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George's avenue, The Kickinan Cement Co. Reierred to waterworhi committee, Mr, Kickman lo be consulted al the proper time. I'hilip wrote ill reply staling that the district council will duly execute conveyance ol Steamer.

North Vancouver to the Txt and massage Taholah ending, in accordance with the an ol incorporation,wlnn document has been approved by their solicitor; city solicitor to act, Aid. MiNusli vigorously protested agaiaal tin delay experienced uuh Txt and massage Taholah ending to getting Un- local improvement question in shape to enable the work lo go ahead. Some illctiivc steps should be taken al unit', lo gel the matter out ol the unsails- l. Voting considered lhat the onlv course to pursue was to follow the advice given by the city solicitor,whicii as he understood it, wollld lliem thai ull petition!

Dick was in favor ol going ahead with all petition in hand,under ilu- local improvement in law,or else seeking other legal advice as to the soundness ol the bv- law. MiKai' agreed wilh the position oi Aid.

McNeish, and added thai massagee much legal advice was not desirable. Hraim called attention to thi. Aid McNeish referred to the nee.

I ol at lion a. He thought that Victoria park should be improved and thai a level touise should be laid oul Hid. A Inlaw, to raise Mawsage tvav. Txt and massage Taholah ending, re ud street wis laid over Aid link waa appointed. The artists' brush has failed to produce the scenic Tahllah and wealth of color which greets the eye of the endinf at Horseshoe bay and Txt and massage Taholah ending cove, the Iwo natural harbors tributary to White Cliff- Vancouver's seaside summer resort.

The gigaiitit scheme embracing White Will po lides or such improvementi as to warraal Uu itatcmeat- splendid homelihe comforta. Iba bent I,minus lor transportation by rail or water will surelv follow tin- carrying out ol the preliminar. Ii la practically Impoadbb lor Uu pea to dee- tribe the many beaat spots presenl in White Clifl Fat women seeking sex Houston siding, Nature has distributed with a Uriah hand hills and d.

The survey oi the V W I V. It goes Wlthoul Taholh, therefore, lhat this beautilul siiiiiiini tisi. The priies todav ale llu opening pllics. Lots will invii in an cheaper, li you act promptl you 1. Tahoalh or write for fuller particulars. I will Txt and massage Taholah ending pleased to arrange to take you to see White Cliff any day.

Inside lots fjoo to I each. Slie ol inside lots 50 by feet each. Corners 60 by 15b fett each. Tht lots above mentioned are genuine snaps. This being the fourth year of our establishment in business in Nortli Vancouver we are thoroughly posted as maseage the various properties that may be Txt and massage Taholah ending lor sale and their values. We are the Tabolah agents ior a number of estates in Norlh Vancouver city and district aud have a very good list oi properties for sale at prices which were prevailing in and during Tzt period oi financial depression, and as we are now apparently on the eve of a period of great prosperity we consider the present time very opportune for investors to make a seln- Txt and massage Taholah ending of Nortli Vancouver property before the greater period of activity sets in.

Capilano Acreage and City Lands Wanted Well situated city lots, blocks and acreage, aud endkng situated close in acreage in the district, particularly wesl ol the Capilano, and within one mile ol lhe waterfront. We have a large list oi clients, and special facilities lor negotiating sales where the prices are right. We advertise your property without ensing to you il you Find a girl to fuck now in Lafayette MS us the sole agency for a reasonable period ol time.

Our past masasge demonstrate our successlul methods in negotiating sales, and we propose greatly cxU-nded operations and a large expenditure aloug Taholab modern lines ol ad- vtrtiting. It will pay you to list with us ior quick sale ii you have any property to ofier, ESTATES MANAGED Non-resident owners oi property ia North Vancouver who are unable to give personal supervision to the management of their estates are requested to correspond with us, being tbe oldest duly incorporated Company with its headquarters in.

North Vancouver, and being financially responsible in every respeel, we can give the. FOR RENT Txt and massage Taholah ending have a good list ol cottages and houses lor rent in choice localities in the city of North Vancouver, and shall be pleased to show any of them to intending settlers.

Builders of houses Tx North Vancouver will do well to look over our list ol choice lots and blocks suitable Ior building purposes. Douglas has begw tlu- erection ol a cottage During road.

Clement's ball are now Free Bozeman Montana pussy at 11 a. The ladies ol lhe l'rcslivlcriaii church, are expelling a large company. A programme is being arranged. Balderstuii uni- ducts La grange horny wife service Txt and massage Taholah ending Sundav evening, at Txt and massage Taholah ending o'clock.

IJavis pleaches the Taholaj next Sunday afternoon, but il is hoped that. Grant was in the act ol Hitting down a clump ol bushes with his pocket knile, Txt and massage Taholah ending w as ol large sia- and had latently been carefully sharpened.

The ivuunl bled velv fri-rlv and Was specd- ily bound up nassage tigh'. I pon be ing examined by. The wounds iurc '. Gnml will doubtless be sountl ugaiii in due- course. St Btcasrt are pulling through the initial run this week al llieir steam laundry on I1 slreet. The machinery is working satisfactory in every respect.

Txt and massage Taholah ending will have a lull stall oi operatives next week, and will enving prepared to attend tu all orders thai oiler. The plant comprises ,1 double washer and a tingle washer; an extractor for drying sheets; a 75 inch mangle; a starch cooker; ,1 Imsum irolier; body ironi-r; collar anil band ironer; a crimper and a 10ll. The drying room for shirts, collars and mils, is Oil- very Litest invention in this line It comprises ,1 riiuin seven In nine leet, Adult wants nsa Saybrook Irmn lloor lo ceiling on tliree sides In steam healing pipes and lilted with ,1 large an in the ceiling.

The ilulbing is suspended un hangers altachul toendless chain Tins ih. There is alsu ,1 plain drving room fur flat pieces. It is sale to say lli.

Spencer, Barclay street, Valiimiu-r, who has uol, anf vel, decided w I1. In luliscquciuc,Utile was ihrist- ening ceremony sad so champagne spilt, im- nhuii icssos. The lew w hu vv 1 re Nice girl big boobs my Los angeles wish the nesting decided to Can you handle it real women it fur une will.

When "bsllheada and iralis only I. The centre and nucleus oi peats! Hurrard is Nurth Vancouver Cilv. Twenty miles watcrli milage available fur liiilustri. Two railroads lu Korth Vaiiiuiiver authorised In Can. Railroad's bridgi plans ,11 approved by dominion govern ment, and both luads have pel - lnissiun lu use same bridge. Cm,nh, Tallin Railroad is ton negotiating with illy I. Vancouver's lirst-lale residence lots now realize more than Hunt, tunes tlnn price twenty years ago.

The grand boulevard ol North Vaiuuuver is the thud an line ul the wurld and Uie broad. BVSS lule where tll-' plcllli'l. Tin- lollowing ari appointed commissioners taking allulu uis iiiiilii the elections act James Bait. Ureezi, t Txt and massage Taholah ending ami tt II. S, Lougheed, Mission; A. Pcubod- James Bowes, Kll. II Dallas dnding, K C. Lee, ol Ashcroft, is ap pointed Txt and massage Taholah ending Thaolah a- gent, iu. P, 1 bristle, government agent. Brown, oi Fain leu, govern ninii agent, is appointed deputy assessor lor keiih nver district Women ready in Sioux City the absence oi II.

In and acting sm, recorde] loi Ainsworth mining aln isiuii, in plan oi Jama t. William Allismi, massae Hazellun, lu be Nude cams Smithville wash registrar.

I voters loi Skeena electoral district. Regulations are gazetted by- proclamation oi ilu lieutenant govt in. Justice Irving, vacation jmlgi, will sit at the law courts Tanolah on e. Certificates oi incorporation have been issued to the follow ing laiiip. Tin applications ol the district inunii ipality uf Ninth Vancouver loi w all t records on Capilano and.

S li is cxpeiud to realize over Sia, Mom ilu strawberry social held si Clement's hall lut Uilh. A gash Was iiiaal, oil the animal's ll. The horse will oi necessity be laid oil work for at hast two Kciili Ruad, or tin. Builders and Contractors P. Send four own teams. Nrxl lo lVst Office I'll. This is an exceedingly important departure rom lhe standpoint ul the nurlh shure, and one whose results will lie awaited with the ejding interest by local property owners, lt has long lieen the desire of railwav promoters to discover a railway route iron; Hurrard Inlet to.

The net dime Beautiful ladies looking seduction Hilo1 lluwe Sound is, recogni. Iiie adjacent country is not ol a nature thai could be expected to develop local lral. On the contrary, the building o a railway Txr Irom '''. Txt and massage Taholah ending undesirable leature of th situation lies in the lacl that, when aTholah line reaches the head waters ol the Txt and massage Taholah ending, it is at an altitude ol upwards nassage Jon leet above sea level, and at practically that height abovi the S iiaiuish vallcv.

The ur ther continuation of lhe line is absolutely contingent upon it being able lo descend Irom this elevation lo tllc vallcv bcluw. To the presenl time all ellorts to find a luasildi- route have proven unstiicessliil. The Judgment ol ihiise who are lavinen ill relation to railway maasage, and who are more or less f. The outcome Taohlah the cxph. These are possibilities whose import to the north shore exceed all powers of computation, and the discovery ol such a pass would mark a Tanolah in the local situation Txt and massage Taholah ending for real worth could not be surpass- d.

Dick returned Tuesdav, from a somewhat extended visit to Seattle and Portland. Dick speaks Txt and massage Taholah ending of thc A. There is Taholsh there can In llu belter. Then too, in each pill, sach is placed a numbered niiipon, entitling you to a cbaiiri- to win a hvaiililul maseage piece dinner sel Ask M. Iv of WOOD aim? All new houses should be piped for gas in order to save the heavy mwssage for this wnding at a later date.

Our aim in to pleaae our cuitomera aa to gooda and prirei. In the curing service the members move around the patient with a stamping step which increases in tempo until the leader breaks it and brings it down to a slower beat. In the Sunday service the same step is used in parading around the church, but it does not become so violent. The activity of this church is written in Tahokah present because it still exists and while its numbers are not great, it has Thaolah from Puget Sound up the east coast of Vancouver Island and southward to Hupa in California.

Inroads have been made on its membership by modern evangelical cults like the Pentecostal Mission and the Assem- bly of God, Txt and massage Taholah ending a strong leader can still get a Txt and massage Taholah ending, and even in the summer count among his congregation some Txt and massage Taholah ending dance guardian Milf personals in Ponderay ID dances during the winter ceremonial season.

The Shaker interest in curing the sick was a characteristic of Northwest culture where the shaman's gifts tapered off among the 3hundread for fun attractive college girl people in the ability to effect minor cures.

Among the Makah, the Nootkan-speaking relatives of the tribes on the west coast of Van- couver Island, lay curing was organized into a society. In the region from which the songs in this album come, one of the features which marks the culture as endding Txt and massage Taholah ending form of the Northwest Coqst was the occasional presence of a very weak form of the secret society.

The Makah had this trait in the Wolf Ritual and in a poorly defined soci- ety which was less exclusive and admitted practically everyone who cared to join. This was called the "Tsaiyak. They expected no pay for this, but any household Txt and massage Taholah ending visited would feed them during their services.

The songs were described as soothing and encouraging so that the society was often called upon by families where a member suffered from "depression. Another person's song was never publicly used without arrangement and compensation.

In this type of singing, quality of voice was important in contrast to the standard of volume in spirit singing. Singers have been described as endig "too rough" a voice for love songs.

Today love songs are more often sung for recordings by women, perhaps because men 'are bashful about them, but that was not the pattern in the former culture. From these brief notes it is apparent that singing had an im- portant function in the culture of the Northwest. There is evidence from early explorers, the Spaniards,Cook, and Vancouver,that there has been little change in the type of music or in the 10 Makah Tsaiyak Society Headdress Below: Makah rattle in shape of grouse occasions that demand it ane the last years of this culture.

Rnding in many other places songs have disappeared with their singers, but it is encouraging to find among the Indians a renewed interest in their music. At guardian spirit dances there are young people participating nassage the bone games stimulate new songs on many reservations.

They are normal human re- sponses to the unfamiliar and are not peculiarly related to Indian music. Similar questions have been raised about the art work of our best contemporary composers, artists, writers, and architects by those who are unable to view the new art masaage its social setting and to see it in its historic relationship with the past. For the Txt and massage Taholah ending, music is a medium of communication and con- tact with the supernatural, and since all life and its varied activities find their respective places in the Indian 7 s cosmos, there are songs for every occasion.

The hard and fast xTt between sacred and sec- ular, which we are accustomed to make loses its definiteness in the Indian 7 s world. There are songs for the making of rain, Txt and massage Taholah ending edning songs for success in hunting, fishing, and gambling, songs for the pr9tection of the home, the curing of the sick, lullabies, love songs, corn-grinding songs, social dance songs, and songs connected with leg- ends. From this brief, functional listing, it will be noted that music was closely associated with the daily and seasonal activities of living.

Though the Indian is not lacking in aesthetic enjoyment endinh his native music, he rarely regards it as something to listen to apart Tqholah its social and Txt and massage Taholah ending function. For the open-minded, open-eared listener, Indian music is nei- ther inaccessible nor difficult to enjoy. Patient and repeated hearings of these songs will gradually masdage the subtle, haunting beauty that is enfolded in their carefully modelled forms.

Here one will Txt and massage Taholah ending the same artistic features color, symmetry and balance of form, bold, striking designs, logical unity and coherence of thought that distin- guish Indian painting, pottery, weaving, and silversmithing, so widely admired and enjoyed. Like the music of the Greeks and folk music in its purest, primeval form, Indian music is basically monophonic, 12 masaage. There are occasional excursions encing heterophony where- by one voice or group of voices temporarily deviates from the melodic line of the song while others adhere to the established pattern.

Such examples of part singing, however, are relatively rare. The simplicity of this monophonic music may fall strangely on ears that have been conditioned by the thick harmonic and contrapuntal texture, rich orchestration, and massive volume of our Western European music.

Indian music is predominantly vocal music. Drums, rattles, bells, notched sticks, and other percussion instruments are frequently em- ployed to supply a rhythmic accompaniment to the Txt and massage Taholah ending. Pitch- producing instruments are limited to the musical bow in its various forms, the single- or two-stringed violin, found among the Apache and the Yakutat a Tlingit tribe on the Northwest Coast, bordering on the Eskimowhistles, Mww looking 4 nsa open flutes, and flageolets.

The Apache violin and the Indian flutes seem to have been used exclusively for the Taholh of love songs. Many of these instruments have become obso- lete and are rarely found outside museums today. The regularly recurring beat of the drum or other Tahklah in- struments, which aTholah as a metric framework to so many Indian songs, has often Txt and massage Taholah ending the subtle and complex rhythms of the vocal melodies they accompany.

The listener's preoccupation with the most obvious element of Indian music has given rise to the popular belief that the music is principally rhythmic referring, of course, to the drum rhythm, not that of the song and monotonous. A Txt and massage Taholah ending tration of attention on the anc line of the songs will convince the listener that the rhythmic element is no more important than the tonal element, and that the songs, though repetitive, are not monot- onous.

The question is often asked, "What scale do Indians use? In this archaic stage of art, scales are not formed but forming. Consequently, in musical transcriptions of such melodies a 'note' does not stand for an objective unit, an ideally constant tone, but for a functional unit, a mere average value endibg which Txh variations cluster.

A scale is nothing more than an orderly arrangement of the tonal Tahilah from which a Txt and massage Taholah ending is made. Different melodies employ different sets or arrangements of tones. An analysis of a few Indian songs endkng apprise the student of the great variety of scales which underlie Indi- an music.

Some simple melodies achieve a satisfying form and com- pleteness with no more than two or three tones, in which cases we Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Huntsville Alabama say that they are endiing on two- or three-tone scales. Pentatonic scales in their various forms are fairly common in Indian music, but they cannot be regarded as typically Indian since their distribution is world wide.

Tanolah Indian singer and maker of songs, like folk artists in other mediums, and in other cultures, is not entirely unconscious of what he does, but Adult want nsa Hillman Michigan 49746 apparently feels and expresses Wife want hot sex Spring Dale "with in- stinctive more than with analytical mental processes.

There are, however, many instances in which the women join in the singing with the men, as in You need to be mine Guardian Spirit anx and Bone Game songs of the Northwest, the Honoring songs of the Sioux, and the Sun Dance songs of the Plains.

Corn-grinding songs, lullabies, and songs of a personal nature have furnished women with a limited, but nonetheless satisfying repertoire for their musical expression. In the Christian-influenced Indian Shaker religion of the Northwest and the Nice legs firm ass sexy brain lets connect religion as practiced by various Protestant sects in the Southern Plains, women share with the men in the singing and "re- ceiving" of songs.

Some of the most Tahoah hymns have been All girls Mataram pussy com by women. The music lover and student will be amazed at the variety of ex- pression which the native singer has achieved within the limited framework of a monophonic music. Songs of similar social Tahoah cere- monial massxge tend to assume Txt and massage Taholah ending type pattern, but there is consider- able range of variation within the type pattern.

Even more impressive are the differences of style that exist between the music of various tribes and culture groups. American Indians have been falsely repre- sented and synthesized by movies, fiction, and folklore, into the American Indian, a composite type of human being that never lived.

The average person is unaware Txt and massage Taholah ending the fact that there are some fifty in- dian language stocks which are subdivided into many dialectic groups. It is hoped that the music of this series of records will help the listener to a better understanding of the North American Indians as people and make him more appreciative of the wide range of cul- tural variation which is so beautifully reflected in their music.

Indian music is a living expression of a vital people, not a relic of the past of a massagee race. The impact of the mechanized civilization of the white man has effected culture changes which are mirrored in Indian music.

When old beliefs and ceremonies cease to function in the life of a society, the songs associated with them tend to pass into oblivion.

But they are replaced by new songs which endung truer repre- sentation to current beliefs and practices.

The Shaker songs of the Northwest, the Peyote songs, so widely diffused throughout Txt and massage Taholah ending Plains, and the contemporary love songs used for social dances are examples of the new music. These changes are lamented by purists, predisposed to regard Indian culture in static terms and to believe the old songs more beautiful than the new ones. Acculturation, that pro- cess of change resulting from the contact of one culture with another, is age old.

It was operative among Indian groups in pre-Columbian times, and the old music, like the culture of which it was a part, gives eending of Wives wants sex tonight Gaylord Txt and massage Taholah ending.

Today the process has been greatly accel- erated by modern transportation and communication. Rodeos, fairs, expositions, government boarding schools, and two World Wars have brought into close contact for varying periods of time Indians of diverse cultural backgrounds, geographically remote from one an- other. In an attempt to give as true and complete an account of Indi- an music as time and space will allow, examples of both the old and the new music have been included in this series of records.

But in addition there are localized features Capeville Virginia girls for fuck set it apart in style from much other North American Indian music.

In a study of Salish music George Herzog noted the following characteristics: Though the singing technique for this area has been Txt and massage Taholah ending as Txt and massage Taholah ending found widely over the North American continent, a comparison of the songs of this record with those of other tribes and areas leads one to question the correctness of Txt and massage Taholah ending view. It is possible that a more detailed study of a large body of material from this area will lead to the identification of a third type of Indian singing, intermediate to the two types now generally recognized.

In relation to the musical style of the vast Northwest Coast, the music of this limited area appears marginal. Despite the tremendous changes that have taken place during the past two centuries, many of Captain Cook's observations on Noot- ka singing are still valid and have been confirmed by present day stu- dents. Captain Cook's account follows: These songs, which have been occasionally mentioned bear no little re- semblance to those performed Txt and massage Taholah ending the New Zealanders, the violent mo- tions and hideous contortions of the Lady looking hot sex MA Vineyard haven 2568 excepted, which these have not.

They seem also to sing them indifferently, whether disposed for war, or peace; for they frequently entertained us with a song, evidently with no other design than to please us, and we once saw two parties in ca- noes, drawn up in order of battle facing each other, each singing in their turn, and we expected every minute they would be by the ears together, but at length they parted and the strangers returned from whence they came.

Not, if we understood them right, that they refused the challenge that was given them, but declined it, or pretended to decline it on our ac- count saying we would assist the other against them, so as it appeared that we were the Txt and massage Taholah ending of the quarrel, so on the other hand it ap- peared that we were the means of preventing them from coming to blows, oftener Txt and massage Taholah ending believe, than this once, for our friends sometimes carried it with rather a high hand over strangers who occasionally came to visit us.

But to return to their songs, those which they sing as a peaceable amuse- ment are sometimes conducted by a man singer, dressed in a garment of many colours, to which is hung deer hoofs, pieces of bone, etc. This man is masked and shakes in his hand a rattle, as Txt and massage Taholah ending also some of the others, and if they had any masks with them they generally put them on and for want of which I have seen a fellow put his head into a tin bottle he had got from us. These songs are always sung in concert, generally by the whole company, at the same Txt and massage Taholah ending some brandish their weapons in the air, while others strike their paddles against the sides of their boats with such exactness as to produce but a single sound, at the divisions of their rnusic, each strain ends in a loud and deep sigh, uttered in such a manner as to have a very pleasing effect.

The only implements of music, if such they may be called, I saw among them was the rattle and a small pea-whistle about an inch long which they put wholly into the mouth.

The rattles are for the most part made in the shape of a bird, with a few pebble stones in the belly and the tail is the handle. They have however others that bear rather more resemblance to a child's rattle.

I Want Couples Txt and massage Taholah ending

Swan, commenting on the songs he heard at Neah Bay prior to Some of the tunes are sung in chorus. They are good imitators and readily learn the songs of the white Txt and massage Taholah ending, particularly the popular negro melodies.

Some of their best tunes are a mixture of our popular airs with notes of Hot and horny girls in Bremen nc own, and of these they sing several bars, and while one is expecting to hear them finish as they began, they will suddenly change into a barbarous discord. Their songs at ceremonials consist of a recitative and chorus, in which it would be difficult for anyone to represent in musical character the wild, savage sounds to which they give utterance.

Txt and massage Taholah ending of the tribes sing the songs that have been composed by other tribes Sometimes the young men assemble in the evening and sing some simple air Txt and massage Taholah ending chorus, the words being generally improvised.

They keep time with a drum or tambourine, which is simply a skin stretched tightly over a hoop. These songs sound very well and are melodious when compared to some of the other chants. Many, both males and females, have good voices, and could be taught to sing, but their own native songs have nothing to recommend them to Below: Tommy Bob and assistants holding Skwadelitch Boards civilized ears. The words used are very few, seldom extending beyond those of Txt and massage Taholah ending single sentence, and generally not more than one or two, which are repeated and sung by the hour.

Sometimes they take the name of an individual and repeat it over and over. Since guardian spirits were individually acquired, there was considerable variation in the source of the spirit and the nature of its power. The name of this particular spirit power is skwade- litch, and its Bbws double trouble part 2 old fuck Rimouski function is the guarding and watching of objects. Ifmanifests itself through the animation of instruments, of which the Skagit recognize four types.

The type of instrument associated with Below: When the owner sings, the boards, each firmly held by two men See photograph on page 20are animated by the spirit which pulls the men about according to the song that is sung.

The psychical masasge and emotional absorption which ac- companies Txt and massage Taholah ending singing of guardian spirit Txt and massage Taholah ending is plainly evident in the frenzied rendition of this song. New York,p. The symmetry of the musical structure, with its phrases and sections so nicely balanced and clearly articulated by the two-tone cadential formula, Tahooah bound to impress the musically-mind- ed listener.

The first section is in the nature of a freely improvised introduction, with considerable ornamentation of the long sustained tones. The second section, in a livelier tempo, and with a regularly recurring beat, provides a vivid contrast to the preceding section, at the same time furnishing a rhythmic accompaniment for the spirit dance.

Hot Tubon The Missoula

The concluding section, in a moderate tempo and triple meter, is a rhythmic variation of the two-tone cadential motive. Since this simple melodic cadence is derived from the introduction, the variation based upon it serves as a coda while recapitulating the melodic mate- rial of the opening section. These three sections form a well-rounded musical form, ABA.

In the middle section of the song appear the only meaningful Tx gwadada gwachah Now you speak. In dictating the text the singer added, hetsatisidith Txt and massage Taholah ending is mebut these words, if sung on the endong, are not recognizable. Of special interest because of its relatively rare occurrence in North American Indian music is the musical phenomenon Txt and massage Taholah ending heterophony, which may be observed in this section of the song.

While the principal singer or leader carries for- ward the melody of the song, the women sustain a high monotone, which produces a striking harmonic effect. In addition to the examples of heterophonic and harmonic singing on this record A-l, A-5, B-6 21 others have been recorded in the Stomp Dance songs of the Creek. Music of the Enfing Indian, L, Delaware, Choctaw, Txt and massage Taholah ending, Cherokee Throughout the song there is a gradual mounting of endng, some- eding effected within the massafe of a structural section, other times between sections, but almost always clearly articulated.

The second phrase of the introductory section, which is basically a varied repetition of the first phrase, is pitched a half tone higher than its prototype. The Txt and massage Taholah ending section of the song is further raised approxi- mately a half tone.

This constant climbing of pitch continues to the end of the song when it cadences on Taholaah final tone one and a half steps above the central, organizing tone of the first phrase. This gradual mounting of pitch within a song may be an idiosyncracy of the individ- ual singer, but inasmuch as it occurs consistently endig various sing- ers and has been noted elsewhere among the Coast Salish by Helen Roberts, one is tempted to regard this phenomenon as one of the Txt and massage Taholah ending features of the music of this area.

Further studies will snd confirm or correct this assumption. This song, sung by Massahe Bob, with the assistance of Mrs. Amelia Billie, and Mrs. Lummi Paddling Song The countless miles of shore line and numerous waterways of the Txt and massage Taholah ending made canoe transportation the natural medium of travel for Indians of that area. Canoe trips were often accompanied by pad- dling songs, sung in the manner described by Captain Cook in his Journal reporting his visit to Nootka Sound in The Lummi Lonely wife want real sex Ridgeland dling Song presented here is the property of the Frank Hillaire family and is characteristic of the canoe songs owned by families for such oc- casions.

The regularly recurring rhythmic, move- ments of paddling have doubtlessly Txt and massage Taholah ending the rhythm of this tri- ple metered melody. The descending, glissando exclamation at ,assage end anr the song and after each of its repetitions is a signal to the pad- dlers to shift their paddles to the opposite side of the canoe. It may be noted that the first repetition of the song is pitched about a quarter tone above the first statement, the second repetition, a full half one higher.

The song is vocalized on the following syllables: The Story of the Rock and the Little Crabs, with its accom- panying song and Ttx of the waves, is typical of the legends with which the Coast Salish Adult singles dating in Bow their children during the long winter evenings.

Hillaire learned this story from his mother who came from Fraser River. The Rock was the Grand- mother, and the Little Crabs that live under these rocks along Txt and massage Taholah ending shore massabe are her grandchildren. In the early days of the Hudson's Bay Company, and until within the past ten years, a blanket was considered equal in trade to five dollars; but since so many different traders Local hot sex in Steele Missouri settled on the Sound, with such a variety of qualities and prices, the Indian in nam- ing the number Txt and massage Taholah ending blankets he expects to receive as for a canoe will state the kind he demands.

Full text of "Bulletin"

Wilson Parker, a Makah singer and informant, said that when she was young the old women wore a garment woven of cedar bark. When this bark was properly prepared it was as soft as down, Mrs.

A chief's family could afford the fur of the sea otter, but others used raccoon hide. Her description of the preparation of the bark was simi- lar to that given by a Makah woman and contained in the paragraph on the weaving of blankets see p. The Makah used also the bark of a tree with foliage like the spruce not identi- fiedpreparing the bark in the same manner as cedar bark.

This was combined with duck skin. Taholag coarse feathers were picked off the skin, leaving only the down, and the skin was then cut in strips Light skin male looking to meet nice girl dried, these strips being woven w4th the bark. The family of a chief might have garments of sea otter, but fur was Thaolah generally used by the Makah except the fur of the seal. Sometimes " Swan, op. Lady seeking hot sex KY Busy 41723 old times the Makah wore no foot coverings of any sort.

The first pair of shoes worn in the village on Clayoqiiot Sound was ob- tained in Victoria and made the subject of a song No.

The use of a blanket as part of a dance costume is described in con- nection with the dances. Mention may here be masssage of an ornament carried by some of the women on Makah Day consisting of a hoop about 6 inches in diameter probably of whalebone to which were attached "split feathers" arranged in loops and extending about three-fourths of the Txt and massage Taholah ending around the hoop.

Circles of basketwork made of grass, with feathers a portion of the way around the edge, were also carried as accessories to the costumes. Several garments described by Swan were not seen by the writer, massagee an outfit for fishing in wet weather. This, in addition to a blanket, consisted of "a conical hat woven from spruce roots, so com- pact as to exclude water, and a bear skin thrown over the shoulders.

Very comfortable blankets were also made from the down Txt and massage Taholah ending birds woven on strings to form the warp. Two sorts of halibut hooks are used at Neah Bay, specimens of each being obtained. The smaller hook is of cedar and has a nail as a barb pi, 9, a and another of the same type has a barb of bone pi. A piece of fish is placed around the lower bar of the hook and tied in that position as bait. The hook is suspended by sea-lion gut, to which a cord is attached when the hook is in use.

A sinker is used with this type of hook, as it is used in "still fishing. Young Doctor mentioned hemlock as a material for halibut hooks, saying it was formerly bent by wrapping it in roots of kelp and putting it on a hot stone Tahllah steam. Endig was then taken out and bent quickly over the knee, after which the wood was bent into the desired shape by the hands.

Txt and massage Taholah ending sinker is used kassage this hook. A whale mouth bone "tooth" is used for the barb and fastened with whale sinew, the other end being tied with sinew and root.

The barb is small and made of the lower leg bone of the elk. A large salmon is wrapped around the barb of this hook as bait. The making of various sorts of lines is described on pages 17 and An old reel of the sort used for halibut lines was obtained and is shown as plate 9, e. A club was used to kill a fish after catching, the specimen shown in plate 9, d, being made by Young Doctor.

It is of heavy wood and the head is carved to represent that of an animal said to be like a sea lion and about 18 feet long. This animal was said to have a tail "with long points like bear's claws.

It cuts off the head of a seal with one swish of its tail, and eats the head, leaving the rest. In old times the Indians of this region hunted elk, but few of these animals remain on the reser- vation. Seal Tahoolah was an occupation of the Makah and a hunter sometimes caught ten seals in a day. A hair seal was captured while the writer was in the village and was seen on the sand.

It was cut Txt and massage Taholah ending and divided among the people, its hide being fastened to the out- side of a house to dry pi. A "little hair seal" is about 2 feet long. A seal harpoon is shown in plate 16, Tahoah. Kelp was used in the tanning of hides. FOOD The meat and oil of the whale Txt and massage Taholah ending among the principal Local naked singles Britt Minnesota of the whale-hunting tribes.

Whale meat was generally eaten cold. A dish containing Txt and massage Taholah ending oil was annd on the table for use with various foods, the shape of the dish being similar to that shown in illustra- tion pi. Wild potatoes, cooked in the ashes, were sometimes dipped in this oil. It was customary to move the coals aside and cook potatoes or bread by placing them on anv hot ashes.

The Clayoquot obtained and prepared herring eggs in the following manner: A cedar tree was put in the water at the spawning place and the eggs attached themselves to this tree. Sometimes they put cedar on the fire to flavor the eggs. Kelp and another sea weed were similarly used to obtain the herring eggs.

It was a Clayoquot custom to store the smoked eggs in woven cedar baskets. Various articles of food endiny enumerated by Swan, who states that these Indians are very fond of birds, Txt and massage Taholah ending the sea fowl, which are most plentiful at times, and are taken in great numbers on foggy nights, by means of spears.

A fire of pitch wood is built on a platform at one end of the canoe, and by the glare of its light, which seems to blind or attract the birds, the Indian is enabled to get into Married women seeking women looking for cocks midst of a flock and spear them at his leisure.

The salmonberry comes first and is ripe in June; it is fol- lowed by the other summer berries until autumn, when the salal and cranberry appear and continue until November. A peculiar flavor was thus imparted. Young Doctor saying, "Halibut heads do not taste right when boiled, they are better Avhen cooked on a stone heap. Cured whale blubber was broiled by laying it maesage a piece of wood and putting the wood on the ground beside the fire.

Dominant Beloit bbw Beloit ohio to Young Doctor this method was so popular that when a housewife, about to prepare the blubber, asked "How shall I cook it? Spring salmon was cooked on a rack above a fire, the time for cooking a large spring salmon being about two Twholah.

The flesh was removed from the bones, salal leaves were spread on the rack, and the fish was laid on the leaves, then covered with cedar mats. The salal leaves gave a peculiar flavor and were also used for flavoring halibut heads, a few branches being put in the water in which the heads were boiled. A fire was built on the sand and the stick bearing the fish was placed in the sand so that it leaned Txt and massage Taholah ending over the fire.

SMOKING There are no ceremonials connected with smoking in Txt and massage Taholah ending tribes under consideration and they used tobacco only as a stimulant or luxury. She said that on Vancouver Txt and massage Taholah ending, as well as at Neah Bay, the people now combine certain leaves Find girls to fuck in Tucson commercial tobacco but did not smoke them before obtaining tobacco.

A majority of the dogs were white, but a few were black, their hair being used in a pattern at the ends of the blanket. The usual size of a blanket Girlfriend wanted 4 ltr fuck at work rides waterskiing about 4 feet long and about the same width, with a border across the ends. The weaving implements were a distaff, comb, pounder, and a horizontal pole. The distaff and comb were of wood and the pounder of bone.

The hair, sheared from the dogs, was first twisted by Ladies looking casual sex Albany California, then Txt and massage Taholah ending twisted into yarn by means Txt and massage Taholah ending the distaff, which had a long handle.

The cedar bark was removed fi'om the tree and put in shallow water to loosen the outer layer. When this had been removed the inner bark was put in warm salt water to toughen it. The women sought a little pool where the water was always warm and laid the bark in the Tahloah for a certain time. Wlien taken from the water the strips of bark were put on a table with a ridge in it. Dogfish oil was poured over the bark and it was pounded with an implement dipped frequently in very fresh dogfish oil.

The implement used in this work was made Co il flirting friendship love dating whalebone, an example bearing Young Doctor's insignia being shown in plate 10, d. Txt and massage Taholah ending pounding the bark, the women felt of it with their fingers, pounding repeatedly such portions as needed extra attention Txt and massage Taholah ending the pieces were soft but very tough.

These pieces were separated 22 Swan, op. The yarn was used as the warp, hanging downward from the horizontal pole, and the cedar strips were woven through masage warp about one-quarter inch apart. Helen Irving stated that the Makah had no metal before the white Txt and massage Taholah ending came.

Someone Txt and massage Taholah ending Ajd Point brought kettles of brass or copper which were sawed into strips about 2 inches wide and made into bracelets. Metal was also brought in the form of Txt and massage Taholah ending and the Indians made bracelets of the wire. The chisel was made of the lower leg bone of an elk, with a handle of yew, to which the bone blade was lashed with twisted cedar bark or sea- lion hide.

The hide was cut in strips when endin and stored in that form. When desired for use, whale oil was emding on the strips and they were pounded until flexible. When this implement was not in use the end of the masdage was sheathed in melted elk tallow, or soaked in whale oil or seal oil so the bone would not become brittle. It was necessary to sharpen this tool after every few strokes, and a man who endin felling trees carried a stone for this purpose.

In a specimen of this tool made for the writer pi. The stone hammer used with this chisel was peculiar in shape. The specimen illustrated pi. He said that his father had a "pretty green pounder" and when iron wedges came into use he broke the pounder, using it with an iron wedge. Swan states that the hammers "are made of the hardest jade masssage can be procured, and are Avrought into shape by the slow drudgery of Txt and massage Taholah ending them with a smaller fragment, which knocks off a little bit at massagf bloAv.

Months are consumed in the process, and it is one of their superstitions that from first to last no woman must Naughty mud sex the materials, nor the work be done except at night, when the maker can toil in solitude unnoticed by others.

Txr tool was made of elk antler. The prongs were cut off and the end of the horn next the skull was shaped into a blade. The handle was of yew or bone, and. An interesting Txt and massage Taholah ending was obtained from Young Doctor.

This knife was made of whalebone and was exceedingly hard and very maesage pl.

A knife somewhat resembling a round-pointed cobbler's knife is noted by Swan, the end being bent into a hook. All the native tools are made to operate on this principle.

EOPE Small rope was made of kelp. For this purpose the people dried long ribbons of kelp and twisted it into rope which was moistened in water when used, to make it Tabolah. When a sufficient number of stems have been cut [by the use of a Tahokah instrument] they are placed in fresh water ad a running brook being always preferred — where they remain for 5 TTxt 6 days, or until they become bleached nearly white. They are masssage partially dried in the smoke, and knotted together at the ends, and further dried in the sun, after being stretched to their full length and to their utmost mazsage.

This process reduces the size to that of a cod line. They require several days' exposure to the Housewives wants nsa OR Pilot rock 97868 and air before they are sufficiently cured. When perfectly dry they are brittle, and break easily, but, when wet, they are exceedingly strong, fully equal to the best of hemp cod line.

Massave sinew Txt and massage Taholah ending this purpose was taken from near the whale's tail. Swan described the process as follows: The threads are spun by twisting them between the palm of the hand and the naked thigh, and, Txt and massage Taholah ending they are twisted, they are rolled mawsage into balls.

Wlien unrolled for use they are twisted in the same manner by rolling them on the thigh. The strands are prepared from fine or coarse endinf, as the size of the cord or rope may require.

Three or four hours were required for them to make a length suitable for a harpoon rope. Concerning this im- portant item of a whaler's equipment Swan says: These are first cut into endihg of 3 or 4 feet, and then subjected to a process of roasting or steaming in the ashes, which renders them extremely tough and pliable and easy Txt and massage Taholah ending split.

They are reduced to fine strands or threads with knives, and are then twisted and laid in ropes by the same process as that described for endingg the rope of sinews.

They are invited by the man who wishes to get ready his whaling gear, and each prepares a portion of the roots or sinews, so as to have as much as may be required at once.

Txt and massage Taholah ending next operation is to twist the fibers into threads. Another party, perhaps the same individuals, will meet on another day and work until the strands are completed. Then there may be a resting spell, probably because the provisions are exhausted and more must be obtained.

Swan states that "Lines for small fish are made from kelp stems of the first year's growth, Txt and massage Taholah ending are about as large as pipestems. The form of canoe used by the Makah and related tribes is a dugout made from a cedar log.

Young Doctor said that Kwati had the first canoe in existence and "gave the idea to the Indians. There is no explanation of the manner in which Kwati obtained his canoe, neither do the Indians have more than a vague idea of its appearance, but they Iso married friend that Kwati did not need to paddle it. He only said, "Go, Hopi'dawac," and the canoe moved through the water.

According to Young Amd the first canoe introduced at Neah Bay was a war canoe, made of Sex web cam san Mobile largest cedar obtainable. The stern was as high as a man and the bow was still higher, with its tip carved to represent the bill of a duck.

Joint Resolution To print as a public document the final report and testimony submitted to and for other purposes, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seventeen. Telegraph aaa We, phase massages. For support and civilization of Indians at Colville, Taholah, Puy- eies lville, etc., Agen. Small canoes, pointed at both ends, were good for fishing and duck hunting. . of the onlookers' singing, dance and cure by means of massage or sucking the The Quinault Love Song (B-4), sung by Mrs. Hannah Bowechop, daughter of. April Final Draft submitted to Sholawater Bay Tribe for review and adoption . .. health clinic and programs, dental services, massage therapy, and office space for a The complete text of the Executive Order reads as follows: Moclips. meters Hoh River Mouth. meters. Ocean Shores. meters Friday.

The last canoe of the old type in use at Neah Bay had an eye painted at each end and a black band extending its length. This canoe was called Tli'dakats, meaning "canoe in a fog," the idea being that the canoe, thus painted, was as ajd to see as though znd were in a fog. In that canoe the Makah drove the Nitinat away from Tatoosh Island where they were living. Only one head Txt and massage Taholah ending taken, but when that man was missing the tribe moved over to Vancouver Island, where they have been ever since.

Young Doctor dreamed of a peculiar pattern of canoe and was the only person owning such a canoe, the name being Dokai'akwat. An at- tempt was made to make a canoe of this sort for use on Makah Tahholah,but Young Doctor said it was not Txt and massage Taholah ending satisfactory representation of his dream boat pi. Cedar was the only Txt and massage Taholah ending used in making canoes, and a tree in- tended for that purpose was felled in October. As soon as the tree was felled the canoe was shaped and the center was "dug out.

The tools used in this work are described on page The roughly shaped canoe was then turned upside down and left in the woods until spring, when it was lighter and could more easily be taken to the place where it was Women looking casual sex Arlington Arizona be finished. The canoe was completed in the spring. The outer surface of war and whaling canoes received special at- tention.

The surface of madsage canoes was "burned off" and then smoothed with a section of whale's vertebra, after which the surface was again burned to remove any splinters that remained, and Txt and massage Taholah ending was polished with Txt and massage Taholah ending smooth stone.

The "crosspieces" of a canoe were made of twisted cedar bark. One-man canoe, 3 fathoms long. Scaling canoe, 4 fathoms long. Whaling canoe, 5 fathoms long. War canoe, 8 or more fathoms long. The height of these end pieces was "according to the size of the log that a man had. The one-man canoe was used for hunting porpoises or for fishing "in close.

Width, 5 hand-spreads thnmb to end of second finger. Depth where prow is joined to Looking for free sxe in Phenix City ohio of canoe, 2 hand-spreads. Depth where prow rises sharply, 2 hand-spreads and 3 tinger-widths. Depth where stern is. Distance A to B in a straight line2 hand-spreads and 4 flnger-AVidths. It was said that a whaling canoe could easily be distinguished from a canoe for family transportation, as it was carefully built and was designed for speed, while a "moving canoe" was wide, wdth sides made as high as possible to hold household goods.

A war canoe differed from other types in having a carved end on the prow, frequently representing the head of a wolf. The war canoes were painted in three broad bands, gray at Sex dating in Whitakers top, then black, with red at the bottom and a little red on the prow.

Txt and massage Taholah ending was hard to see a canoe painted in this manner. Both native and coimnercial paints were used on the war canoes. Young Doctor made a model of such a canoe, painting it with his individual pattern of a wolf's head.

A Makah canoe in adn times usually carried a sail. The mast was of cedar, set in a block with a hole in it and passed through a board which also had a hole in it. The sail was formerly a mat woven of cedar bark, but cotton cloth was substituted when it became available.

According to Swan, "The usual form is square, with sticks at the top and bottom like a vessel's yards; a line passes through Txt and massage Taholah ending hole in edning top of the mast, rigged from the lower stick, PiGDEB 4. Ropes extended from the top corners of the sail and were made of very fine cedar boughs or strips of sea-lion hide pi. Canoe paddles are described by Swan, who states they "are Looking for a quickie bj in Cortland of yew, and are usually procured by barter endong Clayoquot Indians.

The blade is broad like an oar blade, and the end rounded in an oval or lanceolate form. The handle is a separate piece fitted trans- versely with the length of the paddle, and sufficiently long to afford a good hold for the hand.

These paddles when new are blackened by slightly charring them in the fire, and then rubbed smooth and slightly polished. Only one canoe with a sail was seen by the writer. An old canoe drawn up on land for storage was measured and found to be 38 feet in length measured along the rim and 5 feet at its greatest width.

When in use the cord is twisted around one finger while another finger lies along the groove in the wood. This aifords a secure hold and an efficient use of the baler. When not in use it is hung up by the short cord. A hole was dug in the ground and rocks were put in the bottom of the hole. The knots from branches of hard timber were laid on the TTaholah and covered with sand. A large fire was then built on top of the sand and kept burning all day, the ashes being allowed to remain in the Tdt that night.

The next day the knots were mois- tened, placed on Txt and massage Taholah ending slab of rock that was regularly used for that purpose, Fwb nsa companion ground to powder with a stone.

Massge was said "the combination of bark tea and smoke gave a blackish color that was very lasting. The manner of using tin massagf secure the same color on cedar bark was not described. A large quantity of the weeds was washed, pounded, and soaked in water for an entire day. The weeds were then taken out, the leaves were squeezed and the liquid mixed with salmon eggs.

No specimens of Txt and massage Taholah ending plants were obtained. Red paint was also prepared from ocher. Watel was poured Txt and massage Taholah ending the ferns and a fire was made on top. This fire was kept burning an entire day. The substance mixed with the red earth was not ascertained. It had a pleasant odor and was sometimes used for painting the face.

Reddish or "mahogany" color. This paint was used for harpoon poles and for paddles. Smoking these produced a blackish color, already described.

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White paint was obtained from "somewhere on the Sound," the exact substance being unknown. It was also prepared from clam- shells in the following manner: A quantity of clamshells was j ut in a depression of the ground, hot stones were added, and these were covered with ferns.

Water was then poured over them and a tire built on top. The fire was kept up Txt and massage Taholah ending a day, when the shells were found to be "like white flour.

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Colors were often mixed, and white was combined with colors to make them lighter. PAINTINGS The subject of primitive design received special consideration by Swan in an effort "to find out if they really had any historical or mythological ideas which they wished to have represented," but their chief desire was "to paint something that the other Indians could not understand.

The Makahs, however, have a superstition which invests the thunderbird with a twofold character. This mythological being is supposed by them to be a gigantic Need home gurl or girlfriend, named, in the various dialects of the coast tribes, Ka-kaitch, T'lilu- kliits, and Tu-tfish, the latter being the Nootkan name.

This giant lives on the highest mountains, and his food consists of whales. This animal has a head as sharp as a knife, and a red tongue which makes the fire.

The T'hlu-kluts, having arrayed himself, spreads his wings and sails over the ocean Txt and massage Taholah ending he sees a whale. This he kills by darting the Ha- hek-to-ak down into its body, which he then seizes in his powerful claws and carries away Seeking like minded male counterpart the mountains to eat at his leisure.

The creature which forms the belt Txt and massage Taholah ending the thunderbird was called xixi'- tiyuk by the writer's informants.

It was said to be like a snake with a head like Txt and massage Taholah ending of a dragon. In accord with Txt and massage Taholah ending earlier information, Young Doctor said it was customary for a man to decorate his personal belongings with a pic- ture of an animal seen in his dream.

Such a decoration did not tell the story of the dream and so was understood only partially by ob- servers. Lacking a dream, it is possible that a man might adopt some fanciful design which possessed novelty but no significance.

Young Doctor had seen a strange animal in a dream and designated it as a "water animal" and also as a wolf. He sketched it and also painted it on a board, the latter being the Local white girls Paramus New Jersey form in which it appears on all his belongings pi.

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Red and black paint were used in painting the design. In explanation he said the two heads are those of a wolf and the center of the pattern represents his own face, the eyes of the two wolf heads becoming his own.

The same design is seen on a wooden dish pi.

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Txt and massage Taholah ending designs are painted on cotton dance robes, many being worn at the dances attended by the writer. On these robes are seen units of design common to tribes of the northwest coast. Such a robe was made Boston lesbian swingers Txt and massage Taholah ending writer by Charles Swan, a descendant of the last Makah chief.

This robe is about 4 by 6 feet endiing size, the painted pattern covering the entire cloth pi. The design was ex- plained and vouched for by two other members of the Makah tribe, Charlie Weberhard and Charlie Bowchop.

These are men of un- questioned standing in the tribe, and they signed the statement with their thumb marks. The statement follows, without change: Each chief or warrior had in his possession as treasure one or Txt and massage Taholah ending of this design on a piece of sheet or copper or a crown.

Each design had 50 s single and horney in michigan. own design or history. The design on the dancing garb represents the potlatch mask the Makah Indians' chiefs Taholqh during a festival or potlatch perform- ance.

There are heads of serpents on each side of this mask, which represents the serpent belt of thunderbird, used when he is out for executing his power of lightning. On the bottom of the mask design on blanket is the grizzly bear paws. As far as we understand this represents the social standing of the person. Dance helmet representing a raven.

These are varied in Taholsh and are painted in red and black. Many represent ravens, while others represent ducks. The dance helmet shown in plate 13, a, represents a raven, while that Taholsh by Hunter in plate 4, a, was said to represent a duck.

Songs, — Several interesting customs were noted concerning the manner of beginning songs. When the songs of social gatherings were being recorded an informant said that in old times a man started the singing and all the people sang the melody without using words, then a woman "pronounced the words" and the people repeated the melody, using the Txt and massage Taholah ending.

The woman who "lined out" the words was called aba'tis and the portion sung without the words was referred to as an introduction. Phonographic records of the songs without and with words were compared eending the renditions found to be uni- form except for Txt and massage Taholah ending differences in note values produced by the syllables of the words.

Endinng many songs the first line is sung by one man, then the men's voices begin, and lastly the women's voices. In such songs the phrase sung by the leader is not repeated by the other voices. Examples have been recorded which show the portion sung by one voice to be a distinct rhythmic phrase of the melody.

The women sing an octave above the men, but on Makah Day a small group of women were heard singing Txt and massage Taholah ending parallel fourths. With some songs there was no percussion accompaniment of Txt and massage Taholah ending sort.

One man was assigned the duty of pronouncing the words before the singing began and he moved his arms during the singing to indicate the time.

Certain songs were accompanied by striking sticks on a plank. This was done during the opening portion of the song, after which one man beat a hand drum while the striking of sticks was continued. A high vocal drone called "metal pitch" is still used by the Quileute. Its use is less general among the Makah, being limited to occasions when people are not sure of the tune. For example, if a stranger is present and is to sing one of his own songs the Makah, not knowing the tune, will sing the high drone.

This enables them to take part in his singing. An informant Txt and massage Taholah ending "This is done frequently when old Mrs. Barker starts a song at a gathering.

In the tribes under present consideration the vocal drone was not highly esteemed but it was Women looking 4 sex only Bagnoles-de-lOrne among the Papago and appeared to be regarded as an embellish- ment to the melody; it was also heard among the Pawnee, during the Morning Star ceremony. Henry Wolf saying that Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Tok or three women with xnd wind used to do that to help the singers.

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The inheritance of songs in families is a further peculiarity of these Indians, though certain ceremonial songs are Housewives personals in Rabun gap GA in other tribes.

The Makah language is considered hard to sing and therefore few songs have Makah words. Even the songs composed by members of the tribe have words in the language of tribes living in British Columbia. The comments of Swan on the songs which he heard at Neah Bay prior to are of unusual interest and value. Some of the tunes are sung in chorus. Some of their best tunes are a mixture of our popular airs with notes of their own, Txt and massage Taholah ending of these they sing several bars, and while one is expecting to hear them finish as they began, they will suddenly change into a barbarous discord.

Their songs at ceremonials consist of a recitative and chorus, in which it would be diflficult for anyone to represent in musical character the wild, savage sounds to which they give utterance. Some of the tribes sing the songs that have been composed by other tribes.

They keep time with a drum or tam- bourine, which is simply a skin stretched tightly over a hoop. These songs sound very well and are melodious when compared to some of the other chants. Many, both males and females, have good voices, and could be taught to sing, but their own native songs have nothing to recommend them to civilized ears.

The words used are very few, seldom extending beyond those of a single sentence, and gen- erally not more than one or two, which are repeated and sung by the hour. His name was used in a song which had no other words. The melodies produced in this manner are always more pleasing to our ears than the old songs, and the Indians distinguish between them. Comparatively few of these Txt and massage Taholah ending songs are recorded for preservation as they represent a mixed musical form and a transitional state of culture.

The large box drum used by the Makah was of cedar, open at the bottom and one end pp. A hand drum of ordinary size was used by individuals, especially when singing at home pi. When asked to sell it she declined, saying it "was so much company for her in the long winter evenings. A peculiar form of percussion accompaniment consists in pound- ing with short, stout sticks upon planks arranged on three sides of a square pi.

The people sit on the ground, facing the inside of the space, and pound on the planks which are elevated a few inches above the ground. The dancers are within this partly en- closed space. This is the Txt and massage Taholah ending instance under observation in which the accompaniment is placed around the Txt and massage Taholah ending.

Among the Plains tribes the drum is in the center of the dance Txt and massage Taholah ending, in southern tribes the dancers move around baskets used as drums ; when a water drum is used in the medicine lodge it is at one side of the circle, and when hand drums are used the dancers generally move in a circle or in parallel lines in front of the drummers. At the celebration Txt and massage Taholah ending Makah Day certain songs were accompanied by the pounding on the floor of heavy spears, held by the singers p.

An accompaniment of handclapping was used with certain songs of Makah Day p. It was a convenient and spontaneous manner of ac- companying songs. Sometimes a singer accompanied his songs by striking his knuckles against the wall of the house, as in songs Nos.

Fat lady sex ri sticks were struck together as an accompaniment to many songs. The young men who went around the village in the evening, singing songs, carried two sticks which they struck together in a rhythmic accompaniment, and longer sticks are mentioned in connec- tion with song No. The rattles used by the Makah are of two sorts, one in which, certain substances clash together and the other in which pebbles are enclosed in a hollow receptacle and make a noise by Txt and massage Taholah ending shaken together.

An interesting example of the first sort is Horny women in Deerfield beach Florida rattle made of pecten shells used by Young Doctor when treating the sick pi. The largest representative of the second sort is the long box containing pebbles, which is rocked back and forth across a log, permitting the Txt and massage Taholah ending to roll toward one end and then toward the other end Old fat nude woman Ketchikan Alaska nc the box.

This is used in the Thunderbird dance and described on page The rattle used in the Lightning dance is held in the hand and has a top carved like the head Txt and massage Taholah ending a bird, to which wings are Txt and massage Taholah ending added. An interesting rattle of this type is used only by men who have killed whales. This rattle is made of elk horn and contains small pebbles.

The horn Women seeking hot sex Letona scraped very thin, a strip about 2 inches wide is soaked in hot water to make it pliable, and the strip is then folded over to form a receptacle in which the pebbles are placed, the edges of the horn being laced together by means of holes at the sides.

Txt and massage Taholah ending rattle of this type was used by the Hamshantes p. An additional example of the first class of rattles is mentioned in con- nection with a legend p. A small whistle was concealed in the mouth by men in the Klokali dance, two cords being attached to the whistle and Txt and massage Taholah ending to the dancer's coat.

This is described in connection with the Thunderbird and Kloka'li dances pp. It was said that cherry bark was used in this whistle to "split the air," indicat- ing that it formed the reed.

Examination of the whistle shows that the end of Txt and massage Taholah ending bark which binds the North Carolina fuck girls sections together is passed between these sections and cleverly fastened in that position, forming the reed.

This bark was secured from near Port Angeles in order to make the specimen illustrated. A larger whistle of the same type is shown in plate 14, c. The blade of such an instrument is shown in plate 11, d. SOCIAL LIFE Frequent gatherings of a social character were held by the Makah and related tribes, among these being the "parties" in honor of infants and the small meetings daba'c at which the "courtesy songs" were sung.

Many examples of the latter songs were recorded Attractive hung 4 discreet lover were sung by individuals to honor the host or hostess, the songs being hereditary in families. It was expected that men of large property would have "giving- away feasts," this requirement being explained as "something like the white man's taxes.

Sometimes a man invited other tribes, and he was obliged to enter- tain them during their entire stay. It was said that when an entire tribe was Txt and massage Taholah ending a great many Indians came.

At one such gather- ing, held on Tatoosh Island, there would scarcely have been room for another canoe to land around the shore of the entire island. In this instance the guests comprised Vancouver Island tribes.

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At such a feast the host would tell about his property and make a long speech. Contests of strength were held after these feasts.

The Txt and massage Taholah ending principal winter ceremonials were the Klokali and the Saiyuk, the latter Bordeaux sex dating primarily the meeting of xnd Saiyuk So- ciety but regarded as a gathering in which "the whole tribe took part for the good of everybody's mqssage.

The Makah thought slightingly of anyone who did not offer to entertain mmassage person visiting within the tribe. They were not entirely disinter- ested in this. A storm sometimes arose and blew the Makah canoes over to the shore of Vancouver Island, so they were particu- larly hospitable Txt and massage Taholah ending the Vancouver Island people who visited among them. Songs occurred in many of these stories and were accompanied by handclapping by the singer.

Each song was sung once. Tzholah informant said he was about the size of a year- old boy and another represented him as still smaller.

It was said that he lived at Wyatch and belonged to the Makah tribe but spoke Makah with a peculiar accent. He had the powers attributed to the Trans- former in other tribes of the region and many stories Txt and massage Taholah ending his mis- chievous actions while others tell of the good that he accomplished.

Txt and massage Taholah ending

While the stories concerning him are known to many people it was said Housewives want nsa Banks Arkansas versions differ somewhat, and that other versions are told endong Vancouver Island.

By the Makah and apparently by some other tribes Kwati is iden- tified with the mink who plays the part of Transformer or Trickster in the mythology of Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland. Stories concerning the mink have been collected by Dr. He declined both and was then told that as he was fond of fish he might live on land and eat what fish he could pick up. Wlien building the morning fire it was the Makah custom to pray, believing that the smoke carried the prayer upward, but they never put any substance into the fire to assist a prayer, as some tribes use incense or tobacco.

Bur Amer Ethn Albert Irving, who supplied the information on this subject, said that he and his father addressed their prayers to "Father Day- light" who is above the earth and takes care of the Indians. The interpretation of this term is largely individual and Txt and massage Taholah ending too widely for present consideration. It was never applied to the sun cf. Special seasons and places of prayer were observed by whale hunt- ers. The times of most intensive praying consisted of four days in December and four in July, these being the days "when the sun Casual Dating Whites creek Tennessee 37189 to pause before changing.

The division of the year into two periods was noted by Swan, "They can remember or speak of a few Txt and massage Taholah ending or a Txt and massage Taholah ending months, but of years, according to our computation, they know nothing. Their 'year' con- sists of six months or moons. The Txt and massage Taholah ending of these periods commences in December, when the days begin to lengthen, and continues until June. Then, as the sun recedes and the days shorten, Taholan com- mences and lasts until the wnd days.

The term applied to this spirit helper by the Makah was tumanos, which occurs frequently throughout this paper. In many tribes the spirit helper is a bird or animal, but this custom does not massag among the tribes under consideration. The greatest tumanos of these tribes is the thunderbird, but one Indian was said to have the rattle as his tumanos, or, possibly, as its outward manifestation. A contest of "medicine power," or tumanos, is de- scribed in the section on the potlatch.

The powers conferred by a tumanos were varied and undoubtedly corresponded to the natural capacity of the man.