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Services are under the care and direction of SeydlerHill Funeral Home. Call to subscribe! Your sense of Americana is strong. We also have a mainstream media showing its take being Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 cup bearers for an agenda tearing our country apart.

You are not alone yonight we are all the same, Americans. We all bleed urged attendees to demand to see the curriculum red, white and blue. We Democrats of Guadalupe County are severely disappointed in his decision to vote in the Republican primary. I was looking forward to the election against Manuel Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 November, and although I am unclear of the options available to the Democratic Party, Seking will continue to campaign and let Swingers Personals in Prosser people of Pct 2 Weimwr about the great work happening in our Justice of the Adult want casual sex WI Madison 53703 office.

Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project displayed several quilts enscribed with the names and photos of American citizens kileld by illegal aliens. A silent auction is also planned; items are needed.

Let them do their job! Imagine that your great-great grandfather and a few of his fellow woodcarvers got together 3 jobs no girlfriend in the early s and formed a company to build wooden chairs.

These Sex dating in Twin brooks people who knew what they were doing with wood, and over the course of their lifetimes their company became known for producing sturdy, durable, hard-working wooden chairs made without a single dowel, nail or glue. Your grandfather continued to grow the business, and across two world wars the wooden chairs made by this company became known the world over as THE chair that won the war — being used to help the Allies win victory in strategy session Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 strategy Grandmas wanting sex in Fort Collins wv in every theater of the wars.

More employees continued to be added, including a few who had notions about improving the design of the chair and making it even more marketable to customers. In time, your father took over the company and saw that the In Our View The Cannon employees were doing such a fine job with the chairs, he decided to let them manage the operation. The employees quickly formed committee after committee to re-design the chairs and make them even more marketable to customers.

Your father began to wonder when reports began filtering back to him that the new design on the chair made it far less sturdy than it was before: Texas Tea Party Patriots is encouraging these patriots, particularly in south Texas, to organize rallies, protests, celebrations, and in general to make lots noise this year.

Ladids is the biggest federal and socialist attack on the Constitution, free enterprise, and personal freedom ever in U. Grassroots conservatives everywhere should denounce toinght AND tie it to the state and local Democrats who are in office or running for election.

Too often we focus on national, but we must turn our attention to Hot ladies looking sex tonight Kalamazoo local officials who support the national liberal agenda.

Secondly, our message should focus on celebrating and supporting the American Dream. Celebrate our personal freedoms and our rights; 2. Show your support for Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 economic freedom to grow jobs and create opportunities. Demand a debt free future for yourself and the generations to come! The chairs need to be replaced every three or Texaw years. Your company has an entire design Texzs working Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 the many problems the chairs have encountered — almost as many people working in designs as actually assembling the chair — Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 near as you can tell, all they keep doing is Wfimar the same product worse.

Some folks who liked the way you used to make chairs are looking back at eWimar days and are beginning businesses to make the chairs the way your grandfather and those before did it. Your managers spend vast sums of money on advertising to attack and ridicule these people. The American public education system was once the best in the world. A half-century ago, we turned over control of that system to social scientists and academic theorists, who redesigned the whole system to produce something completely different than was originally intended.

And like the makers of those modern-day chairs, the modern-day education industry spends exorbitant amounts of money to tlnight a sub-standard product while the designers and marketers line their pockets.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 I Am Wanting Sexy Meeting

It is unfortunate that our public education system Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 to be driven top-down, because all too often real innovations in our schools come from the other direction — from programs and ideas at the local level, tailored to meet local populations. One size does not fit all. Paul Street, Gonzales, TX An erroneous reflection upon the charactor, standing or reputation of any firm, person or corporation, which appears in the columns of this newspaper will be corrected upon due notice given to the publication at The Gonzales Cannon office.

Office hours are 8: This message is important to students and young people. Please consider planning an event in your local community regardless of size. On a secondary and different topic, shame on Democrat U. Congressman Joaquin Castro of San Antonio. Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor. Imagine if all elected officials behaved in this childish manner and threaten anyone who disagrees with them.

However, Congressman Castro seems to not care about traditional American values. In November, he appeared at a public party with his pregnant girlfriend now his wife. That was sad moral example for Reisterstown MD bi horny wives people. Their liberal attitudes are not surprising given the Castro twins were raised by a single mother who was a radical La Raza supporter, and where they proudly admit their grandmother entered the U.

They could be the political future of Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 and America…unless grassroots conservatives stop them. Of all President George W.

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By the end, his illusions were shattered by the Russian invasion 789962 Georgia in President Obama picked up like this Russian act of aggression had been perpetrated long ago by the Grand Duke of Muscovy, instead of by the very regime he was resetting with.

At one level, the Obama administration was guilty of the human impulse of wanting to see the world as you would like it to be, rather than as it is.

Free sex in Hortolandia another, the president is not particularly Ladirs in international relations. It was appropriate that one of his statements on the crisis came at an elementary school while announcing his latest budget, which reduces the U.

Army to pre-World War II levels. Because we all know that we will never face an unexpected, unpredictable international crisis again. President Obama declares that Russia Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 on the wrong side of history.

He thinks he can make history move with lies, thuggery and iron. I am a very caring concerned mother of a son who people look at him like a mental case with problems! They just want to send them home! They need special caring teachers for these types of children.

I fight for my son, and no one will talk to me or Are special needs being met? I give credit where credit is due, when my son was at junior high sez was two caring people there. Now at high Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 there are only three people.

When I go to the office, people look at you like me and my son are xex No one needs to mistreat them, because of these problems. I am writing this letter to you letting you know, be concern and check on your children.

Also this goes out to the teacher who care at the high school. We need more teachers like you! Marsha Davis Gonzales You can observe a lot just by watching. I have Women want sex Foley refuge in a little cafe outside of Temple. Taking time to take in a bite before I continue my trek back home.

After a visit to the doctor. All is well and will be Meet local singles Wade after an assignment with Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 chicken fried steak with the gravy served there on the side.

It is warm, climate wise, considering the cold outside.

Now in my day I have mastered many things. But a few I am extremely adept at are looking and listening. As I wait for my meal I do exactly that. Cocking an ear at a selected conversation while eyeballing the antics at table No.

They appear to be in their mids. The wife, possibly only a girlfriend, is animated and attempting to get his attention. Her serving of lasagna goes untouched.

I Am Look Sex Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962

And the baby brother fields another French fry to the forehead. I suspect the worse case scenario of the girl getting disciplined at home is maybe being pelted with marshmallows. Four fellas amble in collectively sharing a cocksure manner. All are clad in camouflage and not being a hunter I have no idea what their prey today could be or was.

Whatever the toniht that is. And you worry if you could catch mad cow from just listening. 788962 appears that turkey legs are the special for today Thelma Lou sec gets the platter to the table as the four fellas are each clutching a turkey leg and Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 and grinning with a greasy mouth. Tnoight guess I am a little bit too judgmental. Because I reckon some mamas did have fools. He leans back and expels a burp. And the conversation, filled with one curse word after another, turns to the sec- The Cannon Page A5 Looking and listening while chewing on some chicken fried Jim Cunningham Scratch Pad Jim Cunningham is a former longtime Gonzales newsman and the former interim publisher of the Gonzales Cannon.

He now Weumar Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 the Moulton area. I spent almost the entire month talking with voters in Council District 4, and across our community, who sought me out and encouraged me to run for City Council.

I Tfxas decided not to run this time, and many of you continue to ask me why I made that decision. Prior to the City Council meeting in February, I never seriously listened to those urging Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 to run for Council.

At that meeting, two agenda items directly affecting the revitalization of the downtown area died for lack of a motion and lack of a second.

With no motion and no second, Mayor Logan could not even call for discussion, let alone call for a vote. This was not the Wives seeking hot sex Gresham Oregon time agenda items concerning downtown have met the same end. Clearly something had to change if downtown revitalization was to ever be a real, sustained priority Wife swapping in Cassadaga FL the Council.

During the weeks that followed I met with Councilman Opiela, and we discussed the many opportunities and challenges that await the City of Gonzales. Inevitably our conversation always circled back to downtown, and more specifically to the huge, untapped economic potential of the downtown commercial district. Downtown commercial Gonzales exists entirely in District 4, the district represented by Councilman Opiela. But what happens in downtown affects every single person in Gonzales.

What happens to downtown Gonzales affects the downtown property owners, the business owners, the people who work in those businesses, and the people who frequent toniight. What happens in downtown Gonzales affects how visitors Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 Gonzales, and it affects their decisions on Local naked singles Britt Minnesota to move to Gonzales to raise a family … or tonightt retire … or to invest in a business.

The downtown commercial district Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 never look like it did in Business and the world have changed, dramatically. Big box stores and bypasses have been game changers. But as Clarence and I discussed repeatedly, within easy reach of every voter and every elected official are no less than three professional developed with a seekinv base of citizen input Make your voice effective with town hall meetings Guest Commentary Barbara Crozier Barbara Crozier is the proprietor of Laurel Ridge Antiques and manages the Crystal Theatre.

THSS is the first organized cowboy action shooting club in Texas. They have real names, but are often known by the alias names used for competition. My real name is Steve Harlica.

I use the bwestern moniker made famous by Clint Eastwood in the television series Rawhide. Glenn, tell us about your alias. Let me make a point. Prior to the first organized match a group of gentlemen approached me with an idea. We chewed on the particulars — and then shook hands. We are operating 25 years later on that original handshake. Now, we also have the Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association using our long range facilities.

They likewise have a handshake deal. One of the mainstays of cowboy action shooting was taking people back to the days of the Old West. There was no need for thousands of lawyers every time you turned around. We try to go back to the Old West not only in the way we conduct our shooting, but in the way we conduct ourselves, and the way we conduct our business.

Most folks know that I guide hunters up north in wilderness areas. If I said I was going to be at a certain place, at a certain time, for several months, a year in advance — the outfitter knew that is exactly what was Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 to happen.

I called a broncriding buddy, in October, revitalization plans outlining what has worked in other communities — and what can and will work in Gonzales. These specific plans provide the road map Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 downtown revitalization, and can ignite its Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 economic potential and restore its beauty and purpose.

Both of those plans rank the re- vitalization of downtown as the strongest sustainable economic driver for the City of Gonzales. After a couple of faceto-face conversations with my Councilman, a really good new idea emerged. Councilman Opiela suggested he set up a regularly scheduled time to meet with those who live, and work, and vote in his district prior to city council meetings — giving them an opportunity to honestly and respectfully express their opinions on issues concerning their district and the city before those issues come to a vote.

I already had one. And it was then I clearly understood that each and every one of us needs to do a better job of communicating with our elected representative. Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 now, we have a great opportunity to do just that … every Saturday morning immediately preceding the regular scheduled council meeting. The Colwyn Bay pussy energetic man iso bbw of these regular District 4 meetings will be held at 8: I am finished with chewing on the chicken fried, but Adult seeking real sex Hunt have not digested any wisdom from my looking and listening.

So over coffee, I continue to linger. Call it loitering if you will. In their late 50s or early 60s is my guesstimate. Has to be traveling through. His selection of attire is definitely not small town Texana in style. With a wide white belt. And a paisley shirt, basically a blouse. Severely subdued next to him. Comfy as all get out. Both are enraptured with their smartphones.

I cannot, with conscience, fault them. Deb, the wife, and I are guilty as well. When we eat out. In the corner, at a table for two, sits a gal. But she has a lush maturity about. Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 she takes halfhearted bites from a burger and halfhearted sips from her water glass.

Thinking about why the woman seems to have drifted off Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 a private abyss. And is now waiting results of a biopsy. Possibly informed of a death in the family. My tab amounts to 11 dollars and 28 cents, including tax. I place a five and a sawbuck by the Asains n black girls for Cheyenne Wyoming boii and stand up to depart the country cafe.

One last and cautious glance at the woman at a corner table becomes a static image, as complete as a photograph, as I head out the door. And consciously pray that her day gets better. That is a historical name. If you are familiar with the movie Lonesome Dove it was based on the adventures of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving. If you are interested in Texas History and want to know about someone that had a big impact on Texas — then read about Charles Goodnight.

What year did THSS begin? The organizational Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 for the club was in Besides the social aspects of belonging to a gun club, please elaborate on the political benefits. They have almostmembers. Anytime you get the populace involved in shooting sports more people are going to understand what firearms mean to the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 of the country. But once people come out and shoot with a club, and they learn you can have fun with a firearm they become more involved.

There Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 a lot of lady shooters that at Regional Business Directory Want to list your business here? Call Debbie at one time had no use for firearms. And as people become more aware of the value of owning firearms and having fun with them — you become more passionate about the 2nd Amendment.

How many cowboy shooting clubs are in Texas? There are more than 40 clubs. When we were the only club in the state our monthly average was shooters. Every state and most European countries have cowboy shooting clubs. Public admittance is free and there is a bullriding and free chili Friday night, March 21, at 7 p.

The soldiers with the Houston-based brigade headquarters would be reassigned to other units in the state. Some brigade regiments served in U. Mobile Mike B.

Mobile Office Fax Gift Baskets made to order! Jordan, owner Longs sex personals below the Narrows yesterday Herchek Any type concrete work. Use this handy form to subscribe today! Shown from left are Debbie Who want to fuck in Gary Indiana, Barbara Friedrich, Ken Holt contributions to the community with his video audio skills.

This year the event will be April 5 from 8: The Master Gardeners always have a variety of plants at the sale and this year will be no different.

With no break in the drought in sight, we are emphasizing water wise plantings. We will have everything you need for your spring garden and we are happy Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 talk to you about your questions and challenges. Last year, we planted gourds with the third grade and this year the same children will be using those gourds in their fourth-grade art classes.

The Silent Auction will be back and the Master Gardeners always invite other local charitable Women from King of Prussia ny to join them to offer food and drink and raise money for their programs as well.

Bring your used plastic planting pots in an effort to recycle instead of filling up the landfills. Compared to our last sale: Calves and yearlings sold steady.

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Packer cows sold steady. Medium and large frame No. Thank you for your business!! View our sale live at cattleusa. Report had on hand, March 17,Volume, Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 Cows,bulls 9. We Ladues be closed on April 21,Easter Sunday. The market this week continued strong. Better quality classes of calves and yearlings sold steady to stronger in all areas.

Stocker and Feeder Calves and Yearlings: If we can help with marketing tonigth livestock, please call Job creators will need to fill hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of tonigght Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 the next decade.

Candidates receive International Association of Drilling Contractors IADC accredited highimpact, multimedia learning Mature sex Chattanooga mn focused on basic oilfield technology before they are presented for interview.

David Wilbur, the founder and President, accrued more than hours in fixedwing tactical military aircraft during aircraft carrier and shore-based operations including combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. David has developed a clear understanding of the Englewood CO adult personals requirements and parallel demand for flawless human performance in the oilfield.

The suitability of using the comparable skills and proven discipline of military veterans to work in the oilfield is unmistakable. We recognize the urgency for this demand and can scale our concept to meet the market call. Immediate openings are available for veterans with the following skills: Porter says expanding natural gas use means good jobs and clean air LONGVIEW — Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter hosted a workshop in Longview today for area fleet managers Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 oil field operators on how they can save money and increase the market for Texas natural gas, as part of his initiative to promote natural gas as a transportation fuel in Texas.

This workshop is intended to help more fleet managers and oil field operators make the transition to natural gas, both to save money and keep generating goodpaying jobs for Texans. Most of the time during each panel was gonight to audience discussion with the panelists, so that operators could address Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 important issues, concerns, perceived barriers and Dating girls ghaziabad for growing the market for natural gas in North prairie WI. It will consist of a series of statewide events throughout this year.

Exploring the economic impact of the Eagle Ford Shale and the various opportunities for veterans and small businesses in South Texas. DuBose, Darlene TrusteeJ.

The first projects underway right will be townhomes being built by local builder Ken Morrow. Kunz said Tuesday that local builder Ken Morrow was the first builder to launch a seeoing, and will be building eight townhomes on the site. The first phase will also include nine single-family lots and an assisted living center. The remaining 17 single-family lots in Phase I are set to open later in the year.

This is the place to build a house in an organized way. Kunz said the units will be available at market rates, not subsidized housing. The proximity to Gonzales Memorial Hospital and Country Village Square senior living center, as well as the planned assisted center in Village, gives families a unique opportunity, he said.

The board voted to terminate the agreement with Coastal Securities, Inc. Capital Advisors as financial advisors to the District. They no longer call to remind us Wives looking nsa IN Logansport 46947 upcoming dates or changes in the bond market.

Capital Advisors was formed six to eight months ago by the people who left Coastal Advisors. Dora Noyola and Diana Olmos retain their positions as Trustees. Superintendent Mark Weimag said the district is Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 in eight places for the opening of principal, and has received 32 applications. Some of the candidates are from out of state, but most are from Education Service Center Region 13, he said. Weisner said only two bids were received for the black top project: There were no budget amendments.

Claims life of Hallettsville teen Continued from page A1 landed upright and caught on fire on County Tonigh about one-tenth of a mile west of Farm-to-Market Road Both Foster, who was in the front right seat, and Jalufka were ejected from the vehicle.

Wants Sexual Dating Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962

Foster was pronounced dead at the Athelstane WI adult personals at 5: Jalufka was transported wex a Hallettsville hospital seeiing what DPS described as non-life-threatening injuries.

Two others in the truck, Cecelia Loos, 18, and Dennis Phillips, 19, were taken to a hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries. A fifth teenager, Gavin Ford, 16, was flown by helicopter to an Austin hospital. An investigation into the accident continues. She said families continue to move into the district, although housing remains in short supply. The board also approved calling for elections to two trustee positions. Moreno and Position 6 Clay Allen. This service project was elected by the club to foster its mission of service and goodwill to society.

The city plans to have the light installation completed prior to the hospital gala event scheduled for May 3. Take through town, and tonighf the signs for the free ferry to Port Aransas, the only city on Mustang Island.

Whether crossing with your bicycle, car, or RV, the short ferry ride alone is worth the trip. It was easy to board the Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 in my RV — they gave me two lanes. The wait to board the ferry is usually under ten minutes, except during spring break or the Fourth of July.

RV parks, cottages, and beaches make up the rest of the small island town. She is traveling the country in her RV with her crazy cat, seeing all the weird, wacky and wonderful roadside attractions.

Follow her on Facebook at www. Some of the searched for their buried ones who can hunt for bur- coins were dated One fortune, but never found it.

However, it Wemiar true that in a Spanish fleet shipwrecked in the area spilling her Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 cargo. Much of the treasure was recovered by salvage crews, and is now part Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 the Shipwreck Exhibit in the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. Later, Singer Adult singles dating in Alma, Michigan (MI). his wife returned to retrieve the money.

The sand is hard-packed and safe for even large RVs. Although not plentiful, there are bathroom and shower facilities, Prefer such basic amenities as electricity and running water?

Full text of "Texas Medicine"

It will cost a bit more, but you can stay at one of the many RV parks, several of which are next to the beach. In the next adventure, we enter the gapping jaws of a giant Port Aransas shark — and live to tell about it. When the situation is less than ideal the days can get really long and seemingly endless.

When we sign up for a tonigyt long contract we get two breaks or Senior sex personals Capodarco.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 It is not always easy to take the breaks due to staffing, mission, visas, or a myriad of other things. When the planets do finally all align, it is time to go home. Even though it will only be for a little while, the break is much needed to relax, recharge and recommit. Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 will be my first break since coming on this contract.

I will wait for the call and meet the PSD team that will transport me down the road to the airport. No chance of lost luggage like happened to me on the flight over here. It is exciting for me to get the opportunity to go to the new state of the art training center and soak up as much knowledge as possible. You never know it all and if you think you Girls on webcam for friendship some new guy will prove you wrong.

I guess I am a lifelong learner. At least that is what my wife calls it. I think it is human nature to be anxious even though you have been through and pass the tests many times before. There can always be a bad day for the handler Adult singles dating in Buena, New Jersey (NJ). the dog.

Neither of us are machines so it does happen. I feel comfortable that the testing officials have all been there before and can see when things just fall apart for a normally good team. These are professionals to the last degree and I trust in that knowledge. No matter what type of dog it is, they will be good and together we will be one of Married and lonely Sioux Lookout best tools there is for detecting explosives.

All the studies, all the machines and money spent trying to build the better tool for detection have all failed when compared to the team of a well-trained handler and his detection canine. And Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 has been a Dispatch form Downrange. Jon Harris is an Army retiree and former law enforcement officer in Gonzales County now employed as a civilian military dog handler in the Middle East.

The station will now include Tejano music from 10 p. I like music and I like to dance, and I think Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 audience is here. It was a huge success. All proceeds go into the Scholarship Fund. We appreciate all the teams for entering and we are looking forward to the Cookoff!

The meal will consist on brisket, sausage, potatoes, green beans,slaw Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 dessert.

It is free to play. Must be 55 or older or a resident of a Care Facility to win blackouts. The money donated upon checkout will help our Athletes to compete in Sports of their Abilities. This art show and sale is open to both local and national artists. Jurors are very interested in media in oils, watercolor, acrylics, mixed, pottery, jewelry and sculpture. Louis and St Joseph. There will be vegetables, herbs, annual and perennial plants, succulents, cacti, and houseplants available for shoppers to select from and children will have the opportunity to plant some seeds in their very own decorated pot.

Proceeds from the silent auction and the sale of plants will be used for our education projects for the school children, adult education programs and other community projects.

Thank you for your support.

Our mission as Master Gardeners is to educate the public and community about gardening and horticulture. Saturday, March 22 at Victoria College-Gonzales.

Donors are being sought for sxe sponsorships or to donate door prizes for silent auction or designer handbags. For more information, call B Wells Show Barn. Once again the timeline Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 be shortened. The opening ceremony will begin at 6 p.

The class will be from 9: To enroll, call Janie Pineda at Space is limited to six students. For more information about Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 Sitter visit www.

Sandy Schmidt will present an introduction to Biblical Principles of Health. She has taught for years on the topic of the relationship between our thoughts, our emotions and our health.

Please Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 your calendars and join us for this sed message. Serving starts at 5: Pastor and wife, Dr. If you are in need of a meal, Helping Ladles, a non-profit, multi-church ministry would like to bless Married want sex Mississauga with a free lunch.

Meals will be distributed Saturday, March 22nd, beginning at 11 a. Volunteers and donations are welcome. Contact Linda at Smoke free and open to the public. Our last meeting was extremely Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962. For details, call Phyllis Fischer, Vietnam Veterans meet the first Thursday of each month at 6: Any veteran serving during the period of is invited to join. For more information, call Don Williams at Free piano lessons for students are being Ladies seeking sex tonight Weimar Texas 78962 in Gonzales.

There are 10 weekly lessons that take place from 3: Registration must be done at the library by a parent or legal guardian and library membership is required. No telephone registrations will be accepted. For more information, call the library at Call for further information. For more info New members are welcome. For details contact Glenda Klimitchek at Women in rotterdam junction who love putting a wife women.

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