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I Am Ready Sex Dating World ends saturday i dont want to die a virgin

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World ends saturday i dont want to die a virgin

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Finding My Virginity: Dying a Virgin

Harm to Wofld, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Will the world end on Judgement Day, this Saturday?

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I've heard a lot of rumors. I was afraid to google it, because the last time I googled the end of the world I had nightmares for a month. But I did, stupid me, and now all of these people are ide that god will Wofld the world on Saturday and leave the people who don't believe and have sinned to rot But I did, stupid me, and now all of these people cont saying that god will end the world World ends saturday i dont want to die a virgin Saturday and leave the people Free horney women in Dolhi don't believe and have sinned to rot in hell.

I mean, I'm only 12 for petes sakes, I haven't chosen a religion, my mom and brother are anti-religious, but they say the non-believers are going to go to hell!

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I screwed up a lot in the past, so now I'm freaked out that I won't have a chance to correct myself like I had planned on doing as I get older. C So is this really true? Is Judgement Day real? Whats going to happen?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Well, I'm not religious at all for this exact reason. I don't care WHO you are.

I believe in god, I just don't believe in the bible. But for all the religious people, there was your proof.

You might wanna read the bible and find it. I would tell you which section it was but I couldn't remember it to save my life. This stupid second coming bullshit Never pick a religion, being an atheist is the best thing you could possibly do as it doesnt affect your life in any way at all, and it makes SENSE Were not going to die when fuking angels or frogs start to ejds from the sky.

I feel pathetic because I'm still a virgin at 27 -

What a bunch of fairytales. No no and no. Virhin world isn't going to end on May 21st or in either. Forget about this crap and get on with your life.

World ends saturday i dont want to die a virgin I Am Look Sexy Chat

You have nothing to be scared of. The world wont end for billions of years when our sun dies. Some churches believe this rubbish but the bible says no-one Woeld know the time even Jesus did not know.

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This is made clear in the bible. But I don't even think the rapture will happen untill at least the Antichrist comes,and delusion falls over the Earth.

No the world wont end for millions and millions of years and you will be back in waturday on Monday, looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and quite pretty.

Stop worrying and do your homework, you teachers will be at work to collect it. There isn't going to be anything different on Saturday, that's just to scare dumb little kids and stupid religious people.

Related Questions Is Judgement day really this Saturday???????? The End of the world?

World ends saturday i dont want to die a virgin I Am Seeking Sex Hookers

Is the world going to end Saturday, May 21st? Will the world end this saturday May 21, ?

Are you Christians excited for judgement day next Saturday? World ending on Saturday.

Answer Questions My favorite comic book character is Spiderman. Atheists, did you know that denying God is actually a crime called blasphemy? After the 40 days and nights flood, all that was left were Noah and his family who would have been one race of people.

How is it that we? What does the bible say about homosexuality? Why do people enjoy persecuting Christians in the US?

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Does science agree with the Bible? Absence of evidence is evidence of absence. How do Christians explain the pillars in Job Why do atheists bother having morals, if they think God isn't watching them?