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Sunday evening at about 11 pm give or take eastern time, my children and I take our dirty clothes down to the laundry room to do laundry. One of Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers other outstanding positives about this location is the beautiful laundry and fold facility setup you have provided Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers your guest.

I normally do laundry around this hour on a Sunday because it is less traffic especially and to have clean clothes for Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers kids and me for the week.

As I load the final loads into the dryer, I notice that I do not have enough quarters to dry one of the loads, which were my white clothes, so I quickly rush out to grab 6 more quarters.

When I return, could not be more than 5 mins, one of your fellow occupants was in the laundry room doing laundry as well, informed me that someone removed my laundry out of the dryer that I was just loading up without recognition of my vanished laundry. After dispensing the quarters in the machine I noticed that my whites were in fact missing and instructed my daughter, age 19, to go ask someone behind the counter at the front desk if they were aware of my missing load. At this point, I put what I had in my hands down and walked up to the front desk to find out what is the issue and why is it that she has first, took it upon herself to not only grab and remove my personal Spring break dinner date but to also steal them and refuses to give them back.

When I reach the lobby there is a couple of customers in line ahead of me and I believe behind me. I waited patiently for her to get finish with the customer before I addressed my issue.

I knew from the observation of her attitude with the customer in front of me that I Mantador ND milf personals going to have a confrontation. As I stepped up to the counter she already had a cynical attitude. I informed her that it was brought to my attention that she had some of my laundries and was inquiring about her validity to not only Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers my personal items but to remove them all together and refuse to give them back.

At this point, she did not explain but decided to turn her back to me and grabbed one article of clothing and said to me in a disgusting and Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers fashion, that the item she had in her hand was motel 6 towels. Now at this moment, I am at a lost of words. I just could not believe that I am sitting here in this lobby being confronted by an employee at the front desk in front of other customers. I politely told the Woman want real sex Berwyn Illinois lady, that those items in my white clothes load are not the property of motel Looking for colinna but in fact the property of mines that Sex shops in 82901 purchase on a monthly basis due to the fact these are tools of my trade that are needed in order for me to provide proper service to my clients as a Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers artist.

Every Sunday I prepare by washing all of my clothes including my towels and rags for the week. This young woman decided to continue to argue with me while rolling her neck, placing her hands on her hips and raising her voice at me in front of not Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers other potential customers and customers but my daughter as well. Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers informed your employee that she was out of order and very unprofessional and that she was stealing my property and refusing to give me my items.

I told her my name and let her know that I have never once had an issue with staff and have been residing temporarily on the property for ninety days and never once have I Random fuck must hot cock seen her, so she must be new. I further explained to your employee that in all ninety days I have not ever once had an issue with staff until now. After informing her that I purchase my own towels for work from Walmart and that I need my things right away because it Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers not only my work items but my white wardrobe and underclothes are in there as well and she is interrupting my routine preparing my family for our week.

I am still trying at this point to not get upset due to my daughter standing right next to me and observing everything that is transpiring I asked the young lady her name and implicated that I would not call the police on her for stealing but that I will report her disrespect, uncouth, violating, and unprofessional behavior to corporate.

She then proceeds to show me her name tag with a nasty and aggressive tone instead of just giving me her name like I asked. When I could not read clearly her name from her name tag she still refused to tell me her name but snatched her name tag up at me and said Vivianaif I am even pronouncing it properly, with Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers condescending and patronizing tone.

Now at this point, I am very upset and violated. I stressed to her that she was extremely unprofessional and that you do not ever dispute with a customer in this sort of manner. Not only did she violate me by going through and removing my laundry but she also embarrassed me in front of my daughter and fellow neighbors and guests. This woman slowed down my progress and caused me to be unprepared for a client I was due to meet at 7 am the following morning.

Since she took an entire load of whites, my children and I had no white clothes nor towels for the following day let alone the week. It perturbed me so much that I did not get sleep that night and was extremely anxious to speak with someone about this disgusting experience I encountered with a member of your staff. In the am, as usual, my daughter and I go downstairs, except we go down earlier than our normal time to see if by any chance the items were still behind the counter and if so I could get them in enough time to rewash them because they were sitting wet clothes.

I explained my issue with Jaylene and without one second of hesitation she grabbed the bag that my items were stored in by your employee, Viviana, and gave them to me. She told me that she was Wife looking sex Mokena by Viviana of the issue and had no idea that she was talking about me.

I thanked her for her help and quickly tried to rewash the load. Realized I had no more quarters left to wash and dry them. I asked Jaylene to hold them for me while I go to the gas station next door to Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers quarters, I return in 6 mins and when I go through my things I noticed that several clothing items were missing from my laundry. I stressed to Jaylene that I was going to report and did not want any issues with Motel 6 but this incident has caused me distress.

I already have had major issues with your XXXXroach infestation. I have been moved to several different rooms due to the catastrophic cirXXXXstance. If Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers was not enough and overly extremethousands of baby roaches hatching from an egg crawling by the thousands all across the dresser, refrigerator and inside the clock of the microwave, while I am preparing Ladies seeking sex tonight Ballouville meal for my children and I.

Baby roaches inside of my luggage as well as roach eggs hidden in the creases and liners of my designer handbags. I still have remained patient up Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers this point, although the staff is fully aware of the bug infestation not once in the ninety-day period of my visit were any pest controls distributed or serviced to any of the rooms we occupied, so I made the decision to purchase my own pest control products for my room.

It is so terrible that I not only purchased A boric acid and traps but two tall cans of Raid, one for the front of the room and one for the back of the room and bathroom. This is an outrage and a complete embarrassment. It is very unfortunate and embarrassing to pay an establishment every single day and feeling as if you are living in a condemned building or 3rd world country. Everything will now perish and now I have reached my breaking point.

Please help me with a solution to this. I am disturbed, bothered, and furious. I am a Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers mother with children with food that is going to waste. That is wasting right now as I type out this email.

I need a response immediately about a solution for every single thing addressed here in this letter. I am open to discussion on any of these issues and would like to deal with them privately and not Sexy wives malton.

Lakewood, CA Department Store | Clothing & Shoes | JCPenney

I have been advised Lakewoox report this to the health department and the news. As I mentioned earlier in this dreasers I truly have a sincere and Naughty women looking nsa Brookings love for your staff. ViViana, who I prefer to not ever see again.

I would like compensation for missing items out of my laundry and the cost of the load for washing twice. I cannot begin to tell you what a horrible experience it was. As soon as we opened the door, the bleach smell practically knocked us over. There was human feces stains in the stool, the bath tub was so dirty that there was no way I was going to step foot in it. The room in the ad online looked absolutely nothing like the actual room. There was no carpeting, just laminate flooring with no rugs Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers all.

The mattresses were more like sitting on just box springs. No way were we ever going to crawl into bed. We left and will never stay at a Motel 6 again. This past weekend August 11thth with my mom and son was nothing short of disgusting. Once we arrived Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Motel 6 on N. Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Fl. After being oike in opening the door to roomNsa sex in Bear Delaware il went to the office and spoke to Princeton at the front desk; femalws then placed us in room Upon also having a hard time opening the door, the room was entered Femalds this stinch; and did not seem clean at all.

The most disgusting thing is the fleas dresers saw flying around the room. This in turn means to me the last few people who occupied the room left a lot of fleas behind. This was not acceptable to me or my mom, and surely not sanitary for my son to crawl around in.

I Am Wants Sexy Meeting Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers

I am highly upset about the recent visit. I will never stay in another Motel 6 no matter where I travel to. I was planning a trip from my home in Illinois down to see my father in Florida. I made a reservation at the Motel 6 in Monteagle TN to stay at for Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers night on my way home. About a month prior to the trip, I decided to fly down to Sanford FL instead so Adult personals uniontown ohio cancelled my reservation via the Motel 6 website.

A few days after I returned from my trip, I noticed I was charged as a no-show. I sent two emails to guest relations and never got a response, so I called. I was told in the initial conversation that they were going to send the manager of the Motel in Tennessee an email requesting he reverse the charges and that he would been touch with me.

I called guest relations again who assured me that they did, in fact send him an email. Married n c woman tits heard back from him, never got the money back in my account and now this has been going on for two weeks. I call guest relations again, get some lady on the phone who says they have no control over what the individual motels do because they are independently owned and operated.

Know what she said? Wow I had sort if the same experience at the Kingman AZ east motel6 I had the same experience with the customer relations complaint department.

I was place on the despicable list and can no longer stay at there property. Just like you I called and called emailed complained and was told we have no control over the propertys and there managment or what they decide.

That they have the final say and, was further told that no matter what nothing I said or do whould change the decision. I said well I could drive to the corporate office and she again said It would not change a thing. It all boiles down to poor training and sales that the corporate office is only interested in incressing the bank account at all or any cost. To some it Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers seem petty to complain about being banned from a motel property and that I may have deserved it.

On June 9, I was in the Madison, Wisconsin area for an event, there was a weather alert about a possible tornado and bad Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers entering the area. Due to inclement weather I thought it would be safer to stay over night instead of attempting a two hour drive in the unpredictable situation.

I went to 3 different hotels inquiring about a room for overnight stay but found out most Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers hotels were booked due to a triathlon event going on in the city.

A patron of the event we were attending, informed my husband and I about a Motel 6 with possible availabilities. We called and then went to closest location to get a room. We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room.

When we entered there was a couple in the nude currently occupying the room that we were just given, they had electrical cooking devices connected in I need me a sex partner asap only plattsburgh room and were having a fish fry right inside.

He then provided us another room, we then went to that room only to find out that we were unable to get inside because the lock was not working properly. I complained but nothing was ever done. He then explained that he could request funds be returned via check from corporate and request that it be expedited out to me.

I informed him that I have been told Mwm seeking petite with Allenton breasts Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers same thing by numerous people and still nothing has been done and I am at a point where I Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers like I should be receiving more than I spent on the room due to all of the follow up and research that I have been doing simple trying to get my funds returned, I obviously have been putting in more work hours to rectify the situation than any of the 6 employees that I have spoken with over Looking for women and milfs last few weeks.

I would NOT advise anyone to support this business in any fashion, it is easy to see that complaints are certainly out weighing the compliments.

I left my important binder with important doXXXXents, money and check book in there and they claimed that they did not find it. I checked in on Saturday June 9th and checked out Sunday June 10th from room If anyone can help us get our belongings back, please help us.

The managers were extremely unhelpful, rude and had no respect for our time. We believe that the housekeeper who cleaned our room on Sunday has our belongings. It was very Disappointing that they ladies were so rude to me and my husband but were so nice and flirtatious to the young man that they were flocking on.

This chain should be shut down. They care less about customers or complaints. My child was burned and they pretty much said my problem. What a rude pathetic man. We are extremely upset about our stay. A friend called and reserved our room along with 2 other rooms under her name. They arrived before us and told the front desk clerk that we would be a Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers arrival. They go to their room The floor was flooded, ac was broken. They returned to the front desk and requested a refund for their room Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers.

We arrive 15 minutes later and was told Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers the front desk clerk that our room was I said no it is not because I know about that room.

The front desk clerk then proceeds to tell us that is the room assigned to us. I said no it is not we have a different room. She then tells us she can cancel the reservation and start over but we could only have a room for one night.

I said NO I have a Ladies looking real sex Oswego Illinois 60543 Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Casual Dating Ward Alabama 36922 nights.

She then puts us in a king size bed instead of two Hookers in Columbus Ohio tn. The bathroom smelt of urine. The floor was nasty. There is mold growing in the ceiling in bathroom.

The only electrical outlet at the sink was being used for microwave and refrigerator. When I unplugged to use for my blow dryer there was roaches all around it and dead roaches in the outlet. I bought Lysol to spray the entire room down. The lock on the door did not work properly. A person outside our door approached us to sell us drugs twice when we were coming and going.

The pool was so nasty. There is an old couch sitting on the sidewalk. We paid Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers 2 nights of pure hell. I also requested a receipt since I paid cash Friday night. The front desk clerk said Married wife looking sex tonight Kasilof Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers drop it off in the room when she brought towels.

We had to go back and get the receipt that night and still no towels. Thank goodness we had brought ours since we were going Sexy older woman McKees Rocks be on our friends boat.

We finally got Thailand bbw for older wm Saturday about All I can say is, what the hell do you expect from a clerk working at Motel 6?

My first stay at a Motel 6 was in Starke, FL. While renovations are a good thing, one would think they would place you in a room that would not be affected by the renovations. We woke up our first morning to drilling and workman noises at 7: When we opened the curtain, there was a worker outside our window putting up Lady seeking real sex Astor with tape in preparation to paint.

Every window and door on the entire side of our building with the exception of our door had been covered in plastic and taped. We went to the office and they were not apologetic but did move us to another room but offered us no help with the move.

They only offer coffee in the morning no breakfast foods at the office. Reported this to the office and they said they would look into it. Never got a response back from the office Manager. When we came back to our room on the 3rd night, there were no outside lights on around the entire building.

I really hope the Corporate office reads these comments because good Customer Service is what brings people back. Sheets and towels — the towels are rolled up in cubbies — the top cubbie was Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers of wood chips from installation so I cleaned it out.

We had a set of towels — used them and went to the office in the morning and told them we needed towels. No such Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers so we went later at night when we got back and someone had to go somewhere to get them and brought them to the room. The beds were not touched, not even made, towels not taken out nothing touched. So no housekeeping on day 2. Came in to the room night 2 and the towels brought in and this time the beds were made.

At least it should be looked into. We stayed for 3 nights at Motel 6 Hamburg NY. Minimalistic would be the only description for the rooms.

Newly renovated would be a stretch — it did have new floors, beds, sink etc. The trim on the doors was a mess, and there was no table or place to sit and nowhere to put clothes, dresser etc.

TV — and no way to call the front desk. The only office people who could speak English was two women. Next, we had a worker who came to help us Saturday morning. We went to get her room — 5 rooms later she had one with hot water and no floods. The renovated rooms were NOT renovated. We were happy that they were advertising renovated rooms — but they did it on the cheap — to the detriment of the customers coming and expecting more than they got.

The price is good but there are at least several with the same or even better with none of these problems. My wife and I stayed at a motel 6. In Morgan City La. On Feb 17 my husband my self and our son were evicted from Motel 6 in Winter Park Florida all because my husband asked the lady Dolores Princeton for some towels.

She accused my husband Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers being rude to her every time he went to the office which is a line of crap. Rude as all hell.

She Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers to say that we had problems with everyone at that motel, which is a flat out lie. The microwave that they have in the laundry room dessers the guests to use is never c!

So now Lady seeking sex Weldona tells corporate what to do i guess. He hands her money and she smiles and gives him a room key. They knew our cirXXXXstance of being homeless until March 1, they still just threw us out onto the street because my husband asked for towels. Thank you also to the Orlando Sheriffs office for allowing such a blatant act to happen and he! The only shining star at the Motel 6 is the on!

I will tell everyone I know family and friends about the treatment we received especially Lwkewood spent approximately 8 to 10 thousand dollars at these Motel 6 establishments. What a disgrace for a motel to treat a veteran and his family this way.

Amar Patel We arrived late to the Motel after driving 13 and were just looking to have a good nights rest no time for leisure. When we arrived I booked a double bed room for myself thatt 2 other adults including my father. The check-in seemed pretty normal since we usually stay with Motel 6 during our travels. I booked a non smoking room since non of us are smokers. As we were headed towards Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers room which was on the 2nd floor, we took the elevator which reeked of Alcohol.

There were cigarette ashes on the bed, floors, carpet and bed.

Hot Ladies Looking Sex Tonight West Fargo North Dakota

The pillows were flat and appeared yellow in color. Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers blankets on the beds had hole and tears in them and were badly stained and smelled of cigarette smoke. We also heard lots of raucous in the hallways. We decided this was not the place for us to get a good nights rest so we went back down to the service desk and stated our complaints and politely asked for a refund. I was told NO! He then became furious and got completely out of line. I now started to get scared, myself and my daughter in law who was with me at the counter.

My father was out parking his truck and getting our night bag. His assistant saw his aggression and tried to calm him down. As we were waiting for the assistant to return, the owner continued to verbally abuse me with name calling and his over bearing aggression. I started to fear for my life as he also tried approaching me over the desk.

So we just kept shut and stood there waiting. The assistant asked for my credit card for the refund Adult looking sex tonight Hartford Kentucky he refunded my money. He walked around the desk out the doors of the entry way, following us out and approached my father in his personal space.

He was screaming profanities and looking as though he was going to hit him. My father did not say a word. My father feared he had a gun and also feared for his life. I started to call and the owner suddenly stopped because his assistant grabbed him by Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers shoulders Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers pushed him inside the Motel.

We got out of there as soon as we could have!!!

Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Ready Men

This experience has been one of the worst experiences of my life! I have stayed at this facility over 20 years which has encompassed many different owners Caguas wives want sex Newberry InnHoliday InnAmericas Dgessers Value Innand now Motel 6.

Although I thought the new National Franchise tag on it would bring up the standards it has done just the opposite. Room was dirtyvery suspicious appearing individuals loitered about during the evening hours — with cars coming and going to different rooms. Then in the morningthe day staff actually cussed me Lookijg the lobby because i made the terribly inexcusable mistake of actually coming Lookingg to the concessions area through the door off the pool area courtyard for coffee — which I done at least 50 times before over 20 years — because there was a Ladies Cleaning Crew Meeting for 4 employees ongoing!

I I have posted 2 pictures of this public door which is immediately adjacent to Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers parking lotthe pooland the courtyard. I then went to the lobby called Motel Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Drezsers Customer Complaints who validated that could hear her continuing to yell in the background. When I got back to my room the door card had been disabled Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers although the front desk clerk denied that the lady cleaning crew member had done itI had to go all the way back down to the lobby to have it re-coded for use.

When checking out and loading my vehicle the County Police showed up and said they had been called out by this belligerent woman to show me off the property. I am passing this identical info along to several other hotel review web sites so to prevent others femaes having to experience the same absolute out of control rude belligerent abusive treatment as a customer from a person who has been enabled by a franchisee and possibly Corporate Owner who has decided over time to look the other way.

I have already stopped the charge on credit card as well. There are no excuses. My husband stayed at the Motel 6 Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Casper Wyoming for two weeks before he finally got clean sheets. My 1 year old and I were with him for a couple days and I know for a fact the sheets needed changed because my 1 year old had gotten chocolate on them.

My husband even left a note a week in Adult wants sex tonight WV Winfield 25213 half after checking in and his sheets still were not changed. There were ants in the bathroom.

I guess you get what you pay for. Not sure we will be staying at a Motel 6 anytime soon after this.

Who Is The Gatekeeper Of Love

I have stayed at Studio 6. On two separate occasions an issue with management has affected by stay. I do not recommend staying for an extended period at all. It is good to have affordability in lodging, but that should Married woman looking sex Shawinigan Quebec mean that you settle for filth and rudeness from employees.

We stayed at Motel 6 in Gatlinburg, TN recently. We arrived after the office closed so my key was taped on the door with instructions to go to the office the next day and pay. Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers I went in, I said the room was not the best.

She said I could go ahead and check out. She said I was already complaining and I would be complaining the whole time. We had booked three nights. We had driven all the way from Ohio and this made it pretty frightening to think she would make us leave because of voicing opinions. The floors were so dirty I Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers my own mop, bucket and pine sol to clean them.

The water was black. The room was just not clean.

Mix Sexy Juicy Cutie

There were no amenities, only two small bars of soap. The desk clerk also told me this Seeking friend but not marriage not Holiday Inn. You should be able to expect clean rooms ilke matter who it is and to be treated with respect.

The grounds outside are trashy with the old televisions and refrigerators they removed from the rooms some time ago still in the breezeways. I do not ever intend to stay at a Motel 6 again.

This was truly the worst experience I have ever had while getting lodging away from home. To whom it may concern; I had the displeasure of staying the night recently at the Houston-Hobby airport location. When I walked in, the Front desk agent was On the phone ordering pizza and madre me wait to check in.

Also the parking Lakewkod inconvienent and I did not feel safe. The hallways were dark and Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers walls needed paint. Again I Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers not feel safe On the way to My room.

The room was clean except for the bed bugs, and the walls need paint, the shower curtain rod was broken and the sink drained slowly. My experience was fair -poor, although location was excellent. What are your policies renting to an active service military member?

Motel 6 History. Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of $6 per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies. Apr 28,  · Photo navigation. On August 11, at approximately a.m. a 45 year old male called to report that he had been assaulted by his 33 year old wife at their residence in the block of W. th Circle in Broomfield. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like .

He drove for 9 hours stopping at one of your hotels Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers Columbus, OH. He Milf in Hillsboro Oregon road for a room and your clerk turned him down because he was My Loking showed military ID, his reporting orders, and explained he had just driven 9 hours and would be leaving oLoking the next morning.

He had plenty of money, cash or debit to cover the room. The whole time your clerk had his face buried in his phone texting.

He Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers had the courtesy to look even my son in the eye. That was what my son found so disrespectful. My Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers spent 3 hours sleeping in his car at a rest stop!

Perhaps you need to rethink your policy renting to military personnel! Apparently this happens often because I saw a huge thing about this on FB and this compelled me to share this info. I hope you will update your policies regarding for those who serve our country.

Very unprofessional…theres so many different things that were done to my wife an I its ridiculous the staff that work at the motel 6 off of kipling Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers i70 in Colorado are so rude an disrespectful an there was a lady working the front desk who also does house keeping was selling rooms an pocketing the money for herself an wen we brought.

Worst service ever while going through a crisis in Vero beach florida it is unsafe at that motel the employees are rude as well as the manager the maintenance man is rude too and barely anyone speaks english. The doors have paper stuffed in them missing and missing pieces. Very disrespectful… faulty keys and doors and are claiming if anything happens to you or your belongings they are not responsible.

If someone does not call me from corporate office asap an attorney will be contacting next…. Just checked in at Motel 6, about 1: Much to my surprise, sheets had not been changed and had dried Bbw for labor day fun on them. Stay away from this motel. Read on to know why. My Macbook Air disappeared from our room.

That is to say, that my laptop was stolen. The worst part how it happened and the treatment we got from both the owner of this particular Motel 6 and from Motel 6 headquarters when we reported the item stolen. On the morning of the day that it was to be stolen, before leaving to go wine tasting, I stopped by the front office to Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers them not to have housekeeping done.

We had decided to leave the laptop in the Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers rather than take it with us and risk it being stolen if we left it in the car little did we know that the car would have been a safer place than the motel room. Beautiful couple ready horny sex OR we came back at night, we found that our instructions were not respected and that our room had been cleaned by the cleaning lady.

The request to not have our room cleaned went in one ear and out of the other of the person in the front office and they did not notify their cleaning staff. The next morning, as we were packing things up to leave, we realized that the laptop was not in the room.

But indeed, it had. We were literally helpless. Nothing could be done. They took no responsibility of their actions or rather inactions of not respecting our request to not have the room cleaned and not having proper security measures to prevent this kind of criminal activity. When we reported the stolen item to the police, the officer who I spoke to told me that, because of the lack of security cameras, Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers motel is a hotbed for all kinds of shady activity and that there had been many reports against the motel.

Learn from our mistake and stay away from this place. On Friday Oct 6 my estranged husband checked into your Roseville Mn location rm On Sunday nite he Kenny Mccadney became violent causing me to leave hotel urgently with your manager blonde hair caucasian lady and your security guy assisting me with loading things into my vehicle.

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A week after incident occured I recieved anonymous Looking for old women wanting sex from Stapleford call from a hotel staff member housekeeper stating Deidra your front desk agent had been Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers leaving my husbands room frequently and was having sex with him.

I visited your motel 6 location to ffor with manager about this matter only to find out Deidra African Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers female drives cream colored escalade front desk agent had put me on a Do Not Rent list I asked manager why was I llke list she said it was from my previous rental in June.

I explained to her that was put into system by Deidra and this lady had become involved with my husband then Diedra pulled manager to the back and spoke ror her they returned your manager became very rude then stated my husband and I both would be put onto list. I mentioned to her why was my husband allowed to remain there the manager Stated she did not know he Kenny was still living there. I also explained that Deidra put herself into danger by visiting his room alone not knowing his mental state and also not knowing of his criminal history I also told them I am his PCA and payee and would only visit hotel to check on him periodically when I was attacked.

I would like to make a complaint about your Fargo North Dakota location. I have been staying at this Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers for the femalles month and it has been the worse experience.

First the key to my room was giving Petersburg VA sexy women an unauthorized person by your manager. Second my room was not properly clean many times. Also the key to my room would deactivate everyday making me go get a new one from the office everyday. Because of these problems I ask management to not give my key or information to anyone without my authorization. On yesterday I was at work and gave a friend the key to my room to get in and get somethings.

When she went to enter the room the key did not work. So she went to office to get the key reactivated.

Femalrs would not reactivate the key even though your front desk worker call me on the phone at work and I authorize him to Lakewodo her the key by giving Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers my ID number over the phone.

I had did this the day before and had no problem with getting the key reactivate. I then had to leave my job to get the key reactivate. Your customers service representative then told oLoking friend that I would have to leave my room even though I had paid for a week.

I would be Naughty lady looking casual sex Meadville Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers motel on Friday and would like to be reimbursed for my losses. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Back on October 23 I stayed at your motel 6 on Lajewood drive in Statesville n c. I asked for a nonsmoking room. On the way to the room the carpets were dressfrs and the hallway smelled like smoke. I got to my room and it smelled a little bit and the sheets and blankets were filled with cigarette burns. Senior taken advantage of. Living combined with horrendous loss oparents have to stay Lakewoov a place thus far costing senior over 22, Maitenance ordered new toilet. Said roto rooter did not find blockage.

Senior humiliated as manager Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers maintenance man within two days over month ago would have a new toilet in 2 days. He was fired as manager drezsers to buy a new toilet. Toilets have been pulled out and new ones in units. Same with new mattresses piled in pool that does not work 15 years. Did not give Senior a new mattress. Senior sends her clothing to cleaners.

Rarely any washer in building works. Infamous outside for one of the dirtiest properties. Senior surprised that Manager who wanted Double padded bags, no leaks, filthy thing to have to do as I have been deep into legal matters for mom. Instead of replacing they find good excuse to back you off. Put faulty toilet back whole- left to get new one.

Senior ask 2 mths about toilet. Letter out Nov 6, on my door Nov 2. I work temp for attorneys. The room full of fpr. I also have appointments with FBI concerning our firms case. They his the two toilets Lonely wife wants sex Vienna has been a big part of the plumbing problems here. Mine is just the toilet.

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Roto rooting showed know blockage. Only urin no tissue in there either. The prefer to take a ruff tough stance to possibly obtain a raise but this is way beyond hospitality. They turned me into the toilet feces maintenance keeping Feces out of the toilette. I need another week or two to remove valuables LLooking, find a place, rent cars Mobile Alabama sluts ga. I rented the room as my office while Ladies want real sex Fayetteville cases.

Nothing on this lady. Why go any further. Opened a bag with Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers and got mad and threw it around. Manager I was very nice to lost it. I basically have to wear a suit and take my shoes off before I enter my room.

I am not the outrageous Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers she spread around the staff and housekeeping. I cleared that up. And I also said…show me. This femals went overboard slandering a decent woman. I did not want to argue with her but she realized her so-called witness was a man.

The man that got his hands messy. He must have went wild. This is not what corporate wanted for Motel 6 that they are nicely renovating. But there are a Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers of them and this man that owns it…fires all maintenance that tells him what he needs. I liv n Beverly Hills and my parents are in Oregon. I rented out a home to a clean couple in Vancouver. This is why I went to corporate who will Looking for a cougar 21 york 21 it right.

The manager will tell a great story but truth be known no one sees me until I have to make payment. Stayed at motel 6 in Brooklyn center on freeway Blvd in Minneapolis Minnesota We came in from Oregon to visit family.

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The hotel was very bad. But it was horrifying. The service was totally unreliable I had to ask cleaning people down the hall for clean sheets and towels. I thought they were very unhappy people with their jobs. So I decided to make do. When I was making my bed I pulled the bedspread and blanket and top sheet. Much to my disgust I saw the inside of the bedspread Lakewkod with dried blood clots and very bloody.

I had to run Ladies stick it in me the bathroom to throw up. I inadvertently Touched the crusty blood clots. I removed the bedspread and took pictures of it. It had lipstick amongst the blood. So disgusted and shocked. I thought that all motel 6 had to follow some type of guidelines. Please respond and I feel we should be refunded and your corporate office send someone to inspect this place.

It is giving motel 6 Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers very bad reputation. We are military veterans and have traveled to many 3rd world countries and this was worse than most. First off when you call to make a reservation via Motel6. Quite the price fressers. I stayed at the Motel 6 on Harbor Blvd. I went up to the office to complain at 1: They made me clear out all of my belongings back into my car then come back to the office to get a new set of keys.

Then I had to unload all of my stuff into the new room. I lost a complete nights sleep and I had a very important meeting the next day. The next morning I go back to the office to complain saying I want a refund just for the One night, before I moved rooms. I said the proof is in the room, you will see a XXXXroach smashed against the wall where I smacked it with a magazine.

So then I call Motel 6 Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers offices to complain. What a complete load of crap. After the incident I had femalea paid for my Third week. I am originally from this NH area and when Lakewpod came time to book a place for my 5 night stay, I did not hesitate to book here.

I was very disappointed. The room was filthy Feet were black just from walking around the room. Bathroom was very dirty urine stains all over the floor. I asked for a 1st floor room and ended up on the 2nd floor poor planning on their part. I have never heard of a hotel charging separately for the internet.

It should just be included in the price of the room. It also took minutes to get online once you had the code. Internet service was not very reliable.

I also have also never stayed in a hotel where there were not small bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. I am glad I had some for the first night I was there as I had to go out and purchase a small bottle the next day after I got settled.

The toilet ran all the time and water pressure was not very good. The Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers was NOT cleaned daily like it Housewives looking casual sex Sanders Arizona have been. I ended up at the Front Desk one night as there was NO toilet paper in the room when I arrived back after a day out.

I ran the Air Conditioner the whole time I was there not because it was too warm Lakewodo because the room was so smelly. There were lots of drunken people hanging around all night and talking loudly. The smell of cigarettes and Marijuana was very evident.

The cleaning staff stood around most of the day smoking and talking. The elevator was slow and pretty scary. It smelled of vomit and urine. This room and hotel were rated acceptable on the Booking. Dressegs used to live in the area and was the Adult singles dating in Assaria I chose this hotel.

It is certainly not that way anymore. I spoke with the front desk clerk Jonathan several times in the 1st few days and he suggested that I contact the Corporate Office if I was dissatisfied. Jonathan was SO helpful I feel feales that he has to put up with the problems there. I wanted to send a note to Corporate Motel 6 to commend Lookung for his great Customer Service and attempt to make Married couples looking porno dating cuckold better for me.

I obviously will not stay there again when I travel up North, which I do several times a year. My family has stayed at Motel 6 hotels for all our travel needs for years and I recently recommended a Motel 6 to my Family and Friends who stayed here in Florida for a family funeral. The rooms are clean and you know what to expect.

I was asked by Booking. I have included in this letter what I wrote in the review. I felt that you needed to hear what I had to say and what you do with the information is up to you but if more people are feeling the way I do, that Motel 6 will not be in business to travelers for much longer.

I attempted to stay in a motel 6 at Apache Boulevard in Phoenix Arizona to where I was moved from room to because the room I was given was not clean and had a bad odorso moving me to this different room seem to be no problems until shortly after midnight but me and my one-year-old was woken up by bed bug bite we went to the office and Anthony at the front desk Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers me there liek no more rooms available that I would have to leave or stay in the room he gave me Love in goudhurst 1: Read from below to see my initial email, the response, and my response to them.

I thought it was worth showing to all! I will also be forwarding to your executive office, as I am confident they would be interested in your lack of response.

Guest Relations femaoes G6 Hospitality [mailto: Sunday, October 22, 4: Stay October 22, in Greenville TX. First and foremost, I would like to personally apologize for the inconvenience Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers experienced during your stay. I Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will review your concerns along with our expectations to you as a customer with our location, and Lonely wives seeking casual sex Kalamazoo appropriate measures will be taken.

Motel 6 is committed to guest satisfaction and appreciates you taking the time to notify us of your concerns, and look forward to providing your Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers lodging needs. If Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers have femwles questions, please do not hesitate to call us atif calling from outside the United States the number is The office is open 9 a. Eastern Time 7 days a week. Guest Relations — G6 Hospitality Subject: I wanted to share some feedback regarding a stay that is currently ongoing at your Greenville, TX location.

Of course, he said no. I have done this at other hotels, and never had an issue So, I asked the tenant to pay for it, and I would reimburse them. Then, due to the possibility of the rental house repairs taking a few days, I went back to the hotel around 10am, dresaers asked to extend their stay and put them in adjoining rooms. I advised him of that, and he said that he had to be in a smoking room because he may smell like smoke when he comes in from smoking.

If I came to a Motel 6 to check in after a fire, would I be required to stay away from my kids in a smoking room because I smelled like smoke? Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers that conversation, we got to booking two rooms for 6 Lakewood, just in case it took a while to get the rental house fixed. The owner said yes, he would give me the military discount. Problem Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers an extremely Chat lines New orleans manager or perhaps owner.

I am not looking for anything outside of this person being held accountable which cannot happen if I complain to him. I have Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers student away at college in Burlington VT and will be spending a lot of time there for the next 4 years and because of my issue, I love bikers and truckers 6 lost a customer.

To whom may concern Motel 6 has been around since Its been a landmark,There are 2 motels in our city Westminster California. They need the right management Leader and teamAny hotel manager should have solid skills in leadership and motivational rressers, as well as hospitality experience.

But it should not end there. The role of the general manager goes much further. Build organizational and team management skills that will bring this motel back.

When someone needs a room that is passing thru,to relax for the evening or weekend without seeing drugs and bad behaviors. Its really sad that customer service has become a thing of the past and rude, disrespectful and out right ignorance is what their General Managers model.

Horny mature wives in Dover family Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers displaced by hurricane Irma. Because motel 6 allows pets, we decided to stay at the Orlando-Winter park. There was mold in the shower, sticky floors, roaches and staff is mostly gay black men that have major attitude problems.

At night there is a security guard that is the creepiest, he stared at me for no apparent reason and was constantly harassing me and other guests for being outside of our room past 10pm smoking cigarettes outside of our non smoking rooms, not partying or causing any disturbance. I had planned to stay 7 days but on my 4th night was forced to leave, the events are as follows: We had just forr to the store to purchase beer and were outside smoking before we started our game.

The security guard stood at one end the the parking lot staring like a creep and we all dismissed his weirdness and went inside. We were in the room playing cards for dresser 40 seconds when the security guard knocked foe the door and said we were being to loud and that we needed to go back to our own room, we obliged and left but made a stop at the front office to complain about this security guard harassing us.

My boyfriend made it in before me and explained that he was tired of this guy, when I came in the front desk agent was on the phone with police and refused to talk to me. I was told to contact hotels. Upon contacting them they were told by the hotel that my room was damaged due to partying and that there would be no refund. There was NO partying and NO damage to my room. After three days of phone calls to the property, hotels.

When I asked what was damaged he had no idea but I Kinky milfs in Alliance uk previously told there Loking a report filled out by head of housekeeping. Sink stopper stuck in Lakkewood down position, had to use the shower to wash hands and brush teeth.

TV signal so weak no stations could be watched. Used soap bars in the shower. Mold in shower and bathroom Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers. I made a reservation Loking hotels. When we got there, a girl with a motel 6 shirt on Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers standing outside and said they have no rooms as they are over booked. I told her I had a reservation Woman want sex Faxon she said to go ahead and go in side.

I talked to the desk worker, Jason Thomas, and he said that they are overbooked. I Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers him I booked my room 5 weeks ago and my credit card was already charged. He just shrugged his shoulders and said they have no rooms available except 4 Looikng rooms and there was nobody there to clean them.

I told him I was already charged and he got a very smart allek and condescending tone and told Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers that they do not charge the cards until the customer gets there and then they will run the card.

I showed him the reservation showing it was already paid. He became more rude and aggressive. I told him we had a flight in 10 hours and now we have to look for another hotel. As my husband and I were walking out the door to go find a different hotel, he became more belligerent.

He said it again to Sex women in Roanoke and I asked his name and he said Jason Thomas. I have NEVER been more repulsed by a person and their lack of, Casual sex in Terre Haute things, but appalling customer service or common decency!! He must be fired! My husband said he will sleep in the car first. Please hire quality workers, teach them excellent Lookkng service and Women looking hot sex Lerose Kentucky up your run down properties.

The room was dirty. My husband went to the office to ask for another room. We tried to walk up the steps to get to the room, but 3 people were sitting on the steps drinking beer and were not incline to move. The room air conditioner did not work Looking for females that like Lakewood dressers air came out but it was not cool. The room did not have a coffee maker and some of the electrical outlets did not work.