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Posted By Claire on May 27, I was fortunate enough Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 week to see her memorial tile on the floor of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula near the altar when we paid our respects to Anne Boleyn on the anniversary of her execution. She was born on the 14th August and married Sir Richard Pole inLady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 five children before she was widowed in One of her children was Reginald Pole who became a cardinal and then Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Mary I.

In Novembervarious members of the Pole family were arrested for treason and taken to the Tower of London. In Januarymany of them were executed. Even though the Countess was elderly for Tudor timesbeing 65 years of age inshe was questioned and taken to CCT House near Midhurst.

In May a Bill of Attainder was 420 Friendly Lets Chill and Play against her by Thomas Cromwell and a tunic displaying the Five Wounds, which was used as a symbol in the Northern rebellions, was used as evidence against srx, having allegedly been found in her belongings.

She was stripped of her titles and imprisoned in Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 Tower of London. After two years of being imprisoned as a traitor in the Tower, the now frail 67 year old Plantagenet heiress was executed. As a woman of noble birth, Margaret Pole was given a private execution.

There are two accounts of her execution — One says that she was executed by an inexperienced axeman who missed her neck the first time, gashing her shoulder, and that it took a further ten blows to finish her off.

The second account tells of how she managed to escape from the block and that she was hewn down by the executioner as she ran. This second account concurs with the first in that it says that eleven blows were required. Whichever account you believe, this lady had J kuntz wanted truly awful end.

I will never understand how Henry could take his anger out on Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 frail old lady who was no threat to him and who had acted as a mother figure to his daughter Mary.

Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 feast day is the 28th May, the date that some sources give as her execution date. These are the words found on the wall of her cell and thought to have been etched there by Margaret: For traitors on the block should die; I am no wnats, no, not I!

My faithfulness stands fast and so, Towards the block I shall not go! Nor make one step, as you shall see; Christ in Thy Mercy, save Thou me!

There is a great page on Margaret Pole at wikipedia — see http: Loyalty, Lineage and Leadership by Hazel Pierce.

Countess of SalisburyMargaret Wajts. I had no idea she was a Blessed. Yes, he did, and a lot of them were innocent women. He was one of the vilest, foulest human beings who ever lived.

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He awoke Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 Salisbury very early in the morning and Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 her Lafy that she would be beheaded within the hour. Henry Salisburj Anne Boleyn, who was completely innocent of adultery, so he could have Jane Seymour.

I have read somewhere that either his daughter Mary or his daughter Elizabeth may have done just that! He was a complete monster. And what helped him attain that monstrosity was the classic evil of good people doing nothing. No one ever tried to stop him or gainsay anything he did.

So a badly spoiled boy who was never expected to become king so Salksbury not trained to become one, and became a vicious spoiled monster of a man. And no one stopped him. The Duke of Buckingham threatened to kill him and it got him execued…. Sir Thomas More attempted to stop him, and he got executed. The reason he was not prepared to be King is because he was supposed to go into the priesthood, that is what he was preparing for before the death of Arthur.

Hi Cathy, Thank you for your comment. Henry VIII was not being prepared for the priesthood. Henry was no more cruel than most kings of England. Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 knew his father had usurped the throne. An heir was crucial to him. Unfortunately, he went through a lot of women in his pursuit. Yes I agree there have been far worse than him!

We cannot judge what happened years ago they hanged children ,married children it was a different world believe it or not he Britton MI sexy women nice once and left us some fantastic history!!! There may have been worse and there definitely was better.

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Others being worse is no excuse. He was truly an evil tyrant.

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Sslisbury Sociopathy emerged as his rule-by-terror continued. A madman in every sense. Actualy he was far more cruel than anyother English monarch, he is the only monarch to have Every son of a monarch would be raised to be king as who knows if the only son died he would have to replace him Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 Salisubry did when King Arthur died shortly after being king!

He had become the Meet local singles Wade we all know of!

I Am Want Sex Dating Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068

What if, what if! Your post is nothing more than bigoted nonsense. I believe a study of actual facts will show it is you who are talking uneducated rubbish, not Catholics.

Katherine Howard was having ssex affair during her marriage to Henry, with a courtier named Thomas Culpepper. This was why Henry had her executed.

There is actually very little evidence that Katherine Howard had a sexual affair with Thomas Culpepper, although she did meet him late at night and as he Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 they intended to go further, they were found guilty of presumption of treason, based on their predictable actions, not actual actions.

Yes, I believe Katherine slept with Culpepper, but there was no actual proof. He had asked to be buried with Jane Seymour. You can see a photo of this if you google. His coffin, clearly obvious by its size, was propped upagainst the wall if I remember correctly. His remains were then reburied under the chapel at Windsor which is the private, exclusive burial preserve of all UK royal burials, Westminster Abbey no longer Ladies seeking hot sex Bucks used for these.

Henry VIII was truly a monster. If you see his actual armour in the Tower of London, it is very intimidating by its sheer size.

The man himself must have been Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068. At one point in his reign, he was CCT around people per month. I feel he deserves evey word.

I could see Mary doing it. Its just sad that a horrible murderer like him is revered like he is. Michael Taylor, you should check your history because I feel you have some things confused.

The most glaring of which is that Arthur Tudor d. What a sad end to a women who was of no threat to Henry.

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It is also Salisburg that Henry had her grandson executed, right? Actually Geoffrey Pole the grandson was actually pardoned and released. He went into exile later on and came home when Mary came to the throne.

So many aspects of his character that are simply repulsive. The Sqlisbury truth, as I see it, was that Plantagenets were exterminated whenever it could be got Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 with and justified — they were such a potential threat to the Tudor pretenders!

He was 17 or No record of what happened to him. Another family also arrested at the same time was Henry Courtney, his wife and his son Edward. Courtney Saliebury accused of treason along with the Pole family. Henry Courtney was beheaded. His wife was released in She was a good friend of Mary. Henry always feared that his right to the throne was illegitimate. Reginald Pole started writing against the divorce from Katherine. Even though the Pole family were his cousins, he felt the need to be rid of them.

Why he had to kill a 67 year old lady is beyond comprehension. Who was going to prevent him from ruling? Remember when Henry came to the throne he was quite different and Thomas More saw his reign as a new goldern age. He was Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068, handsome, kind, fun loving, just, wise, learned, athletic, courteous, and a very different person Lady wants sex CT Salisbury 6068 the cruel tyranical Henry of Many things had changed him: He did not just come to the throne in order to murder people: The rivals that he saw in these Salisbuy are also indirectly connected with all of these changes.

Henry may Online sex dating Cedar Rapids Iowa ended his reign as a tyrant: He was a popular monarch for more than 30 years.