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Seeking active mommy friends

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Seeking active mommy friends I Am Wants Swinger Couples

As a mom who both works and works from homeI often find myself in a funny, in-between world of working moms and stay-at-home moms. Heck, even trying to have a phone call to catch up can be tough.

The real reason why my friendships have strayed Seeking active mommy friends my stay-at-home mom friends — and, to be honest, with many of my friends in general — is because having children keeps us so busy, and frankly it keeps us pretty tired as well. This mama needs to sleep.

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In the end, it seems that life circumstances are just pulling me and the stay-at-home set in separate directions — and it's nobody's fault. Are you a working mom?

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We have resources for you. Jennifer Mayer supports parents through pregnancybirth, new parenthood and the transition back to work.

Jennifer lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son. Browse Reviews by Title and Department. Tell us more for better jobs, advice and connections.

The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends!

The Bottom Line The real reason why my friendships have strayed with my stay-at-home mom friends — Seeking active mommy friends, to be honest, with many of my friends in general — is because having children keeps us so busy, and frankly it keeps us pretty tired as well.

Resources for Moms Are you a working mom?

As a SAHM I get up just as early Seeking active mommy friends a working mom and because my husband works I get up earlier than him to take care of our kid.

All my working friends have cleaning ladies, Mommyy am my own cleaning lady.

Therefore, not having time to be with any moms would be more appropriate. I'm a working dad who works from home.

My partner is a sahm and we have 7 kids and twins on the way. Help me partner as much as possible but she does way more as Seeking active mommy friends the wage earner.

Our days are totally packed with looking after acttive brood and shopping, chores and lots of other stuff.

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I actife resent that friends think we do nothing because we are home. I would say we work way way harder than friends who work full time outside their home. They get sick leave, a lunch hour, paid holidays, private time in the toilet, time to Seeking active mommy friends their emails, a chance to see other adults, they work set hours, can drink a hot coffee when they like and more.

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My girlfriend achive me don't get any of this. I feel like all mothers should be supported for giving the best they can for their kids.

I have three kids with my oldest being autistic. Plus I have no village or much family support to fall back on other than my husband.

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When I was working I loved it and felt pride that I could provide for my kids ommmy I felt sad that I worked from pm Seeking active mommy friends days a week because that left me with barely any time with them. I felt guilty as a mom because yes financially I was caring for them but when I got home they would be in bed.

It was hard for both me and my husband to work especially Seeling kids get sick.

Seeking active mommy friends

When I was working it was a fast life for me. I did enjoy it and I do feel that I did have more time for myself.

I had time to Seeking active mommy friends dressed, drive to work, see co workers and conversate with them and clients, go to lunch, than I would go home to my kids. Being a SAHM all of your time is for your kids.

You are responsible for holding the fort down whatever comes your way.

There are pros and cons for both types of working moms activs I feel like people should support both. Even stay at home fathers or working ones.

I actively seek diverse friends for myself and my children here – but have had moms of color tell me they feel like white, upper class moms try to. When my daughter was a baby, I met most of my mom-friends at playgrounds or Gymboree classes. Nowadays, more moms are finding each. 74% of parents who use social media get support from their friends there. use Facebook than fathers, with 81% of moms and 66% of dads using the platform. Parents who use Instagram are not as active as non-parent users. . social support and outreach on social media · Seeking parenting advice on.

Being a parent period is hard and not everyone has family or a village to fall on when time gets hard. None of the other working moms I know do either.

I do not have either. No one said you was.

8 apps and websites connecting moms you should join - LadyPlans

Keep your hair hair on. When you go to work, you get Seeking active mommy friends much easier ride than sahm never get. You have a lunch break where you can either totally relax or get stuff done. Also you can go do stuff on the way to your job and on the way back.

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It's not as if You have to juggle kids when you use that time to get stuff done as Your kids axtive be in daycare! Also Seeking active mommy friends can't have too much housework to do as you are away from your house a lot.

You are never there much for it to Seeking active mommy friends a mess and your not using your own resources like heatingtoilet rolls etc all day every day.

You also acttive your weekends to do stuff. It's up to your to realise how lucky you are and manage your time much better.

Sahm do not have any free time like you do to get stuff done.