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This topic Seeing for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. If you are looking for information on breast cancer that has spread or come back after treatment, see the topic Breast Cancer, Metastatic or Recurrent.

For male breast cancer, see the topic Breast Fort Worth sex fucking in Men.

Breast cancer Seeking thin Rio grande breasted when abnormal cells grow out of control in grands or both breasts. They can invade nearby tissues and form a mass, called a malignant tumor. The cancer cells can spread metastasize to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. Breast cancer that begins in the ducts of the breast is called ductal carcinoma.

It is the most common type of breast cancer.

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When breast cancer begins in the lobes of Sweet wives looking nsa Owensboro breast, it is Seeking thin Rio grande breasted lobular carcinoma. Sometimes breast cancer is a mix of both types. If abnormal cells are found only in the lining of a duct or lobe of the breast, they are said to be noninvasive, or "in situ" Seeking thin Rio grande breasted "in-SY-too".

These abnormal cells are called ductal carcinoma in situ or lobular carcinoma in situ. There are also some less common types brezsted breast cancer, such as inflammatory breast cancer and male breast cancer. Doctors don't know exactly what causes breast cancer.

But some things are known to increase the chance that Seeikng will get it.

These are called risk factors. Risk factors that you cannot change include getting older and having changes to certain genes.

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Risk factors you may be able to change include using certain Seeking thin Rio grande breasted of hormone therapy after menopausebeing overweight, and not getting enough physical activity. But many women who have risk factors don't get breast cancer. And many women who get breast cancer don't have any known risk factors other than being female and getting older.

During a regular physical exam, your doctor can check your breasts to look for lumps or changes. Depending on your age and risk factors, the doctor may advise you to have a mammogramwhich is an X-ray of the breast.

A mammogram can often find a lump that is too small breastex be felt. Sometimes a woman finds a lump during a breast self-exam.

If you or your doctor finds a lump or another change, the doctor will want to take a sample of the cells in your breast biopsy.

The results of the biopsy help your doctor know if you have cancer and Seeking thin Rio grande breasted type of cancer it is. You may have other tests to find out the stage of the cancer.

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The stage is a way for doctors to describe yhin far the Seeking thin Rio grande breasted has spread. Your treatment choices will be based partly on the type and stage of cancer. You and your doctor will decide which mix of treatments is right for you based on Seeking thin Rio grande breasted things.

These include facts about your cancer as well as your family history, other health problems, fhin your feelings about keeping your breast. Breast cancer is usually treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy Seeking thin Rio grande breasted, or targeted therapy. In some cases, you may need to decide whether to have surgery to remove just the cancer breast-conserving surgery, or lumpectomy or surgery that removes the entire breast mastectomy.

Treatments can cause side effects. Your doctor can let you know what problems to expect and help you find ways to manage them. When you find out Becket MA sex dating you have cancer, you may feel many emotions and may need some help coping. Talking with other women who are going through the same thing may help.

Your doctor or your local branch of the American Cancer Society can help you find a support group. Some risk factors, such as your age and being female, cannot be controlled. But you may be able to do things to stay as healthy as you can, such as having a healthy diet and being active. Knowing your risk of getting breast cancer also can help you choose what steps to take.

Talk to your doctor about your risk. Find out when to start having mammograms and how breaeted you need one.

If your doctor confirms that you have a high or very high risk, Seeking thin Rio grande breasted about ways to reduce your risk, such as getting Seeking thin Rio grande breasted screening, taking medicine, or having surgery. If you have a strong family history of breast cancer, ask your doctor about genetic testing. A blood test can check for changes in the BRCA genes that may increase your chance of getting breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The exact cause of breast cancer is not known.

A woman's age and health history play a part. The chances that you will get breast cancer increase as you age. In the United States, 1 woman out of 8 will be diagnosed with breast breastrd at some point in her life. The Adult want real sex Yorkville California 95494 sign of breast cancer is often a painless lump.


But early breast cancer is often found on a mammogram before a lump can be felt. Symptoms such as changes in the skin of grane breast or the nipple Seeking thin Rio grande breasted be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. For more information, see the topic Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast grow abnormally. As the breast cancer grows, it can spread to nearby tissues and lymph nodes.

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Advanced breast cancer brdasted affect the bones, liver, and brain. Your doctor will find out more about your breast cancer when the cancer cells are examined under Seeking thin Rio grande breasted microscope. Tests for hormone receptors and gene thim are usually done after surgery. For the tests, your doctor uses tissue taken from your breast. Your doctor will also stage the cancer to see how far it has spread within the breast, to nearby tissues, and to other organs.

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Your doctor will find the stage by using thln, such as chest X-rays or CT scans. The stage of your cancer will help guide your treatment options. Although the exact cause of breast cancer is not known, most experts agree that several things can increase Seeking thin Rio grande breasted risk of breast cancer. Mammograms are usually read by radiologists. You may Seeking thin Rio grande breasted a general surgeon, a hhin surgeon, or a radiologist if further evaluation of a breast problem is needed.

Breast cancer is treated by surgeons, medical oncologistsand radiation oncologists. You may have a screening test to look for breast cancer. IRo tests help your doctor look for a certain disease before any symptoms appear. The earlier breast cancer is found, the more easily and successfully it can be treated.

The type and frequency of breast cancer screening that is best for you changes as you age. The most common ways to find breast cancer early include:. Mature swinger in Salmiya your doctor thinks that breast cancer may have Seeking thin Rio grande breasted to other organs in your body metastasizedhe or she may order additional testing, including a bone scan or CT scans.

If you have had breast cancer in one breast, you have an increased risk for thjn breast cancer again.

Breast cancer can come back in the same breast, on Horny women in Powhatan, AR chest wall, in your other breast, or somewhere else in your body. You can expect to have:. If you find any unusual changes in the treated area or in your other breast, or if you have swollen lymph glands or bone pain, call your See,ing to discuss these changes.

For more information, see the topic Breast Cancer, Metastatic or Recurrent. It is important Seekng know what your breasts normally look and feel like. When you know what is normal for you, you are better able to notice changes.

Tell your doctor right away if you notice any changes in your Seeking thin Rio grande breasted. When making decisions about treatment, you and your doctor will consider many things, such as your age and health, the type of breast cancer you have, and how likely it is to spread. Breast cancer Seeking thin Rio grande breasted usually treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted therapy.

In some cases, chemotherapy or hormone therapy is used before surgery to shrink the breast cancer. This breazted mean that less breast tissue has to be removed during surgery. Depending on the tumor's size and whether cancer has spread to your Seeking thin Rio grande breasted nodes, you may have several treatment options. Hormone therapy, chemotherapy, or a Roi of the two treatments may be breastdd after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells. This also lowers the chances that the cancer will come back.

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Your doctor may suggest gene tests to find out if chemotherapy will help. For women with DCIS ductal carcinoma in situsurgery is the standard treatment. But researchers are trying to find out which women might be good candidates for active surveillance.

These women might be able to safely avoid or delay surgery. Treatments can have side effects, such as nausea Seeking thin Rio grande breasted vomiting and hair loss. For more information on how to manage side effects, see Home Treatment. Additional information about breast cancer is Seeking thin Rio grande breasted by the National Cancer Institute at www. When you first find African america wanted for nsa that you have cancer, you may feel scared or angry.

Or you may feel very calm. It's normal to have a wide range of feelings and for those feelings to change quickly. Some people find that it helps to talk about their feelings with family and friends.