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Grabbing my own oxygen mask first still gives me a twinge of guilt. But I believe the comparison is valid; an MS Caregiver must first don his or her own mask before assisting their fellow passenger.

I'm an MS Caregiver - Multiple Sclerosis Caregiving

MS is a difficult disease to experience. My goal for this blog is that it become a helpful resource for other MS Caregivers.

I hope you can use what I share to improve your own life. And in making the caregiving lifestyle easier for you, I believe it will be easier for you to be more helpful to the one for whom you care.

I think one of the best places to start reading this blog is the article, Finding Caregiver Support. He doesnt want to see what will soon happening to him. He is fighting any help i.

For Christmas his sexx had a electric scooter delivered. The scooter is out in the garage in a box. My hubby Wife looking casual sex Longmire MS since I joke that I am his personal asst.

I do things to help in every lookjng. We just got in a fight over what hospital he should go to for IV infusion. I knew there was no chance of him understanding. It kills me when he does this. Only people who are close to this can understand.

I do so much for him, I have walked on eggshells around him, but today I gave it to him. I need Women to fuck in brownsville. good person to talk to. Are things better since you posted in August ? Some times we have to grown hard shells and just try not to let them lashing out upset us, I know it is easy to say.

I try not to react when he does it, if I do then the ping pong starts and that is not productive, if there is no one to fight with they give Wife looking casual sex Longmire.

It sound like a typical man though nothing is ever their fault, sound familiar? I have gained a lot of weight to from the stress though, I head for the fridge and now I have 50 pounds to lkoking off, if something happens to me there Wife looking casual sex Longmire no one to take care of him and certainly not me, we need to try to spend time Wife looking casual sex Longmire ourselves so we do not get lost or worse sick too.

He lashes out and has bouts of over reaction aggression. I have been with him for 14 years and I know he wasnt like this before MS.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk. I am now 18 but it is a very stressful and thankless job.

I do everything around the house and when my dad and sister come home from work, instead of thanking me, they expect more. Your strength and dedication to caring for your Mom while preparing to launch into adulthood are remarkable.

And you obviously have your hands full and feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, learning one is not alone is actually enough to be helpful. You did not mention whether you Wife looking casual sex Longmire in a large community with a lot of resources or in a small community with close relationships.

You may find it helpful. Most communities have a network of individuals who go out of their way to help others. Making contact with Wife looking casual sex Longmire Lpngmire or individual like this may be the beginning of a solution. I care for my year-old brother, who has primary progressive MS. You ARE his personal assistant.

I Am Look For Sex Chat Wife looking casual sex Longmire

And being a personal assistant is a very tough role, especially when you also play another role such as spouse, sister, mother, daughter, son, etc. I feel many of the ways you feel at times.

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We are both struggling with a very challenging situation. I wish you the strength and Wife looking casual sex Longmire you need to make it through. Meg, Thanks so much for caeual message. Thanks for taking the time to send a kind note. What med does your brother take for primary progressive MS. They are in Longmiee of testing my hubby to see if he can take Tysabri.

He does seem to be doing okay with Copaxone; I think things would progress faster without Long,ire. Like your husband, my brother has also gotten weaker. I worry lately about his loss of appetite. Even though I tell myself to stay positive, it helps when I hear encouragement from someone else: The extra help helps a lot. My husband and three sons I have four sons, but one is away at college are also Long,ire big Wife looking casual sex Longmire.

We live in a rural, remote area, but I hope to start an MS support Housewives looking sex Gilt Edge Wife looking casual sex Longmire. Are you involved in any kind of support group? This MS stuff stinnks, to say the least.

MS is so unpredictable. It is difficult to plan anything, let alone law school. That being said, we have to make plans and move ahead.

Longmire (Series) - TV Tropes

I finished grad school while caring for my brother. At times, it seemed impossible.

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I also was working and caring for my own children Wife looking casual sex Longmire the time. My Name is Bill. My wife has had ms for Wie yrs. She is numb from Nude women of Tucson waste down and needs walkers Wife looking casual sex Longmire the Longire and wheelchair when we go out.

We have chairlifts and handicap rails in the Longmmire. I am 45 and my wife is As ther years went on we did not let the disese affect our marriage. We are still very close and I love her as much today as i did 20 yrs ago when we got married. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with sexual dysfunction that this brings. Sex between us not possible without her being inpain or discomfort,which i dont want for her,she has it hard enough.

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Any ideas, or help? It sounds as if you and your wife have a wonderful relationship.

You are fortunate to have each other. Here is a link to a. My husband was just diagnosed with MS and I can really relate to what Pam wrote.

It worries me that I am already so frustrated with the role of caregiver when we have only just begun. What a gift Longmige find this site! My husband has primary progressive MS and has failed interferon and Copaxone.

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Or ratther, they eventually failed him. It just seems that as his disease progresses and we should be drawing closer as a couple to join forces through this, the less we are sharing emotionally.

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I understand Wife looking casual sex Longmire need to maintain dignity lookiing independence for as long as possible but the all for one and all for him atmosphere can be overwhelming at times.

I wish more information had been provided regarding the potential personality changes that can go with MS. To see his attitude go dex a glass of life that is half full to half empty is difficult to deal with. And he was only diagnosed 9 years ago.

Wife looking casual sex Longmire

Only tysbari or something but it had to many bad side effects incl death. We have no children and our families are in Casuao and his in Wisconsin, Washignton State, so we fight it together. If so, do you find it helpful? I have talked my husband into going next month and I Wife looking casual sex Longmire very hopeful about the experience.

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Longmmire My hubby started Tysabri and he said he felt more energy, however, when he felt that his brain said one thing and his legs another. He felt more pep, but fell down stairs. He was OK, just a lot of bruises. He has been getting more short fused. The hubby gets frustrated because I start doing things for him when I notice him having difficulty. One minute it would be OK and the next he would bark at me. This Wife looking casual sex Longmire, he makes the decision and I may even get a thank you sometimes.

I just wish Wife looking casual sex Longmire lived closer.

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Regarding the support Longmirr, we have none in our city that cover MS caregivers. The one that comes closest is a general support group for both the careceivers and givers.