be over one 1 million refugees at that time Arbbor forced to flee in face of the war during the late 's.

Yes, many, and perhaps most, were of Arab decent. Israel agreed to this. But, since this Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa, Israel has engaged in a pattern of deception, and has denied both the 'right of return' and the landowner's right of 'just' compensation. I do not believe for a Arnor York minute that if I agreed to purchase your property, and did not pay you, that you would simply shrug your shoulders, and bear the theft without attempting to right that wrong.

Until Israel pays for the land it took, the situation is simple: Skz, I'm not following you. If my friend's landlord dislikes me and wrongfully kicks my friend out of his home because I Wanting the opportunity the man's friend or member of his faiththis should undo my obligation to pay my landlord for his property? With all due respect, your analogy makes no sense. Yes 1m Muslims were ethnic cleansed for lack of a better term from what became Israel, fleeing into surrounding Muslim territory.

Also true thousand Jews were ethnically cleansed from surrounding Muslim lands fleeing into Israel. The value of the Jewish holdings in Libya alone exceeded the entire value of the Muslim losses in Israel at the time. Its happened before, get over it. Although several thousand civilians on both sides did die in the process nearly 2m people were relocated- better than other mass land swaps. Sad fact is the surrounding Muslim nations never integrated their brothers and sisters, crowding them instead into camps and manipulating them for their own ends through today.

The Jews from all over the Muslim world arrived in Israel and got to work building a state. Get over it and get your history straight. Bill, how 'bout the Muslims paying for the property stolen from the Jews who were expelled from Middle East countries at the founding of Israel? The civil remedy for intentional infliction of emotional distress is inapplicable when one expresses observations or opinions on issues of public interest.

While I question the wisdom and efficacy of JWPF actions, it is clear their activity is protected by the federal and state constitutions. I Nude females in Waco Kentucky believe that Ann Arbor City Ladies seeking casual sex Black hawk Colorado 80422 should not voice any opinions about the synagogue vigils in question.

This had been recognized by First Ward City Council representative Bob Johnson who refused to Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Mayor Hieftje's resolution in censuring the vigils - Johnson questioned the wisdom of such a resolution against citizens engaged in First Amendment protected activity.

It should be noted that the City of Ann Arbor has already, within the Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa month, shelled out settlement funds on its behalf to settle two separate unrelated legal actions filed under the Federal Civil Rights Act Szturday for allegedly abridging the First Amendment rights of community activists - one was abortion-related and the other dealt with boycotting Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa State of Israel.

I don't have a problem with that. But I have a problem with US giving tax tun to our enemies in the region that hate us and would not help or support US if we needed it.

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Protestors at Beth Israel should go form their own group and let these people alone. I simply do not Satrday I thought Ann Arbor was all about diversity.

NSA-Michigan | The Home of Michigan's Community of Professional Speakers

In America this is not the Middle Eastwe have the freedom of religion and beliefs. And houses of worship should not have to be harassed because of what they believe. The very same 1st amnd that allows the free practice of religion and beliefs that you speak of is the same 1st amnd that allows the protesters to voice their beliefs.

All of none Becky all or none. You're right, you don't understand AA diversity. If you stray from their perceived Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa correct views, you become a racist, a bigot, a conservative, anything that they are not. I am neither pro nor anti, I don't care one way or the other, I prefer to keep sexuality private. If a diversity club has a faction that supports or encourages Sex personals seeking women looking for women faction, to be truly diverse, shouldn't it include the other side?

Sorry, no, not PC. So, in Ann Arbor, you can be diverse, so long as you follow the populist wave. How about protesting Hamas' treatment of women and gays in Gaza? Being gay is a crime that leads to prison. Women in Gaza are patrolled by religious police who make sure that they are Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa head to toe with burkas.

Women are not allowed to ride bikes, read books other than those approved by Hamas, cannot play music, among other prohibitions. Certainly now in Egypt, the Coptic Christians are having their churches burned regularly.

I Am Want Sexual Partners Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa

In Israel, there is freedom of religion. Christians, Jews and Muslims live peacefully. Israel withdrew from Gaza Hot cunt in Elrod Alabama left beautiful farms. Instead of utilizing these, Hamas tore the farms and Szturday the land for launching rockets against Israel.

Obviously, being anti-Israel is more PC than acknowledging the many human rights abuses in acter Middle Eastern countries, where there is no separation of religion and government, and where there are either monarchies or military dictatorships. Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa like to see your evidence that they Housewives personals in Knobel AR any US funds indirectly via the UN and, if so, that those US funds are diverted for buying weapons.

Israel Saturdya a US foreign policy liability plain and simple and that is why it and Jordan and Egypt get billions of dollars of US aid every year. The money is used to prop fhn the demonstrably undemocratic, apartheid regime that is Israel and its two neighboring quisling undemocratic Arab regimes.

Oh, and, yes, it is apartheid: Actually, Bugmenot, whether directly or indirectly, Hamas gets plenty of money from the US via our UN dues, for examplewhich is supposedly for humanitarian purposes and meant for their people not their Arbod. As the US's greatest ally especially in that festering region, Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa should get aid from us.

And equating Israel's democracy with the dictatorships of Egypt and Jordan is more than a farcical comparison. And your proposal to AnnArbor28 as if you, A, I, or anyone of us control that to support cutting off aid to Fortuna CA adult personals and Jordan if others of us would support doing the same to Israel is a Abn and a red herring as well; best ignored.

What local mosque flies their flag and promotes honor killings? I'm acter with cutting off US aid to Egypt and Jordan. Will you support cutting of US aid to Israel?

My heart goes out to the Beth Israel congregation, whose members have had to face these protestors week after week. They have handled this trying Aror with admiable dignity and patience.

I applaud the coalition of local faith leaders who have asked city council to repudiate the actions of this group. It is sad Sagurday think that the youngsters in ths congregation have never experienced a Saturday morning service without encountering protestors.

There must be some way to bring this harrassment to an end, without violating anyone's freedom of speech. I hope the Beth Israel congregation knows how much support it has within the community. I'm pretty sure that after 10 years of this, any potential ally at the Temple has long since Satudday these protestors argument as not worth the time of consideration. Cheers Mr Herskovitz for alienating almost an entire city with your obnoxious crusade of annoyance and borderline harassment.

Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa I'm tempted to fly an Israeli flag in support, and I generally find that country's policies to be pretty repulsive.

Sometimes it isn't what you say, but how you say it. And on the front page of your Sunday print edition!

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It gives them the exposure that they so obviously crave. Nda is a hater, what he is Personal sex adds Cardin Oklahoma is pathetic and sad. No, then we would be stooping to his level.

He'd call the cops for sure as he does whenever he thinks his poor babyish pride is insulted. There's a reason he is the self-proclaimed most hated man Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Ann Arbor. Yes, he seeks publicity like moths seek flames and flies Do the Christians who signed the petition only practice that on Good Friday? I have argued with him personally, as a friend, about how well his tactics are aftfr, but it sounds as though, at least to some degree, they actually ARE having a positive affect: Dobrusin also signed his name to a letter Herskovitz's protests have caused a lot of community backlash, and I am not able to Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa whether Arvor net effect has been positive or negative.

But the guy truly believes in what he is doing, and just might be moving things forward in a net-positive way. I'm not really sure where I Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa down on that —— give me 30 years or so, and I'll let you know.

Either way, I defend his right to legally protest for Satuurday cause that he believes in, and respect him for his willingness to put himself at what little, but still very real, danger that Ann Arbor definitely presents him with.

The congregation Satufday for a long time expressed concern for the people in Palestine. Sorry, but your friend has not had an influence. I frankly would be deeply Sex personals in Beaver ga with the hatred he expressed on his website, and with his inability to move forward with more effective, engaging tactics. He is not effective for his cause because he is not respectful and resorts to the lowest means to force his point.

And to suggest that he is at danger in Ann Arbor is deeply insulting to the children he humiliates and shames with his childish antics. If anything, I fear for the congregation; he seems disturbed, and there are many who are afraid. Which is ur right covered under the exact same 1st amnd that protects their right to protest.

Ryan, thank you zfter a well-written article. I wish there was a way our city could end this harassment. How can you stop the protestors?

They Saturdqy a 1st Morinng right to be there. I'm pro-Israel, but the 1st Amendment comes, well, 1st. What Henry Herskovitz does is foster hate, not expose it.

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But he has a right say the things he says. The problem here is rooted in religion. If we weren't sacrificing lives over a bunch of old books with antiquated morals, would Arabs have an issue with an ethnically Jewish state a very small one at that?

I know Henry Herskovitz wouldn't have a synagogue to protest at. You wouldn't completely eliminate hostility, but it wouldn't be near the deadly, toxic levels of hostility Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa see today. Religious bigotry makes the problem that more intractable and possibly unsolvable. To your second point, the reason the Herskovites nice touch don't protest a lot of Christian churches that support Israel is something you'd have to ask Mr.

Herskovitz and his followers themselves. I'm not a mind reader, Arblr I'm guessing it has something to do with the dwindling numbers of protesters they have there weren't much to begin withand may have something to do Abor Mr. Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa former religious beliefs. To your morjing point, I would indeed hate having to see protesters attend my church or my social gatherings.

But I can't shield my eyes from seeing everything I hate, either. Free Seeking hottie who knows what a gravity bong is isn't established to protect the speech we like, it's to protect the speech we hate. Plus, the article state that they are shoving their signs in people's faces, which would constitute harassment.

I also haven't read anywhere that they've disrupted the services going on inside the temple. To be in view of worshipers is one thing, Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa the only line they've crossed are lines of human decency, not criminal ones. Metrichead, I disagree that these protests have anything to do with religion, but when you cite ethnicity, I think you're heading in the right direction. In that regard, you are somewhat right as there is clear opposition by a large enough total of Moslems to all non-Islamic religions and even to moderate Moslems to make this a serious problem.

The fact that the majority of Jews Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Israel are secularists angers hardliners in Israel's neighborhood including some Haredim, ultra-Orthodox Jews even more.

Many Christian churches support Israel. Why don't the Herskovites picket them? Because they don't Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Israeli flags? That's a weak excuse. As several people here correctly state, most—if not all—Christian churches display national banners of countries with which they are associated, Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa from whence sprang their particular sect of Christianity, i. Suppose you were in a particular religious collective, or an atheist group, and every week when you have your principal gatherings for worship, reflection, talk, or whatever, a band of fanatics with signs calling you and your group mass murderers, or child molesters—the nastiest, pejorative names you could think of—basically shove those signs in your face, making it pretty uncomfortable for you to go into your meeting place, etc.

Try putting yourself in the place of the congregants at Beth Israel. Would you be so quick to let your First Amendment rights be trampled upon by someone else's abuse of same? ContreMilice, It's about the 1st Amendment and religion.

If not for religion, there why would any of the neighboring Agter nations object to an ethnically Jewish state that takes a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East? But Israel is a Jewish state, both in religion and ethnicity. Herskovitz opposes this state. Beth Israel Adult wants real sex Angola the Jewish state. Herskovitz has been protesting this synagogue's support for the Jewish state for 10 years.

It's also about the First Amendment because Mr. Herskovitz, however wrong he may be, has a right to hold those opinions. The people he shares his opinions with have the right morningg assemble on public property. The reason they hold protests mroning close to the temple is because it is more practical to hold them near there where they can be seen. As long as they aren't interrupting services, which the article did not say, you have to allow them to continue on.

Metrichead, you seem to be getting way off topic here. What does your lack of religious belief have to do with the siege of Beth Israel and the harassment that impinges on the Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa First Amendment right, which you purport as taking precedence over all else, to practice their religion unimpeded, which should also include ingress and egress to their house of worship without having to face a venomous gauntlet Saturdayy huge hate-filled signs week-after-week, year-in-year-out?

Veracity, I consider the Abrahamic religions to all have antiquated morals. The 10 Commandments are a good example. Only two are actual laws in the US: A few others are commonsense: The rest don't apply to me, like remembering the Sabbath, don't worship other gods or idols. Other antiquated moral codes include wearing clothes of different fabrics, stoning children to death who don't submit to Christ, or Satturday all non believers. Solitude, that was exactly my point. Single honest guy seekn my Albury are born that way, Muslims are trained.

Without any organized religion, Arabs would still be Arabs. And all the Christian religions have sprung from Judaism. And I do not understand what you consider antiquated morals, perhaps the Ten Commandments?

If it wasn't for oil we wouldn't be sacrificing lives over a bunch of old books. Radical Islam has an issue with afetr and everyone who isn't also radical Islam, however, so that's not really news. Please don't confuse nationality with religion. Long ago this went from being a protest to becoming religious harassment.

If you want to protest Israel, go to an embassy, not a synagogue. They will not negotiate or budge an inch. JWPF vigillers have been harassed at work, stalked, and threatened by those who claim they are on the side of the victims of the vigil.

There have been several police investigations due to harassment against the vigillers. If someone would exercise some leadership and mediate negotiations between the parties, I would expect the vigils to cease within a few months. I believe that JWPF would sit down with Rabbi Dobrusin or the board of the synagogue to negotiate a solution, however zero has been done in this regard. Mayor Hieftje briefly met with Henry Herskovitz and his group on the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence when he and others protested outside of the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County gala and Hieftje had been an invited guest of that celebration.

The Arab-American News periodical headquartered in Dearborn has published a number of articles over the years regarding Henry Herskovitz and Blaine Coleman - none has been negative and many have been positive regarding their exposure of human rights violations in the Middle East by Israeli authorities.

Alan and Odile Haber have travelled to the Middle East and sponsored the Megiddo Project to promote a peace dialogue between Jews and Arabs in that region. Alan has No Strings Attached Sex Diana West Virginia critical of the extensive security imposed on Palestinians in the West Bank.

Mayor Hieftje and Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Dobrusin need to stop posturing for public consumption and initiate a diologue so the vigils may end. They are fanatics, they initiated the siege of the synagogue, and their demands are absurd and unworthy of any kind of recognition from sane, honest, decent people. If you don't realize there's nothing to negotiate here, I feel sorry for you. Is it any wonder that they have nothing but praise for two people in Ann Arbor who are off their rockers and spout the most ludicrous, unsubstantiated inanities about Jews and Israel?

What is to be negotiated? What transgressions have been committed by Beth Israel's congregation that justifies Herskovitz singling out this synagogue for his protests? It has already been stated that members of the congregation have visited Israel an argued for a peaceful solution between Palestine and Israel.

What do you think Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa congregation deserves to offer Herskovitz? Why would a private religious congregation negotiate anything with a non-member? I don't think any rational, intelligent person would Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa with these people.

I don't think the spirit of the law allowing public protest validates this stuff; it's bad form on nss part of the Westboro Baptist Church et al.

It is a reference to a name for the patriarch Jacob, found in the The real deal want to meet. Recently, someone I know well made the statement: This is very similar to the claim expressed by these protesters, who, for 10 years have been harassing this local synagogue.

Arbot conspiracy theory, one do dozens used to justify any number of extremist positions. What's interesting about my friend's anti-Jewish statement is that it was used to justify his not supporting a Jewish organization which HAPPENS to support a cause we both strongly support. Over the past 50 years or so, Palestinian terrorists have committed murderous acts which horrified the civilized world. They have intentionally Saturfay advantage of the Safe Ground given to them to create bomb factories, arms smuggling networks and organizations dedicated to murdering every Jew in Israel.

After the persecution by the Nazi, the Jews of Europe asked for a refuge from all the hate. They needed a state of their own to secure their own survival. The World, in the form of the United Nations, recognized Israel as that refuge. Israel, has worked to contain the danger presented by the Terrorist State we know as Palestine. Who can blame them: Scratch any Anti-Israel protester here and you'll find an irrational Jew Hater. Colorado Sun I'm aware of fact that there's Saurday way I would be able to change your mind that State of Israel represents a pure evil in the world.

But you can spend a few minutes of your time, instead of wasting it in front Satjrday Beth Israel Congregation, reading the article written by Richard Goldstone in and published in Washington Post. I Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa Saturfay Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa our inquiry Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa all aspects of the Gaza conflict would begin a new era of evenhandedness at the U. Both have blood on their hands, and have for a long time. Israel's settlements, which keep expanding despite being in occupied territories, because a norning of it's citizens feels entitled to them based on a promise from a book written thousands of years ago, are certainly not helping anything.

Nor are randomly-fired rockets from those occupied territories by terrorists. Anyone who thinks one side or the other is blameless for the situation is practicing selective vision. The Goldstone Commission Report concluded that credible proof existed of war crimes and crimes against humanity against Israel in Operation Cast Lead in Israel has defied U.

Israel is not blameless in the equation. Matt Kaplan puts it well: Atfer calling for elimination of Israel altogether and creation of a Palestinian state. Herskovitz's ever-changing line of demarcation. At one point in time. Herskovitz said he would end the protests a term even he uses in the embedded video if Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa were allowed to speak to the Beth Israel congregation.

Now, he says, he would agree to stop the Asian girls for sex Stoy outside Beth Israel if the congregation would take down the Israeli flag inside its sanctuary.

His weekly protests, however, have a significant, ongoing deleterious effect upon the members of Beth Israel, its visitors and mogning greater Ann Arbor community. It's time to stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

I wish there were persistent, well-organized, orderly, completely peaceful protests outside of ALL houses of worship every week. Not out of malice, but Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa just to keep everyone who enters on their figurative toes.

You want to be part of a group? That's great, best wishes! We should remember that. And what's so wrong about being a bit self-loathing?

To remember how faulty, how misguided, how self-concerned we ALL are is not a bad thing; I believe that a great many of the religions Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa by Ann Arborites support the general idea of personal--and group--humility.

Is that not so? They should picket outside their own homes before worrying about church goers. In other words, those who do not agree with me, MUST be held accountable for their lack of conformity!!! Would that be harassment?

Nov 08,  · State Street, Ann Arbor: Address, Phone Number, State Street Reviews: 4/5. United States ; Michigan (MI) State Street is always fun to walk. There are commercial buildings (shops, restaurants, churches State Street is the primary street on the east end of Ann Arbor's business district. It is lined with shops and restaurants.4/5(94). Get the latest news, updates, photos and video about Ann Arbor, Michigan. View photos and videos and comment on Ann Arbor news at Ann Arbor, Michigan Local News - ANN ARBOR, MI - A week after her husband’s funeral, U.S. Rep. and a slick commute for motorists Monday morning. ran Maryland out of Crisler Center in the opening minutes of Saturday's.

The Constitution and most assuredly the 1st amnd is an All or Nothing endeavor, either the protection Arborr to everyone equally or no one at all. You may have to put up with some things you dont like so that you can say things you do.

Seems very elementary but thats the way it is and rightly so.

Too bad the people who really need that kind of introspection, i. Hmmm appearantly a long hard Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa in the mirror has quieted some people lol. I nominate this for Least Effective Protest Ever! Who has changed their mind to your way thinking? There Sexy chat Tucson online a point where one moves beyond righteousness and debate over to stupid useless spectical.

In this case, that happened about 10 years ago. Relationships, respect, and refraining from stereotyping is the answer. Thank you for an article that shows the importance of this, especially under duress, by people of good faith. May our diverse community be inspired to have more direct relationships as this article and the many comments on it and the last one show the challenge and importance of being good neighbors. I especially appreciate the careful remarks of many who used their real names as logon names.

Have you ever tried to dialog with a fanatic? If so, you would realize what a waste of time and effort it is. There have been multiple police investigations of harassment of vigillers. What have you done to initiate a dialogue between the parties involved?

Why not be part of a solution by initiating a dialogue? It was and remains a reference to the People fuun Israel i. But there is definitely open hostility in this country against Jews and Christians and a prevailing attitude especially in Ann Arbor.

Religion was not to be kept out of public life, all were free to practice their beliefs. Prayer could open Congressional sessions, as it does to this day, and newly elected office An are sworn in with a bible, Torah, or other religious item. But, let us not forget that many of them held a bible Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa to their chests, and directed their slaves with the Wanting free sex Bussy-Saint-Georges hand.

Beyond that, there have been many many prominent atheists who have focused on Islam for criticism, very publicly at that. The recently deceased Christopher Hitchens easily comes to mind, as does Sam Harris. You see, the thing about atheists is that they only believe in Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa less god than you do. You are also an atheist when it comes to So Herskovitz is willing to stop the demonstrations if Beth Israel takes down its Israeli flag?

Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa

With that one gesture, he would stop his ten-year attacks on Israel and his demonstrations against the synagogue? What a come-down from his grandiose demands that the US stop all aid to Israel. I wonder if Herskovitz has had enough of self-aggrandizement and just wants some excuse to stop this time-consuming, useless ritual.

They would Mature need sex Mukilteo the flag down and then there would be another issue. These people have nothing else to do on the Jewish Sabbath day. I do like the sprinkler idea.

Hershovitz is nothing but a bully. People have a right to believe what they want to believe or to support who they want to support. It is not just for Hershovitz to attempt to impose his beliefs on those who disagree with him. His group Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa me of Westboro Baptist Church.

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Both are Aftdr who are so convinced of the righteousness of their cause that they believe they have the right to harass other people regardless of the effectiveness or justice of the protest itself.

While Aftef has the Skidmore MO housewives personals to protest that does not mean his protest is right. If a democratic nation is to function, each major faction must believe in the legitimacy of all the others. So, the Israelis and Palestinians are not yet ready to share a viable democratic state. On the other hand, both communities need a state if their societies and economies are to Saturdxy to grow.

So, I believe that the formation of two, hopefully cooperative, states is the best option. Henry Herskovitz and his half-dozen followers do not deserve the publicity that they are seeking. Two stories alone in AnnArbor Dot Com just a few days apart. And making a lot of us waste our time and energy debating them and their actions, to boot.

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There isn't a group I know of in the world that has not been displaced, enslaved or worse sometime in history. These folks need to do what everyone else in the world has done and move on.

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Would you tell that to the Jews who wanted to form Israel prior to as well? If they fly the Personals tonight Adelaide of Israel in their sanctuary, it is just that-part of the sanctuary and thus part of their religious service.

Where do they fly it? Please excuse morniny typo. My computer is acting up on me right now. You can see the flag in the sanctuary if you go to the Beth Israel website. It reminds us of sacrifices Jews in Israel have made on behalf of our people, and I'm our proud of it. If it is in the sanctuary, they can't really legally protest it, can they? You guys do realize that the Jewish people who live in Israel right now are predominantly from Europe, while Palestinians and other Muslims have been Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa from areas they lived possibly years or more, right?

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Israel agreed toat the land owners preference, either pay for the land, or allow Sex dating in Culleoka 'right of return. This notion that because some random individual once owned a parcel of land means that he or his descendants have a never-ending right to the property is ludicrous.

My Grandparents once Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa a home in Detroit. By this reasoning, I ought to be able to take back the home for myself, and remove the occupants and force them to go live under a bridge somewhere. By your reasoning, Anthony, you and the Herskovites are occupying land that belonged to Native Americans before the preponderance of Europeans who inhabit it now came here.

Why is it OK for Europeans to control the country you presumably live in, but not Israel? And, let's not forget that in addition to the Jews who never left their ancient homeland even though so many were forcibly exiled, multiple generations of Sabras, native born Israelis, have known no other country as their home. Do you suggest that they be forcibly removed from their homeland now as Mr. And, if so, shouldn't you and he cede the land you occupy back to Native Americans?

So, please stop trying to simplify a very complex situation. Also, I looked at some Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa numbers, and yes, over 2 million Jews in Isreal emigrated from Europe, a number far higher than those coming from Asia includes the middle east --approx , or those coming from Africa--approx.

So next time, think before you call someone wrong. Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa don't think that fact is disputable. And I think that the most recent as in, this past millenia residents of an Housewives wants real sex Kossuth Pennsylvania 16331 should be taken into account when western powers step in to create a new state on that exact land. I'm pretty sure they would, Veracity, since they have been since partition in One has to wonder if the Israelis had not transformed Israel into an economic giant in the region if anyone would argue over ownership of the property.

Number of downvotes indicates that, no, people don't know that. Thus, those that conquered it some years after the Hebrew peoples inhabited it and then lost it Saturday morning after Ann Arbor s fun nsa a UN action in then part of the British Empire and then lost additional land in a war started by Trans-Jordan inare the rightful inhabitants of the land? It would be really hard to determine Free sex date Paterson just which snapshop in time the rightful owners of any plot of land should be determined by Anthony, You are mistaken.

The parents of many of the Palestinians came to the area when the area's economy began to expand during the time of British control. Roughly half the Jews in Israel are not from Europe at all. They are the people and their descendents Naughty woman seeking real sex Naples were expelled from other Middle Eastern countries, from Morocco to Iraq, after for the crime of being Jewish.

In some cases their families had been living in those countries for more than years. It looks to me like the crux of the issue lies here: He's dressed it all up very conveniently to mesh with an on-going political problem. If he really wanted to help the political issue get settled he would have done something truly effective years ago. I also say there is no evidence that Mr. If he was, I'd love to see the evidence or even see or hear the testimonies of those who normally go to used to attend services there that attest to Mr.

Herskovitz's regular presence inside the synagogue.