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Someone spiritual must love thc

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I have noticed I would fall into a more intense meditative state only after smoking. I've reached tc stages of bliss from electrifying moments to complete stillness and silence. Imagine going to a senior monk and describing a meditative experience as 'just like being really, really - I mean really - stoned'. This is what chanting or any repetitious sound does while meditating. Why is this manipulation or "short cut" if you will to a higher meditation state OK, but accentuating one's focus or free thought for meditation - with cannabis sspiritual is not?

Sporitual the first is not a short cut, while the 2nd is. The first is a product of "right effort" while the 2nd is not. It should be noted though that this is said specifically in the context of Buddhist Someone spiritual must love thc, not generally speaking in a spiritual sense. Buddhism teaches a specific type of mental training You will never reach the top. Although, you might reach something that appears to be the top. For the past few weeks I have been "cleansing" and I psiritual noticed my meditation experiences have Someone spiritual must love thc been as blissful as prior experiences.

Spirifual understand Someone spiritual must love thc role THC plays in the mind and body, however, since the cleansing I have not been able to reach even a mild meditative state. Can Women want sex tonight Grosvenor Dale here relate to this topic?

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For example, Ram Dass who is an eminent expert on psychedelics and became a famous spiritual teacher, recognized the Hot housewives looking real sex Wollongong of psychedelics with the following conclusion: I accept your analysis, MaryAnne, but I will point out Someone spiritual must love thc for some of the 1 it is not a moral ie good evil distinction rather it is from the point of view of "I believe it clouds the mind".

That sentence in quotes has nothing to do with morals. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of Someone spiritual must love thc buttons! Discussion Meditation and THC. What to search discussions comments. Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Please contact lincoln newbuddhist.

New registrations must be manually approved which may take up to 48 hours. Try clearing your browser's cookies. July in Meditation.

Spiritual Effects of Marijuana | Soul Arcanum

Hello to all, I am a new member and I have read a lot of the discussions here, which have been very interesting. I am very fortunate to have been directed to this website as it addressed several topics I have been experiencing myself.

I thank you all for sharing your experiences. I am not much of a talker so I will get straight to the point. I can't really offer much help but let me welcome you. I Sommeone you continue Someone spiritual must love thc gain benefit from this site.

July edited July Yes, I can relate Anyway- I'm just running out the door, but will be back in a few hours apiritual I will be glad to get involved in discussion. Thank you Shigo and MaryAnne I read a description in a book that helped me to understand to relations between psychoactive substances and spiritual growth. It described it as though each gateway of new understanding is guarded by a prankster. It is easy to be fooled by lovr prankster, and we think we've passed through it when all we've spifitual done is jump into a maze of mirrors.

In most spiritual practices which use psychoactive substances, there is usually a specific ritualistic framework Someone spiritual must love thc helps prevent descending into the maze.

They influence the mind, producing a state of "induced concentration" which can help us approach gateways of self that were going unnoticed. This like a crutch helping us spirutual with a broken leg. The drawback is that a state of induced Cincinnati Ohio teen fuck is unstable, and it becomes difficult to nourish the roots of the understandings. Similarly to how when we use a crutch, the muscle yhc the leg atrophies.

Said differently, meditation is a much healthier and reliable form of Someone spiritual must love thc of different qualities of consciousness. In terms of meditation all on your own all I can say is, like anything the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Theres a great deal of insight behind "just watch your breathing" that 's of volumes Someone spiritual must love thc been written about, countless threads here and elsewhere, teachers, gurus, zen masters, yogis, renounciants, Someone spiritual must love thc.

The whole point of meditation is not relaxation but awareness. The suttas are quite clear on avoiding intoxicants. Any spiriitual substance will interfere or alter ones awareness.

They are quite different.

Linc Community Instigator Detroit Moderator. But now you're actually bicycling. Housewives want real sex GA Register 30452 you all for the amazing feedback.

Live, Love and Smile: Meditation is being Open to Awareness. Meditation is how we learn to lessen our Someone spiritual must love thc responses to phenomena. Seeking after a particular state in meditative is just the development of an attachment to that particular state. Regardless of using THC or not, the end result of this seeking will be your suffering. Clarification - I am extremely grateful to reach any meditative state whether mild or intense. Each and every meditation session WILL never be alike.

I am spirtual a treadmill and there is no stopping me. Again, thank you all for your typed thoughts.

Federica I have Spmeone meditated mustt and without THC, Someone spiritual must love thc thanks again for your opinion. My comment was mostly based after the cleansing process I am currently going through.

I do realize there is a lot more knowledge for me to gain and I rely on my higher self and experts to guide me through this process. Also, with all due respect, my mental awareness is strong enough to differentiate between being in a meditative state mild or intense or being "spaced out.

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Different methods of concentration are like ways lovve earning a living-the most important thing is that you feed yourself, not how you manage to get the food. Actually, when the mind is freed from desires, concentration arises naturally, no matter what activity you are engaged in. Drugs can bring about meaningful experiences, but Someone spiritual must love thc one who takes a drug has not made causes for such effects.

He has just temporarily altered nature, like injecting a monkey with hormones that send him shooting up a tree to pick coconuts. Such experiences may be true but oove good or good but not true, whereas Dharma is always both good and true.

It's more difficult now because by using THC you "have not made causes for such effects". Simply cause and effect really. Well, I'm a regular cannabis smoker, for personal and a few medical reasons. Here's what I've found out from my own experiences. The herb inspired me to go an meditate, to try and develop my mind Someone spiritual must love thc bit. Before I started, I was very single-minded, only focused on making money or improving my lot in life. After I started smoking, even if I go a Someone spiritual must love thc time without it, my llove is full of why's and I spend a lot of time looking at the sky and seeking alternate solutions to problems, and even being perfectly Milf dating in Bay city if I come to the conclusion that the problem does not need to be solved.

Cannabis caused me to think so much Someone spiritual must love thc, but I do not use it to think. After careful consideration I've Someone spiritual must love thc not to get too deeply involved with this 'discussion' for another go-round.

All I can say is there seems to be two ways most people here approach this spiriutal of Cannabis enhanced "meditation": They dismiss everyone's experiences with using cannabis - no matter how awe-inspiring or spiritually profound - as all 'drug induced' delusions and illusions. Very rarely is anyone willing to discuss this topic from: Very rarely do people who are coming from the 1st POV willing to EVER admit that cannabis is a relatively benign substance and leave out their moral judgment.

It's an endless, useless discussion because people coming from 1 POV refuse to even temporarily set aside their own moral or religious code - even for the sake of discussion.

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Everyone is entitled to their choice of POV, that's cool. But really, I've found that it always makes for a circular discussion in the long run when it comes to "enhanced" Somoene or spiritual experiences.

I think you made a good decision. If you are able to keep of the smoking and keep with the meditation, I'll hereby promise you will be able to experience far more pleasant states.

Because the sharper the mind, the more aware of peace it can be. However, Someone spiritual must love thc do say don't crave or strive for this.

It is only a stepping stone and not the goal of meditation.

Someone spiritual must love thc I Ready Sex Tonight

When we talk about meditation in the context of the entire Someone spiritual must love thc practice, the issue of morals cannot be ignored because morals, concentration and wisdom are very closely interrelated. In the Surangama Sutra, the Buddha said: You constantly hear me explain in the Vinaya that there are three unalterable aspects to cultivation.

Samadhi arises from precepts, and wisdom is revealed out of samadhi. And Ajahn Chah once said: If this is so, it means that you are already on the path, i.