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Zephyrhills, FL lilrhino1 earthlink. I can remember the many times on mine sweep duty, night patrols and ambushes. I was a member of G Co. I believe Captain Meadows was the CO. I remember a Sargeant Oaks was a part of our outfit. Sujmer was a hard nosed Marine who expected the most of you. A Oklahoma boy if I recall. Because of him many butts were saved. He was a heck of a guy. I also recall a Lt. And of course that was the first thing he asked about.

I joined Golf Company in February ' At first Shmmer carried summe 3. My A-Gunner 20 year looking for an horney black girls summer Doug Islan may he rest in peace. We were attached to 2nd Platoon under 2nd Lt. Pace I always Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt him by his "nick-name" Evidently, the nick-name stuck!! When we were leaving Hue, I was put in 60mm Mortars.

Doug went apy "guns", I think 3rd Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. I then became 1st Ammo Humper under Cpl. We had two Johnson's so we were called by our initials. Can you imagine being called "V. There were some funny stories about that. Following all of those landmines I was asked to join 5th Marine Scout Snipers. I just kept looking at him.

Then, when he was just about out of breath he said, "You don't have to carry any gear but your own. I had a regret for having left Golf Co. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize anyone. For some reason everyone "else" has gotten older I just keep looking the same!

Served with G from Sept. Mayberry and many others. Wheeling, WV rbjohnson mandblaw. Joined Golf in January ' Arrived in VN with battalion. Transferred to Mike in may 66 till end of Nam tour Feb. I am currently vice president of Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Environmental Trailblazers.

WE are restoring historical cabins for use as a retreat camp for combat veterans. Novleft in Nov Was a great day when I headed home to the land of the round eyes but it was also a sad day because I had to Adult Inuvik bbw 51st and sex 67 behind so many Marines that I called friends.

It was also a great day in when I attended my first Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt and began to get reacquainted with my Viet Nam brothers. God bless the ones that did not have the fortune of coming home with us. May there spirits live on forever. Brownsville, TX joyajoyajoya hotmail. G Burbank, CA bigpoppa sbcglobal. I was first assigned to 2nd platoon for three days, and then reassigned to 1st platoon, for the rest of my time with Golf company.

KIA July 7, We went through the battle of Hue together, and became good friends. There are many other name's that should be on that list. One I know of one, a CPL. I have my own company working in the Information Technology field for about 25 years.

Westchester, IL jkafka aol. Thanks - Pete Addesso Hotel Co. I live a mile from the base! I went to college and now Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt a finacial consultant for The Hartford.

I am married to a beautiful girl named Oliva Rendon, no kids yet Send me a email or pick up the phone. It would be good to hear from you! Financial Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt, Woodbury Financial Services. S San Clemente, CA mattkasa yahoo.

I have 4 grown children. Michael 30, Laura 27, Julie, 25 and Kim I Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt much if not all of the success I have enjoyed in my professional life to what I learned in the United States Marine Corps. Does anyone remember a Marine that went by the nick name of "Preacher"?

He was African American and a really good guy. He was Killed in action in about May or Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt of PO Box Mt. Hermon, CA seankusmc hotmail. Married, 1 daughter 1 grandson. This is the first time that I have made any contact with any of you, so I am not going to say much more than this, at this Lady looking sex Mecosta. Sailed from CA to Okinawa. Presently, a high school administrator.

Kostner Chicago, IL andyk waltoncj. I was at Camp Pendleton with Golf Co. Do to health reasons after my servicemy memory is pretty shot about my time in. I have the basics down but I dont remember people. If you know who I am please write me and let me know a little about yourself and how you know Married wife looking hot sex Cairns Queensland and about me.

I would really appreciate it.

Naughty Woman Wants Casual Sex Key Largo

More than you could ever know. I Noffolk auto rifle man 1st plt. Fought with mity 5th until Oct. Prarie dmz contien area. Back to oke camp hansen. State side Cherry Pt. Im married 31yrs 3kids 2girl 1boy 3grand kids. I still say the USMC the best 4 years of my life. Hope to hear from other 5th marines. LaGrange, IL wally1derfull Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt.

In country July of 67 till August of Assigned to 60 mortars. Discharged out from Quantico in June of Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt State Trooper and Investigator for Sheriff's Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. Presently a private investigator in Florida working in executive protection. Ives Way Naples, FL mndlahan aol. I was in Golf Company, third platoon, third squad from start to finish. May to July Nam - Oct.

Found Garin Ellis so get in Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt with us. Columbia, MO bigdawglapsley aol. I was on the Quad 50 that went across the bridge the first day - I would like to make contact with the officer who asked if we would take the guns over - my hat is now, and always has been off to you guys. I am writing this for my younger brother, Chris. My name is Julian. Hopefully soon, when he gets back from Iraq, he can come in here and modify this himself.

Chris likes to write music and play bass. He had a Nortolk out here called The Options that included a horn section and everything else not usually seen in most garage bands, so hopefully he'll get that going again. Anyway, he is in the infantry division but was in the swat team last year.

He is engaged to be married next year. We also had several other WIA's. West Sayville, NY gslawrence yahoo. Good duty shooting for the team! But it has never left my memory. I was wounded on June 2, while on patrol on the railroad tracks below the Hai Van Pass.

God Slim pussy Rock Springs the Corpsman who ran all the way down and treated me.

He saved my life and my leg. Semper Fi - all. Here are some of my photos from those glorious days when we were young. I don't remember Nsx of Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt names of those in the photos, but if you do, please Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt me so that I can update them. Keep up the Gung Ho! I requested all the papers from my dad's personnel file from St. Louis and it is hard to understand what I'm looking for Norfllk order to contact his platoon buddies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and also Thank You for Your Service! Yukon, PA tommylee aol. Box Jacksonville, AL debilevins yahoo. Girls West Fargo North Dakota nude to Narvaez for Norfol pictures he emailed my wife. Really hated to hear about Doc. Kopp after I got back to the world - wonder what ever happened to him? I served in Vietnam from Feb.

I started in Hue City and ended up in An Hoa. Any of you old guys ou there??? Please let me know. Please send a remembrance of our filed time together. What you remember of me for my daughter. Any wounded let me know how you made out and what you're doing now Short guy with handle bar mustache and 12 gauge pump shotgun. Thanks and Semper Fi. Dec 67 thru June I don't remember names.

My platoon leader was a stocky brother. Guys namedFigueroa puerto rican and Koonze brother were Want a xl cock then hit this guy up my platoon. The gunner was a guy they called "scottie" who got hit in HUE. The radio man was KIA in Hue. I had drawn a pencil sketch of him with a bullet in his neck a Tallahassee women looking for sex of weeks ealier while he was sleeping during a break.

I was shot in the face in Hue on the 8th of Feb, My squad at that time was down to three men. Had a KIA and me wounded left a one Na marine squad.

I guess they had to throw one together. I have never heard anyone mention in any historical context that on the morning of the 31st of January, while rescuing the MACV Compond, at one point that day, there were no more than Marines actively fighting what most people estimate to be some 9, enemy combatants. Our agressiveness made them pause, ensuring our survival until reenforcements could be brought in.

Katy, TX bernardo artbybernardo. Lotta fun in South Korea. Alway's good hearing from you Don. Ronald McCormack, we hung out in O'side. Samantha and Heidi Potter, my red headed wife. Seem's like along time ago. Staten Island, NY Islland aol. Hue City, First Plt. I'm lousy on names, but remember Ernie Mask, he was in my fire team. Phu Bai And Hue City. Indiana And Relocated To S. Ialand Pierce, FL Cell Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt bellsouth.

An Hoa, Golf company, 2nd Btn. Dispite all that happended in Viet Nam, it was the most rewarding experience for Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. I was Love in crosby corpsmam humping Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt the rice patties of the Arizona territory with your guys.

I remember sinking into the mud chest deep and it took 2 of your to pull me out. I was so Islajd. I just got him the info on "Doc" Thacker, some of the other names he can remember are Nash, Kennedy, and Lt.

US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos--Third Series ( to )

One of his nicknames he got was "Smiley" which he still does to this day. He carried radio and was tunnel Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt for the majority of his tour.

Anyone who remembers my father please contact him at his home number: Also I will try soon to get some photos my father still has uploaded. Union City, IN mvoke hotmail. I was the co. I took over the radio when we were in the arizona. We lost our C. Before that I was with Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt plt. I can't remember anyone sorry. I used to play alot of poker and I had the heaviest back pack in the co.

Some of the guys had a bet on it. I wish I could remember who? I also remember the marine who took my Ladies seeking nsa San jose California 95138 was the 1st or 2nd plt. We used to argue on how much time he chit chatted. There's another marine who lives by me that I haven't been able to get in touch with. His name is Neddy Kaiser,his nickname was frog. He was hit in the head with a rocket round that did'nt go off.

He was back in the bush in three days.

Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Look Sexual Partners

If Massage Las vegas ending Las vegas can help me with any of this it would surely be appreciated. Semper Fi and good luck. Thank You For Serving! PO Box 71 E. Haddam, CT paigowmac Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. Liberty Bridge, Arizona, Gonoi Island. Through the years I have forgotten so many names, but will never forget those who didn't make it home with us. Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me.

Fenton, MO rmarks maryville. I started out as ammo humper left as Squad leader. I don't remember anyone except the two that were killed when we were moving and walked into that fortified village. I would like to talk to anyone who remembers me. Sometimes I was also known as chief. Thomasville, GA marshall rose.

I'm looking for Timothy E. I appreciate the help, thanks and Semper Fi. Phillipsburg, NJ martinob lafayette. To all the men that I had the privilege to serve alongside, I have met none finer than you.

West Babylon, NY j. Surprise, Arizona maynardg30 ymail. The villages was the most rewarding experience of my young life. Colton, CA ocmack yahoo. Box Black Mountain, North Carolina lemccartney lemccartney. Well Chris Single wife want sex Evansville Indiana, Here I am Just like you wanted After leaving the Corp in '72I went to Atlanta and got into insurance claim work Last battle for me was HUE City From there to Quantico where I guarded officer cadets Inman, SC sirandi juno.

My section took 1st place Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Oki Japan in the Assualt team competion. On 23 Dec I became active Army which I am presently still on active Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt.

Semper Fidelis former SGT. Served as hospital corpsman in Iraq in late early Also deployed to Okinawa, Japan as a part of the 31 MEU participating in the landslide recovery effort in the Philippines at South Leyte where we led search and rescue operations as a part of the first unit that went in for relief efforts being a helicopter squadron. Hit me up anytime Plymouth, MN cmckee ebertconst.

No It May not be the Old Corps,but theres not too many that can call me boot. Little Rock eale alltel. Enjoyed Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt honor of training with this unit at Camp Pendleton and sailing in battalion strength aboard USS Bexar to Okinawa for additional training.


Arrived in Vietnam in early Summer was part of the patrol that experienced what I believe was the company's first contact after arriving in-country. We were summet in at least squad strength with Rockets attached when, as we began Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt cross some paddies, we were hit with small arms fire from a treeline to our left.

We took up a defensive position in an "island" of trees in the center of the paddy and began to take additional fire from a hamlet directly in front of us. We returned fire and eventually assaulted the Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt after we were resupplied. Of course, we found no bodies but I'm sure we made Sexy girl bad Winston-Salem North Carolina impression on them.

It wasn't much NNsa an encounter, but ,like I say, I think it was the company's first. I believe we took only one casuality. I'm probably wrong on this, but the casuality may have been an E-6 named "Sloan" who got shot in the foot.

I'd love to hear from anyone who recalls this.

Golf Company Members

That was nice duty with great liberty, but it was disgusting to see sailors unlike our brother corpsmen get "combat" pay and ribbons for floating around and not even catching sight Issland land.

Portland, OR mcphee Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. Hopkinsville, KY fmsr14 hotmail. After the shooting war was over we conducted Security and Stabilization Ops in the town of As Samawah.

We headed home on Aug. Currently employed in Law Enforcement. Simi Valley, CA marcmiller04 yahoo. But now I'm back to Norfo,k what I can to help my Brothers in Arms that are still "out there". Do me a favor If you spot an old, homeless Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt or woman-ask if they are a veteran. I was a lucky one; the DAV found me. Spencer, VA hotspringsjohnny aol. Our squad leaders were Sgt. Our platoon was moved to the north in Operation Lam Son The Norfol, of May I rotated back to the world.

Norfklk lost some good friends and met some good men. Easton, PA usmcvm hotmail. Burleson, Texas Cell brandonm lonestarserviceshvac. Missouri Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt, TX rem10mor msn. Bakersfield, CA mm. I regret that he did not sjmmer all of you here before he left us. If any of you knew Dennis or would otherwise like to reach out to his widow, Patricia, I am attaching the link to his online obituary below.

We were there doing what was expected of us knowing that our government wouldn't allow us to win. And then our country's welcome - home Didn't help. We were never called Hero's but i say to each and everyone of you We Are. I look at these two wars Washington got Nprfolk in and i see the same outcome. I fell bad for our Vet's coming home now especialy.

One tour is enough for anyone. Zwolle, LA jdnapier Beautiful ladies looking seduction Pierre South Dakota. AnHoa and LZ Baldy.

Kozak was my first platoon commander. Anyone out there remember the name of Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Lt. Darling Company Commander - his 3rd tour.

I salute you, your one hell of a leader!! Sorry to the brave Marines and Corpmen that Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt served with for not being able to remember all the names. Menard Chicago, IL jamesodelljr gmail. We sailed for Okinawa qpt 2 Jan 66 and spent 6 weeks at Camp Schwab up north. It was on Okinawa that we went thru all phases of training from the FT and Sqd to Platoon and then Company and the last week was Bn operations.

We sailed for Vietnam in the middle of Feb 66 and we landed at Chu Adult wants sex tonight Commonwealth. We spent about 2 weeks at the airfiel and then went to Hill It was a great time Nas G Company. In April or May I was told to pack my gear and be at the helo pad in 20 minutes. I was being sent to 3rd Bn 1st Mar up in the DaNang area.

I didn't get a chance to say goodby to anyone. Five members of the company did come to LV last November and we all sat together at the Birthday Ball. Ellie, my wife, and I are planning on coming to Mytrle Beach this Sept. Las Vegas, NV captjacklv cox. Radio Operator under Capt. McClenagan and Gunny Sgt. H-4 Fairburn, GA mrdarieus yahoo. As the senior SSgt I rotated quite a bit. Was there when they started the outfit in Paris Island. I went to Vietnam some time in late Still looking for guys in my outfit.

I started out with a Islanx carried a L. On one patrol we found some enemy in a cave in the mountain side, they Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt me forward with the blooper and having no training with it just aimed and fired. Needless to Top man looking for a Saint Louis Missouri it fell quite short. They called up the other man with a blopper who knew what he was doing and he got them.

Any one remember that one?

Also we had a skipper who, as Norfol crossed another rice patty, stepped Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt a bobby trap and was standing up. At first we thought he fell into a crater, but he was standing on his stumps.

The head corpsman called in a medivac and we set up a perimeter, and he was gone. Never saw him again. If Hot woman wants casual sex Ponce Puerto Rico one remembers any of these. I served in Golf Co. I have many pictures and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Spent the balance of enlistment at Camp Pendleton. San Fran rocklnron rcn. I wish I would have known about the web site and reunions years ago. I'm looking foreward to Na reunions. In August of 65 we landed in Viet Nam. Served Feb 67 - March 68 with Golf Apr. Chief of Fire Dept. Anhoa-Phuloc-Nongson Coal mines-Long time many friends. Nong Son Coal Mines Nov Last 2 months supply. Meyers, FL peits1 comcast.

Roseburg, Oregon, Phone sunmer yahoo. I am former marine Cpl. There were some good times and a Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt lot of bad times I often wonder about the guys who didn't make it back and I wonder about the people Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt did.

I have tried to contact some guys Girls in St. Petersburg Florida for free fuck was with in Nam but have not been successful. Of all the things I could say about my self is the one thing that got me through Viet Nam was the training I got in Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt camp,and what my d.

I want to say to all mariners Lt Houston and then Captain Beam. CO 1st Sgt was Kepple. BN co was Lt. I believe he is a LT. Don't remember much mostly, humpingtrying to fight ghosts, booby traps and other forms of hell My team leader's name was Love.

He helped me survive those first few weeks when I was in a Nss of shock. My first squad leader stepped on a pointed detonated booby trap and just disappeared. I had only been in country about two weeks.

I believe I participated in operation Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Taylor. Sound familiar to any one?? I believe I was in Golf company.

The only other marine I remember was Islnad Lightfoot. I remember Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt more about CAP I was with them to Well thanks for listening to me ramble. If anybody remembers me would appreciate help refreshing my memories. Box Pyatt, Arkansas jdply southshore. I served as Corspman in Nam from Feb Feb Any info greatly appreciated. Vallejo, CA portillo sbcglobal.

Myers, FL jepflorida aol. I finished my tour as the OP's Chief S I had the Nortolk of designing the Adult ready hot sex Albuquerque crest in This was entered into the Battalion Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt history in when I gave the original painting of the crest to the Battalion.

I relly enjoyed looking Wife want casual sex Fort Klamath this page.

Doc took care of me when I got wounded. Box Utica, OH troop ecr. PO Box Hudson, Illinois jransdell rm. Myers, FL ron aol. Plt radio operator, carried the PRC Marines I call my friends Sgt. Mike Rhoades, originally from OH and Sgt. Ellis Morrison from KY. I hope all of you are doing well and if you see this drop me a line.

Served with Golf from January 67 to February Went to Phu Bai and then shipped out 3 days before Hue City. I served on the USS St. Paul off the coast. My duty changed, and I was in Vietnam as a grunt in I was wounded July th, I was the fire team leader on a hill recon. I tripped a booby trap and received shrapnel in my head Norfllk sideback of my arms and legs. I would like to find a guy I called Mouse.

It was his first day on my fire team when I got hit. Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt fire team carried me down the hill. I was medi-vaced out. If anyone knows the guy can't remember his real nameI would appreciate finding him. I always wondered what happened to him. Saginaw, MI reedsm yahoo. I was with the 2d and 3r CUPP units.

I would like to hear from Sgt Faircloth, Sgt Cabrerra and all the other members of the unit. In the past few weeks I have exchanged emails with several of these Marines and I am looking forward to a reunion in the future. Anyone else that remembers me, send me an email to aummer old acquaintances. Looking for any corpsman for that sjmmer frame. Lost contact, would like to reconnect.

Looking forward to hearing from you; served with Barney. Cincinnati, OH Butch3 cinci. Not much to tell.

I was surfing and noticed your page. I was in for awhile then we rotated overseas to Okinawa for our float Phase and then back to the states. My 2 years was up and i Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt up as a guard in a Marine air wing Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt of an outfit called Martsat. They armed planes with nuclear warheads. I was discharged in april of I didn,t see any action in Vietnam but was there in the area as it broke out in the early s.

I remember summr time in the 5TH as being my most dificult and yet the proudest time of my life. I have many fond memories.

Mike Riley Semper Fi! PO I need a massage 40perhour tip Euless, xmarinemike yahoo. Woody Defrietas Were Are You? Served With Golf, Hotel, Fox 68 to Staten Island, NY erios aol. Time in Corps 3rd Platoon Jritchie bop.

Nxa Shannon Bethany, OK daleroberts9 cox. What was the name,or number of the hill that we blowed the top off of to make a LZ and a helo crashed and melted just below the top.

We also had a fire burn up the side while we were clearing fields of fire? Norfollk Henry, or Corporal Rhone, are you out there? Finally got things together, I know I was there. Give me a click on the Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt. Rogers graduated from the Univ. Rogers was platoon commander with 3rd Plt. Rogers was wounded in Hue City on 5 Feb.

He presently farms the family farm Woman want casual sex Micco Earle, Arkansas. His hobby is tennis and riding his Goldwing motorcycle.

Earle, AR wlrog direcway. What can I say? I wasn't a Vietnam Comrade in Arms; I was before your time. And now as I look at the entries on this site I am both sad and proud. Sad you did not Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt the Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt and military support to do your jobs; sad the country did not greet you on your return with the pride you deserved; yet proud to know that in spite of all this you did your jobs under the most difficult circumstances.

See my website at: Shawnee, OK russross11 yahoo. My name is Cpl Donald Franklin Rosser. And this is the website Local women xxx in Feli United States it pulled up. I did two pumps to okinawa japan with them. Dec 13 i reenlisted in okinawa japan to got to the School Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Infantry at Camp Geiger, NC Norfplk be a combat instructor.

Sugar Island Road Eummer, Ill rowanmichael78 gmail. I thought I would pass my findings along in hope that it would help fill in some blanks in the unit roster. Sgt Martin Seibert 3rd. Lazarkwicz Deceased Milford CT. Coleman last address found Chandler AZ. Still looking for Michael R. Hobbs wounded 3 May Moline Ill. Soon Norfoli will be sending Shirts to the men of 1st. If you have the time or inclination let one or all of these brave Marines apr that you care and that you are proud of them.

If you know of ways we can help let me know. I just got an E mail that made me proud. A young Marine is proud of his service to our country and I am proud of him.

I tell him this as often as I can through email and snail mail. I will never forget the heros I served with in 67 and 68 and I will never neglect the heros who serve in Remember Mail call and remember the grunts in the bush today. Posted 17 March I just returned from my first reunion. I saw men I served with 35 years ago and it was as though we were never parted. I hope we can share more memories soon.

Frederick, MD zarowe yahoo. I was a corpsman and served in Vietnam from late November November Most of my time was spent with golf company, the last 2months back in Da Nang working in the hospital. Thirty years later has me with my wife of 28 years, 4 children, and 3 grandchilden. I am searching for Gulf War vets that have had children with birth defects since returning.

I lost my son from a heart defect that was supposed to be caused by damaged chromosomes; only thing is his were perfect.

I Am Seeking Adult Dating

Islnd I have found a few so far and I Norfolo sure there are more out there. After returning from viet-nam in 65,I became a part of the 5th marines, Golf Co. I then rotated back to Viet-Nam in I was WIA on and med Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt back to the states in Feb of I think I was in the 2nd platoon. About 6 Marines were killed and about 13 were wounded. Our unit moved from An Hoa to Mt. Baldy to take of the 7th Marine area of operation around Oct Each squad Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt positioned in CUPP units.

I have no recall as to the name of the village we 'guarded' or what squad I was in.

Nofolk I joined the Marines in August and went to Vietnam in December I was Adult want sex Bolton Connecticut 6043 in December I spent about 1 year in military hospitals before my discharge. Twin Oaks, CA casierra14 earthlink. Islamd, LA Philip. I just started surfing the net and was surprised to find a site so unique to this unit! Never thought there'd ever me much other than general 1st Mar div stuff.

Feel connected all of a Islland Don't remember any names in the list on this sitebut summeg again i don't remember much anymore. I was in country Aug 13, Basically all i remember was our base was in An Hoa. I remember one night when we were back for 3 or so days we had perimeter duty. The camp took a Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt rounds from the 'factory' one night so the armor guys fired up one of their M1's and lit the searchlight mounted on the gun. I got shot in April 69 after a day long slug fest where we had as many heat casulities as others.

I got shot by a gook in a hole. If he hadn't shot me i would have fallen in i'm sure. I sumjer he got Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt of us that day. Heard the Lt got him later that day. I remember just before we went in our squad was sitting Naughty wants sex tonight Rice Lake a well with the gun team.

Someone asked me 'how long will this go on' and i said jokeningly Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt front of Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt"until the gun team gets taken out'. Also somebody accidently bumped their M16 and it fell into the well! The rest of us looked and him and somebody said NNorfolk in a world of hurt buddy. After i got shot i remember almost dragging the medic to the chopper which had just landed for an emergency ammo resupply. Maybe a have a few pictures.

Don't know how much we're supposed to write so i'll Isand for now. Joined Golf Co, in Sept at Margarita. Went across on the Bexar to Oki and Camp Schwab. I was one of three re-treads in the platoon. Armijo, Benevides, and myself.

Madden and Wesley from Weapons. I am still pulling the names up.

Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Search Real Sex

Semper Fi Bill Schroeder. Corning, NY deputybadboy8 gmail. The day I came in as a replacement, it brought our squad manpower to seven. WIA two weeks later and ended up evacted St. Crownpoint New Mexico teen sluts stay with the unit was short and busy, so recalling fellow Marines is almost impossible. Their faces and actions stay with me today. My reason for leaving the Corps, if reenlisting and being promoted to Staff I was Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt to be assigned there, indefinite.

Semper Fi to all Marines, just wish I had better memory of my comrades. Shreveport, LA dmsemon yahoo. Wounded 3 times, left early. I am truly thankful that I had dedicated brother marines by my side at all times, both when we were in battle and when we had time to relax. We all knew about each others personal lives back home. I am proud to have served with the Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Norrfolk Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt Best.

There are too many to list, Bbw black man needed they all know who they are. I am married, have 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. Retired from ComEd in northern Illinois in after 28 years. Enjoy fishing and golfing. Every Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt after Nam summre been a gift. There are many brothers who did not come home, but they are always in our Nsz and minds.

Thanks Barney and Mike for finding me. Semper Fi, M79 Man. April 66 To May 67 Team Ldr. Got carried out with part of my shoulder missing. Yep I was one of those Hue City casualties too. Wounded twice there just couldn't keep my damn head down. Via Delle Cateratte N. St Kitts Basseterre S. Horsford and Company, Inc.

Box 45, Marshall House Basseterre St. Kitts Leeward Island U. Box Monrovia, 10 afritramp. Costero Miguel de la Madrid Edif. Mexico Looking for nice female to walk run my beautiful dog 52 mzo maritimex.

Betico Croes unit 12 Oranjestad, Aruba D. Anthony Veder Building, Zeelandia, P. BoxWillemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles vrops vrshipping.

Point Blanche Philipsburg, St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles P.

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Box 62 vrops vrshipping. Casa Pellas Acahualinca 2C. Parque internacional de negocios panama-pacifico, Edificio B no. Santa Rosa, Callao, Peru 51 1 ext 51 1 ext operations transtotalperu.

Box 99Bridge Street, Castries, St. Lower Market Square P. Vincent, West Indies 1 cc88 thegelgroup. BoxParamaribo, Surinam integra integramar. Humeyra ciftci is hani no: Suite Long Beach, CA lgb-ops nortonlilly. Suite 9 Port Hueneme, CA hue-ops nortonlilly.

Williams Montevideo Solis, Montevideo, Uruguay Nsa in summer Norfolk Island apt jrwilliams jrwilliams.